Jasper AI Art Review: New AI Art Tool Tried and Tested

AI Samson
2 Sept 202208:36

TLDRJasper AI Art is a new entrant in the AI art generation space, originating from a successful AI writing tool. The platform offers a realistic, almost bokeh-style art with a broad color palette. It provides various styles and parameters for image creation, though the user interface may feel restrictive with its dropdown selections. Jasper generates images quickly, but lacks some fine details and textures compared to competitors like Mid-Journey. At $20 a month for unlimited art, Jasper is a promising tool for those new to AI art creation, showing potential for future improvements and features.


  • 🎨 Jasper AI art is a new AI art generator that originally started as an AI writing tool.
  • 🖼️ The AI art generator creates realistic images with a broad and vibrant color palette, reminiscent of bokeh photography.
  • 🌐 On the Jasper website, users can browse a gallery of images created by the AI art generator.
  • 📱 The user interface of Jasper art features dropdowns for selecting parameters like style, medium, and mood.
  • 🔜 Jasper generates images quickly, under 10 seconds, but lacks the step-by-step updates provided by some other AI art tools.
  • 💡 The subscription plan for Jasper costs $20 per month and allows for unlimited art generation.
  • 📸 Images downloaded from Jasper have a default resolution of 512 by 512 pixels and the aspect ratio cannot be changed.
  • 🎭 A comparison of Jasper with other AI art generators like Mid-journey, Dali 2, and Stable Diffusion shows varied results.
  • 🏆 Mid-journey is considered the leader in the market, particularly for its photorealistic algorithm and attention to detail.
  • 🚀 Jasper is a new release with potential for growth and evolution, and the team behind it has a strong track record with their writing AI tool.

Q & A

  • What is Jasper AI Art?

    -Jasper AI Art is an AI art generator developed by the company originally known for its AI writing tool. It allows users to create images with a realistic tone and a variety of styles.

  • What is the general vibe of the images created by Jasper AI Art?

    -The images created by Jasper AI Art have a realistic vibe with a hint of bokka photography, featuring a lot of depth of field, and utilize a broad and almost rainbow-like color palette.

  • How does the user interface of Jasper AI Art differ from other AI art generators?

    -Jasper AI Art's user interface includes dropdowns for selecting parameters to create the image, such as style, medium, and mood. This is different from other AI art generators that may rely more on natural language input.

  • What are some of the styles available inside Jasper AI Art?

    -Inside Jasper AI Art, users can select from various styles including 3D renders, abstract, anime, art deco, and others, although the collection of styles is somewhat limited.

  • How easy is it to use Jasper AI Art?

    -Jasper AI Art offers a walkthrough of its features for first-time users, and it requires users to specifically define what they want to change about the image through dropdown selections, rather than relying on natural language descriptions.

  • How does the speed of image generation in Jasper AI Art compare to Mid-Journey?

    -Jasper AI Art generates images very quickly, usually in under 10 seconds, which is faster compared to Mid-Journey.

  • What is the subscription plan for Jasper AI Art?

    -The subscription plan for Jasper AI Art is $20 a month, which allows users to generate an unlimited amount of art.

  • What are the limitations regarding the image resolution and aspect ratio in Jasper AI Art?

    -Images downloaded from Jasper AI Art come out at 512 by 512 pixels, and there does not appear to be any other possibilities to change the aspect ratio at the moment.

  • How does the quality of Jasper AI Art compare to other AI art generators?

    -While Jasper AI Art does a good job, particularly with creating lifelike eyes, it does not compare to Mid-Journey in terms of photorealistic feel, attention to detail, and color selection for aesthetic appeal.

  • What are the strengths of Jasper AI Art according to the reviewer?

    -The reviewer appreciates the quick generation speed, the broad color palette, and the lifelike, engaging eyes that Jasper AI Art can create. The entry-level price of $20 for unlimited art generation is also seen as a strength.

  • What suggestions does the reviewer have for improving Jasper AI Art?

    -The reviewer suggests adding features such as changing the aspect ratio and a different approach to the UI, which currently feels more like a proof of concept than a finalized product.



🎨 Introduction to Jasper AI Art Generator

This paragraph introduces Jasper AI, an art generator that originally started as a highly-regarded AI writing tool. The video aims to explore the capabilities of Jasper's art generator by looking through its gallery, which showcases realistic and depth-rich images with a broad color palette. The user experience is discussed, highlighting the UI differences compared to other AI art generators, such as the need for more specific parameter selection due to Jasper's technology limitations. It also touches on the ease of use, variety of styles, and the speed at which images are generated, comparing it to other platforms like Mid-Journey and DALL-E 2.


🖼️ Comparing Jasper with Other AI Art Generators

The paragraph compares Jasper AI Art Generator with other AI art platforms, focusing on the quality and style of outputs. It discusses the subscription plan, the limitations on image resolution, and the lack of an upscale feature within Jasper. The video creator inputs a prompt and compares the results from Jasper with those from Stable Diffusion, Dali 2, and Mid-Journey. The verdict is that while Jasper offers a good entry-level AI art experience, Mid-Journey still outperforms it in terms of photorealism, attention to detail, and aesthetic appeal. However, Jasper's quick generation and its potential as an early 2000s PlayStation game-like graphics are noted. The paragraph concludes with the video creator's overall impression of Jasper and its potential for growth, despite its current limitations.



