This Creature Has A History Of Breaking Creatures of Sonaria...

13 Apr 202411:21

TLDRThe video discusses a creature in the game Sonaria that has a history of disrupting the game's economy and gameplay. Initially, its appearance led to an exponential increase in in-game resources, causing economic imbalance. Now, the creature is playable, and the video explores strategies to quickly acquire it, including exploiting game mechanics and completing missions. The creature's powerful abilities and hitboxes are also examined, hinting at potential game-breaking aspects that could affect gameplay again.


  • 🐾 The creature's initial appearance in 2022 led to an exponential increase in game rewards, disrupting the economy.
  • 🎮 The creature's playability, rather than being a rewarding boss, is what threatens to break the game again.
  • 🚀 The fastest way to acquire the creature is by avoiding the use of growth tokens and exploiting a glitch.
  • 🥊 Combat logging, a technique involving leaving the game during combat, can lead to mission completion and age advancement.
  • 🧸 Using Eric Plushy reduces growth time by 20%, and consuming a defeated creature offers a 50% reduction, speeding up growth.
  • 🔄 The card match mini game requires completing five rounds, which can be tedious and time-consuming.
  • 💪 The creature's hitbox appears to be located in the green part of its body, affecting combat dynamics.
  • 🐉 The creature has multiple ailments, including Wing Shred, various poisons, and bleed effects, making it formidable.
  • 🥂 The teal attack deals significant damage (500), and the creature's overall strength is considered overpowered (OP).
  • 🔄 The process of growing, matching, and completing missions is repetitive, emphasizing the grind aspect of gameplay.

Q & A

  • What significant event happened in 2022 related to the creature in the game Sonaria?

    -In 2022, the appearance of a particular creature in Sonaria led to an increase in the number of mushrooms obtained every 5 minutes by 30,000 per, resulting in players gaining tokens, pellets, and thousands of mushrooms rapidly, which in turn disrupted the in-game economy.

  • How does the creature's existence potentially impact the game again?

    -The creature's existence could potentially impact the game again by becoming playable, which might introduce new mechanics or features that could disrupt the balance of the game or introduce unforeseen issues.

  • What is the fastest way to grow a creature to age 100 in Sonaria?

    -The fastest way to grow a creature to age 100 in Sonaria involves using growth tokens, exploiting certain game mechanics to speed up the process, and utilizing items like Eric Plushy for a 20% reduction in growth time or consuming a killed creature for a 50% reduction in growth time.

  • What is 'combat logging' in the context of the game?

    -Combat logging is a game mechanic where a player leaves the game during a combat situation, taking advantage of a glitch that allows them to complete missions more quickly and efficiently.

  • How can players complete the 'spin any gacha five times' mission?

    -To complete the 'spin any gacha five times' mission, players need to press the tab button or go to the shop menu and purchase any gacha five times. This is a straightforward process that contributes to mission completion.

  • What is the purpose of the card match mini game in Sonaria?

    -The card match mini game in Sonaria is a part of the missions that players must complete. It requires players to match pairs of cards quickly and efficiently to progress through the game and earn rewards.

  • What are the unique abilities and characteristics of the creature that might break the game again?

    -The creature has multiple ailments, including Wing Shred, various types of poison, and the ability to deal significant damage. Its hitbox mechanics and the strength of its attacks make it potentially overpowered and capable of breaking the game balance.

  • How does the creature's hitbox work in relation to its body?

    -The creature's hitbox is primarily located in the green part of its body. This means that while the head's hitbox is smaller and more difficult to hit from a distance, the body's larger hitbox allows for easier combat interactions at closer ranges.

  • What are the consequences of the creature's ailments on other characters in the game?

    -The creature's ailments, such as Wing Shred and various poisons, can disable the abilities of other characters and prevent them from flying or using certain moves until the ailments wear off. This can significantly impact gameplay and give the creature a considerable advantage.

  • What is the significance of the creature's damage output in terms of game balance?

    -The creature's high damage output, with attacks dealing up to 500 damage, suggests that it may be overpowered compared to other creatures in the game. This could potentially disrupt the balance of gameplay and require adjustments to ensure fair and enjoyable play for all players.



🌟 Economic Impact of a Legendary Creature

This paragraph discusses the introduction of a unique creature in the game 'Sonaria' that had a significant impact on the in-game economy. In 2022, players could collect 10 mushrooms every 5 minutes, but upon the creature's debut, the rate skyrocketed to 30,000 per 5 minutes. The creature's mere existence generated such wealth for players that it disrupted the game's economic balance. The speaker suspects that the creature will have a similar effect again, not due to boss-like rewards but because it is now playable. The paragraph outlines the fastest strategies to acquire this creature, including taking advantage of growth tokens and exploiting certain game mechanics to speed up progress. The speaker also talks about a mission involving killing five large-sized creatures and using a 'combat logging' technique to complete it efficiently.


