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TLDRThe video script introduces 10 recommended extensions for users of SD WebUI, focusing on those starting or already engaged in image generation. It highlights features like prompt auto-completion, multi-language support, and detailed facial enhancements. Extensions for background removal, content editing, and model management are also discussed, offering users tools to improve their image generation workflow and quality. The video encourages viewers to check out the extensions for a more efficient and detailed image creation experience.


  • 🌟 SD WebUI Tag Autocomplete: An extension that automatically displays candidate prompts as you type manually, making it easy to select and input even for those not proficient in English.
  • 🚀 Prompt All in One: Offers a user-friendly interface for prompt input, including language selection, settings for translation APIs, blacklists, hotkeys, and more.
  • 📝 Easy Prompt Selector: Allows users to create custom dictionaries and register prompts beyond the default ones, providing a versatile tool for generating human-related content.
  • 🎨 Precise Background Remover (PBRemTools): A tool that removes backgrounds from images by isolating human figures, useful for high-quality image editing without the need for paid services.
  • 👤 ADetailer: Enhances the detail of human faces in images by automatically recognizing and refining the facial area, improving the quality of generated portraits.
  • 🎭 Lama Cleaner Masked Content: Adds new values to masked content in the Img-to-Img interface, removing unwanted parts of an image while maintaining the desired elements.
  • 🏞️ Multi Diffusion: Generates high-resolution images by dividing an image into tiles and blurring the boundaries, creating a seamless and large-scale output.
  • 👗 Latent upscaler: Enhances the details of clothing and background elements when upscaling, then returns the image to its original size for finely detailed results.
  • 🔍 Civitai Helper: Assists with model downloads and thumbnail image acquisition, as well as checking for model updates, providing a streamlined workflow for content creation.
  • 📱 Image Browser: Displays a thumbnail gallery of generated images, allowing for easy prompt transfer and image review, enhancing the efficiency of the creative process.
  • 🎉 The video script provides a comprehensive guide to recommended extensions for image generation, offering a variety of tools to improve workflow and output quality.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the SD WebUI Tag Autocomplete extension?

    -The SD WebUI Tag Autocomplete extension is designed to automatically display candidate prompts as you manually start typing, making it easier for users to input prompts without needing to manually type the full text.

  • How does the Prompt All in One extension enhance the user experience for prompt input?

    -The Prompt All in One extension improves the user experience by providing an intuitive interface with various functions such as automatic translation, history, and favorites, supporting multiple languages and making it convenient for users who are not proficient in English.

  • What features are included in the Prompt All in One extension?

    -The Prompt All in One extension includes features like language selection, settings, translation API settings, prompt formats, keyword blacklist, hotkey settings, extended plugin styles, and web UI theme switching, among others.

  • How does the Easy Prompt Selector extension work?

    -The Easy Prompt Selector extension allows users to create their own dictionary of prompts and register them for use. It is particularly useful as it includes many high-demand prompts by default, making it a valuable tool for users who want more control over their prompt inputs.

  • What is the benefit of using the Precise Background Remover (PBRemTools) extension?

    -The Precise Background Remover (PBRemTools) extension simplifies the process of removing backgrounds from images. Users can drop an image into the dedicated tab, enable the tool, and submit it to automatically cut out the human subject and remove the background, saving it for use.

  • How does the ADetailer extension enhance the quality of generated images?

    -The ADetailer extension automatically recognizes human faces in images and adds detailed rendering to the facial features, improving the overall quality and realism of the generated images.

  • What is the functionality of the Lama Cleaner Masked Content extension?

    -The Lama Cleaner Masked Content extension adds new values to masked content within the Img-to-Img's Inpaint tab. It removes unwanted parts of an already created image, allowing users to refine their final outputs with more control.

  • How does the Multi Diffusion extension contribute to image generation?

    -The Multi Diffusion extension divides an image into tile-like segments and generates a large, high-resolution image where the boundaries between the segments are nearly indistinguishable. This tool is highly recommended for creating detailed and seamless large-scale images.

  • What benefits does the Latent upscaLer extension provide?

    -The Latent upscaLer extension upscales certain elements of an image, such as clothing and background details, allowing for intricate patterns and textures to be drawn at a larger scale before returning to the original size, enhancing the quality and detail of the final image.

  • What services does the Civitai Helper extension provide?

    -The Civitai Helper extension assists with downloading models and retrieving thumbnail images. It also checks for model update information, providing an efficient way to manage and update models within the SD WebUI environment.

  • What is the main functionality of the Image Browser extension?

    -The Image Browser extension displays a thumbnail view of previously generated images, allowing users to easily transfer prompts from one image to another, streamlining the process of working with multiple images and prompts.



🌟 Top 10 Recommended Extensions for Spring 2024

This paragraph introduces a curated list of 10 must-have extensions for users of SD WebUI, whether they are new to image generation or already engaged in the process. It emphasizes the importance of these tools and encourages users to check them out. The paragraph starts by discussing prompt-based extensions, highlighting their features and benefits, such as 'SD WebUI Tag Autocomplete' which simplifies prompt input by automatically suggesting phrases and 'Prompt All in One' which offers an intuitive interface with various customization options. The summary also touches on the 'Easy Prompt Selector' and its ability to create personal dictionaries, as well as the practicality of these extensions for users who may not be proficient in English.


