This NEW AI Agent Creation Platform Will Blow Your Mind! BYE GPTS...

Liam Ottley
21 Mar 202419:30

TLDRThe video introduces Zapia Central, a new AI platform that combines conversational AI with workflow automation, potentially revolutionizing business AI adoption. It allows users to interact with AI bots, integrate live data, and create custom actions without coding. The platform's vision is to centralize automation and AI features, offering a unique blend of GPT-like interaction and Zapier's automation capabilities. The video creator, Liam, demonstrates the platform's features through live builds and emphasizes its potential for businesses, particularly for beginners and professionals looking to leverage AI solutions.


  • 🚀 Introducing Zapia Central, a new AI platform that aims to be a significant advancement in AI automation, potentially rivaling existing GPT ecosystems.
  • 🤖 Zapia Central combines conversational AI, like GPT, with autonomous automation and workflow steps, offering a unique blend of functionalities.
  • 📊 The platform allows users to connect live data sources, such as Google Sheets and Notion, enabling dynamic data integration and real-time updates.
  • 🔍 Zapia Central's ability to convert spreadsheets into databases and execute SQL queries provides powerful insights and analytics capabilities.
  • 💡 The AI workspace centralizes all automations and AI features into one hub, simplifying management and operation across different business functions.
  • 🛠️ A key advantage of Zapia Central is the no-code setup, making it accessible for beginners and professionals alike to create custom actions without coding knowledge.
  • 🔗 Zapia Central is integrated with thousands of apps, expanding the possibilities for automation and AI applications in various business scenarios.
  • 🐞 Despite its potential, Zapia Central has some limitations, including occasional slow response times and the need for improvements in context handling and thread-based interactions.
  • 📈 The platform's vision is to evolve automation by putting users in control, with friendly AI bots assisting in automating an even broader range of tasks.
  • 🎯 Zapia Central could play a pivotal role in the AI automation landscape by democratizing AI agent creation and offering a centralized solution for businesses.
  • 🌟 The future of Zapia Central looks promising with its growing ecosystem, offering opportunities for AI agencies and freelancers to specialize and capitalize on the AI automation trend.

Q & A

  • What is Zapia Central and how does it differ from other AI platforms?

    -Zapia Central is a groundbreaking AI platform that combines the conversational aspects of GPT with autonomous automation and workflow automation steps. It allows users to interact with AI bots, provide instructions, and connect with various apps and services without the need for coding, making it a potentially more accessible and powerful tool for businesses compared to other AI platforms.

  • How does Zapia Central's live data feature work with Google Sheets and Google Docs?

    -Zapia Central's live data feature enables dynamic interaction with Google Sheets and Google Docs. It allows users to connect live data sources, such as Google Sheets, and the platform automatically updates with any changes made to the documents. This means that the AI can utilize the most recent information directly from the source, providing real-time insights and responses based on the updated data.

  • What are the key advantages of using Zapia Central for businesses?

    -The key advantages of using Zapia Central for businesses include its no-code setup, allowing users without coding backgrounds to create and manage AI agents; its integration with over 6,000 apps, providing a centralized hub for automations and AI features; and its ability to dynamically interact with live data, offering real-time insights and responses.

  • How does Zapia Central handle data from Google Sheets for analysis and querying?

    -Zapia Central treats connected Google Sheets as a database, allowing users to write and execute SQL-like queries directly within the platform. The AI can interpret the spreadsheet data and respond to queries by generating and running the appropriate database queries, thus providing users with powerful data analysis capabilities.

  • What are behaviors in Zapia Central and how are they used?

    -Behaviors in Zapia Central are custom actions or responses that can be programmed for the AI bots. Users can create behaviors by defining instructions for the bot, setting up triggers that initiate the behavior, and specifying the actions the bot should perform. These behaviors can be integrated with various data sources and automations to create complex workflows without the need for coding.

  • How does Zapia Central's conversational layer enhance the automation capabilities?

    -Zapia Central's conversational layer allows users to interact directly with AI bots, providing a more intuitive and flexible way to manage automations. Users can ask questions, give commands, and receive responses in real-time, which enhances the control and efficiency of the automation processes and makes it easier to integrate AI into various aspects of business operations.

  • What are some limitations of Zapia Central mentioned in the script?

