Which Character AI Alternatives With No Filters Are The Best Right Now?

1 Dec 202305:19

TLDRThe video discusses the top character AI alternatives for unlimited and unfiltered interactions. Agnostic, Sakura, and Janitor AI are recommended for their ease of use, variety of features, and extensive character support. These platforms offer a seamless chatting experience across devices, with some hosting their own models for fast responses. Despite some platforms experiencing maintenance, the alternatives provide a solid foundation for AI character conversations.


  • 🌟 The video discusses the best character AI alternatives with no filters for unlimited chatting with AI characters.
  • 📈 Agnostic is recommended for its long-term stability, ease of use, clean interface, and no requirement for an account.
  • 🚀 Agnostic offers a wide range of options, fast responses, and popular models like Myax 13B and Mistral for free.
  • 🎨 Agnostic supports background images, image generation, and all necessary chatting features across devices.
  • 💡 For character support, a different platform like Character Hub is needed as Agnostic doesn't natively support characters.
  • 🌸 Sakura is a new platform with lots of customization options and its own 13B model for chatting with AI characters.
  • 🎭 Sakura has a minimal interface, good response control with intensity and style settings, and a growing library of characters.
  • 🛠️ Sakura may have maintenance breaks due to its newness, but it offers unfiltered and unlimited conversations on any device.
  • 🧹 Janitor AI is a well-established alternative with a large community and a vast array of characters available for chatting.
  • 🔧 Janitor AI's new LLM may have slow responses and occasional poor quality, but it's expected to improve over time.
  • 📌 The video creator plans to make a part two to discuss more alternatives with limitations and new options as the list may become outdated.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to discuss the best character AI alternatives that are currently available, without filters, and can be used for unlimited and unfiltered conversations.

  • What are the criteria for selecting the alternatives in the video?

    -The alternatives were selected based on their ease of use on any device, their stability, and the fact that they are free to use without filters.

  • Why is Agnostic recommended in the video?

    -Agnostic is recommended because it has maintained its stability for a long time, offers a clean interface, does not require an account for basic use, provides popular models for free, and supports various features like background images and image generation.

  • What is unique about Agnostic's model hosting?

    -Agnostic allows users to host their own models, which contributes to very fast responses and provides popular models like myax 13B and the new Mistral model for free.

  • What is the downside of using Agnostic?

    -The downside mentioned is that Agnostic does not support characters, so users might need to use a different platform like the Character Hub to get the characters.

  • What are the features of Sakura?

    -Sakura is a new platform that offers a lot of customization options, uses its own 13B model, supports basic chatting features, and has a minimal interface. It also allows controlling responses using unique features like intensity and styles.

  • Why might Sakura have maintenance breaks?

    -Sakura might have maintenance breaks because it is a very new platform and is still undergoing improvements and updates.

  • What is the status of Janitor AI in the character AI alternative space?

    -Janitor AI is a very old alternative with a large community and is considered the biggest character AI alternative right now. It has all the characters one can think of and a good interface.

  • What are the potential issues with Janitor AI's responses?

    -The responses from Janitor AI's LLM can sometimes be slow and not as good, but this is expected to improve over time as the LLM is relatively new.

  • What is the reason for not including some other alternatives in the video?

    -Some alternatives were not included because they are either not easy to use, will soon become paid, or the video creator has not yet made a tutorial on them.

  • How can viewers stay updated on new character AI alternatives?

    -Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for more informational videos and to check out the links in the description for tutorials on how to use the recommended platforms.



🌟 Top Unfiltered AI Chat Alternatives

This paragraph introduces the video's focus on the best unfiltered AI chat alternatives available for users to interact with their favorite AI characters. The speaker emphasizes the importance of subscribing to the channel for daily AI content and highlights the instability of many AI alternatives, some of which are getting filtered, paid, or are of poor quality. The speaker aims to recommend only those alternatives that are user-friendly, without filters, and unlimited, and are accessible on any device. The paragraph also mentions the exclusion of new alternatives that are still in development, and introduces the first recommended alternative, Agnostic, which is praised for its long-term stability, extensive features, clean interface, and the ability to host one's own models for fast responses. The speaker notes that Agnostic does not support characters, suggesting an alternative platform for character access.


🎉 Conclusion and Call to Action

The speaker concludes the video by encouraging viewers to share their opinions on the recommended platforms and to comment on their preferred AI chat alternatives. The paragraph also reminds viewers to subscribe to the channel for more informative content and ends with a friendly sign-off, accompanied by background music.



