Introducing GPT-4o

13 May 202426:13

TLDRIn a groundbreaking presentation, the new flagship model GPT-4o is introduced, promising advanced AI capabilities for everyone, including free users. The model offers real-time conversational speech, vision, and improved language support. Live demos showcase its ability to handle math problems, interpret code, and even translate languages in real-time, all with a focus on natural and seamless human-computer interaction.


  • 🌟 GPT-4o is a new flagship model that brings GPT-4 intelligence to everyone, including free users.
  • πŸ’» A desktop version of ChatGPT is being released, aiming for simplicity and a more natural user experience.
  • πŸš€ GPT-4o is significantly faster and enhances capabilities in text, vision, and audio compared to its predecessors.
  • πŸŽ‰ The model is designed to be more accessible, aiming to reduce friction and make advanced AI tools available for free.
  • πŸ” GPT-4o introduces real-time conversational speech, allowing for natural interruptions and immediate responses.
  • πŸ“ˆ It includes advanced features like transcription, intelligence, and text-to-speech, all natively integrated for efficiency.
  • 🌐 GPT-4o's efficiency allows it to be offered to free users, expanding the audience for custom ChatGPT experiences.
  • πŸ“Š The model supports advanced data analysis, including the ability to upload and analyze charts and other tools.
  • 🌐 Language support has been improved, with GPT-4o offering better quality and speed in 50 different languages.
  • πŸ› οΈ For developers, GPT-4o is also being made available through the API, allowing for the creation of AI applications at scale.
  • πŸ”’ The team is working on safety measures to mitigate misuse, especially with real-time audio and vision capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the presentation by Mira Murati?

    -The main focus of the presentation is to introduce the new flagship model, GPT-4o, which brings advanced AI capabilities to everyone, including free users, and to demonstrate its features through live demos.

  • What improvements does GPT-4o bring to the ChatGPT experience?

    -GPT-4o offers GPT-4 intelligence with improved speed and capabilities across text, vision, and audio. It reduces latency, provides real-time responsiveness, and enhances the natural interaction experience with the AI.

  • How does GPT-4o handle real-time audio interactions?

    -GPT-4o natively processes real-time audio, allowing for immediate responses without the need for multiple models to work together, which was a source of latency in previous versions.

  • What new features are available to free users with the release of GPT-4o?

    -Free users now have access to advanced tools such as the GPT store, vision capabilities for analyzing images and documents, memory for continuity in conversations, browse for real-time information, and advanced data analysis.

  • How does the GPT-4o model enhance the safety of AI interactions?

    -The team has been working on building in mitigations against misuse, especially with the introduction of real-time audio and vision capabilities, ensuring the technology is both useful and safe.

  • What is the significance of the real-time translation capability demonstrated in the script?

    -The real-time translation capability shows GPT-4o's ability to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages, making AI interactions more inclusive and accessible.

  • How does GPT-4o's vision capability assist users in solving problems?

    -GPT-4o's vision capability allows it to see and analyze images, documents, and plots, providing hints and guidance in real-time, as demonstrated with the math problem and the weather data plot.

  • What is the role of the GPT store in the new GPT-4o model?

    -The GPT store is a platform where users can access custom ChatGPT experiences created by other users, expanding the range of applications and making AI tools more versatile.

  • How does GPT-4o's memory feature improve the user experience?

    -The memory feature allows GPT-4o to maintain continuity across conversations, making it more useful and helpful by retaining context and providing a more personalized interaction.

  • What are the benefits for developers with the release of GPT-4o to the API?

    -Developers can now build and deploy AI applications at scale using GPT-4o's advanced capabilities, which are faster, 50% cheaper, and offer five times higher rate limits compared to GPT-4 Turbo.



