Midjourney Image Editing is Finally here - Vary Region Tutorial

23 Aug 202304:48

TLDRThe video introduces a groundbreaking update for Mid-Journey, a tool that now allows users to edit images post-creation. By utilizing text prompts, users can make specific alterations to image portions or add new elements. Demonstrated within Discord, the process involves selecting an image, upscaling it, and using 'very region' for detailed editing. The tool offers rectangular and lasso selection options, enabling users to modify or add details such as changing a dress color or inserting a boat into a scene. This feature significantly enhances the creative possibilities within Mid-Journey, providing a more interactive and personalized image editing experience.


  • 🚀 Mid-Journey has introduced a highly anticipated update called 'Very Region', a new feature for image editing post-generation.
  • 📷 Users can now edit portions of their images by selecting areas and typing new text prompts to alter specific parts.
  • 🔍 The 'Very Region' feature is accessed by upscaling an image and using selection tools like rectangular and lasso options.
  • 🎨 Editing allows users to change elements within the image, such as switching a polka dot dress to a red dress, by typing the desired change.
  • 🔄 After making selections, users can submit their new prompts to receive different variations of the edited section.
  • 📈 Upscaling an image (e.g., using 'u3' or 'u4' commands) provides higher resolution versions and access to the 'Very Region' editing window.
  • 🖼️ The feature also enables adding new elements to an image by selecting an area and typing a new text prompt, like adding a boat to a beach scene.
  • 🌐 The 'Very Region' tool is a significant addition to Mid-Journey, offering more control and creativity in image editing.
  • 📹 The video tutorial provides a beginner's guide to using Mid-Journey, including step-by-step instructions on how to use the 'Very Region' feature.
  • 🔗 The video script includes a link to a beginner's guide for those new to Mid-Journey, ensuring users can easily find additional resources.
  • 💡 The 'Very Region' feature is compared to 'painting' in other apps, highlighting its utility and potential for creative image manipulation.

Q & A

  • What is the new update introduced by Mid-Journey?

    -The new update introduced by Mid-Journey is called 'Very Region', which allows users to edit their images after they have been created by Mid-Journey.

  • How does the text prompt feature work in Mid-Journey?

    -The text prompt feature in Mid-Journey works by allowing users to type in a description, such as 'Imagine an illustrator retro inspired outfit, featuring a polka dot dress', and the system generates an image based on the prompt.

  • How can users select and edit specific portions of their images?

    -Users can select and edit specific portions of their images using the rectangular selection tool or the lasso tool. They can then type in a new text prompt to change only the selected area, leaving the rest of the image unchanged.

  • What is the 'Upscale' feature in Mid-Journey?

    -The 'Upscale' feature in Mid-Journey allows users to enlarge their images by pressing 'u' followed by a number (e.g., u3). This process generates a higher resolution version of the selected image.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Very Region' editing window?

    -The 'Very Region' editing window provides users with the ability to make numerous alterations to their image, such as selecting specific areas to change or add elements using text prompts.

  • How can users add new elements to an image using the 'Very Region' tool?

    -Users can add new elements to an image by using the lasso tool to select an area and then typing in a text prompt to describe the desired addition. The system will generate variations based on the prompt, allowing users to choose the most suitable option.

  • What is the significance of the 'Very Region' option in enhancing image editing?

    -The 'Very Region' option is significant as it provides a more precise and detailed control over image editing, enabling users to make targeted changes and additions to their images through text prompts.

  • How can users vary the elements within an image?

    -Users can vary the elements within an image by selecting the desired element and typing in a new text prompt. The system will generate different versions of the selected element, allowing users to choose from a range of options.

  • What is the role of the 'Arrow' button in the 'Very Region' editing process?

    -The 'Arrow' button is used to submit the new text prompt for the selected area. It allows users to see different variations based on the changes they've made in the 'Very Region' editing window.

  • How can users combine multiple prompts to achieve a desired image outcome?

    -Users can combine multiple prompts by typing in a detailed description, using the 'Very Region' tool to select specific areas for change, and then using the 'Arrow' button to submit and generate variations. They can continue to refine their prompts and selections until they achieve the desired outcome.

