AI Art Websites that Generate for FREE!

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14 Feb 202315:44

TLDRThe video script discusses the rise of AI art generators and highlights 10 different free AI art generation websites. It provides an overview of each platform's features, pros and cons, and offers recommendations based on personal experience. The script emphasizes the ease of use, speed, and variety of options available on these platforms, encouraging viewers to explore and utilize these tools for their creative endeavors.


  • 🎨 AI art generation is becoming mainstream, with many people discussing and using it.
  • 🖼️ There are numerous free AI art generation websites available, each with their own pros and cons.
  • 🌐 Made dot space offers unlimited free generations with basic stable diffusion and allows image to image generation.
  • 🎢 Playground AI is a favorite due to its simplicity, speed, and variety of filters, including custom models and NSFW content.
  • 🏆 (the website) provides quick and easy image generation, though its naming may cause confusion with the well-known AI company.
  • 🤖 Dream by Wombo features custom models and allows for initial image uploads, but lacks adjustable settings.
  • 💬 Blue Willow AI operates within a Discord server, offering a community aspect and auto-determination of the best model for the prompt.
  • 🖌️ Crayon, formerly Dolly Mini, is known for its up-to-date knowledge on internet culture and memes, offering free generation with a subscription for faster results.
  • 🌐 combines image generation with a search function, suggesting creative ideas based on similar prompts from others.
  • 📸 Lexica Aperture, by Lexicon, is praised for its high-resolution, detailed outputs, particularly for photography-style images.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video transcript?

    -The main topic of the video transcript is about AI art generation websites that are available for free use.

  • How many AI art generation websites are discussed in the transcript?

    -There are 10 different AI art generation websites discussed in the transcript.

  • What is the first AI art generator mentioned in the transcript and what are its features?

    -The first AI art generator mentioned is made dot space. It offers unlimited generations for free, image to image generation, and does not require an account. Users can upgrade to a Pro plan for additional features.

  • What is unique about playground AI according to the transcript?

    -Playground AI is highlighted as a personal favorite of the speaker due to its simplicity, ease, and speed of generating images. It offers a variety of custom filters and models for free, which are not available on other platforms.

  • What is the issue the speaker has with the website named

    -The speaker expresses concern about the website named because it uses the same name as the well-known AI company OpenAI, which could lead to confusion among users. The speaker also questions the trustworthiness of the website due to this naming choice.

  • How does Dream by Wombo differ from other AI art generators mentioned in the transcript?

    -Dream by Wumbo differs in that it offers custom models and does not have adjustable settings or filters like other generators. It provides one result per generation and focuses on quality over quantity.

  • What feature does Blue Willow AI provide that is similar to Midjourney?

    -Blue Willow AI operates within a Discord server and provides a similar experience to Midjourney by generating images based on user prompts. It uses multiple stable diffusion models and tries to pick the right one based on the prompt.

  • What is special about the crayon model mentioned in the transcript?

    -The crayon model is special because it is known for being up-to-date with popular internet culture and memes, making it a good choice for generating images related to recent trends.

  • What additional features does offer besides image generation? offers text-to-image generation and has custom models that attempt to enhance the user's prompt before generating an image. It also provides other AI tools for enhancing videos, images, and audio.

  • How does Lexica cut aperture stand out among the other AI art generators?

    -Lexica cut aperture stands out for its high-resolution, detailed images, especially in portrait and photography-style outputs. It offers unlimited free generation and has a simple, user-friendly interface.



🎨 Introduction to AI Art Generation Websites

This paragraph introduces the viewer to the concept of AI art generation and the rise of AI art generators. It sets the stage for a discussion on 10 different AI art generation websites that are available for free use. The speaker mentions that they have talked about some of these before but will now provide a compiled list for easy reference. The paragraph emphasizes the pros and cons of each platform and the variety of options available for users to start generating AI art.


🚀 Exploring Made Dot Space and Playground AI

The speaker discusses two AI art generation platforms: Made Dot Space and Playground AI. Made Dot Space offers unlimited free generations with a variety of features, including image to image generation and the ability to upscale images. Playground AI is highlighted as a personal favorite due to its simplicity, speed, and additional features like custom filters and a higher quality generation option. Both platforms have free options and paid plans with added benefits, such as faster generation times and access to exclusive models.


🌐 Discovering Unique AI Art Generators

This paragraph covers a range of unique AI art generators, starting with Open AI, which offers fast and unlimited image generation for free. The speaker expresses skepticism about the website's name, which is the same as the well-known AI company. Dream by Wumbo is next, providing a single, custom model-generated result without much tunability. Blue Willow AI is mentioned as a Discord-based generator with a large user base and the ability to generate images based on prompts, similar to MidJourney.


