Due to extreme demand we can't provide a free trial right now Midjourney problem SOLVED

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13 Jun 202303:18

TLDRThe video presents a solution for the error encountered in Midjourney due to its transition from a free service to a subscription-based model. The creator explains that to resolve the issue, users must subscribe and pay for the service. For those unwilling to pay, an alternative is joining the Blue Willow AI Discord server, which offers a similar image generation experience. The video demonstrates how to join the server, verify the account, and use the 'imagine' command to generate images, providing a耐心 and detailed guide for users to continue creating content without financial commitment.


  • 🚫 The issue arises due to Midjourney no longer offering free trials because of high demand.
  • 💡 To resolve the error, one must subscribe and pay for Midjourney to access its services and generate images.
  • 🔍 If payment is not an option but you still want to generate images on Discord, explore discoverable servers.
  • 🌐 Search for 'Blue Space Willow' in the server discovery feature of Discord to find an alternative image generation server.
  • 🔗 Join the Blue Willow server by clicking 'join blue below AI' and follow the steps to customize your experience.
  • ✅ Complete the verification process by clicking on the verification link sent to you after joining the server.
  • 📌 Once verified, you can access the 'rookies' channels where you can generate images by typing 'imagine' followed by your prompt.
  • ⏳ Be patient as image generation may take some time due to the server's high usage.
  • 🎨 Customize and optimize your images based on your preferences after they have been generated.
  • 📺 The video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to navigate and use the Blue Willow server as an alternative to Midjourney.
  • 🎓 The video creator offers more programming tutorials on their channel for those interested in learning more.

Q & A

  • What is the main issue being addressed in the video?

    -The main issue is the error message received when trying to use Midjourney for free due to its high demand, which now requires a subscription for access.

  • What was the initial action taken in the video that led to the error message?

    -The initial action was typing the command 'slash imagine' and entering a prompt, which resulted in the error message about the demand and lack of a free trial.

  • How has the accessibility of Midjourney changed according to the video?

    -Midjourney is no longer free and requires a subscription payment to use its services for generating images.

  • What is the recommended solution if one wants to continue using Midjourney?

    -The recommended solution is to click on the open subscription page, make the payment, and then use Midjourney's services.

  • Is there an alternative for users who do not wish to pay for Midjourney?

    -Yes, users can join the Discord server of Blue Willow, which offers a similar service for generating art, anime, and games.

  • How does one join the Blue Willow Discord server?

    -By searching for 'Blue space Willow' in Discord's discoverable servers, clicking on the server, and then joining it.

  • What is the process of using Blue Willow's service for generating images?

    -After joining the Blue Willow server and completing the verification process, users can type 'imagine' in the designated channel and enter a prompt to generate an image.

  • How long does it typically take for Blue Willow to generate an image?

    -The time it takes to generate an image is not specified, but it is mentioned that users should be patient as it takes some time.

  • What types of images can be generated using Blue Willow?

    -Blue Willow can generate art, anime, and game-related images based on the prompts provided by users.

  • How can users optimize their images using Blue Willow?

    -Users can try various versions of the generated image and make adjustments based on their preferences and needs.



🚀 Introduction to MidJourney and Subscription

The video begins with the creator addressing the audience about a common issue faced due to the high demand for MidJourney, a service that is no longer free and does not offer a trial period. The creator explains that to use MidJourney, one must subscribe and pay for the service. They also provide an alternative for those who do not wish to pay, which involves exploring discoverable servers on Discord and joining the Blue Willow AI server for generating art, anime, and games.




Midjourney is an AI-based platform that generates images from text prompts. In the context of the video, it was initially offering a free trial, but due to high demand, they have stopped offering this trial and now require users to subscribe and pay to use their services.

💡Extreme demand

The term 'extreme demand' refers to a situation where the number of people wanting to use a service or product greatly exceeds the supply or the service's capacity to handle the requests. In the video, this is the reason why Midjourney can no longer provide a free trial.


Discord is a communication platform primarily used by gamers, but also by various communities. In the video, the user encounters an issue while using a command in Discord related to Midjourney's service. Discord is also where the user is guided to find an alternative service.

💡Slash imagine

The phrase 'slash imagine' refers to a command that was used in Discord to generate images with Midjourney. The script mentions using this command with a prompt, which leads to the error message about the service no longer being free.


A subscription in this context is a paid service model where users pay a fee to access and use the features of a platform. The video explains that to continue using Midjourney's image generation services, users must now subscribe and pay.

💡Blue space Willow

Blue space Willow is an alternative AI service mentioned in the video that can be used on Discord for generating images. The user is directed to this service as a free alternative to Midjourney after the latter's free trial was discontinued.

💡Discord server

A Discord server is a community space on the Discord platform where users with common interests can communicate and interact. The video guides the user on how to join the Blue space Willow's Discord server to use their services.

💡Verification link

The verification link is a URL sent to users to confirm their account or email address. In the video, after joining the Blue space Willow server, the user is prompted to click a verification link to complete the process and gain access to the server's features.

💡Rookies channel

The 'rookies channel' is a specific section within the Blue space Willow Discord server where users can generate images. The video describes how to navigate to this channel and use the 'imagine' command to create images.

💡Red sun rise

In the context of the video, 'red sun rise' is an example of a text prompt entered by the user in the 'imagine' command to generate an image. This phrase illustrates the type of descriptive language that can be used to create visual content with AI services.

💡Optimize image

Optimizing an image refers to the process of adjusting or refining the image generated by an AI service to better match the user's desired outcome. In the video, the user is encouraged to experiment with different versions of the generated image to optimize it according to their needs.


The video provides a solution for the error message encountered when trying to use Midjourney for free.

Midjourney is no longer free and requires a subscription for continued use.

The error message is due to the fact that free trials are no longer available for Midjourney.

To resolve the issue, one must subscribe and pay for Midjourney to continue generating images.

An alternative to Midjourney is Blue Space Willow, a discoverable server within Discord.

Blue Space Willow offers AI capabilities for creating art, anime, and games.

Joining the Blue Space Willow Discord server provides access to image generation without a Midjourney subscription.

The process of joining Blue Space Willow and starting to generate images is outlined step by step.

The video demonstrates how to navigate to the 'rookies' channel within Blue Space Willow.

Users can type '/imagine' in the rookie channel to generate an image, such as a 'red sun rise'.

Patience is required as image generation takes time within the Blue Space Willow server.

The video shows an example of an image generated using Blue Space Willow's AI.

Optimization of the generated image is possible based on individual preferences.

The video creator encourages viewers to check their channel for more programming tutorials.

The solution to the Midjourney error is subscription-based, with an alternative server offering free image generation.

Discord's discoverable servers feature allows users to find and join communities like Blue Space Willow.

The video is a practical guide for users seeking to utilize AI for creative purposes without incurring costs.