  • What is the benefit of using specific and detailed prompts in Mid-Journey?

    -Using specific and detailed prompts helps the system generate more accurate and relevant image variations, allowing users to achieve their desired results more efficiently.



🎨 Introducing Mid-Journey's Very Region Feature

This paragraph introduces the highly anticipated 'Very Region' feature of Mid-Journey, an innovative tool for image editing post-creation. The user can now edit portions of their images by selecting areas and even add elements using text prompts. The demonstration takes place within Discord, where the user inputs a text prompt to generate an image and then selects an image to upscale. The 'Very Region' option becomes available upon upscaling, allowing users to zoom out, pan, and alter the image with a new prompt box. The editing window offers two selection tools: rectangular and lasso, which can be used to modify specific parts of the image by typing in new text prompts. The user can submit these prompts to receive various versions of the edited image, providing a high level of customization and creative control.




Mid-Journey refers to a platform or service that appears to offer image generation and editing capabilities based on text prompts. In the context of the video, it is the central tool used for demonstrating various features such as image creation and editing through text inputs.

💡Text Prompts

Text prompts are inputs provided by the user to guide the Mid-Journey tool in generating or editing images. They act as instructions or descriptions that the system uses to create visual content that matches the user's request.


Upscaling in the context of the video refers to the process of enlarging or improving the resolution of an image. This is done by using a command like 'u3', which seems to increase the detail or size of the selected image.

💡Very Region

Very Region appears to be a feature or mode within Mid-Journey that allows users to edit specific regions or portions of an image by selecting it and then applying text prompts to alter only that selected area.

💡Rectangular Selection

Rectangular Selection is a tool that enables users to choose a rectangular portion of an image for editing purposes. This tool is used to isolate specific areas within the image for targeted modifications.

💡Lasso Tool

The Lasso Tool is an editing feature that allows users to make freehand selections on an image. It is useful for selecting irregular shapes or more complex areas that cannot be easily selected with a rectangular selection.

💡Altering Prompts

Altering prompts are modified text instructions that users can input to change specific aspects of an image after it has been generated. These prompts are used to refine the details or elements within the image.


Variations in this context refer to the different versions or iterations of an image that result from altering prompts or selections. These variations allow users to explore different visual outcomes based on their input.

💡Image Editing

Image editing encompasses the process of modifying or adjusting images using various tools and techniques. In the video, it involves using Mid-Journey's features to change aspects of an image according to the user's text prompts.


Discord is a communication platform that allows users to interact through text, voice, and video. In the context of the video, it is the medium through which Mid-Journey is accessed and utilized.


Upres is a shorthand for 'upscale resolution', a term used in the video to describe the action of increasing the size or resolution of an image, typically to a specified factor indicated by a number (e.g., u3, u4).


Mid-Journey introduces a highly anticipated update called 'Very Region'.

Very Region allows users to edit images post-creation by Mid-Journey.

Users can change portions of the image by selecting and using text prompts.

The demonstration takes place within Discord, where Mid-Journey operates.

A beginner's guide to Mid-Journey is available for new users.

The process starts by typing a text prompt and submitting it, such as 'Imagine illustrator retro inspired outfit, featuring a polka dot dress'.

Users can upscale created images by pressing 'u3' for a 3x upscaling.

After upscaling, a new option 'Very Region' becomes available for further editing.

The editing window offers tools like rectangular selection and lasso tool for precise alterations.

Text prompts can be used to change specific elements within the selected area, such as changing 'sunglasses' to 'red dress'.

The system generates multiple variations based on the new prompt, allowing users to choose and further refine their selections.

Users can also add new elements to an image by selecting an area and typing a new prompt, like adding a 'boat' to a beach scene.

The 'Very Region' feature sometimes referred to as 'painting' in other applications.

This tool has been long-awaited and offers a new level of image editing capability.

The tutorial showcases the versatility of the tool by demonstrating how to alter and add elements within an image.

The presenter emphasizes the importance of specific and detailed prompts for achieving the best results.