🖌️ Additional AI Art Generation Tools

The final paragraph discusses several additional AI art generation tools, including Crayon, which is known for its up-to-date knowledge of internet culture and memes, and, which combines image generation with a search function. is described as a clean and simple generator with a sign-up requirement, and Lexica Aperture is highlighted for its high-resolution and detailed outputs, particularly for photography-style images. The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to explore these tools and shares personal preferences among the listed websites.



💡AI art generation

AI art generation refers to the process of using artificial intelligence to create visual art. In the context of the video, it highlights the rise of AI tools that can generate images based on user input, such as text prompts or existing images. The video discusses various websites that offer this service for free, showcasing the capabilities of AI in the field of art and creativity.

💡Free AI art websites

Free AI art websites are online platforms that enable users to generate AI-created art without any financial cost. The video emphasizes the availability of such sites, which have become popular due to their ease of use and accessibility. These websites typically offer a range of features and models for generating images, catering to different user needs and preferences.

💡Stable diffusion

Stable diffusion is a type of AI model used for image generation. It is an algorithm that learns from a dataset of images to produce new, unique visuals based on user inputs. In the video, stable diffusion is mentioned as the base model for generating images on several platforms, providing a foundation for creating various types of AI art.

💡Pro Plan

A Pro Plan refers to a subscription tier on AI art generation websites that offers enhanced features and capabilities compared to the free version. These plans typically provide faster generation times, higher-quality images, and access to additional models or tools. The video mentions Pro Plans as a way for users to upgrade their experience on certain platforms.

💡Guidance scale

The guidance scale is a feature on AI art generation platforms that allows users to control the level of detail and adherence to the input prompt in the generated images. A higher guidance scale means the AI will try harder to match the prompt, potentially resulting in more accurate but less creative outputs. It is a balancing tool that users can adjust to achieve their desired level of creativity and precision.

💡Custom models

Custom models in AI art generation refer to specialized algorithms that are designed to produce images in a particular style or based on specific datasets. These models can be tailored to generate art that reflects certain aesthetics, themes, or subjects, offering users a more personalized and diverse range of creative options.

💡Discord Community

A Discord Community is an online group that uses the Discord platform for communication and collaboration. In the context of AI art generation, some platforms have their own Discord servers where users can share their creations, discuss techniques, and receive support. These communities foster a sense of belonging and provide valuable resources for users of AI art tools.

💡Upscaling and enhancements

Upscaling and enhancements refer to the process of improving the resolution or quality of images generated by AI. This can include techniques like increasing the image's size without losing detail, or adding artistic effects to enhance the visual appeal. In the context of the video, these features are offered by some AI art platforms to give users more control over the final output.

💡NSFW content

NSFW stands for 'Not Safe For Work,' indicating content that is inappropriate or explicit, typically not suitable for professional or public settings. In the context of AI art generation, some platforms allow the creation of NSFW content, which can be a controversial feature due to the potential for generating adult or offensive material. The video mentions that made dot space allows NSFW content with their basic plan.

💡Image generation time

Image generation time refers to the duration it takes for an AI platform to create and display an image based on user input. This can vary depending on the complexity of the prompt, the capabilities of the AI model, and the server load. In the video, the generation time is an important factor when comparing different AI art tools, as it affects the user experience and workflow.

💡AI image generators

AI image generators are software applications that use artificial intelligence to create visual content. These tools analyze data, learn patterns, and produce new images based on user inputs, such as text descriptions or other images. The video reviews several AI image generators, discussing their features, pros and cons, and how they cater to different user needs.


AI art generation has become mainstream, with people discussing it more than ever before.

There are now numerous free AI art generation websites available for use.

The rise of AI art generators has led to a variety of free websites for creative exploration.

Each AI art generator has its own pros and cons, which will be discussed in detail.

Made dot space offers unlimited generations for free, with options to upgrade for additional features.

Playground AI is a personal favorite, known for its simplicity and ease of use.

Playground AI allows for a variety of filters and models, including a Disney Pixar model., despite its name, is a separate entity offering fast and free unlimited image generation.

Dream by Wumbo provides custom models and unlimited free AI image generation.

Blue Willow AI operates within a Discord server, offering a community aspect to AI art generation.

Crayon, formerly Dolly Mini, has updated to increase its quality and remains completely free to use. combines image generation with a search function, providing a wealth of creative ideas. offers a clean interface and free AI image generation, with additional features available for a cost.

Lexica cut aperture is a high-resolution AI image generator with a vast database of previous generations.

Lexica aperture is particularly adept at generating photography-style images and portraits.

The list provides a comprehensive overview of the best free AI art generation tools currently available.