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21 Dec 202314:17

TLDRThe transcript introduces version 6 of an AI model, emphasizing its alpha status and potential for change. The speaker, Nolan, shares his excitement about the model's capabilities in generating images and text, highlighting its improvements over previous versions. He demonstrates the model's responsiveness to detailed prompts, showcasing a variety of generated content, from art pieces to character depictions. Nolan also discusses the model's new features, such as upscale options and variations, and invites viewers to explore and share their creations. Despite acknowledging the model's imperfections, he expresses optimism about its potential for creative exploration.


  • 🚀 Introduction of version 6 of Mid Journey, a significant update after 9 months of work.
  • 📝 The current release is an alpha version, meaning it is still subject to changes and updates.
  • 🔍 Users can control the output by adjusting settings such as 'style raw' and 'stylize' value.
  • 🎨 Comparison between version 5.2 and version 6 highlights the improvements and differences in output quality.
  • 🌟 Version 6 allows for more detailed and realistic image generation, with better understanding of prompts.
  • 🖌️ The channel creator, Nolan, emphasizes the need to relearn prompting techniques for version 6.
  • 🎉 Showcase of various images generated by version 6, demonstrating its capabilities and potential.
  • 📈 Testing of 'stylize' values reveals how they impact the image generation process.
  • 👥 Discovery of consistent character generation at higher stylize values, suggesting a new level of control.
  • 🔄 Introduction of new features like 'upscale subtle', 'upscale creative', and 'variations' for refining images.
  • 🌐 Encouragement for the community to explore version 6 and share their creations and discoveries.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of the alpha version of the model mentioned in the script?

    -The alpha version signifies that the model is still in its early stages of development and is subject to changes without prior notice. It indicates that users may expect updates and improvements over time.

  • How can users access version 6 of the model?

    -Users can access version 6 either by using the dropdown menu or by typing 'V6' at the end of their prompt in the chat box.

  • What is the recommended approach when images generated are not as expected?

    -If the generated images do not meet expectations, it is suggested to try using the 'style raw' option and adjusting the 'stylize' value, potentially lowering it for better results.

  • What is the role of quotation marks in generating text?

    -Quotation marks are used to indicate the exact text that should be generated, ensuring that the output matches the input closely.

  • How does the narrator, Nolan, describe his experience with version 6 compared to version 5.2?

    -Nolan describes version 6 as a significant improvement over version 5.2, noting that it offers more control over the outcome and a better understanding of prompts, although it still has room for improvement.

  • What is the main change in prompting with version 6?

    -The main change is that users will need to relearn how to prompt effectively, as the way prompts are structured and understood has changed from version 5 to version 6.

  • What does Nolan find particularly powerful about version 6?

    -Nolan finds the ability to include numerous details in a single prompt particularly powerful in version 6, which allows for a high level of control and specificity in the generated images.

  • How does the 'upscaler' feature in version 6 work?

    -The 'upscaler' feature offers two options: 'upscale subtle' and 'upscale creative'. The former generates a higher resolution image with minimal changes, while the latter takes creative liberties to enhance or alter the image.

  • What are the different types of variations available in version 6?

    -Version 6 offers 'subtle variations', which make minor changes to the image, and 'strong variations', which can significantly alter the composition and pose while maintaining the same color palette and general idea.

  • How can users experiment with the 'remix' feature?

    -By typing 'prefer remix' into the prompt box and selecting a variation, users can alter the original prompt to create a new image with a different focus or setting, such as changing the time of day in the scene.

  • What is the narrator's overall impression of version 6?

    -The narrator, Nolan, is excited and overwhelmed by the capabilities of version 6, noting that it offers limitless possibilities and a significant enhancement to creativity compared to previous versions.



🚀 Introduction to Mid Journey Version 6

The speaker introduces the launch of version 6 of Mid Journey, an AI model that has been under development for 9 months. They explain that this is an alpha version, meaning it's subject to change. The speaker guides users on how to access version 6 and provides tips on generating text within quotation marks for better results. They also share their excitement about the potential of the new version and discuss its improvements over previous versions, like better control over outcomes and enhanced image generation. The speaker, Nolan, expresses his passion for creating art with AI and shares some of his creations, comparing the outputs of version 5.2 and version 6 using the same prompts.


🎨 Exploring the Capabilities of Version 6

Nolan delves deeper into the capabilities of version 6, highlighting its advanced features such as the consistency of characters across different images and the ability to handle more detailed prompts. He demonstrates how varying the 'stylize' value can affect the output, showing a range of images from different stylize levels. Nolan also showcases the new upscale and variation features, which allow users to modify and enhance their images in various ways. He emphasizes the power of version 6 in understanding and incorporating multiple details into a single prompt, resulting in more realistic and complex images.


