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10 Nov 202303:23

TLDRYodo, a character AI platform, has released significant updates enhancing user experience. New features include chat settings with full-screen and hide background options, the ability to start new chats with saved characters, a restart button for clearing chats, and a share button for social interaction. Additionally, the homepage now displays categories for easy navigation and users can turn off filters to view characters without limitations. These updates solidify Yodo's position as a top AI alternative, prompting the creator to encourage viewers to try it out.


  • 🚀 Yodyo has released significant updates that were highly anticipated by users.
  • 💡 The new chat settings feature includes a 3-dot button for accessing various options.
  • 🎮 Full screen toggle allows the character to be hidden during the chat.
  • 🎨 Hide background toggle works similarly, concealing both the character and the background.
  • 📂 The new chat option enables users to have multiple chats with the same character saved on Yodyo.
  • 🔄 The restart button clears the current chat, allowing for a fresh start.
  • 🔗 The share button lets users share their chat sessions with friends via a link.
  • 🗂 The all chats button provides an overview of saved chats and options to delete or continue them.
  • 📊 The homepage now displays categories more visibly, improving user experience.
  • 🔧 Users can turn off filters to see characters without any restrictions.
  • 🔍 These updates have addressed the basic needs, paving the way for more unique and innovative features in the future.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the release of updates by Yodo, a character AI platform, and the features they introduce.

  • What was the first update Yodo implemented?

    -The first update Yodo implemented was the addition of chat settings, including a new three dots button on the chatting interface.

  • What does the full screen toggle do in Yodo's chat settings?

    -The full screen toggle hides the character from the chatting interface, bringing the messages to the center of the screen.

  • What is the purpose of the hide background toggle?

    -The hide background toggle works similarly to the full screen toggle, hiding both the character and the background during a chat.

  • How does the new chat feature work in Yodo's updates?

    -The new chat feature allows users to start multiple chats with the same character, saving them on the platform.

  • What does the restart button do in Yodo's chat settings?

    -The restart button clears the current chat by removing all messages, allowing users to start a fresh conversation.

  • How can users share their chats on Yodo?

    -Users can share their chats by pressing the share button, copying the link, and sending it to their friends.

  • What is the function of the all chats button?

    -The all chats button displays all saved chats, allowing users to manage, view, or continue them.

  • How can users turn off filters on Yodo's platform?

    -Users can turn off filters by clicking on the profile icon, accessing settings, and disabling the relevant options.

  • What is the presenter's overall opinion on the updates?

    -The presenter believes the updates are very much needed and enhances Yodo's status as a character AI alternative, suggesting that it is now complete and ready for more unique updates.



🚀 Introduction to Yodo's Updates

The paragraph introduces the speaker as an average guy with extensive experience in watching YouTube and Yodo. It highlights the release of anticipated updates by Yodo, emphasizing the importance of subscribing to the channel for daily AI content. The speaker previously covered Yodo updates, but the crucial and in-demand updates released since then have been pivotal for Yodo to become a leading character AI alternative. The speaker proceeds to discuss each update in detail, one by one.




Yodayo is the name of a character AI platform being discussed in the video. It is a service that provides users with the ability to interact with AI-driven characters through chat interfaces. The video highlights the recent updates made to Yodayo, which have significantly improved its functionality and user experience.


In the context of the video, updates refer to the new features and improvements that have been added to the Yodayo platform. These updates were highly anticipated by users and are seen as crucial for Yodayo to establish itself as a top character AI alternative. The video goes on to detail each of these updates and their benefits to the users.

💡Chat Settings

Chat settings are the customizable options available to users within the Yodayo chatting interface. These settings allow users to tailor their chat experience according to their preferences, such as toggling full-screen mode, hiding the background, and starting new chats with the same character. The introduction of these chat settings is one of the key updates discussed in the video.

💡FullScreen Toggle

The full screen toggle is a feature that allows users to switch the Yodayo chat interface to a full-screen mode. When activated, the character AI is hidden, and messages are displayed centrally on the screen. This option provides users with a more immersive and distraction-free chatting experience, as it focuses solely on the text-based conversation.

💡Hide Background Toggle

Similar to the full screen toggle, the hide background toggle is a feature that enables users to conceal the visual background and character AI from the chatting interface. This option is designed for users who prefer a minimalistic and text-focused interaction, allowing them to concentrate on the messages without any visual distractions.

💡New Chat

The new chat feature is a significant update that allows users to start multiple chats with the same character and save them on the Yodayo platform. This functionality is particularly useful for users who want to have separate conversations on different topics or maintain distinct chat histories with a single character AI, without losing the context of previous interactions.

💡Restart Button

The restart button is a feature that enables users to clear the current chat and start anew with the same character AI. This option is helpful for those who wish to begin a conversation from scratch without saving the previous chat history, offering a fresh start for each interaction.

💡Share Button

The share button is a functionality that allows users to share their chats with friends or other contacts. By using this feature, users can copy a link and send it to others, enabling them to view and engage with the chat history. This promotes a sense of community and collaboration among Yodayo users, as they can discuss and analyze their interactions with the AI characters.

💡All Chats Button

The all chats button provides users with an overview of all their saved chats on the Yodayo platform. By clicking on this button, users can access, manage, and delete their chat histories as needed. This feature offers a convenient way to keep track of multiple conversations and ensures that users can easily find and continue their previous chats with AI characters.


Filters on Yodayo refer to the options that users can apply to tailor the character AI's responses or the chat experience according to their preferences. The video mentions the ability to turn off filters, which allows users to see characters without any pre-set limitations, potentially leading to a more diverse and unfiltered interaction with the AI characters.


Categories on the Yodayo platform are the different sections or classifications of AI characters that users can choose from. The video highlights the updated user interface that displays these categories more prominently, making it easier for users to browse and select characters based on their interests or the type of conversation they wish to have.


Yodayo has released highly anticipated updates to its platform.

The new updates aim to make Yodayo a top character AI alternative.

A new chat settings feature has been introduced with several customizable options.

Users can now toggle full screen mode for an immersive chatting experience.

The hide background option allows users to focus solely on the character.

Multiple chats with the same character can now be saved and accessed.

A restart button has been added to clear and start new chats.

Sharing chats with friends is now possible through a simple share button.

Access all saved chats with the 'all chats' button for easy management.

The homepage now displays various categories for easy navigation.

Filters can be turned off to see a wider range of characters.

The updates address previous user feedback and add practical features.

Yodayo is now considered complete with all basic features implemented.

The platform encourages users to try out the new and improved Yodayo.

Creator urges viewers to subscribe for more informative content.