Picsart Wrapped 2023: Unveiling the Hottest Tools of the Year!

11 Dec 202303:26

TLDRIn the video titled 'Picsart Wrapped 2023: Unveiling the Hottest Tools of the Year!', Olivia introduces the top five tools and trends from Picsart for the year 2023. The number one tool is the 'remove tool', popular for erasing unwanted elements or people from photos and now available for video editing. The second tool is the 'makeup tool', which is great for enhancing looks and following 2023's makeup trends like strawberry girl and latte girl makeup. The third tool discussed is the 'filters', particularly those that mimic digital and film cameras, which were very popular in 2023. The fourth tool is the 'AI tools and filters', which have seen significant improvements and were used creatively for fashion looks and seasonal themes. Lastly, the 'stickers' are highlighted for their versatility in creating memes and enhancing photos, as demonstrated by Olivia's Calvin Klein photoshoot. Honorable mentions include the 'cut out tool' and the 'remove background' feature, which allows users to place themselves in various exotic locations. The video ends with an invitation to subscribe for weekly uploads on Mondays.


  • 🎨 The 'Remove Tool' is a favorite for its versatility, including removing exes from photos and now being applicable to videos.
  • 💄 The 'Makeup Tool' is great for enhancing looks, adding lipstick, freckles, and even doing eyeliner for those who struggle with it.
  • 📸 Filters, especially those related to Digi cams and film cameras, have been very popular in 2023, offering an affordable alternative to expensive camera gear.
  • 🧙‍♂️ AI tools and filters have significantly improved, with 'AI Replace' being a standout for creating unique fashion looks.
  • 🔖 Stickers are not just for memes; they can be used creatively in photoshoots and edits to add a fun and personalized touch.
  • 🧩 The 'Auto Roll' feature allows for creative edits, such as combining current and past photos, as demonstrated with an edit post-'Barbie movie' release.
  • 🌟 An honorable mention goes to the 'Cut Out Tool', which is underappreciated but can be used for cool edits, like blending current and younger self-photos.
  • 🗺️ The 'Remove Background' tool allows for the creation of imaginative backdrops, such as virtual trips to Paris, the Great Wall of China, or the Grand Canyon.
  • 📹 The speaker mentions that they will be uploading new videos every Monday, ensuring regular content for subscribers.
  • 📺 The importance of following the channel on TikTok for makeup tutorials on trending looks like 'Strawberry Girl', 'Latte Girl', and 'Sugar Plum Fairy'.
  • 🤗 The use of stickers in a professional setting, such as a Calvin Klein photoshoot, to elevate the overall aesthetic.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the unveiling of the top tools and trends of the year 2023 in PicsArt, a popular photo editing app.

  • What is the first tool mentioned in the video and what is it used for?

    -The first tool mentioned is the 'remove tool', which is used for removing unwanted elements from photos, such as exes or people in the background, and it has also been adapted for use on videos.

  • How is the makeup tool useful for users?

    -The makeup tool is useful for touching up looks, adding lipstick, freckles, lashes, and eyeliner, which can be particularly helpful for those who struggle with applying makeup in person.

  • What was a significant trend in 2023 related to makeup?

    -A significant trend in 2023 was the popularity of adding freckles to one's appearance using the makeup tool in PicsArt.

  • What are some of the trendy makeup looks mentioned in the video?

    -Some of the trendy makeup looks mentioned include the strawberry girl makeup, latte girl makeup, and Sugar Plum Fairy girl makeup.

  • How have filters evolved in PicsArt for the year 2023?

    -In 2023, filters related to Digi cams and film cameras became very popular, offering users an easy and cost-effective way to achieve different looks without investing in physical cameras.

  • What is special about the AI tools and filters in PicsArt for 2023?

    -The AI tools and filters in PicsArt for 2023 have significantly improved, with features like AI replace allowing users to create unique fashion looks, and the release of new, cool filters for events like Halloween.

  • How are stickers used in creative ways according to the video?

    -Stickers are used not only for creating memes but also for elevating photo shoots, as demonstrated by the Calvin Klein photo shoot where stickers were used to add the brand logo.

  • What are the two honorable mentions mentioned in the video?

    -The two honorable mentions are the 'cut out tool', which the speaker used for an edit after the Barbie movie release, and the 'remove background' tool, which allows users to place themselves in different locations like Paris or the Grand Canyon.

  • What is the host's recommendation for those interested in makeup tutorials?

    -The host recommends following their TikTok account at PixArt for makeup tutorials, including those for trendy looks like the strawberry girl, latte girl, and Sugar Plum Fairy girl makeup.

  • How often does the host plan to upload new videos to their channel?

    -The host plans to upload new videos every single Monday.

  • What does the host tease about for the upcoming videos?

    -The host teases that they will be uploading a video soon and encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel to not miss out.



