NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Right Now' (AI) [Revised]

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4 May 202404:11

TLDRThe video script titled 'Right Now' by NewJeans (뉴진스) is a vibrant and energetic portrayal of a night out filled with excitement and magic. The narrative is driven by a catchy, funky beat that sets the pace for a night of adventure and discovery. The lyrics speak of shining bright, chasing shadows, and embracing the night as a playground where one can feel the power of superhuman abilities. The video emphasizes the unity and magic among friends, as they navigate through the night, leaving a trail of sparkling magic and joy. The essence of the video is about the shared experience of a magical night, where every moment is filled with wonder, and the story of this enchanting night will be forever told.


  • 🎉 **Friday Night Vibes**: The song captures the essence of a lively Friday night, setting a tone of excitement and anticipation.
  • 🌟 **Shining Bright**: There's a strong emphasis on shining and glowing, suggesting a theme of radiance and positivity.
  • 🤟 **Unity and Sisterhood**: The mention of 'sisters united' highlights the bond and strength found in female camaraderie.
  • 🚀 **Super Powers**: The concept of super powers is recurring, symbolizing empowerment and the ability to overcome obstacles.
  • 🌙 **Night as a Playground**: The night is portrayed as a space for freedom and adventure, a place where one can break free from constraints.
  • 🎶 **Music and Rhythm**: A funky beat and the mention of music suggest that the song is upbeat and rhythmic, likely to get listeners moving.
  • ✨ **Magic and Enchantment**: References to magic and sparkles indicate a sense of wonder and enchantment in the narrative.
  • 💫 **Individuality and Self-Expression**: The lyrics imply a celebration of individuality and the freedom to express oneself.
  • 👯‍♀️ **Community and Togetherness**: The idea of being 'in the game' together implies a sense of community and collective experience.
  • 🌈 **Hope and Aspiration**: The song conveys a hopeful message, encouraging listeners to chase their dreams and aspirations.
  • ⭐ **Enduring Story**: The final takeaway suggests that the narrative of the song will have a lasting impact, becoming an enduring story.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the song mentioned in the transcript?

    -The title of the song is 'Right Now' by NewJeans (뉴진스).

  • What day of the week does the song refer to in its lyrics?

    -The song refers to Friday night.

  • What is the theme of the song 'Right Now'?

    -The theme of the song seems to be about having a good time, possibly at night, with references to shining bright, super powers, and a magical night.

  • What does the line 'Force Whispering secrets, in the night' suggest about the mood of the song?

    -This line suggests a mysterious and intimate mood, hinting at sharing secrets or special moments during the night.

  • What is the significance of the term 'Shimmer and light' in the context of the song?

    -The term 'Shimmer and light' likely refers to the bright and sparkling atmosphere that the song is trying to convey, possibly related to a party or a night out.

  • What is the role of 'CL' in the lyrics?

    -The term 'CL' in the lyrics could be a reference to a person or a character within the song's narrative, possibly someone who is glowing or shining bright.

  • What does 'Sly the cronic night' mean in the context of the song?

    -The phrase 'Sly the cronic night' is a bit unclear, but it might be a creative way to describe the night as cunning or full of surprises, adding to the song's mysterious tone.

  • What is the 'nights playground' mentioned in the lyrics?

    -The 'nights playground' is a metaphor for the environment or setting where the events of the song are taking place, suggesting a fun and exciting atmosphere.

  • What is the significance of 'super powers' in the lyrics?

    -The mention of 'super powers' could be a metaphor for the exhilarating and empowering feelings one might experience during a night out, or it could be part of a larger narrative within the song.

  • What does the phrase 'Moonlight up there's Powers busting out of nowhere' suggest about the setting or theme of the song?

    -This phrase suggests a magical or surreal setting where unexpected and exciting things are happening, possibly under the cover of the moonlight.

  • How does the song 'Right Now' use the concept of 'magic'?

    -The concept of 'magic' in the song is used to create a sense of enchantment and wonder, enhancing the overall atmosphere of excitement and fun.

  • What message does the final line 'this magic story will be told right now' convey?