    -Some limitations of Zapia Central mentioned in the script include occasional slow response times, issues with correctly interpreting context from threads, and the current lack of data visualization capabilities. These limitations suggest areas for improvement that could enhance the overall user experience and effectiveness of the platform.

  • What is the potential role of Zapia Central in the AI automation landscape?

    -Zapia Central has the potential to play a key role in the AI automation landscape by democratizing AI agents and making it easier for non-technical users to create and utilize AI for various business processes. Its no-code approach, integration with a growing ecosystem of tools, and focus on internal use cases make it a promising platform for businesses looking to adopt AI without the need for extensive technical expertise.

  • How can users get started with Zapia Central?

    -Users can get started with Zapia Central by visiting the platform, exploring its features, and building something that addresses a specific need in their own lives or businesses. The best way to learn is through hands-on experience, so users are encouraged to experiment with the platform and find practical use cases that demonstrate its capabilities.

  • What resources are available for users interested in learning more about Zapia Central and AI automation?

    -Users interested in learning more about Zapia Central and AI automation can join the speaker's free school community, which serves as a hub for AI automation agencies and offers discussions on various features and use cases. Additionally, users can follow updates on the platform and explore resources such as guides and tutorials to deepen their understanding and skills in AI automation.



🤖 Introducing Zapia Central: The New AI Automation Platform

This paragraph introduces Zapia Central, a groundbreaking AI platform that is being positioned as a significant innovation in AI automation. The speaker, Liam, explains that while there has been much buzz around custom GPTs, Zapia has been quietly developing its own AI solution. He suggests that Zapia Central could disrupt the GPT ecosystem and questions whether it can truly revolutionize business adoption of AI. Liam shares his initial impressions after exploring Zapia Central and indicates that the platform's team is onto something significant. He plans to delve deeper into what Zapia Central is, its potential advantages over OpenAI's GPTs, and how it can be used to enhance businesses through AI.


🔍 Zapia Central's Unique Features and Capabilities

In this paragraph, Liam discusses the unique combination of features that Zapia Central offers, differentiating it from other AI platforms. He describes it as a mixture of conversational AI, like GPTs, and workflow automation, similar to what Zap has been doing on its platform. The speaker emphasizes the ability to connect live data sources, such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Notion, and the dynamic nature of this data. He also highlights the platform's ability to write database queries from text, which he finds particularly impressive. Liam demonstrates how Zapia Central can analyze large datasets and retrieve powerful insights, showcasing its potential for businesses.


🛠️ Building with Zapia Central: Live Demonstrations and Use Cases

Liam proceeds to demonstrate some live builds on Zapia Central, illustrating its simple yet powerful use cases. He shows how the platform can interact with spreadsheets and CSV data, enabling users to chat with data and extract insights. The speaker also explains how Zapia Central can work with Google Docs and Notion, providing dynamic knowledge bases that update automatically as the documents are modified. He discusses some quirks and limitations of the platform, such as occasional bugs and the need for certain behaviors to be triggered by specific phrases. Despite these issues, Liam is excited about the possibilities that Zapia Central offers and encourages viewers to explore it further.


🌟 The Future of AI Automation with Zapia Central

In the final paragraph, Liam reflects on the potential impact of Zapia Central in the AI automation landscape. He acknowledges some limitations, such as the platform's speed and the difficulty in visualizing data. However, he sees Zapia Central as a key player due to its no-code approach to creating AI agents, which could democratize AI and make it more accessible to people without coding backgrounds. Liam suggests that focusing on Zapia's growing ecosystem could be a strategic move for those looking to enter the AI industry. He invites viewers to join his free school community for further discussion on Zapia Central and to share their own creations and use cases. Liam concludes by encouraging viewers to like and subscribe for more content on AI and automation.



💡Zapia Central

Zapia Central is a groundbreaking AI platform introduced in the video. It represents a unique combination of conversational AI, like GPT models, with automation and workflow capabilities. The platform is designed to allow users to interact with AI bots and automate tasks seamlessly without the need for coding. It is positioned as a potential game-changer in the AI automation landscape, offering a centralized hub for various business functions and integrations with over 6,000 different apps.

