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4 Oct 202314:04

TLDRThe video script introduces viewers to the world of Midjourney, a creative tool based on Discord that generates images from textual prompts. It guides users on how to get started, use various features like aspect ratio adjustment, and generate unique light effects. The script also touches on the ability to refine and customize images, blend styles, and even add personal touches by adjusting the prominence of elements in the prompt. The video promises a free set of assets for creating unique lighting effects for those who join the associated Telegram channel and offers a masterclass for deeper exploration of Midjourney's capabilities.


  • 🚀 Start working in Midjourney by understanding the basics and generating images for any task within 15 minutes.
  • 🔗 📝 Follow previous videos for instructions on how to register in Midjourney and Discord, and ensure to watch them to the end.
  • 🌐 📢 Join the Telegram channel for the latest updates on Midjourney and Photoshop.
  • ✍️ 🎨 Use the 'Imagine' command in Discord to generate an image based on the description provided in the prompt.
  • 🖼️ 👀 Preview the generated images by clicking on them, and select the desired one for further refinement.
  • 📷 🔍 Use free or paid neural networks to upscale images if the default size is insufficient.
  • 🎨 🔄 Make significant or subtle changes to the images using the 'restrong' and 'very subtle' buttons.
  • 🛠️ 📐 Adjust image proportions and add details using Midjourney's features like aspect ratio settings.
  • 🔄 Generate multiple versions of the same prompt for creative exploration and variety.
  • 🎨 🖌️ Apply different artistic styles or reference specific artists' works to enhance the image generation.
  • 🔄 🌟 Utilize 'Blend' to combine up to four images and 'Describe' to use existing images as references for style replication.
  • 🔧 📝 Fine-tune the image details by using the 'very redit' feature and adjust the significance of elements in the prompt.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to start working with Midjourney, a tool for generating images based on prompts, within 15 minutes.

  • What platform does Midjourney run on?

    -Midjourney runs on the Discord platform.

  • How can one join the Midjourney community?

    -To join the Midjourney community, one can follow the link provided in the video description to a previous video that explains the registration process for Midjourney and Discord.

  • What is a 'prompt' in the context of Midjourney?

    -A 'prompt' in the context of Midjourney is a request for generating an image, which includes a description of the object to be depicted and additional parameters that describe the style, lighting, proportions, and other aspects of the image.

  • How does one enter a prompt in Midjourney?

    -To enter a prompt, one needs to press the '+' button, select the 'Use Application' option, choose the 'Imagine' command, and enter the description of the desired image in the provided field.

  • What can one do with the generated images?

    -With the generated images, one can view them in more detail by clicking on them, and if desired, upscale them to a larger size using free or paid neural networks that maintain image quality.

  • How can one create variations of an image?

    -One can create variations of an image by using the 'restrong' button, which applies stronger changes, or the 'very subtle' button, which applies minor but noticeable alterations.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Aspect Ratio' parameter?

    -The 'Aspect Ratio' parameter is used to set the proportions of the generated image, allowing users to specify the desired width-to-height ratio, such as 3:4 or any other ratio.

  • How can one use the 'Style' parameter to influence the generated image?

    -The 'Style' parameter allows users to guide Midjourney's creativity by adding specific styles or artist names as references, which the tool will use to generate an image that incorporates elements of the specified style or artistic influence.

  • What is the 'Chaos' parameter and how does it affect the image generation?

    -The 'Chaos' parameter, measurable on a scale from 0 to 50, introduces variability into the generated images, allowing Midjourney to create multiple versions of the same scene in completely different styles.

  • How can one combine two images using Midjourney?

    -To combine two images, one can use the 'Blend' command, selecting the first image and then the second, to create a single image that incorporates elements from both.

  • What additional resources are available for learning more about Midjourney?

    -For a deeper understanding of Midjourney, including its nuances, updates, and practical application, one can join the creator's Telegram channel and take part in the 'Midjourney from Scratch' masterclass, which also includes a free Photoshop from Scratch masterclass with the purchase.



🚀 Getting Started with Midjourney: An Overview

This paragraph introduces the viewer to the basics of getting started with Midjourney, a Discord-based AI tool for generating images. It emphasizes that while it won't cover every detail, it will provide enough information for users to begin using Midjourney and enjoy the predictable results it offers. The speaker also mentions a previous video on how to register for Midjourney and Discord, with a link provided in the description for viewers to check out. The paragraph concludes by encouraging viewers to watch the entire video to understand how to obtain a free set of fronts for generating unique lighting effects in Midjourney and to join their Telegram channel for updates.


📝 Understanding the Prompt and Midjourney's Functionality

This section delves into the specifics of how to interact with Midjourney by creating a prompt, which is a request for the AI to generate an image based on the description provided. It explains that the description includes the object to be depicted and additional parameters that define the style, lighting, proportions, and more. The paragraph details the process of submitting a prompt by using the '+' button, selecting the 'Imagine' command, and entering the description. It also describes how Midjourney generates four images by default, which can be inspected in more detail by clicking on them. The viewer is then walked through how to select and upscale a preferred image using Discord commands, and how to utilize free or paid AI networks for further enlargement without losing quality.