🌟 Final Thoughts and Future of Mid Journey

In the concluding paragraph, Nolan reflects on the limitless possibilities that version 6 brings to AI-generated art. He discusses the challenges of learning new prompting techniques and encourages viewers to share their tips and creations. Nolan also mentions his own health struggles and asks for support, directing viewers to his Patreon page for exclusive content and rewards. He concludes by expressing excitement for the future of Mid Journey and the creative potential it holds for its users.



💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey refers to an AI model discussed in the video, which is used for generating images based on textual prompts. It is the central subject of the video, with the speaker discussing its capabilities, improvements in version 6, and how it can be utilized to create various types of visual content. The term is used throughout the video to describe the AI system and its features.

💡Alpha version

An alpha version of a software or in this case, an AI model, is an early release that is still in the testing phase. It is not the final product and is subject to changes and updates based on feedback and further development. In the context of the video, the speaker informs the audience that the version 6 of Mid Journey is an alpha version, implying that it is a work in progress and may undergo modifications.

💡Style raw

Style raw refers to a specific setting or mode within the Mid Journey AI model that allows users to adjust the level of stylization in the generated images. It is a parameter that influences the visual output, making it either more raw or more polished based on the assigned value. The speaker in the video uses style raw with different values to demonstrate how it affects the quality and appearance of the generated images.


In the context of the AI model Mid Journey, a prompt is a textual description or a set of keywords that the user inputs to guide the AI in generating a specific image. The prompt is a crucial element as it directly influences the output, and the speaker in the video discusses the art of crafting effective prompts for version 6 of Mid Journey.

💡Stylize value

The stylize value is a parameter within the Mid Journey AI model that controls the level of stylization applied to the generated images. A higher stylize value may result in more abstract or artistic images, while a lower value could lead to more realistic outputs. The speaker in the video experiments with different stylize values to show their impact on the images produced by the AI.

💡Seed number

In the context of AI-generated images, a seed number is a unique identifier that initiates a specific instance of image generation. It ensures that the same prompt, when used with the same seed number, will produce consistent results. The speaker in the video uses the seed number to demonstrate how consistent characters can be generated across different stylize values.


Upscaling in the context of image generation refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image while maintaining or improving its quality. In the video, the speaker discusses two types of upscaling: 'upscale subtle' and 'upscale creative'. The former aims to increase resolution without significant changes, while the latter takes creative liberties to enhance or alter the image.


Variations in the context of the video refer to the different iterations or modifications of an AI-generated image that can be produced by altering the initial prompt or parameters. The speaker in the video explores 'subtle variations' and 'strong variations', which result in images with minor or significant differences in composition, color, and other aspects.


In the video, 'remix' is a feature that allows users to alter the original prompt and generate a new image based on the changes made. It provides an opportunity to experiment with different elements of the prompt and see how these changes affect the final output. The speaker uses the remix feature to change the setting of an image from day to night, showcasing the versatility of the AI model.

💡Limitless creativity

The concept of limitless creativity in the video refers to the boundless potential of the Mid Journey AI model to generate a vast array of images based on user inputs. The speaker emphasizes that with the new features and capabilities of version 6, the possibilities for creative expression are expanded, allowing for more experimentation and innovation.


The launch of version six of Mid Journey, an AI model that generates images from text prompts.

The alpha version status of the model, which is subject to change without notice.

The ability to generate text within quotation marks for creating images.

Recommendation to try 'style raw' and adjust the stylize value for better image results.

Nolan's passion for teaching people how to use AI, especially Mid Journey.

Comparison between version 5.2 and version 6 of Mid Journey, showcasing the improvements.

The need to relearn how to prompt in version 6 due to changes in the prompting system.

The potential of version 6 to understand and generate more detailed and realistic images.

Demonstration of the consistency in characters across different stylize values in version 6.

The ability to include more details in prompts and the model's capability to render them accurately.

The introduction of 'upscale subtle' and 'upscale creative' options for enhancing images.

The 'variations' feature, allowing users to alter their prompts and generate new images.

The 'remix' feature, which provides a new way to modify and generate images from existing prompts.

The exploration of the 'chaos' parameter and its impact on image generation.

Nolan's enthusiasm for the limitless possibilities and overwhelming potential of version 6.

The invitation for viewers to subscribe to the channel for more tutorials and exploration of version 6.