This One Print took me from Beginner 3D Printer to Actual Maker!

Attempted Maker
2 Mar 202405:59

TLDRScott, initially doubting his ability to be a maker, embarks on a 3D printing journey with an Ender3 V2 Neo. Despite initial challenges with setup and calibration, he perseveres, learning from his mistakes and the supportive online community. Scott's persistence pays off as he transitions from printing simple objects to designing his own, eventually creating functional replacements for broken tools. His evolving skills and growing confidence culminate in successfully designing and printing a variety of useful items, marking his transformation into a proud maker.


  • 🌟 Scott's initial feeling of inadequacy as a 'maker' compared to others.
  • 🔧 Scott's introduction to 3D printing as an accessible entry into making.
  • 🛠️ The choice of the Ender3 V2 Neo as a budget-friendly 3D printer.
  • 📈 The importance of community support for beginners in 3D printing.
  • 🎥 Learning from detailed setup videos posted by experienced users.
  • 💡 The challenges faced during the initial setup and calibration of the 3D printer.
  • 🚀 Overcoming obstacles and eventually mastering the 3D printer.
  • 🎨 The transition from merely printing to learning design with Fusion 360.
  • 📚 The struggle and shift to a more user-friendly design software, Onshape.
  • 🔄 Continuous learning and improvement through design tutorials and practice.
  • 🛠️ The satisfaction of creating functional parts, such as a replacement for a missing wire stripper piece.
  • 💼 Scott's evolution from认为自己不擅长制作到 embracing his new identity as a 'maker'.

Q & A

  • What is Scott's initial perception of himself in relation to makers?

    -Scott initially perceives himself as not being like makers, as he believes he lacks the talent and skills to create or build things, unlike the talented individuals who can turn their ideas into tangible objects.

  • What prompted Scott to consider 3D printing as an accessible hobby?

    -Scott was drawn to 3D printing because he noticed its increasing presence in makers' videos and perceived it as a hobby with a low barrier to entry, similar to having training wheels for beginners.

  • Which 3D printer model did Scott purchase and why?

    -Scott purchased the Ender 3 V2 Neo because it was the most recommended budget entry-level 3D printer in the market at the time of his purchase.

  • What challenges did Scott face during the setup of his 3D printer?

    -Scott faced several challenges during setup, including incorrectly leveling the bed, which resulted in the nozzle gouging a hole in the metal plate, and setting the Z offset incorrectly, causing the nozzle to scrape the beard and leave a watermark on the bed.

  • How did Scott's experience with Fusion 360 influence his design journey?

    -Scott's experience with Fusion 360 was initially discouraging as he found it difficult to learn. However, it motivated him to try an easier alternative, which eventually led him to success in designing and printing functional items.

  • What was the turning point for Scott in his journey to becoming a maker?

    -The turning point for Scott was when he successfully modeled and printed a replacement part for a pair of wire strippers, which fit perfectly and demonstrated to him that he could indeed create useful items.

  • What other items did Scott design and make after his successful wire stripper part?

    -After his successful wire stripper part, Scott designed and made a number plate mount, a fix for a vintage drill from the 1950s, and several other items that he was excited to share.

  • How did Scott's attitude towards himself change over the course of the script?

    -Scott's attitude changed significantly; he transitioned from believing he could not create or build anything to identifying himself as a maker, empowered by his successful design and printing experiences.

  • What advice does Scott offer to beginners in 3D printing and design?

    -Scott encourages beginners to persevere, learn from tutorials, and share their creations, emphasizing that making mistakes and learning from them is an essential part of the maker journey.

  • How does Scott engage with the 3D printing community?

    -Scott engages with the 3D printing community by utilizing online resources such as YouTube tutorials and leveraging the advice and support from a passionate community of printers and modders, which he found particularly helpful during his learning process.



🛠️ Introduction to Scott's Making Journey

Scott introduces himself as someone who considers himself creative but not talented, unlike the makers he admires. He acknowledges the gap between his ideas and the physical realization of those ideas. Scott's interest in 3D printing is sparked by its low barrier to entry and the supportive community around it. Despite initial struggles with setting up his Ender 3 V2 Neo 3D printer, including bed leveling issues and Z offset problems, Scott perseveres and eventually succeeds in printing various items, learning valuable lessons about design and 3D printing along the way.


