AI Art Webtoons are terrible. (I found another one)

BlackLightJack vs. Webtoon
12 Jan 202408:31

TLDRThe video critique discusses the use of AI-generated art in webtoons, specifically focusing on a medieval fantasy furry webtoon called 'Wolfbane'. The reviewer expresses disappointment with the inconsistent character designs and changing art styles, highlighting issues such as the characters' armor pieces appearing and disappearing, and the jarring color compositions in the backgrounds. The narrative is described as non-existent, and the reviewer argues that only skilled artists should utilize AI art programs to enhance their work, not beginners or those who do not understand the fundamentals of comic creation. The video emphasizes the importance of genuine artistic skill and effort in producing quality webtoons.


  • 🎨 The reviewer expresses strong dissatisfaction with an AI-generated art webtoon called 'Wolfbane', criticizing its low quality and poor reception.
  • 👎 The webtoon is described as having inconsistent character designs and a lack of coherent storytelling, with the narrative being non-existent and hard to follow.
  • 🐺 The story revolves around a group of anthropomorphic wolves in a medieval fantasy setting, fighting necromantic creatures, but is criticized for its lack of depth.
  • 🖌️ The reviewer initially had a neutral stance on AI art, believing it could be a useful tool for beginners to learn the foundations of art.
  • 🔄 The inconsistency in the art style is highlighted, with characters and backgrounds changing from panel to panel, making the webtoon visually jarring.
  • 💭 The use of AI in the creation process is seen as a negative, with the reviewer arguing that it leads to a lack of artistry and a soulless final product.
  • 🚫 The reviewer suggests that only 'real artists' should use AI art programs, as they can utilize the technology to improve their work and optimize their workflow.
  • 📚 The script mentions other webtoons on the platform as examples of improvement and proper use of AI in art, contrasting with the criticized webtoon.
  • 💔 The reviewer feels personally insulted by the low-quality AI art webtoon, as they themselves are working on a medieval fantasy furry comic with traditional art techniques.
  • 🎭 The video script is part of a larger discussion on the validity and appropriate use of AI in the artistic process, questioning the value of AI-generated art.
  • 🙏 The reviewer acknowledges and thanks their Patreon supporters, showing appreciation for their contributions and highlighting the importance of community support.

Q & A

  • What is the main criticism of the AI art webtoon mentioned in the script?

    -The main criticism is that the AI art webtoon is of poor quality, with inconsistent character designs and a lack of coherent storytelling, making it visually jarring and narratively nonsensical.

  • How does the reviewer feel about AI art in general before reviewing this webtoon?

    -The reviewer initially believed that AI art could be a useful tool for beginners to learn the foundations of artistic expertise and gave the benefit of the doubt regarding its potential.

  • What specific issues does the reviewer point out about the character designs in the webtoon?

    -The reviewer notes that the characters are generic and have constantly changing appearances due to the AI's inconsistent image generation, which results in a lack of discernable traits and a confusing narrative.

  • What is the reviewer's stance on the use of AI art programs by professional artists?

    -The reviewer believes that only real artists should be allowed to use AI art programs, as they can make productive and creative use of the medium to improve upon their existing skills and optimize their workflow.

  • How does the reviewer describe the impact of AI-generated images on the overall narrative of the webtoon?

    -The reviewer states that the AI-generated images are awkwardly superglued into a sequence of pictures, failing to produce a cohesive narrative and making the reading experience infuriating due to the inconsistency and lack of coherence.

  • What is the reviewer's opinion on the use of AI art in the webtoon 'Blood Ry'?

    -The reviewer acknowledges that 'Blood Ry' uses AI art to help the creators with certain tasks, and while it may still look awkward, it serves as a blessing to reduce the workload of the artists who have to produce content weekly.

  • How does the reviewer describe the background art in the webtoon 'Wolfbane'?

    -The reviewer criticizes the background art for having a constantly changing color composition, leading to a jarring and inconsistent visual experience that detracts from the narrative.

  • What is the reviewer's final verdict on the AI art webtoon 'Wolfbane'?

    -The reviewer concludes that 'Wolfbane' is fundamentally flawed and a soulless creation, with no redeeming qualities, due to its misuse of AI art and lack of proper storytelling and artistic consistency.

  • What does the reviewer suggest as a proper use of AI art programs?

    -The reviewer suggests that AI art programs should be used by professional artists to enhance their work, save time on arduous tasks, and optimize their workflow, rather than being used to create nonsensical and incoherent content.

  • How does the reviewer feel about their own work on a medieval fantasy furry comic?

    -Despite acknowledging that their own work may look inferior by default, the reviewer is proud of their effort because they are personally drawing it and learning as they go, unlike the creator of 'Wolfbane'.

  • What is the reviewer's advice to AI art program users?

    -The reviewer advises that AI art programs should be used to improve upon existing skills and to assist with tasks that are difficult due to time consumption, rather than as a substitute for learning the basics of creating proper art or storytelling.