🎨 Advanced Image Editing Extensions and Tools

This paragraph delves into extensions beyond prompt-based tools, showcasing their capabilities in enhancing image editing workflows. 'Precise background remover (PBRemTools)' is introduced as a tool for background removal, 'ADetailer' for detailed facial recognition and enhancement, and 'Lama Cleaner Masked Content' for refining masked content within images. The paragraph also mentions 'Multi Diffusion' for generating high-resolution images from tiles and 'Latent upscaLer' for detailed rendering of upscaled elements. Additionally, 'Civitai Helper' and 'Image Browser' are highlighted for model management and image browsing, respectively. The summary concludes by encouraging users to apply these tools to improve their image generation quality and to look forward to future video content.




SD WebUI is a user interface for the Stable Diffusion model, which is an AI-based image generation tool. In the context of the video, it is the platform on which various extension functions are installed and utilized to enhance the image generation process. The video discusses the importance of these extensions for both beginners and experienced users of SD WebUI.


Prompts are textual inputs provided to the AI model to guide the generation of specific images. They are essential in the image generation process as they help the AI understand the desired output. In the video, several extensions are highlighted that make it easier to input and manage prompts, such as 'Prompt All in One' and 'Easy Prompt Selector'.


Extensions are add-on features or tools that enhance the functionality of a software application. In the context of the video, extensions are recommended to improve the user experience with SD WebUI, providing additional capabilities such as autocompleting prompts, removing backgrounds, and refining image details.


Autocomplete is a feature that predicts the remaining part of a user's input and completes it automatically. In the video, it is used in the context of inputting prompts for the AI model, where extensions like 'SD WebUI Tag Autocomplete' provide this functionality to make the process more efficient and accessible, even for users who may not be proficient in the language of the prompts.


Translation refers to the process of converting text from one language to another. In the context of the video, it is an important feature of some extensions, allowing users to input prompts in their native language and have them automatically translated into the language required by the AI model for image generation.

💡Image Generation

Image generation is the process of creating visual content using AI models, such as Stable Diffusion. It involves inputting prompts that guide the AI to produce images that match the described concepts or scenes. The video focuses on tools and extensions that facilitate and enhance this process within the SD WebUI platform.


Interface refers to the point of interaction between humans and machines, such as the user interface of software applications. A good interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing easy navigation and operation. In the video, the 'Prompt All in One' extension is praised for its excellent interface that is straightforward to use, even for first-time installers.

💡Negative Prompts

Negative prompts are textual inputs used in the AI image generation process to specify what elements should not be included in the generated image. They work in conjunction with positive prompts to refine the output and ensure it aligns with the user's expectations.


Favorites refer to a user's saved or bookmarked list of preferred settings, prompts, or other elements within a software application. This feature allows users to quickly access and reuse their most commonly selected items, streamlining the workflow and enhancing productivity.

💡Image Browser

Image Browser is a feature or extension that allows users to view and manage a collection of images, typically in a thumbnail format. It provides an organized way to browse through previously generated images, making it easier for users to find and reuse specific images or prompts.

💡Civitai Helper

Civitai Helper is an extension that assists with managing models within the SD WebUI platform. It not only helps in downloading models but also retrieves thumbnail images and checks for model update information, providing a comprehensive solution for users to stay up-to-date with their AI models.


The introduction of 10 recommended extensions for spring 2024, emphasizing their importance for both beginners and experienced users.

The presentation of the SD WebUI Tag Autocomplete extension, which simplifies the process of manually entering prompts by displaying candidate prompts automatically.

The mention of the Prompt All in One extension, designed to further facilitate prompt input with an intuitive interface.

The explanation of the Prompt All in One extension's features, including language selection, settings, translation API, and more.

The recommendation of the Easy Prompt Selector for those who want to create their own dictionary of keywords, offering a default set of human-related prompts.

The introduction of the Precise background remover (PBRemTools), an extension that removes the background and keeps the human subject intact from an image.

The ADetailer extension, which automatically enhances the detail of human faces in an image.

The Lama Cleaner Masked Content extension, adding new values to masked content within the Img-to-Img's Inpaint tab and removing unwanted parts of an existing image.

The Multi Diffusion extension, enabling the creation of high-resolution images by splitting an image into tiles and generating them in a large size where the boundaries are indistinguishable.

The Latent upscaLer extension, which upscales elements like clothing and background, then returns them to their original size, offering detailed textures and patterns.

The Civitai Helper extension, known for downloading models and obtaining thumbnail images, as well as checking for model updates.

The Image Browser extension, allowing users to view a thumbnail gallery of generated images and transfer prompts.

The encouragement for viewers to provide high ratings and subscribe to the channel for future content.