🎨 Scott's Transition from Idea to Creation

After gaining experience with 3D printing, Scott realizes that to truly be a maker, he needs to learn design. He starts with Fusion 360 but finds it challenging and moves to Tinkercad. After following tutorials and designing a few basic items, Scott experiences a breakthrough when he successfully models a replacement part for a wire stripper, which fits perfectly on the first try. This accomplishment boosts his confidence and leads him to design and create more items, including a unique number plate mount and a fix for a vintage drill. Scott shares his models and encourages others to share their creations, embracing his new identity as a maker.




A 'maker' refers to an individual who engages in the creative process of designing and producing tangible objects, often utilizing technology and craft skills. In the context of the video, Scott initially identifies himself as not being a maker, as he feels he lacks the talent compared to others who are skilled in crafting and creating. However, as the video progresses, Scott challenges this notion by exploring 3D printing and design, ultimately embracing the maker identity.

💡3D Printer

A '3D printer' is a device that fabricates three-dimensional objects by depositing successive layers of material, typically plastic, onto a substrate. In the video, Scott's journey as a maker begins with his acquisition of an Ender3 V2 Neo, a budget entry-level 3D printer, which he uses to print various items and learn about the making process.


Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and valuable. In the video, Scott acknowledges his creative side, which drives him to explore the world of making despite his initial doubts about his talents. His creativity is a key factor in his eventual success as a maker.

💡Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Autodesk, used for 3D modeling, simulation, and product data management. In the video, Scott attempts to learn Fusion 360 to design objects but finds it challenging, leading him to explore other design platforms.


Onshape is a cloud-based 3D CAD system that allows users to create and edit 3D models in a collaborative environment. In the video, Scott transitions from Fusion 360 to Onshape after finding the latter easier to learn, and he successfully designs and prints a toothbrush holder, marking a significant improvement in his design skills.

💡Learning Curve

A 'learning curve' refers to the process of acquiring new skills or knowledge over time, typically showing improvement with increased exposure and practice. In the video, Scott experiences a steep learning curve as he navigates the complexities of 3D printing and design software.


A 'community' in this context refers to a group of individuals who share common interests, in this case, 3D printing and making. The video highlights the supportive role of the 3D printing community in providing advice and assistance to newcomers like Scott.

💡Problem Solving

Problem solving involves identifying a challenge and finding a solution or workaround. In the video, Scott demonstrates problem-solving skills as he tackles various issues related to 3D printing and design, ultimately leading to successful creations.


Persistence refers to the act of continuing in a course of action despite difficulties or setbacks. In the video, Scott's persistence is evident as he does not give up on his journey to become a maker, even when faced with initial failures and challenges.


Self-improvement is the process of enhancing one's knowledge, skills, or personal development. In the video, Scott's journey reflects a commitment to self-improvement as he strives to evolve from someone who feels unskilled to a capable maker.

💡Maker Journey

A 'maker journey' refers to the personal path an individual takes as they explore and develop their skills in making and creating. In the video, Scott shares his maker journey, which includes overcoming challenges, learning new skills, and ultimately finding success and satisfaction in his creations.


Scott's initial perception of himself as not being a maker and lacking talent compared to others.

His observation of the prevalence of 3D printers in makers' videos and their attainability.

Decision to purchase the Ender3 V2 Neo, a recommended budget 3D printer.

Challenges faced during the setup of the 3D printer, including bed leveling and Z offset calibration.

The importance of the 3D printing community for advice and support.

Scott's journey in learning 3D printing, including the trial and error process.

His transition from merely printing to learning design with Fusion 360.

Difficulties encountered with Fusion 360 and the switch to Onshape for easier learning.

The satisfaction of designing and printing a functional replacement part for wire strippers.

The realization that 3D printing can lead to tangible, practical improvements and creations.

Scott's progression from doubting his abilities to embracing the maker identity.

His endeavor in designing and creating a number plate mount and a fix for a vintage drill.

The excitement of sharing his creations and the encouragement for others to share their designs.

An invitation for those interested in Scott's maker journey to subscribe and follow his progress.