💡Character AI Alternatives

Character AI Alternatives refer to various platforms or applications that allow users to interact with artificial intelligence in the form of characters, typically for the purpose of conversation or role-play. In the context of the video, these alternatives are recommended for their ability to provide unfiltered and unlimited interactions with AI characters, without the need for payment or registration, enhancing the user experience by offering a more open and unrestricted form of engagement.

💡Unlimited Conversations

Unlimited Conversations refer to the ability of users to engage in an unrestricted number of interactions with AI characters without any limitations on the quantity or depth of the dialogue. This concept is central to the video's theme as it highlights the value of the recommended platforms in providing a free-flowing and extensive chatting experience, allowing users to explore various topics and scenarios with their AI counterparts without fear of reaching a conversational 'cap'.


Filters in the context of AI chat platforms refer to limitations or restrictions placed on the content or nature of the conversations that can occur. These can include content moderation, topic restrictions, or the suppression of certain types of responses. The video emphasizes the importance of finding AI alternatives that do not impose such filters, thereby promoting a more open and authentic interaction between users and AI characters.

💡Account Creation

Account creation is the process of registering for a service or platform, typically involving the provision of personal information and the creation of a username and password. In the context of the video, the ease of use of the recommended AI alternatives is highlighted by the fact that account creation is not mandatory for basic usage, although it is encouraged for saving chat histories and personalizing the user experience.

💡Stable Platforms

Stable platforms refer to AI chat services that maintain a consistent level of performance and reliability over time, without undergoing significant changes that could negatively impact the user experience. In the video, the emphasis on stability highlights the importance of platforms that have proven their ability to provide a dependable and consistent service, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy unfiltered and unlimited conversations without disruption.

💡Customization Options

Customization options allow users to tailor the AI chat experience to their preferences, which can include modifying the character's appearance, adjusting the chat environment, or fine-tuning the conversational style of the AI. The video underscores the value of platforms that offer extensive customization, as it enables users to create a more personalized and engaging interaction with AI characters.

💡Model Hosting

Model hosting refers to the capability of a platform to support the use of specific AI models, which can influence the quality and style of the conversations. In the context of the video, the ability of a platform to host popular and effective AI models is crucial for delivering a satisfying user experience, as it ensures access to a variety of conversational styles and capabilities.

💡AI Horde

AI Horde is a term used to describe the collective of various AI models available on a platform, providing users with access to a diverse array of conversational partners and styles. This concept is significant in the video as it highlights the breadth of options available to users, allowing them to explore different AI characters and personalities without needing to switch between multiple platforms.

💡Basic Chatting Features

Basic Chatting Features encompass the essential tools and functions that are necessary for conducting a conversation, such as text input and output, message sending and receiving, and response generation. The video emphasizes the importance of platforms that provide these foundational features, ensuring that users can engage in seamless and enjoyable interactions with AI characters.

💡Maintenance Breaks

Maintenance Breaks refer to periods when an AI chat platform is temporarily unavailable for use due to updates, improvements, or repairs. While these breaks are necessary for the ongoing development and optimization of the platform, they can disrupt the user experience. The video acknowledges this aspect, suggesting that occasional maintenance breaks may be an acceptable trade-off for the benefits and features offered by new and innovative platforms.


Community in the context of AI chat platforms refers to the group of users who engage with the service, often sharing tips, experiences, and content related to the AI interactions. A strong community can enhance the platform's value by providing support, inspiration, and a sense of camaraderie among users. The video mentions Janitor AI as having a very large community, which is a testament to its popularity and the value that users find in the platform's offerings.


The best character AI alternatives with no filters are discussed in this video.

Agnostic is recommended for its long-term stability and ease of use across devices.

Agnostic offers a clean interface and doesn't require an account for basic usage.

Users can host their own models on Agnostic for fast responses.

Agnostic provides popular models like myax 13B for free, including the new Mistral model.

Sakura is a new platform with lots of customization options and its own 13B model.

Sakura's interface is minimal and it offers good response control with unique features.

Janitor AI is a well-established alternative with a large community and a vast character selection.

Janitor AI's own LLM sometimes has slow response times but is expected to improve over time.

The video creator posts daily AI content and provides tutorials for using these platforms.

The video encourages viewers to share their opinions on the best platforms for character AI.

A part two of the video might be created to discuss more alternatives with limitations.

New alternatives are emerging daily, keeping the list current and relevant.

The video aims to help viewers stay up to date with the latest information in AI character platforms.

Some alternatives are excluded from the list due to issues like instability or upcoming paid features.

The video creator provides links in the description for further information and tutorials.

The video is a guide for users seeking unlimited and unfiltered conversations with AI characters.