💡AI automation

AI automation refers to the use of artificial intelligence to perform tasks that are typically done by humans. In the context of the video, AI automation is achieved through Zapia Central, which allows users to automate various business processes with the help of AI bots. This can include sending messages, updating databases, and creating reports, all without the need for manual intervention or coding.

💡Conversational AI

Conversational AI, also known as chatbots, refers to AI systems that can interact with humans through text or voice interfaces. In the video, conversational AI is a core component of Zapia Central, enabling users to communicate with AI bots to perform tasks, retrieve information, and execute自动化流程s. The platform's conversational layer is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to interact with AI as they would with a human assistant.


Integrations in the context of the video refer to the connections Zapia Central can establish with various external applications and services, such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Notion. These integrations allow Zapia Central to access and manipulate data from these platforms, enabling users to automate tasks across different apps and streamline their workflows.

💡Workflow automation

Workflow automation involves the use of technology to automate procedural tasks within a business or organization. In the video, Zapia Central is presented as a tool for workflow automation, allowing users to set up automated processes triggered by specific events or actions, such as the addition of a new row in a spreadsheet or a message from a user.


No-code refers to the ability to create applications, processes, or systems without writing any code. In the video, Zapia Central is highlighted as a no-code platform, meaning users can build and deploy AI agents and automation workflows without any programming knowledge. This democratizes AI automation, making it accessible to a wider audience.

💡Custom actions

Custom actions are user-defined tasks or processes that can be performed by AI agents. In the context of Zapia Central, custom actions allow users to tailor the behavior of AI bots to specific needs, such as creating new Notion pages or sending tailored messages. These actions can be set up using the platform's interface, without the need for coding.

💡Dynamic data

Dynamic data refers to information that changes frequently and is updated in real-time. In the video, dynamic data is a key feature of Zapia Central's integration with platforms like Google Sheets. It allows the AI to access and utilize the most current data, enabling users to perform queries and generate insights based on up-to-date information.


In the context of Zapia Central, behaviors are the specific actions or responses that AI bots can be programmed to perform in response to certain triggers or inputs. Behaviors are defined by users through instructions and can include complex tasks like data querying, content creation, and automated messaging.

💡Knowledge bases

Knowledge bases are collections of information that AI systems use to generate responses and answer queries. In the video, Zapia Central's knowledge bases are dynamic and can include live data from integrated platforms. This allows the AI to provide more accurate and up-to-date information in its responses.

💡AI development

AI development refers to the process of designing, building, and deploying artificial intelligence systems. In the video, the speaker, Liam, runs an AI development company and teaches people how to create and sell AI solutions to businesses. AI development encompasses a range of activities, from coding and machine learning to integrating AI with existing systems and applications.


Introducing Zapia Central, a groundbreaking AI platform that silently works on its innovative approach to AI automation.

Zapia Central could potentially disrupt the entire GPT ecosystem with its unique features and capabilities.

The platform offers a mixture of conversational AI, custom actions, and workflow automation, setting it apart from traditional AI automation platforms.

Zapia Central allows users to connect live data from sources like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Notion, providing dynamic and updated information.

The platform's vision is to evolve automation for the AI age, putting users in the driver's seat to automate more work with the help of friendly AI bots.

Zapia Central offers a conversational layer that utilizes the possibilities created with Zapier's integrations and zaps, allowing connection with over 6,000 different apps.

The platform enables users to create AI agents without any coding, simplifying the process of integrating tools and creating custom actions.

Zapia Central's all-in-one AI workspace centralizes all automations and AI features into one hub, streamlining business processes.

The platform's ability to query large datasets and provide insights offers a new use case that businesses have long sought after.

Zapia Central's threading style combines the typical GPT interaction with background workflow automations, creating a unique user experience.

The platform's potential for internal use and management of systems and operations makes it a powerful tool for businesses.

Zapia Central's integration with Zapier's ecosystem, including Zapier Tables and Zapier Interface, indicates rapid growth and potential for users.

The platform's no-code approach could democratize AI agents, allowing people without coding backgrounds to build and sell AI solutions.

Zapia Central's potential to act as a central hub for managing communities and automating tasks offers a new perspective on AI application in businesses.

The platform's limitations, such as speed and conversational context handling, indicate areas for improvement but also room for growth.

Zapia Central's unique combination of AI and automation could redefine the AI automation landscape and offer new opportunities for businesses and freelancers.