AI로 이미지에서 원하는 부분만 동영상으로 만드는 방법 | GEN2 신기능 소개 | Motion Brush

29 Nov 202306:01

TLDRThe video script introduces a new feature in the AI playground called 'Inpainting' for the platform Gen 2. This feature allows users to selectively color parts of an image to create a video, similar to the 'Text to Video' function. The user demonstrates the process by uploading a picture of a cat playing the piano and using the 'Motion Brush' to color the cat, aiming to animate only the cat's movement while keeping the background static. After several attempts with adjustments to the 'Proximity' and 'Camera Motion' settings, the user successfully generates a video where the cat's upper body appears to play the piano keys. The video also mentions updates to the 'Director Mode' for camera movements and the ability to create high-quality images and videos with the new 'Text to Image' feature and style settings. The user expresses excitement about the potential of AI advancements and recommends others to try out the updated features.


  • 🎨 The AI playground has introduced a new feature called 'Inpaint', which allows users to selectively color parts of an image to create a video.
  • 🖌️ Users can upload an image and use the 'Motion Brush' tool to define areas of the image that they want to animate.
  • 📷 The 'General Motion' and 'Camera Motion' features are part of the new functionality, though they are still in beta version.
  • 🎵 The demonstration involved uploading a picture of a cat playing the piano and using the inpainting feature to animate only the cat's movements.
  • 🔄 The 'Proximity' slider can be adjusted to fine-tune the animation, with higher values potentially causing the image to break apart.
  • 📌 The script describes a process of trial and error in refining the animation, with adjustments to the 'Proximity' and 'Camera Motion' settings.
  • 🎥 The final result is a video where only the selected parts of the image (the cat) move, while the background remains static.
  • 🔄 The user found the second attempt's result more satisfying, as it better captured the desired effect of the cat playing the piano.
  • 🎬 The video script also mentions additional features such as the 'Director Mode' for camera movement and the ability to generate high-quality images.
  • 🌐 More detailed information about the update and features can be found on the Runway Research website.
  • 🚀 The AI's development and its application in creating videos from still images are seen as impressive and promising for future creative endeavors.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video script?

    -The main topic of the video script is the introduction of a new feature in the AI playground called 'Inpaint', which allows users to create videos by selectively coloring parts of an image.

  • What is the significance of the 'Inpaint' feature?

    -The 'Inpaint' feature is significant as it enables users to animate specific parts of a still image by applying motion to selected areas, thus creating a dynamic video.

  • How does the user begin to utilize the 'Inpaint' feature?

    -The user begins by uploading an image, in this case, a photo of a cat playing the piano, and then proceeds to select the 'Text to Video' option to access the 'Inpaint' functionality.

  • What are 'General Motion' and 'Camera Motion'?

    - 'General Motion' and 'Camera Motion' are features that allow users to add motion to the selected parts of the image and control the camera movement in the generated video, respectively.

  • What is the 'Motion Brush'?

    -The 'Motion Brush' is a tool that lets users define specific regions in the image for animation, and it is part of the newly added 'Inpaint' feature.

  • Why did the user choose to only animate the cat in the photo?

    -The user chose to only animate the cat because the goal was to create a video where the cat appears to be playing the piano, thus only the cat's movements needed to be incorporated into the video.

  • What adjustments did the user make to the 'Proximity' setting?

    -The user initially increased the 'Proximity' setting to add more motion to the cat playing the piano. Later, they adjusted it to be more conservative to prevent the image from breaking apart.

  • What was the outcome of the first video created by the user?

    -The first video outcome showed the entire cat ascending into the sky rather than just playing the piano, which was not the intended effect.

  • How did the user improve the video in subsequent attempts?

    -The user provided more specific instructions in the 'Description' tab, adjusted the 'Camera Motion' for a more dramatic effect, and fine-tuned the 'Motion Brush' proximity settings to achieve a more satisfactory result.

  • What additional features were mentioned in the video script?

    -The script mentioned the 'Style' setting in the 'Text to Image' feature, the 'Director Mode' for camera movement, and updates for generating higher quality images.

  • What is the user's final verdict on the 'Inpaint' feature?

    -The user finds the 'Inpaint' feature impressive and is excited about the potential for future applications, although noting some areas for improvement and the need for further adjustments to achieve the desired results.



🎨 Introducing the New Paint Feature in AI Playground

This paragraph introduces a new feature in the AI playground, which allows users to create videos by painting over specific parts of an image. The user demonstrates this by uploading a picture of a cat playing the piano and using the 'Motion Brush' tool to select the cat as the area of interest. The user then adjusts the settings, including the 'General Motion' and 'Camera Motion', to generate a video. However, the initial result shows the entire cat ascending rather than just the motion of playing the piano. The user decides to provide more specific instructions and adjust the settings further to achieve a more satisfactory outcome.


