Windows 11 Copilot AI is Here - First Look

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27 Sept 202319:02

TLDRThe video explores the newly released Windows 11 Copilot AI, an integrated assistant designed to help with various tasks. The AI can manage files, change system settings, and interact with apps like Spotify and Notepad. Despite its current limitations, such as the need for user confirmation to open apps, and its resemblance to Bing Chat, the potential for future updates is promising. The video also touches on the upcoming Microsoft 365 Copilot, set to release on November 11th, which promises even more advanced features for productivity.


  • 🌐 Windows 11 has released an AI assistant called Copilot, which is integrated into the system and ready for use.
  • 🤖 Copilot acts as an AI agent that can help with tasks, manage files, and perform various functions within the computer.
  • 🔄 The assistant seems to be in a beta or alpha stage, indicated by the 'pre' label next to its logo, suggesting future updates are planned.
  • 🎥 Microsoft has created ads to showcase the capabilities of Copilot, highlighting its integration with Windows 11 and its AI functionalities.
  • 🔄 Copilot offers different modes like creative, balanced, and precise, which might be powered by models similar to those used in Bing Chat.
  • 🎶 It can interact with certain apps like Spotify, opening them and performing tasks such as playing specific playlists.
  • 🖌️ The AI can also assist with text-related tasks, such as summarizing, rewriting, and explaining content, with direct integration to Microsoft Edge.
  • 📅 Microsoft 365 Copilot, set to release on November 11th, promises more complex functionalities, including the ability to track changes in emails and draft replies.
  • 🎨 There's a potential for Copilot to integrate with creative apps like Adobe Express for tasks such as creating Instagram reels.
  • 🔍 However, during testing, some functionalities seen in the ads were not fully available, suggesting the product is still under development.
  • 🔄 The assistant's ability to interact with system settings and other apps appears to be limited in its current state, requiring user confirmation to open applications.

Q & A

  • What is Windows 11 Copilot AI and when was it released?

    -Windows 11 Copilot AI is an AI assistant integrated into Windows 11, designed to help users with tasks and file management. It was released on the day the video was published, as indicated by the script.

  • What does the 'pre' label next to Microsoft Copilot's logo suggest about its development stage?

    -The 'pre' label suggests that Microsoft Copilot is in a beta or alpha stage, implying that it is still in early development and may not yet have reached its full potential capabilities.

  • How does Copilot's interface resemble the chat interface of Bing?

    -Copilot's interface is similar to Bing's chat interface, featuring a text box for user input and responses, and is powered by the same models, including creative, balanced, and precise modes.

  • What is the difference between Copilot and Bing chat in terms of system access?

    -Unlike Bing chat, Copilot has access to the user's computer, allowing it to perform actions such as turning on dark mode or interacting with other apps like Spotify.

  • What is the significance of the 'Microsoft 365 Copilot' mentioned in the script?

    -Microsoft 365 Copilot is a separate feature that will be integrated into all Microsoft 365 apps, offering advanced functionalities like tracking changes in emails or creating event plans from text in documents.

  • When is the Microsoft 365 Copilot expected to be released?

    -Microsoft 365 Copilot is expected to be released on November 11th, as mentioned in the script.

  • What limitations did the script reveal about Copilot's current capabilities?

    -The script revealed that Copilot currently has limitations such as not being able to directly interact with all applications, and some features shown in ads are not yet available in the preview version.

  • How does Copilot handle user requests to perform tasks in applications like Notepad?

    -Copilot can open Notepad but currently requires user confirmation to perform actions within the app, such as pasting text, indicating it may not yet have full interaction capabilities with all apps.

  • What is the potential impact of Copilot on the productivity platform landscape?

    -The script suggests that if Copilot's promised features are fully realized, it could solidify Windows as a premier productivity platform with full AI integration, outpacing competitors like Apple.

  • What additional features were mentioned in the script that are related to Microsoft's AI announcements?

    -The script mentions additional features such as Microsoft Copilot in Designer and the integration of Dolly 3 into Bing Image Creator, offering free access to Dolly 3.

  • How does the script describe the process of testing Copilot's capabilities?

    -The script describes a hands-on testing process where the user interacts with Copilot to perform various tasks, such as writing a poem in Notepad, changing to dark mode, and organizing windows, to evaluate its current functionality.



🤖 Introduction to Windows 11 Co-Pilot AI Assistant

The video script introduces the Windows 11 Co-Pilot, an AI assistant integrated into the operating system. It suggests that Co-Pilot is in a beta or alpha stage, as indicated by the 'pre' label next to its logo. The assistant is described as being capable of performing tasks, managing files, and interacting with other applications like Spotify and Microsoft Edge. The script also mentions that Co-Pilot might be powered by the same models as Bing Chat, with different modes for creative, balanced, and precise interactions. The video promises to showcase Microsoft's promotional content and test the capabilities of Co-Pilot.


🚀 Exploring Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot Features and Potential

The script discusses the upcoming Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot, set to release on November 11th, which will be integrated into all Microsoft 365 apps. It highlights the potential for complex tasks, such as tracking changes in emails or creating event plans from documents. The assistant's ability to draft replies and integrate data from other Microsoft apps is noted, suggesting a comprehensive AI ecosystem for productivity. The video aims to test these features upon release, emphasizing the potential of AI integration to solidify Windows as a leading productivity platform.


