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22 Nov 202255:13

TLDRIn this informative video, Mr. Berry explores NightCafé, an AI art creation platform that allows users to generate unique artworks by inputting text prompts. He demonstrates how to use various features, including different styles, resolution settings, and the ability to organize works into collections. Mr. Berry shares his process for creating and optimizing images, emphasizing the importance of prompt selection and the potential for community engagement through likes and comments. He also highlights the platform's capacity for experimentation, showcasing his personal journey of creating over a thousand images and refining his technique.


  • 💻 NightCafé is a free AI program that allows users to create works of art by entering text prompts.
  • 📸 Users can view past creations, explore different styles, and even download their artwork.
  • 📚 Including the name of a famous artist in the prompt can influence the AI to create art in that artist's style.
  • 🖌 Using specific prompts and descriptions, like 'epic scale' or 'hyper detail', significantly impacts the resulting image's details and overall feel.
  • 📱 The platform offers different tabs and views to organize and categorize creations, such as by title, algorithm used, or the option to evolve the artwork.
  • 🎨 Advanced options in creation settings allow users to adjust factors like seed for randomness, prompt weight, and resolution for more personalized outcomes.
  • 🔧 Adding or changing a single word in the prompt (e.g., adding 'forest') can drastically change the artwork's composition and focus.
  • 📌 Collections help users organize their artworks thematically, facilitating easier access and sharing.
  • 💎 Participating in daily challenges and voting on others' creations can earn users credits, which are used to create more art.
  • 👤 User profiles and social features like following other creators, commenting, and liking artworks enhance community engagement and feedback.

Q & A

  • What is NightCafé and how does it work?

    -NightCafé is a free AI program that allows users to create works of art by inputting text prompts or descriptions. Users can generate beautiful artworks by providing the AI with specific instructions or themes.

  • How can users view their past creations on NightCafé?

    -Users can click on the 'Creations' tab when they first enter NightCafé to see the works they've created in the past. They can view different tabs to see various details about their creations, such as the title, creation date, and the algorithm used.

  • What are some of the features available for users to interact with their creations on NightCafé?

    -Users can evolve, duplicate, or enhance their creations by adding more prompts. They can also share their works, submit them to daily challenges, add them to collections, download images with their name on it, archive, or delete them from their work list.

  • How does the AI generate art in the style of famous artists on NightCafé?

    -Users can input the name of a famous artist as part of their text prompt, and the AI will generate art in the style of that artist. Users can research and find the names of artists whose work they admire and then use those names in their prompts.

  • What is the significance of the 'epic scale' and 'intricate hyper detail' prompts in NightCafé?

    -The 'epic scale' prompt encourages the AI to create artworks with grand and large-scale landscapes, while 'intricate hyper detail' ensures that every element of the artwork, from the fur to the grass, is highly detailed and清晰, resulting in a very clear and vivid final image.

  • How can users increase the likelihood of their creations receiving more likes on NightCafé?

    -Users can use popular and trending styles, incorporate vibrant colors like pink and purple (psychedelic art), and create art that is photorealistic. These factors can lead to more likes, which in turn can earn the user more credits.

  • What is the purpose of the 'seed' in NightCafé's AI art generation process?

    -The 'seed' is a random number that controls the randomness of the AI's generation process. By using the same seed with the same text prompts, users can recreate identical or very similar images.

  • How does the 'prompt weight' setting affect the AI's interpretation of the user's text prompt?

    -The 'prompt weight' determines how closely the AI follows the user's text prompt. Higher prompt weights result in the AI more strictly adhering to the words provided, which can lead to more accurate but potentially less creative outcomes.

  • What are the different styles available for AI art creation on NightCafé?

    -NightCafé offers several styles for AI art creation, including Stable, Dolly 2, Coherent, Artistic, Install, Portrait, Photo, Color Portrait, Oil Painting, and others. Each style produces a distinct aesthetic and is suitable for different types of artwork.

  • How can users organize their creations on NightCafé?

    -Users can organize their creations into 'Collections' by creating a new collection and adding their works to it. This allows for easier categorization and sharing of similar artworks.

  • What is the process for creating a new artwork on NightCafé?

    -To create a new artwork, users can click on 'Create', paste or input their text prompt, choose a style, and then select advanced options such as resolution, run time, and seed. Once everything is set, they can click 'Create' to generate the artwork.



🎨 Introduction to NightCafé AI Art

Mr. Berry introduces NightCafé, an AI program that allows users to create beautiful works of art by inputting text prompts. He encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel and engage with the content. Mr. Berry provides a walkthrough of the NightCafé website, showcasing its features such as viewing past creations, evolving and enhancing artwork, and the various options available for customizing and sharing art pieces.


🖌️ Art Styles and Creation Process

The video delves into the intricacies of creating art with NightCafé, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right prompts and styles. Mr. Berry demonstrates how to use different artistic styles, such as those of famous artists like Ansel Adams, and how to incorporate elements like epic scale, hyper-detail, and psychedelic colors. He also explains the significance of resolution and the impact of user engagement on the popularity of creations.


