Print on Demand Comparison: Midjourney vs DALLΒ·E 3 vs Leonardo vs Ideogram

Philip Anders
27 Oct 202318:03

TLDRThe video script presents a comprehensive comparison of four AI image generators - Mid Journey, Leonardo AI, IDIogram, and D E3 - using five distinct prompts to evaluate their effectiveness for print-on-demand designs. The generators are assessed on their ability to create vintage sunsets, kawaii unicorns, boho rainbows, Christmas-themed llamas, and text-based designs. Throughout the evaluation, D E3 emerges as the frontrunner, particularly excelling in text generation and overall suitability for print-on-demand, with Leonardo AI and IDIogram showing promising results in specific categories.


  • πŸŒ… In the comparison of AI image generators, four common tools were tested with various prompts to determine their suitability for print-on-demand designs.
  • 🏜 The vintage sunset design prompt featured a motorbike silhouette with a mountain range and trees, aiming to evaluate the generators' ability to produce detailed, vintage-style graphics.
  • πŸ¦„ The kawaii unicorn prompt required the generators to create an image of a unicorn eating ramen with vibrant colors and clear outlines, testing their accuracy and visual appeal.
  • 🌈 For the boho rainbow design, the focus was on achieving a 2D flat drawing with distinct arcs and earthy colors, assessing the generators' capability to produce simple yet effective t-shirt designs.
  • πŸŽ„ The Christmas-themed llama prompt involved creating an illustration of a stylish llama with accessories, gauging the generators' ability to handle complex and thematic designs.
  • πŸ’¬ The final text-based design prompt involved generating an image of a girl holding a sign with a specific message, testing the generators' capability with text incorporation.
  • πŸ† Leonardo AI excelled in the first round with its vintage sunset designs, offering visually appealing and detailed graphics suitable for print-on-demand.
  • 🌈 Del 3 performed the best with the kawaii unicorn and boho rainbow prompts, providing accurate and vibrant designs that could easily be adapted for print-on-demand purposes.
  • πŸŽ„ Idiogram surprisingly took the lead for the Christmas-themed llama prompt, despite the close competition, due to its suitability for t-shirt designs.
  • πŸ’¬ Del 3 clearly won the text-based design round, demonstrating a superior ability to incorporate text accurately and effectively into the generated images.
  • πŸ”₯ Mid Journey did not win any rounds in this comparison, showing room for improvement especially in text generation and overall suitability for print-on-demand designs.
  • πŸš€ The addition of text generation capabilities in Del 3 gives it an edge over competitors, making it a standout choice for print-on-demand design creation.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of comparing the four image generators in the script?

    -The main purpose is to determine which image generator is best suited for print on demand projects by evaluating their performance with different prompts and design styles.

  • Which image generator won the first round for vintage sunset designs?

    -Leonardo AI won the first round for vintage sunset designs due to its nice color scheme, clear silhouette of a motorbike, and well-rendered mountains and sky.

  • What specific issue was identified with the mid journey results for the Kawaii unicorn graphic?

    -The issue with the mid journey results for the Kawaii unicorn graphic was inaccuracy, as the unicorns were not depicted eating ramen and some had extra horns or limbs that didn't look normal.

  • How did the script describe the results of the boho rainbow design prompt?

    -The script described the results for the boho rainbow design prompt as varied in quality, with idiogram providing simpler but potentially usable designs, Leonardo AI's results being messy, and Del 3 providing cleaner and more symmetrical graphics that were considered better for print on demand.

  • What was the deciding factor for choosing the winner in the Christmas themed llama design round?

    -The deciding factor for the Christmas themed llama design round was the suitability for print on demand, with idiogram's design being chosen for its style and potential for use on t-shirts despite the close competition with Del 3.

  • Which image generator struggled with the text-based design prompt?

    -Mid journey struggled with the text-based design prompt, as it failed to generate the correct text and provided less impressive results compared to the other generators.

  • What advantage does Del 3 have over the other image generators according to the script?

    -Del 3 has an advantage over the other image generators because of its ability to generate text effectively and its style that matches print on demand, making it particularly suitable for t-shirt designs.

  • What was the general conclusion about the performance of the image generators in the script?

    -The general conclusion was that Del 3 stands out and does the best for print on demand projects among the evaluated image generators, especially with the addition of text generation capabilities.

  • Why might someone choose to use mid journey over Del 3 despite the results of the comparison?

    -Someone might choose to use mid journey over Del 3 because mid journey allows for more control over the prompts, which can be beneficial for achieving specific design outcomes that may not have been demonstrated in the comparison.

  • How can the results of the script be applied to improve future print on demand projects?

    -The results of the script can guide users in selecting the most suitable image generator for their print on demand projects, particularly by considering the style, accuracy, and suitability of the generated designs for t-shirts and other products.



🎨 Comparing AI Image Generators for Print on Demand

The paragraph discusses the challenge of selecting the right AI image generator for print on demand due to the rapid development of AI. The author compares four common image generators using five different prompts, including a vintage sunset graphic, a Kawaii unicorn, a boho rainbow design, a Christmas themed animal, and a design featuring text. The goal is to determine which generator is best suited for future projects. The author evaluates the results based on their applicability to t-shirt designs and overall visual appeal, with a focus on the vintage distressed sunset design featuring a motorbike silhouette.


πŸ¦„ Evaluating AI Generated Unicorn Graphics for Print Quality

This paragraph focuses on the evaluation of AI-generated unicorn graphics for print on demand. The author critiques the accuracy and usability of the graphics produced by different AI tools, noting that while some graphics are aesthetically pleasing, they may not be entirely accurate or suitable for printing without further editing. The discussion highlights the importance of accuracy in design elements such as the unicorn's horn and the depiction of it eating ramen. The author expresses satisfaction with some results, particularly from Del 3, for their suitability for print on demand and vibrant colors.


