【stable diffusion】Tiled DiffusionとControlNetで高画質化【AIイラスト】

30 May 202304:18

TLDRThe video script discusses the process of enhancing image quality using various techniques. It starts by generating a standard image and then attempts to improve its resolution. The speaker notes that while the face becomes clearer, the background and hairstyle change. To maintain the original structure, the script suggests using tiles to create a high-resolution image that retains the original composition. The process involves selecting a tile, using a control net, and fixing the seed value for consistency. The video concludes by comparing the enhanced image with the original high-resolution image, highlighting the improved fidelity and structure retention achieved through the tile method.


  • 🌟 The task involves enhancing the quality of an image, specifically improving its resolution.
  • 🖌️ The process starts with generating a standard image without any enhancements.
  • 🧩 The image has some issues, such as a distorted face shape, due to being 'washed out'.
  • 🔍 An attempt is made to improve the image quality by using a high-resolution technique.
  • 🌸 After enhancement, the face becomes clearer, but the background and hairstyle change.
  • 🚫 For simple high-quality conversion, the initial method is sufficient, but for structural preservation, tiles are used.
  • 🔧 The face is first restored using 'Restore Face' to clean up any distortions.
  • 🔄 Tile fusion is initiated to maintain the structure and composition of the original image while enhancing quality.
  • 📈 The control net is opened, and the initial washed-out image is used as a base for the new high-quality image.
  • 🎨 The final result shows a significant improvement in quality, with the structure and composition closely resembling the original.
  • 🔄 A comparison between the high-resolution image and the tile-enhanced image shows the latter has higher fidelity to the original structure.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the script?

    -The main topic of the script is the process of upscaling and improving the quality of an image using various techniques.

  • What is the first step mentioned in the image enhancement process?

    -The first step mentioned is to generate a regular image without any specific alterations to start with.

  • Why is the initial image described as having a crushed face shape?

    -The initial image has a crushed face shape because it is a 'washed out' version, which implies a loss of detail and definition.

  • What does the script suggest to improve the quality of the image?

    -The script suggests using high-resolution techniques to improve the image quality, resulting in a clearer and more defined face.

  • What issue arises when the image quality is easily upscaled without careful attention?

    -When the image quality is upscaled without careful attention, the background and hair style may change, altering the overall feel of the image.

  • How does the script propose to maintain the structure of the image when enhancing its quality?

    -The script proposes using tiles to maintain the structure of the image while enhancing its quality, ensuring that the composition remains consistent.

  • What is the role of 'Restore Face' in the process?

    -The 'Restore Face' function is used to specifically refine the facial features of the image, ensuring that the face remains clear and well-defined even after upscaling.

  • What is the significance of the 'Tile Diffusion Fusion' technique mentioned in the script?

    -The 'Tile Diffusion Fusion' technique is used to upscale the image while preserving the original composition and structure, resulting in a higher quality image that maintains its original artistic intent.

  • How does the script compare the 'High Res' and 'Tile' methods in terms of image reproduction?

    -The script suggests that the 'Tile' method offers higher reproducibility and a more accurate representation of the original image, especially in terms of composition.

  • What is the final result of the image enhancement process described in the script?

    -The final result is an image with improved quality and clarity, where the facial features are well-defined, and the overall composition is preserved, offering a better visual experience than the initial high-resolution image.



🖼️ Image Upscaling and Quality Enhancement

The paragraph discusses the process of improving the quality of an image. It starts with a prompt to upscale a sample image and describes the initial attempt without any modifications, resulting in a distorted face. The speaker then decides to fix the image by using high-resolution techniques, which improves the facial features but alters the background and hairstyle. The paragraph continues with the use of a specific tool, Restore Face, to correct the face while maintaining the background. Finally, it compares the original high-resolution image with the restored one, highlighting the increased fidelity and preservation of the original composition.



💡Image Upscaling

Image upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it appear clearer and more detailed. In the context of the video, the speaker is discussing the technique of enhancing a low-resolution image to achieve a high-quality result, which is the main theme of the video.

💡Seed Value

A seed value is a starting point or initial input used in random number generation or other algorithmic processes to produce a unique outcome. In the video, the speaker chooses to fix the seed value to ensure consistency and reproducibility of the image generation process.

💡High Resolution

High resolution refers to an image with a greater number of pixels, resulting in more detail and clarity. The video's focus is on transforming a low-quality image into one with high resolution, thereby improving its visual appeal and sharpness.

💡Face Structure

Face structure refers to the shape and features of a person's face. In the video, the speaker is concerned with preserving the original face structure while enhancing the image quality, indicating the importance of maintaining recognizable facial features in the upscaling process.


In the context of image editing, a tile is a method used to repeat a section of an image to create a seamless pattern or to maintain consistency across the entire image. The speaker in the video uses tiles to ensure that the upscaled image retains the original composition and structure.

💡Control Net

A control net is a tool used in image editing to guide the transformation process, ensuring that certain features or aspects of the image remain consistent. In the video, the control net is opened to help maintain the original structure and composition of the image during the upscaling process.

💡Restore Face

Restore Face is a feature or technique used to correct or enhance facial features in an image. The speaker in the video uses this technique to improve the appearance of the face while keeping the original structure and composition intact.


Composition refers to the arrangement of elements in an image to create a visually appealing and balanced whole. The video emphasizes the importance of maintaining the original composition to preserve the overall impression and mood of the image.

💡Tile Fusion

Tile Fusion is a technique that combines multiple images or sections of an image to create a new, seamless whole. It is used to maintain the original structure and details of the image while enhancing its quality.

💡Overwrite Image

Overwrite Image refers to the process of replacing an existing image with a new version. In the context of the video, this is done to apply the upscaling and enhancement techniques to the original image, resulting in a higher quality version.

💡Artistic Quality

Artistic quality pertains to the aesthetic and creative aspects of an image, which may include elements like color, texture, and mood. The video's focus on upscaling and enhancing images is aimed at improving not just the technical resolution but also the overall artistic quality.