🌟 Showcasing AI Art Techniques

Mr. Berry showcases various techniques for creating AI art, including the use of ZBrush for intricate lines and effects, and how to manipulate the AI's output by adjusting prompt weights and using specific seeds for consistent results. He also discusses the importance of understanding the impact of different settings on the final artwork, such as resolution and run time.


📚 Organizing Art with Collections

The video explains how to organize created artwork into collections on NightCafé. Mr. Berry demonstrates how to create new collections, add artwork to existing ones, and how the platform's social features allow users to follow other artists and engage with their work. He also touches on the importance of using collections to curate and share themed sets of artwork.


🎭 Exploring Different AI Art Styles

Mr. Berry explores the different styles available on NightCafé, such as Dolly 2 and style transfer, and how they can be used to create unique pieces of art. He provides a hands-on demonstration of creating an artwork using Dolly 2, discussing the advanced options and their impact on the final piece. The video also highlights the importance of experimenting with different prompts and settings to find one's preferred style.


📈 Artwork Evolution and Enhancement

The process of evolving and enhancing AI-generated artwork is discussed, with Mr. Berry demonstrating how to refine and improve an image by adding more detail and adjusting its appearance. He also talks about the potential for creating large-scale prints and the value of experimenting with different prompts to achieve desired visual effects.


🚫 Learning from AI Art Mistakes

Mr. Berry shares a lesson on how to handle misunderstandings with AI art prompts, using a failed attempt at creating a rat terrier as an example. He advises on how to minimize the use of credits when experimenting with new prompts and emphasizes the importance of clarity in prompt selection to avoid misinterpretations by the AI.


🌈 Appreciating AI Art Diversity

The video concludes with Mr. Berry expressing his enjoyment of NightCafé and the endless possibilities it offers for creating diverse and unique AI art. He encourages viewers to continue experimenting with different prompts and styles to find their artistic voice and to engage with the NightCafé community for inspiration and support.




NightCafé is an AI art creation program that allows users to generate unique works of art by inputting text prompts. It is free to use and is the central focus of the video, where the creator demonstrates how to use it effectively to produce various styles of artwork.

💡Text Prompts

Text prompts are the inputs provided by the user in NightCafé to guide the AI in creating a specific artwork. They are crucial as they directly influence the output, determining the subject, style, and mood of the generated art.

💡Art Styles

Art styles refer to the various visual aesthetics that can be applied to the AI-generated artwork in NightCafé. These styles模仿 famous artists or visual techniques, giving the user a wide range of creative options.

💡Resolution and Run Time

Resolution and run time are settings in NightCafé that determine the quality and the time it takes to generate an artwork. Higher resolutions result in more detailed images but require longer run times and consume more credits.


Collections are a feature in NightCafé that allows users to organize and group their generated artworks into categories for easier management and viewing. They help in curating a portfolio of similar works or themes.


The seed in NightCafé is a random number that influences the randomness of the AI's output. Using the same seed with the same text prompts will produce similar or identical artworks, allowing for consistency in output if desired.


Credits are the virtual currency within NightCafé that users accumulate through likes and comments on their artworks. They are used to create new artworks, with higher resolution images requiring more credits.

💡Dolly 2

Dolly 2 is an alternative AI model within NightCafé that offers a different style of art generation compared to the stable model. It provides a unique aesthetic that can be used for more painterly or stylized outputs.

💡Enhance and Evolve

Enhance and evolve are features in NightCafé that allow users to modify existing artworks. Enhance increases the resolution of an image, while evolve allows for adding more prompts to an existing image, creating a new version with additional elements.

💡Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic art is a style characterized by vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and surreal imagery. In NightCafé, users can incorporate this style into their prompts to generate artworks with a psychedelic aesthetic.


NightCafé is an AI program that allows users to create beautiful works of art by inputting text or prompts.

The program is free and users can see their past creations by clicking on the 'Creations' tab.

To get the best art from NightCafé, users can use various prompts and styles, including adding artist names to emulate their styles.

Users can evolve their art by adding more prompts to the original text, enhancing, duplicating, or evolving the image.

The 'Collections' feature allows users to organize their creations into categorized groups for easier access and viewing.

NightCafé provides options to edit, download, or delete images from a user's work library.

The 'Challenges' section offers daily themes where users can submit their creations for a chance to win prizes.

Users can follow other artists on the platform and view their latest works in the 'Feed' section.

The 'Explore' tab showcases the newest and most popular works, allowing users to discover and be inspired by a variety of AI-generated art.

The 'Dolly 2' creation option offers a different style of AI art with its own set of advanced options.

The 'Style Transfer' feature enables users to apply different artistic styles to their images, creating unique interpretations.

Users can earn credits by getting likes on their work, which can be used to create higher resolution images.

The 'Advanced Options' in NightCafé provide control over the number of images generated, resolution, and run time.

The platform allows users to report mistakes or misunderstandings in the AI's interpretation of their prompts.

NightCafé offers a 'Video' option where users can create a video of the painting process, adding a dynamic element to their creations.

The AI program can generate images with a psychedelic art style by using specific text prompts, making the artwork stand out and potentially get more likes.

Users have the option to protect their creations by copying, hiding start images, and setting default publishing preferences.