🔍 Testing Windows 11 Co-Pilot's Functionality and Limitations

The script details the testing process of the Windows 11 Co-Pilot's functionality, including its ability to open applications, interact with the system's settings, and perform tasks like writing a poem or explaining an image. It notes some limitations, such as the inability to directly interact with certain applications or the early development issues encountered. The testing also explores Co-Pilot's capabilities with image recognition and voice interaction, revealing a mix of promising features and areas that require further development.


📚 Reflecting on Co-Pilot's Current State and Future Prospects

The final paragraph reflects on the current state of the Windows 11 Co-Pilot, acknowledging that it is still in a preview stage and not yet fully functional. The script suggests that the advertised capabilities may be realized in the future, particularly with the release of the 365 Co-Pilot. It concludes by considering the value of updating to Windows 11 for the convenience of Co-Pilot and expresses anticipation for testing the more advanced features expected in the future.



💡Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft, succeeding Windows 10. It is the platform on which the new AI assistant, Copilot, is being introduced. In the video, Windows 11 is the focus as it is the environment where the AI assistant is tested and demonstrated, showcasing its integration with the operating system and its capabilities.

💡AI Assistant

An AI Assistant, or Artificial Intelligence Assistant, is a software agent that performs tasks or services for a user, such as answering questions, managing files, and automating tasks. In the context of the video, the AI assistant named 'Copilot' is a new feature within Windows 11 that is designed to enhance user productivity and ease of use through intelligent interactions.


Co-Pilot, in this context, refers to the AI assistant integrated into Windows 11. It is named after the concept of a copilot in aviation, who assists the pilot, suggesting that this AI is designed to assist the user in their computing tasks. The video explores the functionalities of Co-Pilot, such as opening applications and performing tasks within them.

💡Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that includes a suite of productivity software and tools, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In the video, Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot is mentioned as a separate feature that will be integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, enhancing their capabilities with AI functionalities.

💡Bing Chat

Bing Chat is a feature of the Bing search engine that allows users to engage in conversational search, powered by AI. In the video, it is mentioned that Co-Pilot's chat interface is similar to Bing Chat, suggesting a familiar user experience and indicating that Co-Pilot might be powered by similar AI models.


The Taskbar is a graphical user interface element in Windows operating systems that provides access to open applications, utilities, and the Start menu. In the video, the Taskbar is highlighted as the location from which the Co-Pilot AI assistant can be accessed, indicating its ease of access for users.

💡Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a display setting on many operating systems, including Windows 11, that changes the color scheme to a darker palette, reducing eye strain and improving battery life on certain devices. The video demonstrates Co-Pilot's ability to enable Dark Mode, showcasing its capability to interact with system settings.


Spotify is a popular music streaming service. In the video, Co-Pilot is tested for its ability to interact with Spotify, such as opening the app and selecting playlists, demonstrating the AI's potential to integrate with third-party applications for a seamless user experience.

💡Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft. The video discusses Co-Pilot's ability to work with Microsoft Edge, including reading information from web pages opened in the browser, which highlights the AI's potential to provide enhanced browsing experiences through integration with web content.

💡AI Integration

AI Integration refers to the process of incorporating artificial intelligence capabilities into software, services, or systems. The video emphasizes the potential of AI integration in Windows 11 and Microsoft 365, suggesting that the integration of Co-Pilot could make Windows a leading productivity platform through advanced AI functionalities.


Introduction to Windows 11 Copilot AI, an AI assistant integrated into Windows 11.

Copilot's potential capabilities, such as helping with tasks and managing files.

The possibility that Copilot is in a beta or alpha stage, indicated by 'pre' next to its logo.

Microsoft's advertisements showcasing the features and uses of Copilot.

Integration of Copilot with Windows 11, appearing in the taskbar and offering a chat interface.

Copilot's modes: creative, balanced, and precise, potentially powered by GPT4 in creative mode.

Ability to perform system tasks like turning on dark mode, unlike Bing chat.

Examples of opening and controlling third-party apps like Spotify through Copilot.

Testing the organization of open windows and the efficiency of this feature.

Integration with Microsoft Edge for tasks like summarizing web content.

Microsoft 365 copilot, a separate feature set to be released on November 11th.

The potential of 365 copilot to enhance productivity with complex tasks and app integration.

The distinction between Windows 11 Copilot and Microsoft 365 Copilot in terms of functionality.

Testing the AI's ability to interact with applications and the limitations encountered.

The AI's performance in voice interaction and the quality of its voice output.

The AI's limitations in accessing and interacting with certain system settings and apps.

The AI's functionality in organizing windows and the effectiveness of the 'Snap' feature.

The AI's ability to take screenshots and the simplicity of this feature.

The AI's current limitations in performing advanced tasks as seen in the advertisements.

The anticipation of future updates and the full potential of Copilot AI.

Recommendation to follow the development of Copilot for its future capabilities.

The presenter's final thoughts on the current state of Copilot and its potential impact on productivity.