REALISTIC Downtown Snowboard Videogame Course! (Shredders)

30 Nov 202209:52

TLDRIn this exhilarating downtown snowboarding gameplay, the player returns to Shredders, exploring a meticulously crafted map called 'Streets' by renowned map creator Space. The course features a diverse array of urban jibs, rails, and lip tricks, set against the backdrop of a bustling cityscape. The player demonstrates impressive tricks, including a 360-degree rotation on a rail and a 450-degree disaster, showcasing the game's realistic physics and varied trick combinations. The video highlights the detailed textures and immersive environmental sounds, creating an engaging and realistic snowboarding experience.


  • 🏂 The video is set in the snowboarding video game 'Shredders', showcasing a realistic downtown course.
  • 🎮 The player is seen performing impressive tricks like a triple 16 20 and 19.85 rotations.
  • 🏙️ The map 'Streets' is highlighted, created by a renowned map creator 'Space', featuring a detailed urban environment.
  • 🌆 The course includes diverse urban elements like handrails, lip rails, and a downtown skyline in the background.
  • 🚀 The player attempts to link tricks and navigate through the complex urban jibs, aiming for creative lines.
  • 🛹 There's a focus on the game's realistic features, such as different textures and ambient downtown noises.
  • 🎵 The script mentions the game's soundtrack, suggesting an immersive audio experience.
  • 🏂 The player expresses excitement about the map 'The Nines', which replicates a famous snowboarding event.
  • 🏆 'The Nines' map includes iconic features from the real-world event, such as a sphere and a big Bumper Ball.
  • 🤯 The video showcases a variety of tricks performed on massive jibs and unique features like the butter pad and hourglass curves.
  • 🥇 The player's commentary reflects a sense of achievement and enjoyment in mastering the game's challenging course.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the snowboard video game being discussed in the script?

    -The name of the snowboard video game discussed is 'Shredders'.

  • What trick does the player mention performing with a triple 16 20?

    -The player mentions switching to a Booter after performing a triple 16 20.

  • Which custom map creator is mentioned as one of the best in the business?

    -The custom map creator mentioned as one of the best is 'space'.

  • What is the name of the custom map that the player finds attractive?

    -The name of the custom map the player finds attractive is 'streets'.

  • What is the significance of the 'Invitational' in the game?

    -The 'Invitational' is a feature in the game that can be seen from a distance, symbolizing a real-life snowboarding event.

  • What type of urban features can be found in the 'streets' map?

    -The 'streets' map includes various urban features like handrails, lip rails, a donkey dick rail, and a big hubba.

  • How does the player describe the textures added in the 'streets' map?

    -The player describes the textures in the 'streets' map as diverse, mentioning the brick texture and the inclusion of downtown noises.

  • What trick does the player attempt on the last handrail?

    -The player attempts a creative trick on the last handrail, which involves a cab 270 onto the down bar followed by a back lip.

  • What is the name of the second map the player wants to check out?

    -The second map the player wants to check out is called 'The Nines'.

  • What real-life snowboarding event is 'The Nines' based on?

    -'The Nines' is based on one of the biggest invitationals in the skiing and snowboarding industry.

  • What notable feature from a past 'The Nines' event is recreated in the game?

    -A sphere-looking feature from a past 'The Nines' event is recreated in the game.



🏂 Shredder Session and Map Exploration

The paragraph begins with the speaker returning to the game Shredder, expressing excitement about the large 16, 20, and 19.5-rotation tricks they are performing. They mention a custom map called 'streets' created by a skilled map creator named 'space', which features a detailed urban environment with various textures and sounds. The speaker is particularly impressed by the triple set and the donkey dick rail, and they discuss their strategy for linking up tricks and navigating the map's urban jibs. They also mention a big hubba and a difficult-to-link section with rails that are too close together. The speaker attempts a back lip on a down bar and a creative trick on a handrail, all while enjoying the game's immersive details like the brick textures and downtown noises. They also mention a failed attempt at a line but are satisfied with a smooth 270 trick. The paragraph ends with the speaker's admiration for the map's design and their eagerness to continue exploring.


🎿 Urban Skiing and Snowboarding

In this paragraph, the speaker discusses their experience in the custom map 'The Nines', which is inspired by a major event in the skiing and snowboarding world. They mention the cancellation of the event in 2020 due to the pandemic and express excitement about the map's recreation of the event's features, including a sphere-looking structure and a big Bumper Ball. The speaker shares their attempts to perform various tricks like a backside 180, a pretzel 180 out, and a 450-degree rotation on a rail. They also describe the map's massive jibs, hourglass curves, and a frontside dub ten trick. The speaker reflects on a previous experience at the Nines event, recalling a memorable run with a fellow skier. They praise the map creator 'space' for their work and discuss the fun of performing big spins and other tricks within the game.




In the context of the video, 'Shredders' likely refers to a snowboarding video game, possibly the title of the game itself. It denotes a game that involves snowboarding in an urban or downtown environment, where players can perform various tricks and maneuvers. The term 'shred' in snowboarding slang often refers to the act of performing impressive tricks or simply skiing or snowboarding with great skill and style. The video script mentions returning to 'Shredders', indicating that it is the setting or the game being played.