    -The final line suggests that the experiences and moments described in the song are happening in the present and are significant enough to be shared or 'told' as a story.



🌟 Nighttime Adventure and Magic

The first paragraph describes a vibrant and energetic Friday night scene filled with music and movement. The speaker is engaged in a board game and is mentally active, with a sense of shining bright and whispering secrets. There's a sense of empowerment and defiance against haters, with a funky beat setting the pace for a fast-paced journey down the concrete streets. The narrative speaks of superpowers, a sense of flying, and being in control. The presence of friends, or 'sisters united,' adds to the collective magic and enjoyment of the night. The paragraph ends with an affirmation of being in the game and having a good time, suggesting a night of fun, magic, and camaraderie.



💡Friday night

Friday night is typically associated with the start of the weekend and leisure time. It's often a time when people relax and engage in social activities. In the context of the video, it sets a tone for the energetic and vibrant atmosphere that is being conveyed.

💡Shining bright

To 'shine bright' is to be very noticeable or to stand out. In the video, it could be referring to the dazzling performance or the strong presence of the artists. It's a metaphor that adds to the theme of empowerment and visibility.


In this context, 'force' could be interpreted as a powerful influence or strength. It relates to the theme of the video by suggesting that the performers possess a compelling energy that drives the narrative forward.

💡Super powers

Super powers are extraordinary abilities beyond those of ordinary people, often associated with superheroes. In the video, it metaphorically represents the unique talents and strengths of the artists, contributing to the overall message of empowerment and exceptionalism.

💡Night playground

A 'night playground' suggests a space of freedom and enjoyment during the night. It's a creative way to describe the setting where the video's events take place, emphasizing the fun and adventurous spirit of the content.


Magic often refers to the power of enchantment or illusion. In the video, it adds a layer of mystique and allure, enhancing the theme of the performers being extraordinary and captivating.

💡Sisters United

This phrase implies a strong bond and unity among the performers, likely referring to their camaraderie and collective strength. It underscores the theme of solidarity and mutual support.


Concrete is a building material but in a broader sense, it can represent the urban environment. In the video, it sets the scene for the action, suggesting a modern, urban backdrop for the performers' activities.


A 'spark' can mean a small, initial sign of something, often used to describe the beginning of an idea or action. In the context of the video, it could symbolize the ignition of the performers' talents or the start of an exciting event.


Moonlight is the light that comes from the moon at night. It often creates a serene and romantic atmosphere. In the video, it might be used to set a specific mood or to symbolize the performers' allure under the night sky.


To 'shimmer' means to shine with a flickering or wavering light. In the video, it could be describing the visual effects or the performers' outfits, adding to the overall aesthetic of a dazzling and dynamic performance.

💡Hearts of place

While this phrase is a bit abstract, it could suggest a deep emotional connection or significance to a place. It might relate to the performers' feelings towards the setting of the video or their connection with their audience.


Friday night SC all done nothing but

shining bright Force Whispering secrets, in the night

chase the way the Shadows FL didn't know

feeling haters this is true

Shimmer and light a funky beat moving fast down the concrete

Sly the cronic night super powers taking fly right now

power's in our clutch my CL got good touch

smiling blue and tear to straight the magical yeah right now

the nights playground makeing never Ru

St the Magic in cool We R in the game that's for sure

one froze a whip, feel tra TR where they can scrap

another had to Lo glad got got no CLA

everyone spits rounds with electric spark leaving FS Lo in the me

sisters United magic in mix of for the

canvases sisters United magic in the mix, a force it can't resist

Glow start us hungry to find and look can comes me

after rings I with super powers in The Crow right now

the night playground breaking never all around St the Magic

in a be in cas and goow start H the Sun, and walking

Cal suddenly love all the super powers in the crowd R now

Moonlight up there's Powers busting out of nowhere

Sparkle bracelets cosic Fair see them the day with me right now

how is in a clutch magic wake up the touch sling BL hiden tear

joy and straight the magic crew yeah right now right now

right now the nights I playg I'm breaking everyone sparking magic in our re game that's for sure

now now magic any face take a b shining stars with hearts of place the Magic in STS away we place right now

this magic story will be told right now right now right now right now