🎉 Introduction to Pixart Rap 2023

The video script begins with the host, Olivia, expressing excitement about the current year's trends and pop culture moments. She introduces the concept of 'Pixart Rap 2023', where she plans to rank the top five tools and trends. The tone is upbeat and engaging, setting the stage for the rest of the video.



💡Remove Tool

The Remove Tool is a feature in PicsArt that allows users to eliminate unwanted elements from their photos. It gained popularity for its utility in removing ex-partners from pictures, which resonated with many users going through breakups or divorces. In the video, it is also highlighted that the tool has been updated to work on videos, expanding its functionality.

💡Makeup Tool

The Makeup Tool in PicsArt is used for enhancing or altering one's appearance in a photo. It is particularly useful for those who want to look polished without the need for actual makeup. The tool can add lipstick, freckles, eyelashes, and eyeliner. It was mentioned in the context of the 2023 makeup trends, such as strawberry girl, latte girl, and Sugar Plum Fairy girl looks.


Filters in PicsArt are used to apply different visual effects to photos, often to give them a specific aesthetic or mood. The video discusses the trend of Digi cams and film camera filters, which were particularly popular in 2023. These filters can mimic the look of photos taken on digital or film cameras, providing a cost-effective way to achieve a desired look without investing in expensive camera equipment.

💡AI Tools and Filters

AI Tools and Filters in PicsArt utilize artificial intelligence to create dynamic and innovative effects. One standout feature mentioned is AI Replace, which allows users to create unique fashion looks. These tools and filters stepped up their game in 2023, offering a range of cool effects, especially for holidays like Halloween.


Stickers in PicsArt are versatile elements that can be used for a variety of purposes, including creating memes, adding logos to photos, or enhancing the overall aesthetic of an image. The video mentions using stickers in a Calvin Klein photoshoot and a Sanrio edit, showcasing their utility in both professional and casual settings.

💡Auto Roll

Auto Roll is a feature that was mentioned in the context of the video creator's personal experience. It is not directly related to PicsArt tools but is part of the video's narrative. It is likely a reference to a feature on a social media platform that allows for automatic playback of the next video or content.

💡Honorable Mention

An Honorable Mention in the context of the video refers to tools or features that, while not making it to the top five, are still noteworthy and useful. Two honorable mentions were given: the Cut Out Tool, which was used creatively after the release of the Barbie movie, and the Remove Background tool, which allows users to place themselves in different locations, such as Paris or the Grand Canyon.


TikTok is a social media platform where the video creator shares content, including makeup tutorials and other creative edits. It is mentioned as a place where viewers can follow the creator for more content, indicating its importance in the creator's content strategy and community engagement.

💡Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a well-known fashion brand. In the video, it is mentioned in the context of a photoshoot where the creator and friends used PicsArt's Stickers feature to add the brand's logo to their images, enhancing the professional look of the shoot.


Sanrio is a Japanese company known for creating popular characters like Hello Kitty. The video creator mentions doing a 'cute Sanrio edit,' which likely refers to using PicsArt tools to create an image or series of images featuring Sanrio characters, demonstrating the app's use in fan art and personal creative projects.


A meme is a cultural symbol or idea that spreads, often as a form of humor, on the internet. In the context of the video, the creator discusses using PicsArt's Stickers for creating memes, highlighting the app's role in facilitating internet culture and humor.


Picsart Wrapped 2023 unveils the top five tools and trends of the year.

The Remove Tool is a favorite for removing exes and unwanted backgrounds from photos and videos.

Makeup Tool is great for enhancing looks, adding lipstick, freckles, and eyeliner.

Freckles were a huge trend in 2023, and the Makeup Tool can help you achieve this look.

Strawberry girl, latte girl, and Sugar Plum Fairy girl makeup looks were popular on TikTok in 2023.

Filters related to Digi cams and film cameras have been a significant trend in 2023.

AI tools and filters have made a significant impact, with AI replace being a standout feature.

Stickers are versatile, used for memes and enhancing photo shoots, such as a Calvin Klein themed shoot.

Auto roll mentions include the underrated Cut Out Tool and the Remove Background feature.

The Cut Out Tool was used creatively after the Barbie movie release for a unique edit.

Remove Background allows users to transport themselves to various global locations, like Paris or the Grand Canyon.

The channel will upload new videos every Monday, providing regular content for subscribers.

Olivia, the host, invites viewers to follow Pixart on TikTok for makeup tutorials.

The video promises to elevate shoots with the use of stickers, as demonstrated in a San Rio edit.

There are thousands of stickers available for users to play around with and have fun.

The video features a personal touch as Olivia shares her nightly ritual of looking at photos edited with the Cut Out Tool.

A humorous invitation to subscribe to the channel, with a playful acknowledgment that viewers might miss Olivia's content.

An upcoming video is teased, ensuring viewers to stay tuned for more content.