Jasper Art Tutorial - Plus How to Make Money With Jasper Art

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28 Aug 202219:13

TLDRJasper Art is an AI-powered tool that generates art based on user prompts. It's accessible to everyone and can be used to create various products like children's books, infographics, and digital art. The video provides a tutorial on using Jasper Art, discussing its potential for generating income and its ethical considerations. Tips for optimizing prompts and ideas for monetization are shared, highlighting the versatility of Jasper Art in creative endeavors.


  • 🎨 Jasper Art is an AI-powered art creation tool that works similarly to Jasper AI for writing, with one side focused on writing and the other on art generation.
  • 🖌️ It is accessible to a wide audience, making art creation more democratic and user-friendly, even for those without a background in art.
  • 📱 To use Jasper Art, users need to log into their Jasper account and select the 'Art' section to start creating images through prompts.
  • 🌈 Users can choose between 'Basic' and 'Freeform' modes, with 'Freeform' being the easiest and fastest to use.
  • 🖼️ The generated art can be downloaded without a watermark, and users can provide feedback on the output by using the 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' buttons.
  • 📚 One way to monetize Jasper Art is by creating children's books, using Jasper AI for writing and Jasper Art for illustrations.
  • 🎨 Users can experiment with different styles, mediums, artists, moods, and keywords to refine their prompts and improve the quality of their art outputs.
  • 🚫 Jasper Art may struggle with accurately depicting human anatomy, so specific inputs are necessary to achieve better results.
  • 💡 Ideas for making money with Jasper Art include creating infographics, e-books, PDF guides, worksheets, and even tarot card decks.
  • 🔄 The copyright for Jasper Art outputs is currently Creative Commons, meaning they can be used freely but also by others without restriction.
  • 💼 For commercial use or client work, it is recommended to use Jasper Art as a base and then modify and enhance the images to create original artwork with full copyright ownership.

Q & A

  • What is Jasper Art?

    -Jasper Art is a feature of Jasper AI that functions similarly to its writing counterpart. It is an AI-driven art creator that generates images based on user inputs, making art creation accessible to more people.

  • How does Jasper Art make money accessible to more people?

    -Jasper Art simplifies the process of creating art by generating images from textual prompts. This reduces the barrier to entry for individuals who may not have traditional artistic skills, allowing them to produce original artwork for various purposes.

  • What are the two main modes of operation in Jasper Art?

    -The two main modes of operation in Jasper Art are 'Basic' and 'Freeform'. Basic mode offers more control and options for styles, mediums, artists, moods, and keywords, while Freeform allows for quicker and easier image generation with less specificity.

  • How can I improve the image quality of Jasper Art outputs?

    -If the default image quality of 512 pixels by 512 pixels is not sufficient, users can employ an image upscaler to enhance the quality for applications like printing on calendars, pillows, t-shirts, etc. Additionally, Photoshop enhancement features can be used to improve the appearance of portraits.

  • What ethical considerations should be taken into account when using Jasper Art?

    -Jasper Art is designed to create original images by piecing together tiny parts from a vast array of images it has been trained on. It is not directly copying existing artwork but rather drawing inspiration from them, similar to how human artists create original works inspired by others.

  • How can I use Jasper Art to create a children's book?

    -By utilizing Jasper Art's capabilities, one can generate illustrations for a children's book, either by using the AI's prompts or by inputting specific ideas for the artwork. The generated images can then be paired with a story written, perhaps also using Jasper AI, to complete the book.

  • What are some potential issues with Jasper Art outputs?

    -Jasper Art sometimes struggles with accurately rendering human anatomy and facial features. Users may need to refine their prompts and adjust the settings to achieve better results, especially when creating portraits or other images requiring detailed human depictions.

  • How can I monetize Jasper Art?

    -There are several ways to monetize Jasper Art, including creating children's books, book covers, infographics, e-books, PDF guides, worksheets, greeting cards, postcards, and digital art for platforms like Etsy. Additionally, one can use Jasper Art to design logos or other branding materials.

  • What are some tips for getting the best results from Jasper Art?

    -For optimal outcomes, provide specific and detailed prompts, experiment with different styles, mediums, artists, moods, and keywords in Basic mode, and use image enhancement tools when necessary. Also, remember that Jasper Art outputs can serve as inspiration for creating original works in other design platforms.

  • How does Jasper Art handle copyrighted material?

    -As of the time of the script, Jasper Art outputs are classified under Creative Commons, meaning they can be used freely but also imply that others may use the generated images as well. For original content, additional steps may be needed to secure copyright or to use the images as a base for creating unique designs.

  • What are some other applications of Jasper Art besides creating visual content?

    -Apart from generating visual content, Jasper Art can be used to create infographics for niche sites, original images for personal or client websites, logo ideas, low-content books with journal or drawing prompts, and even tarot or oracle card decks.



🎨 Introduction to Jasper Art and Its Accessibility

This paragraph introduces Jasper Art, a feature of Jasper AI that allows users to create digital art. It explains that Jasper Art, like its writing counterpart, is designed to be accessible to everyone, making art creation more inclusive. The speaker shares their experience using Jasper Art, highlighting its ease of use and the options available, such as 'Basic' or 'Freeform' art creation. They also discuss the potential audience for Jasper Art and provide a brief tutorial on how to use the platform, including tips on improving image quality and the importance of specific inputs for better outputs.


🖌️ Exploring the Capabilities and Limitations of Jasper Art

The speaker delves deeper into the specifics of Jasper Art, discussing its capabilities and limitations. They mention the importance of detailed and specific prompts for achieving better results and address ethical concerns about the AI creating original images. The speaker also shares various ways to utilize Jasper Art, such as creating children's books, book covers, and infographics. Additionally, they discuss the potential for using Jasper Art to replace stock images for blog posts and other content, emphasizing the time-saving aspect of the tool.