πŸš€ Launch of GPT-4o and Enhanced Accessibility

Mira Murati opens the presentation by emphasizing the importance of making AI tools widely available and user-friendly. The company announces the release of the desktop version of ChatGPT, designed for simplicity and natural interaction. The highlight is the unveiling of GPT-4o, a flagship model that brings advanced AI capabilities, including GPT-4 intelligence, to all users, even free ones. Live demos are promised to showcase GPT-4o's extensive capabilities in text, vision, and audio, with a focus on reducing latency and improving real-time interactions.


πŸŽ‰ Expanding Free Access and New Features for Users

The script discusses the milestone of reaching 100 million users and the decision to extend advanced tools to all users, not just paid subscribers. It introduces new features like the GPT store, where custom ChatGPT experiences are available, and the ability to use vision, memory, and browse functions to enhance the utility of ChatGPT. Additionally, improvements in language support across 50 different languages are highlighted to ensure global accessibility. For paid users, the benefits of higher capacity limits are mentioned, and the introduction of GPT-4o to the API is announced, allowing developers to integrate this advanced model into their applications.


πŸ€– Real-Time Interaction and Emotional Intelligence

The paragraph showcases a live demo of GPT-4o's real-time conversational speech capabilities, demonstrating the model's ability to handle interruptions and provide immediate responses without lag. It also highlights the model's emotional intelligence, as it picks up on the speaker's emotional state and provides feedback accordingly. The demo includes a variety of voice styles and the ability to generate a dramatic bedtime story on demand, showcasing the model's versatility and interactivity.


πŸ“š Interactive Learning and Problem-Solving

This section of the script features an interactive session where ChatGPT assists in solving a linear equation, providing hints and guiding the user through the process. It also discusses the practical applications of linear equations in everyday life and the importance of math in problem-solving. The conversational AI's ability to understand and respond to written expressions and provide emotional support is also demonstrated.


πŸ“ˆ Advanced Coding and Data Visualization Assistance

The script presents a scenario where ChatGPT assists with coding and data visualization, describing a function for smoothing temperature data using a rolling average and annotating significant weather events on a plot. It also shows the AI's ability to understand and comment on the code's functionality, as well as its capability to visually interpret and describe a plot shared by the user, including recognizing patterns and temperature trends.


🌐 Multilingual Translation and Emotional Recognition

The final paragraph of the script highlights the audience's interactive requests, starting with a demo of GPT-4o's real-time translation capabilities between English and Italian. It also includes a fun interaction where the AI attempts to recognize emotions from a selfie, showcasing its ability to understand and respond to visual cues. The script concludes with a look forward to future updates and a thank you to the team and technology partners that made the presentation possible.

🏁 Closing Remarks and Future Outlook

In the closing paragraph, the presenter thanks the audience for their participation and acknowledges the support from the OpenAI team and technology partners like Janssen and Nvidia. The script hints at upcoming updates on the next frontier of AI development, promising to keep the audience informed about progress towards future innovations.




GPT-4o is the new flagship model introduced in the video, which stands for a significant advancement in AI technology. It is designed to be faster and more efficient than its predecessors, providing enhanced capabilities across text, vision, and audio. The model's real-time processing and natural interaction capabilities are highlighted as a paradigm shift towards the future of collaboration between humans and machines, exemplified by its ability to handle real-time conversational speech and understand complex inputs like math problems and code.

πŸ’‘Real-time conversational speech

Real-time conversational speech refers to the model's ability to engage in immediate and continuous dialogue with users, without the lag that was previously experienced in voice mode. This feature is crucial for creating a more natural and immersive interaction experience, allowing users to converse with GPT-4o as they would with another person, as demonstrated in the live demo where the model responds instantly to the user's breathing exercises and emotional cues.

πŸ’‘Vision capabilities

The vision capabilities of GPT-4o allow it to process and understand visual information, such as images, screenshots, and documents. This feature enables users to interact with GPT-4o by sharing visual content, which the model can then analyze and discuss. For instance, the model can view a math problem written on paper and provide hints or solve it, showcasing its ability to integrate vision with its conversational skills.