💡triple 16 20

The phrase 'triple 16 20' appears to be a reference to a specific trick or combination of tricks in the snowboarding game. While the exact meaning isn't clear without further context, in snowboarding, a 'triple' often indicates a trick that involves spinning three times, '16' could refer to a 16-foot gap or a 1600 degree spin, and '20' might suggest a 2000 degree spin or another trick element. In the video, this term is used to describe an impressive sequence of moves that the player is attempting or has successfully executed.


A 'Booter' in snowboarding refers to a ramp or jump feature that allows riders to gain significant airtime and perform aerial tricks. In the context of the video game described in the script, 'Booter' is likely a type of in-game obstacle or feature that players can use to perform jumps and tricks. The script mentions switching to a 'Booter', which suggests that these are key elements of the course that players interact with to execute their snowboarding stunts.


Rotations in snowboarding are the act of spinning one's body while in the air, typically while performing a trick. The number of rotations, such as '1985 and a half rotations' mentioned in the script, indicates the complexity and difficulty of the trick being attempted or executed. In the video game context, successfully performing rotations is likely a key aspect of scoring points or completing challenges, as it is in real-life snowboarding.

💡custom maps

Custom maps refer to user-created or modified environments within a video game. In the context of the snowboarding video game discussed in the script, 'custom maps' are likely levels or courses designed by players or the game's community, which offer a variety of challenges and settings for players to explore and master. The script mentions the discovery of a custom map called 'streets,' highlighting the variety and creativity involved in these user-generated content.


In the context of the video game, 'Metropolis' likely refers to a large, urban environment or level within the game. A metropolis is typically a large city with a high population density and is known for its skyscrapers, busy streets, and diverse cultural and economic activities. The script describes a view of 'Metropolis in the distance,' suggesting that the game's setting includes a detailed, realistic representation of a cityscape, which is a central element of the gameplay experience.


Handrails in the context of snowboarding are long, narrow obstacles such as metal bars or rails that riders can slide or grind along. In urban snowboarding and in the video game described, handrails are likely featured as key elements of the course or environment that players must navigate and use to perform tricks. The script mentions various handrails and other urban features like 'donkey dick rail' and 'brick ledge,' indicating that these are integral to the gameplay and challenge of the course.


In the context of the video game, using a 'Drone' likely refers to a feature that allows players to view the game environment from a bird's-eye perspective or a different angle. This could be a gameplay mechanic that helps players to scout the terrain, plan their routes, and execute tricks more effectively. The script mentions pulling out the 'Drone' to see what they're working with, suggesting that it's a useful tool for understanding the layout and features of the snowboarding course.

💡Urban jibs

Urban jibs in the context of snowboarding refer to obstacles or features in an urban environment that riders can use to perform tricks. These can include handrails, ledges, stairs, and other street furniture. In the video game, 'Urban jibs' are likely an essential part of the gameplay, providing players with a variety of options for performing tricks and maneuvers. The script mentions 'loads of different Urban jibs all over the place,' indicating that the game offers a diverse and immersive urban snowboarding experience.

💡Apple store

The mention of an 'Apple store' in the script suggests that the video game includes realistic and recognizable elements from the real world, enhancing the authenticity and immersion of the gaming experience. The Apple store, being a well-known technology retail chain, is likely used in the game as a landmark or point of interest within the urban environment, adding to the detailed and lifelike setting of the snowboarding course.

💡DFT hubba

A 'DFT hubba' is likely a reference to a specific type of obstacle or feature within the snowboarding video game. 'DFT' could stand for a particular brand or type of snowboarding equipment, while 'hubba' might refer to a hubba hubba, which is a type of snowboarding trick involving a spin and grab. In the context of the game, this term could describe a combination of a trickable obstacle and the execution of a trick, which is a key aspect of snowboarding games.

💡The Nines

The mention of 'The Nines' in the script likely refers to a real-life snowboarding event known as the 'The North Face Open', which is a major competition in the freestyle snowboarding world. In the context of the video game, 'The Nines' could be a level or event within the game that replicates the atmosphere and challenges of the actual competition. The script describes features from past events, indicating that the game includes detailed and historically accurate representations of significant snowboarding competitions.


Discovering the new custom map 'Streets' created by top map creator 'space'.

Impressive triple set and rail features right off the spawn point.

Innovative inclusion of downtown noises for immersive gameplay experience.

The challenging task of linking up various urban jibs throughout the map.

Exciting exploration of the 'Metropolis' skyline in the distance.

Creative trick combinations like the cab 270 to 270 out.

The impressive 450-degree rotation on the rail showcasing skill and control.

The attempt at linking a double Wildcat trick, enhancing gameplay depth.

Exploring the detailed textures and environment, like the realistic brick ledges.

The strategic use of the Drone to survey the urban landscape and plan tricks.

The transition from high-energy tricks to more creative and mellow maneuvers.

The mention of the prestigious skiing and Snowboard event, 'The Nines'.

Recreating iconic features from past 'The Nines' events within the game.

The unique 'butter pad' feature offering new sliding textures and experiences.

The combination of high-speed spins and method air tricks demonstrating versatility.

Navigating the roller coaster-inspired structure with precise timing and skill.

The successful execution of a nose drag on the 'uvlia' feature.