🎭 Enhancing Art with Jasper Art: Styles and Creations

In this paragraph, the speaker explores the different styles and mediums available in Jasper Art, providing examples of how to use them effectively. They discuss the challenges of rendering human anatomy and suggest ways to work around these limitations. The speaker also shares ideas for monetizing Jasper Art, such as creating greeting cards, postcards, and digital art for Etsy. They emphasize the importance of originality and suggest collaborating with artists on platforms like Fiverr to create unique characters and backgrounds for various projects.


💰 Monetizing Jasper Art: Ideas and Strategies

The speaker shares their excitement about monetizing Jasper Art through various projects, such as creating a children's book and a tarot card deck. They discuss the potential for using Jasper Art to craft unique content for their blog and social media, as well as for client work. The speaker also talks about the copyright status of Jasper Art, which is currently Creative Commons, and advises users to be mindful of this when creating content for clients. They suggest ways to adapt Jasper Art prompts to generate more suitable outputs and encourage users to experiment with different inputs to achieve their desired results.



💡Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a feature of Jasper AI that enables users to create visual art. It operates similarly to Jasper AI's writing function, but instead of generating text, it produces images. In the context of the video, Jasper Art is presented as a tool that makes art creation accessible to a wider audience, and it is used to demonstrate the potential of generating various types of artwork, from children's book illustrations to digital art for commercial use.

💡Passive Income

Passive income refers to earnings that are generated with minimal continuous effort required from the individual receiving the income. In the video, the concept is discussed in relation to the potential of using Jasper Art to create products such as children's books, infographics, and digital art that can be sold online, thereby generating a continuous stream of income without the need for constant work.

💡Art Creation

Art creation is the process of producing visual art, which can involve various mediums and styles. In the video, art creation is discussed as being simplified and made more accessible through the use of Jasper Art, which allows users to generate a wide range of artistic styles and concepts by inputting specific prompts or descriptions.


In the context of Jasper Art, freeform refers to a mode of operation where users have the freedom to input any prompt they desire to generate an image, without being restricted by specific categories or options. This mode is highlighted in the video as being user-friendly and quick to use, allowing for a broad range of creative possibilities.


Basic mode in Jasper Art, as contrasted with freeform, provides users with a structured set of options to guide their art creation. This includes selecting styles, mediums, artists, moods, and keywords to refine the image generation process. The video presents basic mode as a way for users to have more control over the final output while still enjoying the convenience of AI-generated art.

💡Image Upscaler

An image upscaler is a tool or software that increases the resolution of an image without losing quality or introducing pixelation. In the video, the concept is introduced as a solution for improving the quality of Jasper-generated art, which currently has a fixed resolution of 512 by 512 pixels, for applications such as printing on physical products like calendars, pillows, or t-shirts.

💡Ethical and Moral

Ethical and moral considerations refer to the principles of right and wrong conduct, often based on societal standards or personal beliefs. In the context of the video, these terms are discussed in relation to the use of Jasper Art, addressing concerns about whether it appropriates existing art or creates original works. The video explains that Jasper AI is designed to generate art by combining elements from numerous images it has been trained on, thus avoiding direct copying.

💡Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is the study of the structure and function of the human body, including the skeleton, muscles, and organs. In the context of the video, it is mentioned as a challenge for Jasper Art, as the AI sometimes struggles to accurately represent human anatomy and facial features, leading to distorted or unrealistic depictions.

💡Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that helps creators share their work under certain conditions through licenses that allow others to use, share, and build upon their work. In the video, it is mentioned that Jasper Art outputs are currently under a Creative Commons license, meaning they can be used freely by anyone but also implying that others can use the generated art without restriction.

💡KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a platform that allows authors and publishers to independently publish their books directly to the Kindle Store. In the video, KDP is presented as a potential avenue for monetizing Jasper Art by creating and selling low-content books, such as children's books or journals, that incorporate AI-generated images and prompts.

💡Digital Art

Digital art refers to artwork that is created using digital technology, often involving software and devices such as graphic tablets, computers, or specialized apps. In the video, digital art is discussed as a product that can be created with Jasper Art and sold on platforms like Etsy, offering a range of possibilities from wall art to customized designs for personal or commercial use.


Jasper Art is an AI-based art creator, similar to Jasper AI for writing.

Jasper Art makes art creation accessible to a wider audience.

Users can choose between basic and freeform modes in Jasper Art.

The freeform mode is easy and fast to use, with a constantly changing prompt button.

Jasper Art generates images with a 512x512 pixel resolution, with the possibility of future higher quality options.

Images can be improved using an image upscaler for print applications.

Jasper Art can be used to create children's books, with a dedicated blog section for related content.

The platform allows users to flag inappropriate content for improvement.

Jasper Art is trained on numerous images and creates new art by piecing together tiny parts from various sources.

The AI tool can significantly reduce work time for both writing and art creation.

Jasper Art can replace stock images for blog posts, ebooks, and more.

The AI struggles with human anatomy, requiring specific and detailed inputs for better outputs.

Jasper Art can be used to create infographics, ebooks, pdf guides, worksheets, and original website images.

For logo creation, Jasper Art can provide a base inspiration that can be further customized.

Low content books with drawing prompts can be created using Jasper Art.

Jasper Art can be used to create unique digital art for Etsy, book covers, and tarot card decks.

Blogging about Jasper Art and using it for post illustrations is a practical application.