How AI Artists are Making Money with Midjourney Right Now

17 Jul 202308:24

TLDRThis video discusses the ease of creating AI-generated images for profit, highlighting Jonas Peterson's success on Instagram and his use of Midjourney, an AI platform on Discord. It introduces Wirestock as a service to monetize these images by distributing them across major stock marketplaces and offers a 20% discount for new users. The video also emphasizes the importance of crafting detailed prompts and training ChatGPT for generating effective prompts, ultimately empowering aspiring AI Artists to build their careers.


  • 🎨 AI-generated images have significantly lowered the barriers to creating and selling art, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • 💰 Individuals like Jonas Peterson are earning substantial income by selling AI-generated images, demonstrating the commercial potential of this technology.
  • 🛠️ Midjourney is a prominent AI platform for generating images, operating on Discord and offering a subscription service starting at $10/month.
  • 📸 To create high-quality AI images, detailed and creative prompts are essential, describing every aspect of the desired scene, including lighting, shadows, and camera specifications.
  • 📈 Wirestock is a platform that allows creators to publish and host their AI-generated images on multiple stock content marketplaces, simplifying the distribution process.
  • 💸 With Wirestock, artists can earn up to 85% of the image cost when their work is sold, and the platform provides free individual portfolios for creators.
  • 🚀 A paid subscription on Wirestock offers additional benefits, such as access to more marketplaces, faster processing, and higher royalties among other features.
  • 📝 Learning to write effective prompts is crucial for AI Artists, and can be practiced and improved over time, or even outsourced to AI tools like ChatGPT.
  • 🌐 Maintaining a strong online presence through social networks, blogs, and websites can significantly contribute to an AI Artist's success and income.
  • 🔖 Using promo codes like 'MONICE' can provide discounts on services like Wirestock, making it more affordable for artists to start their journey in the AI art market.

Q & A

  • What has changed historically in the process of creating masterpieces?

    -Historically, creating masterpieces required expensive equipment, a large team of professionals, years of experience, and significant financial resources. Nowadays, the process has been simplified to the point where one only needs to input their imagination into a few words to generate a result quickly.

  • How much money can someone make from AI-generated images?

    -Some people are making an unreal amount of money from AI-generated images, with examples like Jonas Peterson earning more than $10,000 a month from selling AI-generated images.

  • What is Midjourney and how does it function?

    -Midjourney is an impressive platform for generating images. It operates as a bot on Discord and works on a subscription basis, starting at $10 a month. Users can generate images by messaging the Midjourney Bot with the command '/imagine' followed by their prompt.

  • How can one monetize AI-generated images?

    -Monetizing AI-generated images can be achieved through platforms like Wirestock, which allows users to publish and host their images on multiple top stock content marketplaces from a single platform.

  • What benefits does Wirestock offer to creators?

    -Wirestock offers creators the ability to sell content directly, sell prints, create collections, and get individual portfolios for free. They also handle keywording, captions, and tagging to optimize images for stock marketplaces. Creators can earn up to 85% of the image cost when their images are sold.

  • What is the additional value of Wirestock's paid subscription?

    -Wirestock's paid subscription provides access to 100 additional marketplaces, faster keywording and review for marketplaces, the ability to upscale images, 100% royalties, price control, and the option to download files with metadata up to 500GB. The subscription costs $7 a month if paid yearly or $13 a month if paid monthly.

  • How can one improve their prompts for Midjourney?

    -To improve prompts for Midjourney, one can be inspired by the works of other photographers or AI artists, ask ChatGPT for suggestions, or use a universal formula for creating realistic images that can be adjusted for different styles.

  • What is the role of ChatGPT in the process of creating AI-generated images?

    -ChatGPT can be trained to write prompts for Midjourney, come up with ideas, and even generate random prompts. It can also help in refining and improving the descriptions for more accurate AI-generated images based on a given formula or style.

  • How can the 'Describe function' in Midjourney be utilized?

    -The 'Describe function' in Midjourney can be used to create variations of prompts that describe an uploaded image. Users can then choose their preferred description, and Midjourney will use that prompt to generate similar images, which can be added to their portfolio.

  • What advice is given to those looking to become AI Artists and earn money from their work?

    -Aspiring AI Artists are advised to maintain their social networks, blog, or website, and publish their work on the best stock services using platforms like Wirestock. They should also focus on learning how to write effective prompts and use promo codes like 'MONICE' to get discounts on services that can aid their career development.

  • What is the primary sponsor of the video and what do they offer?

    -The primary sponsor of the video is Wirestock, a platform that allows creators to publish and monetize their AI-generated images across multiple stock content marketplaces, providing tools and services to help artists build and enhance their careers.



🎨 The Democratization of AI Art Creation

This paragraph discusses the transformation in the art world where once only accessible to those with resources, creating masterpieces is now simplified through AI. Jonas Peterson is highlighted as a successful AI artist leveraging platforms like Midjourney on Discord to generate images, earning significant income. The paragraph introduces Wirestock, a platform that simplifies the distribution and monetization of AI-generated images across multiple stock marketplaces, offering creators up to 85% royalties and additional features with a paid subscription.