🎨 Exploring Parameters and Styles in Midjourney

This paragraph focuses on the various parameters and styles available in Midjourney for enhancing the generated images. It introduces the 'chaos' parameter, which introduces variability into the generated grid, and demonstrates its effect with an example of a cat sitting on a sofa. The paragraph also discusses the 'style' parameter, which allows Midjourney to add details according to its aesthetic sense, and how it can be manually adjusted. The speaker provides examples of how to use different artistic techniques and styles, including referencing specific artists' styles for creating images. It also touches on how to use the 'describe' command to base the image on existing artworks or photos, and the 'Blend' command to combine multiple images into one. The paragraph concludes with a mention of the speaker's masterclass for a deeper understanding of Midjourney's capabilities.




Midjourney is an AI-based image generation platform that utilizes deep learning models to create images based on textual prompts. In the video, it is the primary tool discussed, allowing users to generate unique visual content by inputting descriptions and parameters. The term is integral to understanding the video's theme of leveraging technology for creative expression.


Discord is a communication platform where Midjourney operates, allowing users to interact with the AI and generate images through text commands. It serves as the interface for users to engage with Midjourney, making it a key concept in the video's tutorial on how to use the image generation tool.


A prompt, in the context of the video, refers to the textual description provided to Midjourney that dictates the content and style of the generated image. It is a critical element as it guides the AI in creating the desired visual output, and the video provides instructions on how to craft effective prompts.


Parameters are additional settings or options that users can adjust to refine the output of the AI-generated images. They pertain to aspects such as image proportions, style, and lighting effects. The video emphasizes the importance of understanding and manipulating parameters to achieve the desired results in Midjourney.


Imaginary refers to the application within Discord that users access to utilize Midjourney's image generation capabilities. It is the specific tool within the platform that processes the prompts and parameters to create images, as discussed in the video.

💡Cinematic lighting

Cinematic lighting refers to the use of lighting techniques in image generation that mimic those used in filmmaking to create a more dynamic, visually appealing, and emotionally engaging visual effect. The video touches on the use of the 'cinematic' parameter in prompts to achieve this type of lighting in the generated images.

💡Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height of an image, which is an important parameter in image generation. The video provides guidance on how to set the aspect ratio to control the shape and composition of the generated images, allowing for customization to fit specific requirements or preferences.


Style in the context of the video refers to the artistic and visual aesthetic applied to the generated images. Users can specify styles such as 'watercolor' or 'vector' to guide the AI in creating images with a particular look or feel. The video discusses how to use style parameters to add a creative touch to the images produced by Midjourney.


Chaos is a parameter that introduces variability and randomness into the image generation process, allowing for the creation of multiple, diverse versions of the same prompt. The video explains how adjusting the chaos parameter can lead to a range of outputs, from subtle variations to significant changes in the generated images.


Blend is a feature that allows users to combine two or more images into a single composition. This can be used to integrate different visual elements or styles into the generated content. The video mentions using the blend command to merge distinct images, creating a new image that reflects a combination of the input sources.


The 'describe' command in Midjourney is used to reference existing images as a basis for generating new content. Users can upload an image and then provide additional prompts to modify or enhance the original content. The video highlights this as a way to incorporate specific visual references into the AI's output.


The video provides an overview of how to start working with Midjourney, a generative design tool based on Discord.

The presenter explains that viewers will be able to generate images for any task within 15 minutes.

The video does not cover all the details but offers enough information for beginners to start using Midjourney.

Instructions on how to register in Midjourney and Discord are provided in a previous video, with a link available in the description.

The presenter mentions a free set of fronts for generating unique lighting effects in Midjourney available by joining their Telegram channel.

The process of creating a prompt for Midjourney is explained, which involves describing the desired image and its parameters.

The video demonstrates how to use the 'Imagine' command to generate images based on the prompt.

Viewers are shown how to refine their image choices by selecting specific numbers and using the 'askill' command.

The presenter discusses the possibility of enlarging images using free or paid neural networks to maintain quality.

The video explains how to create variations of an image using the 'restrong' and 'very strong' buttons for subtle and significant changes.

The presenter illustrates how to adjust image proportions and add details using arrows and zoom effects.

The concept of 'cinematic' lighting is introduced, and the presenter mentions a masterclass for detailed information.

The video highlights the use of the 'aspect ratio' parameter to set image proportions at the beginning of the creation process.

The presenter discusses the 'chaos' parameter, which introduces variability into the generated images.

The 'stylize' parameter is introduced, allowing Midjourney to add details and enhance the image based on its algorithm.

The video explains how to use the 'describe' command to reference existing images or styles for generating new images.

The presenter offers a free set of products for creating various types of lighting effects, available by joining their Telegram channel.