🎮 Game Mechanics and Strategies

The second paragraph delves deeper into the game mechanics of 'Sonaria', focusing on strategies to maximize growth and complete missions efficiently. The speaker discusses the challenges of growing a creature to a specific size without using growth tokens and the use of an exploit to speed up the process. Missions involving killing larger creatures and the 'combat logging' glitch are explained, as well as the importance of the 'Sarid Day' creature for rapid growth. The paragraph also covers the completion of additional tasks such as spinning the 'gcha' five times and completing the 'card match' mini-game. The speaker shares frustrations with being attacked by other players and the desire to perform these tasks on a private server for a less stressful experience.


🐉 Creature's Abilities and Potential Game-Breaking Features

This paragraph examines the abilities of a particular creature in 'Sonaria' and how its features could potentially disrupt the game balance. The speaker highlights the creature's hitbox mechanics and the potential for exploiting these to gain an unfair advantage in combat. The creature's ailment-inducing capabilities, such as Wing Shred, Poison, and Necro Poison, are discussed, along with the significant damage it can inflict. The speaker expresses admiration for the creature's strength and shares a personal experience of fighting and defeating other creatures in the game. The paragraph concludes with the speaker's decision to cease playing for the day, reflecting on the creature's power and the current state of the game.




Sonaria appears to be the name of a fictional world or game within the context of the video. It is the setting where the events and challenges described in the script take place. The term is used to establish the environment and provides a backdrop for the creature's activities and the players' interactions.


In the context of the video, mushrooms seem to be a type of in-game resource or currency. They are mentioned as something that players can collect, and their quantity has increased significantly due to the presence of the creature, indicating its impact on the game's economy.


Tokens are likely another form of in-game currency or points in Sonaria. They are mentioned alongside mushrooms and creatures, suggesting they are part of the game's reward system and are affected by the creature's actions.


The economy in this context refers to the in-game system of trade, resources, and wealth management within Sonaria. The creature's influence on the game has led to an imbalance, making players rich and potentially disrupting the game's balance.


The term 'playable' suggests that the creature is not just a part of the game environment but is also controllable by players. Its introduction as a playable character is expected to have a significant impact on the game dynamics, possibly leading to further disruptions.

💡Growth Tokens

Growth tokens are specific in-game items that seem to be used for developing or leveling up creatures within Sonaria. They are part of the game mechanics and are mentioned as a requirement for certain actions, such as growing creatures to a specific age.

💡Combat Logging

Combat Logging appears to be a game mechanic or exploit that allows players to complete missions or gain advantages by logging out of the game during combat. This technique is used to manipulate the game's system for the player's benefit.

💡Sarid Day

Sarid Day seems to be a specific creature within the game that is known for its rapid growth rate. It is mentioned as the fastest growing enormous creature in the game, which players can use to their advantage to complete tasks more quickly.

💡Any Gcha

Any Gcha refers to a game mechanic involving spinning a virtual wheel or machine for rewards. It is a mini-game within Sonaria that players can participate in to earn various items and resources.

💡Card Match Mini Game

The Card Match Mini Game is a specific activity within the game where players match cards to complete a puzzle. It is one of the tasks or missions that players need to accomplish, and it seems to involve some level of skill and strategy.


Ailments in this context are negative effects or status conditions that can be inflicted on creatures during gameplay. They include effects like poison, bleed, and disabling abilities, which can give certain creatures an advantage in combat or affect gameplay strategy.


This creature has a history of breaking the creatures of Sonaria.

In 2022, the creature's appearance led to an increase of 30,000 mushrooms per 5 minutes, making people rich and breaking the economy.

The creature is set to break the game again, this time as a playable character.

A method to quickly grow five enormous size creatures to age 100 is discussed, but it doesn't work with growth tokens.

An exploit is mentioned to speed up the growth process without using growth tokens.

A mission involves killing five large size or bigger adult creatures and a technique called 'combat logging' is introduced.

The use of Eric plushy can reduce growth time by 20%, and eating a killed creature can further reduce it by 50%.

The fastest growing enormous creature in the game, the Sarid Day, is recommended for speeding up the process.

Spinning the gacha five times is required for a mission, and a mini game called 'card match' must be completed five times.

The 'scramblers' mini game requires collecting blue and yellow dye, which is painful due to the 5-minute cooldown on the match mini game.

The creature's mechanics, such as hitboxes and ailments, are discussed, including its potential to break the game again.

The creature has two Wing Shreds, a lot of poison, and bleed ailments, making it extremely powerful.

The creature's tail deals 500 damage, and its hitbox appears to be located in the green part of the creature.

The creature's strength is tested in a fight against another creature, showing its potential to take down opponents.

The creature's hitbox is not as exploitable as initially thought, and the game developers seem to have addressed previous issues.

The creature's potential to break the game is attributed to its powerful mechanics and the impact it could have on gameplay.

The transcript ends with the creature's user deciding to stop playing creature scenario due to the challenges faced.