Що таке Midjourney і як користуватись штучним інтелектом для дизайну?

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23 Jan 202314:17

TLDRThe video script introduces a neural network bot named 'Mi journe' that can generate images based on keywords provided to it. The bot is utilized for various purposes, including creating website designs, logos, and even full paintings. The user explains how to access and use the bot on a platform called Mi journe.com and provides a detailed guide on the settings and parameters that can be adjusted for different outcomes. The video also promotes a free webinar on digital world strategies for students and graduates, highlighting the potential of AI in the field of education and earning in the future.


  • 🤖 The script discusses a neural network bot named 'Mi journe' that can generate images based on given keywords.
  • 🎨 The bot can create a variety of images, such as landscapes or logos, depending on the user's requests.
  • 📝 Users interact with the bot by providing it with specific keywords or descriptions to generate desired images.
  • 🔄 The bot uses an internal neural network to process the requests and produce images from numerous variants and descriptions.
  • 🌐 The script mentions the use of Discord as a platform to access and utilize the 'Mi journe' bot.
  • 📚 The speaker shares their experience of using the bot in a university setting for a creative project.
  • 🚀 The bot can be used for various creative purposes, including website design, logo creation, and even full-fledged picture generation.
  • 📈 The script highlights the potential of AI in the field of design and its ability to inspire and create new and interesting content.
  • 🌟 The speaker emphasizes the importance of embracing AI technology to stay competitive in the evolving digital landscape.
  • 🔍 The script provides a detailed guide on how to use the 'Mi journe' bot, including setting up parameters for image generation.
  • 📅 An upcoming free webinar on strategies for earning in the digital world is announced for students and applicants, showcasing the practical application of AI in education.

Q & A

  • What is Midjourney Bot and where can it be used?

    -Midjourney Bot is a Discord bot that allows users to generate images based on the keywords provided. It can be used for inspiration, creating new and interesting designs, websites, logos, sketches for UI/UX design, and even entire pictures, essentially enabling the creation of unique masterpieces for various needs.

  • How does Midjourney Bot generate images?

    -The bot generates images based on the keywords or prompts given by the user. It relies on an internal neural network that references a wide variety of images with different descriptions and titles to create the requested visual content.

  • Can Midjourney Bot understand and draw images from descriptions in any language?

    -No, the Midjourney Bot requires prompts to be in English. It does not understand commands or descriptions in Ukrainian or other languages, as indicated in the script.

  • What are the limitations on using Midjourney Bot for free?

    -There is a limit to the number of requests a user can make to the Midjourney Bot before needing to switch to a paid version or restart Discord on a different account. The exact limit wasn't specified, but the narrator mentions only having around 20 or so free requests left.

  • How can users customize the output quality of images generated by Midjourney Bot?

    -Users can select the version of Midjourney they want to use and adjust settings for image quality. Options like 'High Quality' and 'Very High' are available, with the latter requiring more computational resources but producing better images.

  • What example does the script provide to illustrate how Midjourney Bot can be used?

    -The script provides an example where the user asks Midjourney Bot to generate images representing 'the world in 2023' with a focus on Ukraine, showcasing the bot's capability to create diverse visual interpretations based on specific prompts.

  • How can users interact with Midjourney Bot on Discord?

    -Users can interact with Midjourney Bot by typing commands in Discord channels. For example, using the '/imagine' command followed by a prompt to request the bot to generate images based on the specified theme or idea.

  • What educational event is mentioned in the script, and what is its focus?

    -The script mentions a free webinar happening on January 26, focused on earning strategies in the digital world for the year 2023. This webinar is intended for students and applicants and will cover trends in technology, cryptocurrency ecosystems, and the tokenization of assets.

  • How can Midjourney Bot be used for educational purposes?

    -Midjourney Bot can inspire creativity and innovation, offering new perspectives on digital art creation. It can be used as a tool in educational settings to explore the possibilities of neural networks and AI in art and design, as illustrated by the university event mentioned in the script.

  • What is the process for saving and refining images generated by Midjourney Bot?

    -Users can choose their preferred image from the generated options and request an 'upscale' to enhance its quality. If none of the images are satisfactory, users can refresh the request to generate new images. This allows for the creation and refinement of unique visual content based on user preferences.



🎨 Introduction to Mi journe - The AI Artwork Generator

This paragraph introduces the audience to an AI-based artwork generator named Mi journe, which operates within Discord. It explains how the AI can create images based on keywords provided to it, allowing users to generate a variety of designs, from simple drawings to complex artworks. The speaker discusses the versatility of the AI, highlighting its potential for creating unique masterpieces and various applications, such as designing websites, logos, and full images. The paragraph emphasizes the ease of use and the creative possibilities unlocked by leveraging this technology.


🌐 Using Mi journe for Creative Visualization

In this paragraph, the speaker demonstrates how to use Mi journe to visualize and generate images. They explain the process of interacting with the AI by providing it with specific prompts in English, such as 'Ukraine' or '2023', to generate relevant artwork. The speaker also discusses the ability to refine the AI's output by selecting from various generated options or requesting new images if the initial results are not satisfactory. Additionally, the paragraph touches on the potential of using AI-generated images in various contexts, emphasizing the creative freedom and the role of the user's imagination in the process.