🌈 Assessing AI's Ability to Create Boho Rainbow Designs

The paragraph assesses the performance of various AI image generators in creating a 2D flat drawing of a boho rainbow. The author notes that some results did not meet expectations, particularly from Mid Journey and Leonardo, which lacked the distinct arcs and earthy colors typical of the style. However, Idiogram and Del 3 produced more usable graphics, with Idiogram providing a surprisingly good outcome despite its simplicity. The author emphasizes the potential for vectorization and ease of editing as important factors in selecting the best design for print on demand.


πŸŽ„ Reviewing AI's Creation of Christmas Themed Llama Graphics

In this paragraph, the author reviews the AI-generated graphics of a Christmas-themed llama, focusing on the detail and accuracy of the design elements such as the llama's accessories and the presence of a beer. The evaluation includes comments on the clarity of the outlines and the suitability of the graphics for background removal. The author finds that while some AI tools produced detailed and potentially usable designs, others struggled with the prompt's specific requirements. The discussion concludes with a comparison of the results and a decision on which AI tool provided the most suitable design for print on demand.

πŸ“ AI's Challenge with Text in Graphic Design

The final paragraph addresses the challenge of AI tools in generating text within graphic designs. The author compares the results of prompts that include text, such as 'I love my boyfriend', and finds that some AI tools struggle with text accuracy and integration into the design. While Leonardo shows some improvement, Idiogram and Del 3 perform better in text generation. The author notes that Del 3, in particular, stands out for its ability to generate text effectively, making it a strong contender for print on demand applications. The summary highlights the importance of accurate text generation for certain design prompts and the current limitations of some AI tools in this area.



πŸ’‘AI image generators

AI image generators are software tools that use artificial intelligence to create visual content based on user-provided prompts or descriptions. In the video, the user compares different AI image generators to determine which one is most effective for creating designs for print-on-demand products, such as t-shirts.


Print-on-demand is a production method where products, such as t-shirts, are manufactured and customized only after an order has been received, eliminating the need for inventory and reducing waste. The video focuses on evaluating AI-generated images for their suitability and appeal in this market.

πŸ’‘Vintage Sunset

Vintage Sunset refers to a design style that features a sunset with a vintage or distressed look, often used in t-shirt designs for print-on-demand. The video discusses the comparison of AI-generated vintage sunset images to determine which generator produces the most appealing results.

πŸ’‘Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn is a design concept that combines the cuteness of Japanese 'kawaii' aesthetics with the fantasy element of a unicorn. The video evaluates how well each AI image generator captures this concept for potential use in print-on-demand products.

πŸ’‘Boho Rainbow

Boho Rainbow refers to a bohemian-style design featuring a rainbow, often characterized by its use of earthy colors and distinct arcs. The video assesses the ability of AI image generators to create such designs for use in print-on-demand products.

πŸ’‘Christmas Themed Llama

Christmas Themed Llama is a design concept that involves a festive, anthropomorphic llama character adorned with holiday elements like sunglasses, a beer, and Christmas lights. The video examines how well AI image generators can capture this detailed and thematic concept for print-on-demand purposes.

πŸ’‘Text Generation

Text Generation refers to the ability of AI to create written content based on given prompts, which is a relatively new and evolving feature in AI tools. The video tests the capability of AI image generators to include accurate text within their generated designs.

πŸ’‘Design Suitability

Design Suitability refers to how well a generated design meets the requirements and aesthetic preferences for a specific application, such as print-on-demand products. The video evaluates the suitability of AI-generated designs for t-shirt printing based on factors like visual appeal, clarity, and complexity.

πŸ’‘Graphic Accuracy

Graphic Accuracy refers to the precision and correctness of the visual elements in an AI-generated design, ensuring that the output matches the intended concept or prompt. The video discusses the accuracy of the AI-generated graphics in relation to the prompts provided.

πŸ’‘Background Removal

Background Removal is the process of isolating the main subject of a design from its background, which is important for print-on-demand applications where the design needs to be cleanly transferable onto various products. The video considers how easily the AI-generated images can have their backgrounds removed for this purpose.


Comparison of four common AI image generators using five different prompts.

Vintage Sunset graphic with a motorbike, mountain range, and trees in the background.

Mid Journey's result for vintage sunset design was detailed and applicable to print on demand.

Leonardo AI's vintage sunset design had a nice color scheme and clear elements.

IDI's vintage sunset design was of lower quality and distorted.

D E3's vintage sunset design was bland in color but had a distressed texture effect.

Leonardo AI won the first round for its color scheme and clear elements.

Kawaii unicorn graphic with vibrant colors and clear stroke outline.

D E3 excelled in creating accurate and vibrant Kawaii unicorn designs.

IDI struggled with the Kawaii unicorn prompt, resulting in distorted images.

2D flat drawing of a boho rainbow with distinct arcs and earthy colors.

IDI and D E3 performed well in creating boho rainbow designs.

Mid Journey and Leonardo did not meet expectations for boho rainbow designs.

Christmas themed llama with stylish sunglasses and drinking a beer.

IDI's Christmas themed llama design was favored for print on demand.

D E3's Christmas themed llama design was accurate but had some distortion.

Text-based design featuring a girl holding a sign saying 'I love my boyfriend'.

D E3 outperformed the others in creating text-based designs.

Overall, D E3 stood out as the best AI image generator for print on demand.