5 WAYS To Get Started With AI ART [Beginner's Guide 2023]

10 Feb 202313:11

TLDRThis video offers a comprehensive guide to AI-generated art, highlighting various popular tools and methods for creating images from text. It covers free and paid options, online and local platforms, including Discord bots, websites, and mobile apps. The video emphasizes the ease of use and accessibility of these AI art generators, catering to different user preferences and needs, from realistic to anime styles. It also touches on the importance of prompt engineering for achieving desired results and directs viewers to resources for further exploration and cost-effective options.


  • 🖼️ AI-generated art tools allow users to create images from text prompts, with various options available for different styles and platforms.
  • 🌐 Online options for AI art generation include websites, Discord bots, phone apps, and Google Collab notebooks, with varying costs and accessibility.
  • 💻 Local generation on a PC with an Nvidia GPU and sufficient VRAM offers more flexibility and customization, but requires technical setup and model collection.
  • 🆓 OpenAI's Dolly 2 and MidJourney's Discord bot are recommended for quick, free trials of AI art generation without installation or learning curves.
  • 💰 Paid online services like Dream Studio and Dolly Too offer high-quality results but come with a cost per image generated.
  • 🎨 For anime-style art, websites like Novel.ai and Hilara.ai provide specialized models that excel in generating anime-related images.
  • 📱 Mobile apps like IB and Wonder AI offer AI art generation with payment plans and free trials, but may have limitations in image quality and customization.
  • 🔧 Google Collab notebooks are a budget-friendly alternative for running AI image generators, though they may be slower and require more setup compared to local PC use.
  • 🛠️ Prompt engineering is crucial for generating high-quality images, especially when using local PC setups, as it allows for more control over the output.
  • 📚 Learning from community discussions on platforms like Discord and Reddit, as well as reviewing examples on websites like OpenArt.ai, can improve one's AI art generation skills.
  • 🎁 The video script mentions OpenArt.ai as a sponsor, offering a library of AI-generated images and functions like AI Avatar and photo booth at competitive prices.

Q & A

  • What is AI generated art?

    -AI generated art refers to the process of creating images or pieces of art using artificial intelligence tools, based on textual descriptions or prompts provided by users.

  • How can one start generating AI art for free?

    -To start generating AI art for free, one can use OpenAI's Dolly 2, which offers a website where users can sign up and receive 50 free credits, or Mid-Journey's Discord bot, which provides 25 free drops to generate images from text prompts.

  • What are the different platforms where AI art can be generated?

    -AI art can be generated on various platforms such as Discord websites, phone apps, Google collab notebooks, and locally on one's computer.

  • What are the popular online options for generating AI art?

    -Popular online options for generating AI art include Dream Studio, Dolly too, novel.ai, and mid-journey, each offering different models and pricing structures.

  • What is the main advantage of using Discord for AI art generation?

    -The main advantage of using Discord for AI art generation is the ease of access and availability for mobile users, as well as the community aspect that allows sharing and feedback.

  • What are the differences between Dolly 2 and Mid-Journey in terms of pricing and output?

    -Dolly 2 is slightly more expensive, charging around 3.25 cents per image, and generates 4 images at once with a fixed image size. Mid-Journey, on the other hand, offers 25 free drops and uses GPU minutes for pricing, which can range from 5 to 2.5 cents per job, depending on the tier.

  • How do websites like novel.ai and hilara.ai cater to anime art generation?

    -Websites like novel.ai and hilara.ai specialize in generating anime-related art by using models that are fine-tuned to produce anime-style images more effectively than general models.

  • What is Google Collab and how does it relate to AI art generation?

    -Google Collab is an online code running service provided by Google that includes a GPU for free, with certain computation limits. Users can run AI art generation models on Google Collab, although it is slower compared to other services and requires setting up the environment each time.

  • What is the benefit of running AI art generators locally on a PC?

    -Running AI art generators locally on a PC provides users with more flexibility and control over the models used, allowing for customization and the ability to run any AI model that can be obtained for free, as opposed to the limitations of online services.

  • What is the role of prompt engineering in generating AI art?

    -Prompt engineering is crucial in generating AI art as it involves crafting the textual description or prompt in a way that effectively guides the AI to produce the desired image. Good prompt engineering can lead to more accurate and aesthetically pleasing results.

  • How can users find and use different AI models for generating art?

    -Users can find different AI models by searching online, joining communities like Discord servers or Reddit, and downloading models from platforms like GitHub. These models can then be run locally on a PC using tools like the stable diffusion UI.



🖌️ Introduction to AI Generated Art Tools

This paragraph introduces the concept of AI generated art and outlines the purpose of the video, which is to guide viewers through popular options for generating AI art. It mentions the possibility of generating images locally on one's computer or online through various platforms, including Discord, websites, and mobile apps. The video aims to inform viewers about different options for creating realistic, stylistic, or anime images but will not delve into the pros and cons of each tool. Two specific options highlighted are OpenAI's Dolly 2 and a Discord bot called Mid-Journeys, which are praised for their high quality and ease of access.


🌐 Exploring Online AI Art Generation Services

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of online AI art generation services, discussing the user credit system of Dream Studio and the open-source models provided by Stability AI. It also compares Dolly 2 with other platforms like Dolly too and weaves that cater to anime art generation. The paragraph discusses the pricing models of these services, the importance of prompt engineering, and the availability of free trials or credits. Additionally, it touches on the use of Discord for AI art generation and the unique style that Mid-Journey offers. The paragraph concludes by mentioning other platforms like novel.ai and hilara.ai, which are tailored for high-resolution and coherent image generation.