🤖 Training ChatGPT for AI Art Prompts

The second paragraph focuses on the process of training ChatGPT to craft effective prompts for AI art generation using Midjourney. It explains the importance of detailed descriptions in crafting prompts and introduces a universal formula for creating realistic images. The paragraph also discusses the 'Describe function' of Midjourney and emphasizes the value of maintaining a digital presence and using platforms like Wirestock to showcase and sell AI-generated art. The importance of using the promo code 'MONICE' for a discount on Wirestock is reiterated.



💡AI-generated images

AI-generated images refer to visual content created using artificial intelligence software or platforms. In the context of the video, these images are produced with the help of AI tools like Midjourney, which interpret textual prompts into unique, high-quality visuals. This technology has democratized the creation of complex artwork, allowing individuals without traditional artistic skills or expensive equipment to produce and sell images, as exemplified by Jonas Peterson's success.


Midjourney is a platform mentioned in the video that operates as a bot on Discord. It is an AI-based tool that generates images based on textual prompts provided by the user. The platform is subscription-based, with plans starting at $10 a month. It represents a significant shift in the way creative content is produced, making it accessible and affordable for a wide range of users.


Wirestock is a platform for photographers and AI Artists to showcase and sell their work, including AI-generated images. It offers a streamlined process for publishing content across multiple stock content marketplaces, providing creators with a broad reach and the potential for significant income. The platform also provides additional features for paid subscribers, such as access to more marketplaces and higher royalties.


In the context of AI-generated art, prompts are the textual descriptions or commands that guide the AI in creating an image. A well-crafted prompt can significantly influence the final output, allowing for detailed control over elements such as lighting, setting, and subject matter. The video emphasizes the importance of creativity and specificity in crafting effective prompts for AI platforms like Midjourney.


ChatGPT is an AI language model mentioned in the video that can be trained to generate prompts for AI image generation platforms like Midjourney. By understanding a given formula or template, ChatGPT can produce a series of prompts that align with the user's creative vision, aiding in the ideation process and streamlining the artwork creation.


Monetization refers to the process of converting creative content, such as AI-generated images, into income. In the video, this is achieved through platforms like Wirestock, which facilitate the sale of images on various stock marketplaces. The video also discusses strategies for increasing earnings, such as maintaining a strong social media presence and using promo codes for discounts on services like Wirestock.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution or size of a digital image without losing quality. In the context of the video, upscaling is an essential step after creating an AI-generated image with Midjourney, to ensure that the images are suitable for sale on stock marketplaces and meet the quality expectations of buyers.

💡Stock marketplaces

Stock marketplaces are online platforms where photographers, artists, and creators can sell their digital content, such as photographs, illustrations, and AI-generated images. These marketplaces provide a platform for buyers to purchase royalty-free licenses to use the content in various projects. The video highlights the role of Wirestock in connecting creators with top stock marketplaces like Adobe Stock and Depositphotos.

💡AI Artist

An AI Artist is an individual who utilizes artificial intelligence tools to create and sell digital art. This emerging group of creators leverages AI's capabilities to produce unique and often highly realistic images, challenging traditional notions of art and artistry. The video positions AI Artists as a new wave of content creators with the potential to earn substantial income from their work.

💡Promo code

A promo code is a unique sequence of characters or numbers that customers can use to obtain a discount or special offer when purchasing a product or service. In the video, the promo code 'MONICE' is provided as a discount for new users of Wirestock, illustrating a common marketing strategy to encourage new sign-ups and sales.

💡Social networks and online presence

Having a strong social networks and online presence refers to maintaining an active and engaging profile on social media and digital platforms to showcase one's work, connect with an audience, and increase visibility. In the context of the video, this is crucial for AI Artists to gain recognition, build a following, and ultimately sell their AI-generated images.


Creating masterpieces is now accessible without expensive equipment or a team of professionals.

AI-generated images can generate significant income, with some people earning an unreal amount of money.

Jonas Peterson, a photographer and AI artist, has successfully monetized AI-generated images, selling them for $1750.

Midjourney is a notable platform for generating images, operating as a bot on Discord with a subscription model.

To create images with Midjourney, users need to be creative and detailed in their prompts, describing every aspect of the desired image.

Wirestock is a platform that hosts AI-generated images on multiple stock content marketplaces, offering a way to monetize these images.

After creating an image with Midjourney, it's important to upscale it for better quality.

Wirestock offers a free portfolio for creators to sell content directly and provides 85% royalties for image sales.

A paid subscription on Wirestock provides additional benefits such as faster keywording, 100% royalties, and price control.

ChatGPT can be trained to write prompts for Midjourney, aiding in the creation of AI-generated images.

Using a formula, ChatGPT can generate multiple prompts for different styles and themes, such as futuristic cities.

The 'Describe function' in Midjourney can create variations of prompts based on an existing image, expanding creative options.

Maintaining a social media presence and publishing work on stock services like Wirestock is key for AI Artists to earn money.

The promo code 'MONICE' offers a 20% discount on a Wirestock subscription, encouraging new AI Artists to start monetizing their work.

The video provides a comprehensive guide for aspiring AI Artists to start their career and monetize their AI-generated images.