🚀 Excitement for Future Applications of AI in Video Creation

In this paragraph, the user expresses excitement about the potential of the newly updated AI playground, particularly the 'Motion Brush' feature. The user mentions that more details about the update can be found on the AI research site and highlights the addition of style settings in the 'Text to Image' function and the 'Director Mode' for camera motion. The user also notes improvements in image quality and the creation of high-quality images. The paragraph concludes with a recommendation for viewers to try out the updated AI playground and a personal intention to use the platform for creating short animations or advertisements in the future.



💡AI 놀이터

AI 놀이터 refers to an AI playground, which is a platform or environment where users can interact with artificial intelligence technologies for fun and creative purposes. In the context of the video, it is the place where the new features of the platform are being showcased and tested.

💡텍스트 to 비디오

텍스트 to 비디오, or text to video, is a feature that allows users to convert textual content into a video format. This process often involves the use of AI to generate visuals and animations that correspond to the text, making the information more engaging and dynamic.

💡인페인트 기능

The 인페인트 기능, or inpainting feature, is a technology that fills in missing or selected parts of an image or video with content that matches the surrounding area. It is often used for editing purposes, such as restoring old photos or videos, or creating seamless visual effects.

💡제너럴 모션

제너럴 모션, or general motion, refers to the overall movement or motion that can be applied to an entire image or video. This type of motion can create dynamic effects and is often used to add a sense of life or movement to static images.

💡카메라 모션

카메라 모션, or camera motion, involves the movement or manipulation of the virtual camera within a video or animation. This can include panning, tilting, zooming, or any other camera movement that adds depth and perspective to the visual content.

💡모션 브러시

모션 브러시, or motion brush, is a tool that allows users to apply motion effects to specific areas of an image or video. This selective application of motion can create the illusion of movement in certain parts while keeping the rest of the content static.


프록시미티, or proximity, in the context of video editing and AI features, refers to the degree or level of effect applied to an object or area based on its proximity to the brush or selected region. Adjusting proximity can change the intensity or range of the applied motion or effect.

💡디렉터 모드

디렉터 모드, or director mode, is a feature that allows users to have more control over the editing and creation process, similar to a film director. This mode often provides advanced tools and options for manipulating and refining the final output.


고화질, or high quality, refers to the clarity and resolution of an image or video. High-quality visuals provide a more detailed and crisp representation of the content, enhancing the viewer's experience.

💡스타일 설정

스타일 설정, or style setting, involves defining a specific aesthetic or visual theme for the content being created. This can include color schemes, artistic styles, or other visual elements that give the content a consistent and cohesive look.


업데이트, or update, refers to the process of improving or adding new features to a software or platform. Updates often aim to enhance user experience, fix bugs, or introduce new capabilities.


Introduction to the new 'Inpaint' feature in Zen 2, which allows users to create videos by painting specific parts of an image.

The demonstration begins with the user selecting a picture of a cat playing the piano to upload and work with.

Explaining the General Motion and Camera Motion features, including the newly added Motion Brush button, which is still in beta.

The user chooses to paint only the cat with the brush, aiming to animate only the cat's movement of playing the piano.

Adjusting the Proximity value to add a slight motion to the vertical direction of the cat playing the piano.

After saving and generating the video, the result shows the cat moving upwards rather than playing the piano, due to the lack of brush on the background.

The user provides a more detailed description by adding 'Playing the piano' in the text and adjusts the Camera Motion to enhance the effect.

The second attempt at generating the video results in the cat's upper body moving, while the rest of the body remains still.

The user increases the Proximity value and generates the video again, resulting in a more satisfactory outcome where the cat appears to press the piano keys.

The final video generated with dramatic camera motion and the smallest Proximity value setting creates an exciting and dynamic visual.

The user expresses a preference for the final video outcome over the previous ones, appreciating the dramatic effect.

The user acknowledges the impressive advancements in AI technology and the potential for future applications.

Details about the update and the new 'Text to Image' feature, which generates images based on a set style, are available on the Zen Research website.

The 'Director Mode' for adding camera movement to images, previously discussed, has also been updated.

The quality of the images generated has been improved, allowing for higher quality and more detailed outputs.

Examples of the newly updated 'Intro Video' feature are provided, encouraging users to try creating their own videos.

The user considers creating short animations or advertisements using the new features in the near future.

The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to like and subscribe for more content.