🚀 Advanced Usage and Future Trends in AI Art

The final paragraph delves into more advanced usage of the AI artwork generator, including the ability to incorporate specific parameters and settings to refine the output. The speaker provides an example of how to add a logo to the generated artwork and discusses the potential for high-quality image production. They also mention a free webinar for students and graduates focusing on strategies for earning in the digital world, hinting at the broader implications of AI and technology for future job markets and education. The paragraph concludes with a reflection on the potential trends of 2035, as visualized by the AI, and encourages the audience to make the most of the current era of technological advancement.



💡Neural network

A neural network, in the context of the video, refers to a computer system modeled on the human brain's network of neurons. These networks are designed to recognize patterns and interpret data through machine learning and artificial intelligence. The video discusses a specific neural network used in a Discord bot for generating images based on keywords provided by users. This illustrates the application of neural networks in creative processes, such as art generation, by simulating human-like understanding of requests and turning them into visual representations.

💡Discord bot

A Discord bot is a type of automation software that can perform tasks in Discord, a popular communication platform, often used for gaming communities but also for a wide range of other collaborative environments. The bot mentioned in the video is capable of generating images using a neural network. This showcases how bots can be enhanced with AI to provide interactive and creative services within community chats, such as creating custom artwork on demand.

💡Image generation

Image generation in the video refers to the process of creating visual content based on text descriptions or keywords. This is achieved through the mentioned neural network embedded in the Discord bot, demonstrating an AI's ability to interpret human requests and produce relevant images. The examples provided, such as generating skies or logos, illustrate the versatility and potential of using AI for diverse creative tasks.


Inspiration, as discussed in the video, highlights how the neural network's ability to generate images can serve as a source of creative inspiration. Users can explore ideas or concepts visually, which the AI brings to life, potentially sparking new creative directions or solutions. This application is significant for artists, designers, and creators looking for fresh perspectives or concepts.

💡Website design

Website design is mentioned as one of the practical uses for the neural network-powered bot. By generating design concepts, layouts, or elements based on descriptive input, the bot can aid in visualizing website appearances before actual development starts. This use case shows the potential of AI in streamlining the design process and offering customizable and innovative design options.


The video discusses generating logos as another application of the neural network. This indicates the bot's capability to create branding materials, offering businesses and individuals a tool to visualize logo ideas based on descriptive keywords. It exemplifies the bot's utility in marketing and branding efforts, where visual identity is key.


Sketches refer to preliminary drawings or outlines made as part of the creative process. The neural network's ability to generate sketches based on user input can accelerate the brainstorming phase of design projects, providing quick visual references for further development. This highlights how AI can be integrated into the creative workflow, enhancing efficiency and exploration.


Artwork generation is a primary function of the neural network discussed in the video. This capability allows users to commission the creation of unique art pieces by describing what they envision. The AI's interpretation of these descriptions into visual art demonstrates the blending of technology with traditional creative expression, offering a novel avenue for art creation.

💡Unique masterpiece

The term 'unique masterpiece' underscores the potential of the neural network to produce one-of-a-kind artworks. By leveraging AI, users can create original pieces that might not have been possible through conventional means. This concept reinforces the idea of AI as a tool for expanding the boundaries of creativity and personalized expression.

💡Use cases

Use cases in the video refer to the practical applications of the neural network-powered Discord bot, such as generating inspiration, website designs, logos, and complete artworks. This demonstrates the wide range of possibilities AI technology offers across different fields and industries, from creative arts to web development and branding.


The introduction of a neural network called 'Mi journe' which is a Discord bot capable of creating images.

The bot can generate images based on keywords provided by the user, allowing for a high level of customization.

The neural network utilizes a variety of images and descriptions to generate its outputs.

The bot can be used for inspiration, creating new and interesting content, including website designs and logos.

The bot can generate entire web designs and even full images, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

The user can interact with the bot through Discord, with specific instructions on how to connect to the bot provided.

The bot was used in a university event to create designs, demonstrating its practical application.

The bot's capabilities were showcased by creating a series of images based on the prompt 'sky', resulting in four different outputs.

The user can select and save their preferred image, or ask for variations or new images if not satisfied.

The bot's settings can be adjusted for quality and style, with options like 'very high' and 'high quality'.

The bot can be used to create images in a specific style, such as 'game', 'remote', or 'public'.

The bot's response time and the process of generating images were discussed, highlighting its efficiency.

An upcoming free webinar on digital world earnings strategies for students and high school graduates was announced.

The importance of utilizing the bot and similar technologies in the current era was emphasized.

The bot's potential for creating educational content and visions of the future, such as the year 2035, was demonstrated.

The user guide for the 'imagine' feature of the bot was briefly explained, including how to add images and text.

The bot's ability to generate high-quality images, as well as its potential for educational and creative purposes, was highlighted.