🎨 Critique of AI-Generated Medieval Fantasy Comic

The speaker begins by discussing their experience reviewing AI-generated art, particularly focusing on a medieval fantasy, furry webcomic called 'Wolfbane'. They express their disappointment with the low quality of the artwork, which they find to be inconsistent and lacking in originality. The critique extends to the story's lack of coherence and the creator's misuse of AI art tools, which results in a disjointed and visually jarring comic experience. The speaker emphasizes their belief that AI art should be a tool for learning and improvement, rather than a substitute for genuine artistic skill and effort.


🚫 The Misuse of AI Art and Its Impact on Creativity

In this paragraph, the speaker delves deeper into their concerns about the misuse of AI art programs, particularly in the context of the 'Wolfbane' webcomic. They argue that only true artists should be allowed to use AI art tools, as they are the ones who can utilize these programs to enhance their work and improve their craft. The speaker contrasts the poor example set by 'Wolfbane' with the effective use of AI art in another webcomic, 'Blood Ry', where it serves to aid artists in their creative process rather than replace it. The speaker concludes by reiterating their stance that AI art should be a tool to assist artists, not a crutch for those lacking in talent or creativity.



💡AI Art

AI Art refers to the creation of visual art using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, the reviewer is critical of AI Art Webtoons, suggesting that they lack the quality and consistency of human-made art. The reviewer argues that AI Art can be a useful tool for beginners, but feels that the webtoon 'Wolfbane' misuses AI Art, resulting in a product that is inconsistent and unappealing.


A webtoon is a digital comic or animated series that is typically distributed online. In the video, the reviewer discusses a specific webtoon called 'Wolfbane', which is created using AI Art. The reviewer criticizes the webtoon for its low quality and lack of coherence in storytelling.

💡Character Design

Character design refers to the visual appearance and personality of the characters in a work of fiction. The video highlights that 'Wolfbane' has inconsistent character designs, with characters changing their appearance from panel to panel, which the reviewer finds distracting and unprofessional.


Inconsistency in the context of the video refers to the lack of uniformity or stability in the artistic elements of the webtoon. The reviewer argues that 'Wolfbane' suffers from severe inconsistency, particularly in character design and art style, which negatively impacts the reader's experience.


Paneling refers to the arrangement of images in a comic or webtoon, which helps to guide the reader through the story. The video criticizes the paneling in 'Wolfbane', stating that it feels more like a random collection of images rather than a cohesive narrative, which makes the storytelling ineffective.

💡Speech Bubbles

Speech bubbles are graphical elements in comics and webtoons used to indicate the speech of characters. The video criticizes the use of speech bubbles in 'Wolfbane' for being colored and opaque, which makes the text difficult to read against the overly detailed backgrounds.


Backgrounds in a comic or webtoon provide the setting and context for the story. The video points out that the backgrounds in 'Wolfbane' are overly detailed and change in composition from panel to panel, which contributes to the visual inconsistency and distracts from the story.


Storytelling is the craft of conveying a narrative to an audience, typically through a combination of text and visuals. In the video, the reviewer argues that 'Wolfbane' fails at storytelling due to its lack of a coherent plot and poor use of AI-generated images, resulting in a disjointed and nonsensical narrative.

💡Artistic Skill

Artistic skill refers to the proficiency and talent an individual has in creating visual art. The video suggests that the creator of 'Wolfbane' lacks artistic skill, as they rely solely on AI Art to generate their webtoon without understanding the fundamentals of creating a proper comic.

💡AI Art Programs

AI Art Programs are software tools that utilize artificial intelligence to assist in the creation of visual art. The video argues that these programs should only be used by real artists who can make productive and creative use of them, as opposed to those who use them without understanding the artistic process.


Patreon is a platform that allows creators to receive financial support from their fans or patrons, usually in exchange for exclusive content or perks. In the video, the reviewer acknowledges their Patreon supporters, showing appreciation for their contributions.


The reviewer expresses strong dissatisfaction with an AI art webtoon called 'Wolfbane'.

The webtoon 'Wolfbane' has one of the lowest rating scores on the platform.

The reviewer previously discussed AI art webtoons and had hoped they could be a useful tool for beginners.

The story of 'Wolfbane' begins with generic and inconsistently designed characters.

The characters' appearances change constantly throughout the webtoon, making it visually distracting.

The art style is criticized for its lack of consistency and for being unappealing.

The reviewer finds the webtoon's use of AI-generated images to be a poor substitute for actual art.

The panel layout and speech bubbles are criticized for being poorly executed and hard to read.

The backgrounds of the webtoon are described as having a jarring and inconsistent color composition.

The story is deemed non-existent and is compared to a poorly written medieval fantasy role-play.

The reviewer contrasts 'Wolfbane' with another webtoon, 'Africa', where the art noticeably improves over time.

The use of AI art in the creation process is defended for its potential to aid real artists in their work.

The reviewer argues that only real artists should use AI art programs for productive and creative purposes.

AI art is described as not being consistent, which can detract from its visual appeal.

The reviewer shares their personal experience of working on a medieval fantasy furry comic, emphasizing the importance of actual drawing.

The video ends with a call for support from Patreon sponsors, acknowledging their contributions.