Memory, in the context of GPT-4o, refers to the model's capacity to retain information across multiple interactions, providing a sense of continuity in conversations. This capability allows GPT-4o to be more useful and helpful by remembering past interactions and tailoring its responses accordingly, which is a significant step towards creating a more personalized and dynamic user experience.


The 'Browse' feature enables GPT-4o to search for real-time information during a conversation, allowing it to provide up-to-date and relevant responses. This capability is crucial for maintaining the accuracy and relevance of the information provided by the model, ensuring that users receive the most current data when they interact with GPT-4o.

πŸ’‘Advanced data analysis

Advanced data analysis is a feature that allows GPT-4o to process and interpret complex data, such as charts and statistical information. Users can upload such data to GPT-4o, which then analyzes it and provides insights or answers. This showcases the model's ability to handle specialized tasks beyond simple conversation, positioning it as a versatile tool for various professional and academic needs.

πŸ’‘Language support

Language support in GPT-4o refers to its enhanced capabilities in multiple languages, with improvements in quality and speed across 50 different languages. This feature is essential for broadening the accessibility of the model, ensuring that a wider global audience can benefit from its advanced AI features, as emphasized by the video's focus on making AI tools available to everyone.


API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols and tools that allows developers to build applications and services with specific functionalities. In the context of GPT-4o, the availability of its features through an API means that developers can integrate GPT-4o's advanced AI capabilities into their own applications, enabling the creation of innovative AI-driven solutions at scale.

πŸ’‘Safety and misuse mitigations

Safety and misuse mitigations refer to the measures taken by the team behind GPT-4o to prevent the model from being used in harmful ways. Given the real-time audio and vision capabilities of the model, it presents new challenges in ensuring that its use is both beneficial and safe. The team is actively working with various stakeholders to build in safeguards against potential misuse, highlighting the responsible approach to introducing advanced technologies.

πŸ’‘Live demo

A live demo is a real-time demonstration of a product or technology, showcasing its features and capabilities to an audience. In the video, live demos are used to illustrate the functionalities of GPT-4o, such as its real-time conversational speech, vision capabilities, and advanced data analysis. These demos serve to provide a tangible and engaging experience of the model's capabilities, helping viewers to understand its potential applications and advantages.


Introduction of GPT-4o, a new flagship model with GPT-4 intelligence for everyone, including free users.

Release of the desktop version of ChatGPT, designed for broader accessibility and a more natural user experience.

GPT-4o's enhanced capabilities in text, vision, and audio, marking a significant leap in ease of use.

Real-time conversational speech demonstration showcasing GPT-4o's ability to understand and respond without lag.

GPT-4o's ability to generate voice in various styles, including dramatic and robotic voices for storytelling.

The integration of transcription, intelligence, and text-to-speech in GPT-4o, reducing latency and improving immersion.

GPT-4o's efficiency allowing advanced AI tools to be available to all users, including those using ChatGPT for work and learning.

Introduction of GPT-4o in the GPT store, expanding the reach of custom ChatGPT experiences.

New features including vision capabilities, memory, browsing, and advanced data analysis to enhance ChatGPT's usefulness.

Improvement in ChatGPT's language support, now offering quality and speed in 50 different languages.

GPT-4o's availability in the API, allowing developers to build and deploy AI applications at scale.

Challenges in ensuring the safety and responsible use of GPT-4o's real-time audio and vision capabilities.

Live demonstration of GPT-4o's real-time translation capabilities, bridging communication gaps between English and Italian speakers.

GPT-4o's emotional detection through visual input, analyzing facial expressions to determine emotions.

GPT-4o's assistance in solving a linear equation, demonstrating its educational potential in real-time.

GPT-4o's interaction with code and plots, showcasing its ability to understand and provide insights into complex data visualizations.

The future of AI collaboration as presented by GPT-4o, emphasizing natural and efficient human-machine interaction.

Acknowledgment of the OpenAI team and partners for their contributions to the development and demonstration of GPT-4o.