Futuristic Neon Cityscape with Advanced Technology

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A futuristic city full of neon lights, with a sci-fi atmosphere and the most advanced technology.

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A futuristic city full of neon lights, with a sci-fi atmosphere and the most advanced technology.
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  • Subject: A futuristic cityscape Setting: The city is bathed in neon lights, creating a vibrant and futuristic atmosphere. The architecture is sleek and modern, with buildings reaching towards the sky. Background: The background is filled with tall skyscrapers, flying vehicles, and holographic displays, all contributing to the sci-fi vibe. Style/Coloring: The style is sleek and modern, with a color palette dominated by neon colors like blue, purple, and green, creating a striking contrast against the dark sky. Action: People are walking along futuristic sidewalks, some interacting with holographic interfaces, while others are boarding or disembarking from flying vehicles. Items: The city is filled with advanced technology, including holographic displays, futuristic vehicles, and high-tech gadgets. Costume/Appearance: People are dressed in futuristic clothing, featuring sleek designs and high-tech fabrics. Accessories: Some people are carrying futuristic accessories like holographic tablets or advanced communication devices.