- The AI Graphic Designer (First Look)

Phill Turner
16 Nov 202304:38 is an innovative AI graphic designer tool that offers a user-friendly interface for re-styling images with various themes and styles. In this first look, the user explores the Beta version, highlighting features such as the ability to create a new project, select different styles like 3D Pixel, and remix images. The platform's ease of use and creative potential are showcased, inviting users to sign up and experiment with the diverse styling options available.


  • 🎨 is an AI graphic designer platform that has recently been released in Beta.
  • 👀 The user explores for the first time, sharing their experience with the audience.
  • 🖼️ The platform can restyle images, as demonstrated by the before-and-after examples shown in the video.
  • 🔗 Users can sign up on Discord to access the Beta version of
  • 🎁 New users are given 200 credits to use within the platform, with the option to upgrade.
  • 🌐 Different styles are available for users to choose from, such as 'Bedtime', 'Pop', 'World', 'Flat', 'Lighting', and more.
  • 🤖 An example project is created, showcasing the process of designing a '3D Pixel' robot in space.
  • 📏 Aspect ratios can be selected and adjusted to fit the user's design preferences.
  • 🎨 Users can play with various styles and elements, remixing them to create unique designs.
  • 📈 The platform is user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy manipulation of design elements.
  • 👍 The video creator expresses a positive outlook on the potential for creativity and fun with

Q & A

  • What is is an AI graphic designer that allows users to restyle images using various design styles.

  • Is currently available to the public?

    -At the time of the transcript, has just come out and the Beta version is accessible to users.

  • How does one sign up for

    -Users can sign up for through the Discord platform, as mentioned in the transcript.

  • What kind of features does offer? offers features such as the ability to upload images, choose from different styles, and manipulate the layout and design of the images.

  • What are some of the style options available in

    -Some of the style options include Bedtime Pop, World Flat, Flat Lighting, Piece of Urban, 3D Pixel, and many others.

  • How many credits does a new user start with in

    -A new user starts with 200 credits, which can be used for various design actions and can be upgraded.

  • What aspect ratios can be chosen in

    -Users can choose from different aspect ratios including Square, which is the default option as mentioned in the transcript.

  • Can users remix the designs in

    -Yes, users have the option to remix the designs to create new and unique styles.

  • How long does it take to get access to the Beta version of

    -The process of getting access to the Beta version is quite quick, although not as fast as some other platforms.

  • What is an example of a project created in the transcript?

    -An example project mentioned in the transcript is creating a 'robot in space' using the 3D Pixel style.

  • What is the user's overall impression of

    -The user seems to be positively impressed with, finding it cool and envisioning that many people will have fun using it.



🎨 Introduction to Styler AI Graphic Design Tool

The speaker excitedly introduces Styler, a new AI-assisted graphic design tool that has just been released. They clarify that this is not a tutorial video, but rather an exploration of the tool's features and capabilities. The primary function of Styler is to restyle images, as demonstrated by the examples shown. The speaker also mentions the availability of the beta version and the process of signing up through Discord. They emphasize the ease of use and the variety of styles offered, such as 3D Pixel and others, and share their enthusiasm for creating a project within the tool, highlighting the credit system and customizable aspect ratios.



💡 is an AI graphic designer platform introduced in the video. It is a new technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in creating and restyling graphic designs. The video provides a first look at the interface and capabilities of, showcasing its user-friendly features and the potential for creative exploration in graphic design.

💡AI Assistant

An AI assistant, as mentioned in the context of, refers to an artificial intelligence system designed to perform tasks and provide support in specific domains, such as graphic design. In this case, the AI assistant helps users by taking their input (images) and transforming them into different styles, making the design process more efficient and accessible.

💡Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art and practice of creating visual content to communicate ideas, inspire action, or convey information. It involves the use of typography, photography, and illustration, among other elements, to produce materials for print or digital media. In the video, graphic design is the central focus, with being a tool to aid in this creative process.


Beta refers to a pre-release version of a software or application, which is typically made available to a select group of users for testing purposes. The video mentions that is in its Beta phase, indicating that it is still in development and being refined based on user feedback before a full release.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to various communities. In the context of the video, Discord is mentioned as a platform where users can sign up to access the Beta, suggesting that it is used for community engagement and software testing.


To restyle, in the context of the video, means to alter the visual appearance or aesthetic of an image or design using's AI capabilities. The process involves applying different styles or themes to the original content, resulting in a new, visually distinct output that maintains the essence of the original while presenting it in a novel way.

💡Aspect Ratios

Aspect ratios refer to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or video frame. In the video, aspect ratios are mentioned as one of the customizable features within, allowing users to adjust the dimensions of their designs to fit various formats, such as square, landscape, or portrait orientations.


In the context of graphic design and the video, a canvas refers to the virtual space where designers place and manipulate visual elements to create their compositions. The term is borrowed from traditional art, where it originally described the physical surface on which art was made. In, the canvas is the digital workspace where users arrange and style their images.

💡3D Pixel

3D Pixel is mentioned as one of the style options in It likely refers to a design style that combines the appearance of three-dimensional elements with the distinctive characteristics of pixel art, which is a digital art form created with pixels as the primary medium. The combination suggests a unique aesthetic that could be appealing for certain design projects.


Urban, in the context of the video, refers to a style or theme that is inspired by or reflects the characteristics of urban environments, such as cityscapes, street art, or modern architecture. This style might involve elements like graffiti, high-rise buildings, or other visual motifs associated with urban culture, and can be applied to designs through's AI-driven restyling capabilities.


Minimalist is a design approach that emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and the use of a limited number of elements or materials. In the video, it is mentioned as one of the available styles in, suggesting that users can transform their images into a more streamlined and uncluttered visual presentation, which can be particularly effective for conveying messages or aesthetics in a clear and focused manner.

Highlights is an AI graphic designer tool that offers a new approach to creating and restyling images.

The platform is currently in Beta, offering users a chance to explore its features and capabilities.

Users can restyle images with a variety of styles, such as 'Bedtime', 'Pop World', 'Flat', 'Flat Lighting', 'Piece of Urban', and more. provides a selection of different aspect ratios for users to choose from when creating their designs.

The '3D Pixel' style resembles a Lego-like aesthetic, offering a unique visual experience.

Creating a new project in is straightforward, with options to select styles and customize the layout.

Users are given 200 credits to start with, which can be upgraded for more features and styles.

The 'Graffiti Splash' style adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to any design, showcasing the versatility of allows for easy manipulation of elements within the design, such as moving and resizing.

The platform offers a wide range of styles, including 'Urban', 'Chinese American', 'Minimalist', and 'Paper Miniature', catering to diverse creative needs.

The user interface of is intuitive, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced designers.

The platform's quick sign-up process and easy access to the Beta version make it an attractive option for those eager to try out AI graphic design.'s ability to remix and restyle images allows for endless creative possibilities and experimentation.

The platform's real-time previews and editing capabilities provide a seamless design experience.'s innovative use of AI in graphic design has the potential to revolutionize the way we create and visualize images.

The variety of styles and the ease of use make a fun and engaging tool for creatives of all levels.

The platform's ongoing development promises even more features and styles in the future, enhancing the creative potential of its users.