1. Free Face Swapping with Pica-AI Website! Step-by-Step Tutorial

11 Mar 202405:22

TLDRIn this Tech Fox YouTube series, the host introduces Pika AI, an innovative AI tool for face swapping. The video demonstrates how to use the tool by searching for 'Pika AI', selecting a face swap template, uploading an image, and generating the swapped face. Despite a waiting queue due to high demand, the host emphasizes the tool's free use and satisfaction with the resulting image quality, encouraging viewers to explore various templates for personalized outcomes.


  • 🚀 The speaker is launching a new series on Tech Fox's YouTube channel focused on showcasing emerging AI tools in the market.
  • 🤖 The first AI tool introduced is Pika AI, which is known for its face swap functionality.
  • 🌐 To access Pika AI, one can search for it on Google by typing 'Pika AI' and visiting the website pikaai.com.
  • 🖼️ Users can upload their own image and swap their face with various templates provided on the Pika AI website.
  • 📸 The process involves downloading an image, saving it locally, and then selecting a template to swap faces.
  • 🔍 There is a queue system in place for free users, which may require waiting before processing the face swap.
  • 🎉 The speaker emphasizes that the tool is free to use, but the wait time can vary depending on the number of users.
  • 💡 The speaker suggests trying different templates to find the best fit for each individual's face.
  • ⏱️ Patience is highlighted as a virtue when using the tool, as the quality of the results is worth the wait.
  • 🎁 The end result can be downloaded by the user, allowing them to save their AI-generated face swap images.
  • 📺 The video is part of a series, and the speaker encourages viewers to stay tuned for more AI tool showcases in the future.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of this new series on the Tech Fox YouTube channel?

    -The main topic of this new series is to showcase different AI tools that are emerging in the market.

  • What AI tool is being highlighted in this particular episode?

    -In this episode, the AI tool being highlighted is Pika AI, which is known for its face swap functionality.

  • What is the primary function of Pika AI that is demonstrated in the video?

    -The primary function of Pika AI demonstrated in the video is face swapping, where users can swap their faces with templates provided on the platform.

  • How can one access the Pika AI website?

    -To access the Pika AI website, one can perform a Google search for 'Pika AI' or directly visit 'pahy.ai'.

  • What is the process for using the face swap feature on Pika AI?

    -To use the face swap feature, users first need to navigate to the Pika AI website, then select the face swap feature, upload their image, choose a template, and click generate to create the face swap.

  • What is the expected waiting time for the face swap result on Pika AI?

    -The waiting time for the face swap result can vary depending on the queue number. In the video, the user had a queue number of 115 and it took some time for it to decrease to 1 before the result was generated.

  • How does the presenter obtain their image for the face swap?

    -The presenter obtains their image by searching their name on Google, finding a suitable image from LinkedIn, downloading it, and saving it to their local machine.

  • What is the presenter's reaction to the final result of the face swap?

    -The presenter is impressed and satisfied with the final result of the face swap, noting that it looks good.

  • What advice does the presenter give to users about choosing templates on Pika AI?

    -The presenter advises users to try out different templates available on the platform, as the same template may not suit everyone, and to keep trying until they find one that they like.

  • What is the presenter's closing statement about the series?

    -The presenter encourages viewers to stay tuned for upcoming sessions where they will showcase more AI tools as part of this new series.



🚀 Introduction to Pika AI and Face Swap Feature

The speaker introduces a new series on Tech Fox's YouTube channel focused on showcasing emerging AI tools in the market. The first tool presented is Pika AI, which specializes in face swapping. The speaker explains that users can visit the Pika AI website, find the face swap feature, and swap their face with various templates provided. The process involves uploading a personal image, selecting a desired template, and generating the swapped image. The speaker emphasizes that although the service is free and may have a queue due to high demand, the results are impressive and worth the wait. The speaker encourages viewers to explore different templates to find the best fit.


🎉 Upcoming AI Tool Showcases and Closing Remarks

The speaker concludes the session by mentioning that this is the first of many AI tools to be showcased in the new series. They encourage viewers to stay tuned for future sessions and express hope that the audience found the presentation enjoyable. The speaker signs off with a thank you and a goodbye, leaving viewers in anticipation for the next installment of AI tool demonstrations.



💡AI tools

AI tools refer to artificial intelligence software applications that perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence. In the context of the video, AI tools are used for creative purposes, such as face swapping, which showcases the capability of these tools to manipulate images and generate realistic outcomes.

💡Tech Fox YouTube channel

Tech Fox YouTube channel is the platform where the video series is hosted, focusing on showcasing different AI tools. It serves as a source of information for viewers interested in the latest AI technologies and their practical applications.

💡Face swap

Face swap is a feature in AI applications that allows users to replace the face in an image with another, creating a composite image. This technique is often used for entertainment or creative purposes and requires sophisticated algorithms to ensure the resulting image looks realistic.

💡Pika AI

Pika AI is an AI tool mentioned in the video that specializes in face swapping. It represents the type of innovative software that is becoming increasingly available, offering users the ability to create unique and personalized content.


Templates in the context of AI image manipulation refer to pre-existing images or designs that users can utilize as a base for their own creations. These templates provide a starting point for users to apply the AI tool's features, such as face swapping.

💡Google search

Google search is a widely used internet search engine that allows users to find information, websites, and other online resources by typing in relevant keywords. In the video, it is used as a method to locate the Pika AI website.


In the context of digital media, downloading refers to the process of transferring a file or content from the internet to a local device, such as a computer or smartphone. It allows users to save and store content for offline use.

💡Wait time

Wait time, in this context, refers to the period users must wait for the AI tool to process their request and generate the desired output, such as a face-swapped image. This can be influenced by the number of users accessing the service simultaneously.

💡Free tool

A free tool is software or a service that is available to users without any cost. It is often provided to attract users and encourage them to try out the service, sometimes with the option to upgrade to premium features for a fee.

💡Online application

An online application, or web application, is a software program that runs on a web server and is accessed over the internet. It allows users to interact with the software and perform various tasks without the need to install anything on their local devices.

💡Creative potential

Creative potential refers to the ability of a tool or technology to enable users to produce original and imaginative content. In the context of AI, this often involves features that facilitate the manipulation of digital media in innovative ways.


Introduction of a new AI tool showcase series on Tech Fox YouTube channel.

The AI tool being showcased is Pika AI, known for its ease of use and creativity.

Pika AI's primary feature discussed is face swap, allowing users to swap their faces with images on the platform.

The website for Pika AI is pikaai.com, accessible through a simple Google search.

A detailed explanation of how to access the face swap feature on Pika AI is provided.

The process of downloading and uploading an image for face swapping is described.

The user interface of Pika AI offers a variety of templates for face swapping.

A live demonstration of selecting a template and swapping faces on Pika AI is conducted.

The wait time for generating the face swap result is discussed, highlighting the popularity of the tool.

The importance of patience when using free AI tools due to high demand is emphasized.

The final result of the face swap is revealed, demonstrating the quality of Pika AI's output.

Instructions on how to download the generated image are provided.

The satisfaction with the result and the recommendation to explore different templates are shared.

The video aims to educate viewers on utilizing Pika AI for face swapping with various templates.

A teaser for upcoming AI tool showcases in the series is given, encouraging viewers to stay tuned.

The session concludes with a positive note, hoping viewers enjoyed the AI tool demonstration.