💡Jasper AI art

Jasper AI art refers to the artificial intelligence-based art generation tool developed by the company originally known for its AI writing tool. In the context of the video, it is a new entry in the market of AI art generators that aims to create realistic images with a variety of styles and color palettes. The video provides a review of this tool, exploring its user interface, capabilities, and comparison with other AI art generators like Mid-journey and Dali 2.

💡Art Deco style

Art Deco is an artistic style characterized by bold geometric shapes, rich colors, and lavish ornamentation. In the video, the reviewer mentions an Indiana Jones poster created in the Art Deco style by the Jasper AI art tool, demonstrating the program's ability to produce images in different and specific artistic styles, which is a key feature for users looking to generate diverse content.

💡Image prompt

An image prompt is a description or a set of keywords that users input into an AI art generator to guide the creation of the desired image. In the context of the video, the reviewer discusses how the user interface of Jasper AI art requires specific image prompts to generate images, highlighting the importance of clear and detailed prompts for achieving the best results with the tool.


Photorealism is an artistic style that aims to create images that are incredibly realistic, resembling photographs. In the video, the reviewer is interested in comparing the photorealistic capabilities of Jasper AI art with other AI art generators, particularly Mid-journey, noting that the quality and aesthetic appeal of photorealistic images are crucial factors in evaluating the performance of these tools.

💡Subscription plan

A subscription plan refers to the pricing model offered by Jasper AI art, which in this case is a monthly fee of $20 for unlimited art generation. The video discusses the affordability and value of this plan in comparison to the features and output quality provided by the tool, as well as the limitations such as the image resolution and aspect ratio.

💡User interface (UI)

The user interface, or UI, is the system through which users interact with a software application, including its visual design and functionality. In the video, the reviewer analyzes the UI of Jasper AI art, noting the use of dropdowns and specific parameter selections, which may be a result of the limitations of the underlying technology and its ability to interpret natural language descriptions.

💡Aesthetic entertainment

Aesthetic entertainment refers to the pleasure or enjoyment derived from the visual or sensory aspects of an artwork or creative piece. In the context of the video, the reviewer uses this term to evaluate the artistic value and overall visual appeal of the images generated by Jasper AI art, comparing it to other AI art generators and considering how engaging and lifelike the outputs are.

💡Texture and shadowing

Texture and shadowing are elements of an image that give a sense of depth, dimension, and realism. In the video, the reviewer critiques the Jasper AI art tool's ability to create effective textures and shadowing, noting that some art generators may struggle with these aspects, which can impact the lifelike quality and visual appeal of the generated images.

💡Futuristic tree houses

Futuristic tree houses represent a creative and architectural concept where homes are designed to integrate with trees and the natural environment in a futuristic and innovative way. In the video, the reviewer uses this concept as a prompt to test the capabilities of Jasper AI art and other AI art generators, evaluating their ability to render creative and detailed architectural studies.

💡Photorealistic algorithm

A photorealistic algorithm is a computational process used by AI art generators to create images that closely resemble real-life photographs in terms of detail, lighting, and visual fidelity. In the video, the reviewer praises the photorealistic algorithm of Mid-journey, comparing it favorably to the outputs of Jasper AI art and other generators, and emphasizing the importance of this feature for achieving high-quality, lifelike images.


Jasper AI art is a new AI art generator that originated from a highly regarded AI writing tool.

The AI art generator has a realistic style with a depth of field akin to bokeh photography.

The gallery on the Jasper website showcases a broad and vibrant range of tones and color palettes.

Jasper offers various styles, including Art Deco, and allows for creative freedom in image generation.

The user interface of Jasper AI art features dropdowns for selecting parameters like style and medium.

Jasper AI art generates images quickly, in under 10 seconds, offering four different outputs per prompt.

The subscription plan for Jasper costs $20 a month and includes unlimited art generation.

Jasper's output is limited to 512x512 pixels and does not currently offer an upscale feature.

In comparison to other AI art generators like Mid-Journey, Jasper's artistic value and aesthetic entertainment may not match up.

Jasper excels at creating lifelike, realistic eyes, outperforming some other AI art generators.

The AI art generator has a lower price point and offers unlimited art, making it an attractive option for beginners.

Jasper's UI could be improved with features like changing aspect ratios and a more flexible approach to art creation.

The Jasper writing AI tool is highly regarded as the best in the market.

Jasper AI art is a promising new release with potential for evolution and improvement.

The reviewer is intrigued by Jasper's quick image generation and diverse output options.

For architectural studies, Jasper competes well with other AI art generators, offering a balance of creativity and quality.

The reviewer suggests that Jasper's UI feels more like a proof of concept than a finalized product.

An online course is available for those interested in learning more about Mid-Journey, another AI art tool.