💻 Local AI Art Generation and Google Collab Notebooks

The final paragraph focuses on the local generation of AI art, emphasizing the flexibility and customization options available when running AI models on one's personal computer. It introduces the stable diffusion UI, a GitHub repository that supports a large community and allows users to run any AI model they can obtain for free. The paragraph contrasts the extensive control and creativity offered by local generation with the limitations of online services. It also provides a brief guide on setting up the stable diffusion UI and the importance of prompt engineering in achieving desirable results. The paragraph concludes by mentioning openart.ai, a platform that offers a library of AI-generated images and affordable prices for running Dolly 2 and Stable Diffusion models online, as well as a photo booth function for AI avatar generation.



💡AI generated art

AI generated art refers to the process of creating visual art pieces using artificial intelligence tools. These tools can interpret text prompts and generate corresponding images, ranging from realistic to stylistic and anime styles. In the video, the main theme revolves around introducing and explaining various platforms and methods for generating AI art, which is a rapidly growing field in technology and digital art.

💡Text to image AI

Text to image AI is a type of artificial intelligence that converts textual descriptions into visual images. It's an application of AI in the field of computer vision and natural language processing. In the context of the video, text to image AI is the core technology behind the platforms and tools discussed for generating AI art, allowing users to create images by simply inputting text prompts.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to various communities. In the video, Discord is mentioned as a platform where AI art can be generated through bots, such as Mid-Journey's bot, which allows users to create images by typing commands into the chat interface.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source AI model developed by Stability AI, designed for generating images from text prompts. It represents a significant advancement in the field of AI-generated art, enabling users to create high-quality visual content. In the video, Stable Diffusion is highlighted as a key technology behind some of the AI art generation platforms and tools, offering users the ability to run the model locally or access it through web services.

💡Dream Studio

Dream Studio is a web service that utilizes text to image AI technology to generate images based on user-provided text prompts. It is one of the popular commercial options for AI-generated art, targeting users who do not have the high-end hardware required to run AI models locally. In the video, Dream Studio is presented as a paid service where users can purchase credits to generate images, with different pricing tiers available.

💡Dolly 2

Dolly 2 is an AI art generation platform that allows users to create images by inputting text prompts. It is accessible through a website and offers a certain number of free credits for users to try out the service. Dolly 2 is known for its higher quality images and is one of the options mentioned in the video for generating AI art online.


Mid-Journey refers to an AI art generation service available through the Discord platform. It is known for its distinctive style and the quality of the images it generates. Users can join the Mid-Journey Discord server and use the 'slash imagine' command to generate images from text prompts. In the video, Mid-Journey is highlighted as a popular choice for its iconic style and ease of use.

💡Anime art

Anime art refers to a style of visual art characterized by a particular aesthetic that originates from Japanese animation and comics. In the context of the video, anime art is a specific type of AI-generated content that some platforms specialize in, using models fine-tuned to produce anime-style images. The video mentions services like Novel.ai and Hilara.ai as examples of platforms that excel at generating anime-related art.

💡Google Collab notebooks

Google Collab notebooks are interactive online documents that allow users to run Python code in the cloud, including machine learning models like AI art generators. They are part of Google Colaboratory, a free service provided by Google, which includes a GPU for computation. In the video, Google Collab notebooks are presented as a method for generating AI art without the need for local high-end hardware, although they are slower and require environment setup each time.

💡Prompt engineering

Prompt engineering is the process of crafting and refining text prompts to guide AI models, like those used for text to image generation, to produce desired outcomes. It involves understanding how the AI interprets language and adjusting the prompts to achieve the best possible results. In the video, prompt engineering is crucial for local PC users who have more control over the AI art generation process, as opposed to using online services where the prompts are more standardized.


OpenArt.ai is a website that provides a platform for users to generate AI art using various models, including Dolly 2 and Stable Diffusion, at a lower cost compared to the official websites. It offers additional features like the photo booth function, which allows for AI Avatar creation and style learning, providing more flexibility and affordability for AI art generation.


AI generated art tools can create images from text descriptions.

The video introduces popular AI art generation options, both online and local.

Online AI art generation typically requires an internet connection and may involve costs.

OpenAI's Dolly 2 and Mid-Journeys Discord bot are recommended for beginners due to ease of access and quality.

Dream Studio by Stability AI is a popular paid online service for those without high-end hardware.

Stable diffusion is an open-source AI model that can be downloaded and run for free.

Dolly too offers different models, leading to varied results from the same text prompt.

For anime art, novel.ai and hilara.ai are recommended due to their fine-tuned models.

Discord's Mid-Journey offers a unique style and focuses on aesthetically pleasing images.

Weeby AI is recommended for anime-related art generation, with good performance on anime keywords.

Mobile apps like IB and Wonder AI offer AI art generation with payment plans and free trials.

Google Collab notebooks are an alternative for running text-to-image AI, especially for those with budget constraints.

Local PC generation with Stable Diffusion UI provides the most flexibility and customization.

Prompt engineering is crucial for generating high-quality images when using local models.

OpenArt.ai offers a library of AI-generated images and affordable online model running services.

The video encourages viewers to explore AI art generation and provides resources for further learning.