A.I. wrote me an Oreo Cake Recipe ... is it any good?! GPT-3

How To Cook That
22 Apr 202216:28

TLDRIn this entertaining video, Ann Reardon of 'How to Cook That' collaborates with an AI text generator, GPT-3, to create a unique Oreo Cake recipe. Despite initial skepticism and a few humorous missteps in the AI's recipe calculations, the final cake is assembled with a mix of crushed Oreos, chocolate morsels, and a whipped cream frosting. The outcome is a crunchy, chocolate-rich dessert that, while not as moist as expected, tastes surprisingly good. The video also humorously highlights the AI's limitations in generating accurate and contextually appropriate content, providing a light-hearted look at the intersection of technology and culinary creativity.


  • 🤖 The video features Ann Reardon using GPT-3 AI to generate a unique Oreo Cake recipe.
  • 🧐 GPT-3 AI is trained on vast amounts of data and can produce human-like text, but accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • 🍰 The first few AI-generated recipes were not useful, but the third attempt resulted in a promising Oreo Cake recipe.
  • 😅 Ann follows the AI's recipe instructions despite some confusion and discrepancies in the ingredient list.
  • 🍫 The cake includes a mix of devil's food cake, chocolate morsels, and crushed Oreos, among other ingredients.
  • 🕒 The cake takes time to assemble and is meant to serve a large number of people.
  • 🧁 There are several steps in the recipe, including preparing the cake batter, cooling, and assembling with various toppings and fillings.
  • 😋 The final cake is described as solid and crunchy rather than moist, with a mix of chocolate chunks throughout.
  • 🎂 The cake serves as a test case for the capabilities of AI in creating complex and nuanced recipes.
  • 🍬 The video ends with a humorous touch, as the AI suggests using a piece of gum as a decoration, implying sticking the cake layers together.
  • 📚 Ann also promotes her cookbook and an upcoming event, highlighting the value of human-created recipes and the author's expertise.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video?

    -The main theme of the video is to explore whether an AI-generated recipe can produce a successful dish. The host, Ann Reardon, uses GPT-3 to create a new recipe for a moist Oreo cake and then attempts to bake it.

  • How does the GPT-3 AI work?

    -GPT-3 is an AI text generator that has been trained using hundreds of billions of data sources. It writes unique human-like text based on the input provided to it.

  • What is the first example given to demonstrate the capabilities of GPT-3?

    -The first example is a fictional news story about Donald Trump spending one million dollars on a rare breed of dog, a Tibetan mastiff named Big, from a Chinese coal tycoon.

  • What is the issue with the first two recipes generated by GPT-3?

    -The first two recipes generated by GPT-3 were not useful. One of them suggested making jelly by simply mixing sugar and water, which is incorrect as it would not set into jelly.

  • What is the final outcome of the AI-generated Oreo cake recipe?

    -The final outcome of the AI-generated Oreo cake recipe is a bit of a mixed result. While the cake does not turn out as expected in terms of texture and moisture, it tastes alright and is deemed better than the initial failed attempts.

  • Why does Ann decide to proceed with the third AI-generated recipe despite the failures of the first two?

    -Ann decides to proceed with the third recipe because, despite the failures, she wants to see how well an AI can perform in creating a nuanced recipe that involves the correct combination of different ingredients and their quantities.

  • What is the issue with the ingredients listed for the cake?

    -The issue with the ingredients listed for the cake is that they do not match the quantities needed for the actual recipe steps. For example, the recipe calls for 'one box devil's food cake mix or 20 cups,' which is not equal to 20 cups, and there are discrepancies with the whipping cream amounts.

  • What is the role of the AI-generated jokes in the video?

    -The AI-generated jokes are included in the video to add a humorous element and to demonstrate the AI's ability to create content beyond recipes, including comedy, which is a more complex and nuanced task.

  • What is the final verdict on the AI's performance in creating a recipe?

    -The final verdict is that while the AI can generate unique and human-like text, it does not guarantee accuracy or practicality in the context of a recipe. The cake, although edible, did not meet the expected texture and had issues with the ingredient quantities.

  • Why does the AI's generated recipe for the Oreo cake include a piece of gum as a decoration?

    -The AI suggests using a piece of gum as an additional decoration to serve as a playful idea of sticking several slices of cake together, although in practice, the cake did not stick together as intended.

  • What is the promotional offer mentioned at the end of the video?

    -The promotional offer mentioned is a 50% discount on a cookbook available for one week only from the publisher's website. Additionally, for those in Australia, a signed copy of the cookbook and a novel, both signed by Ann and her co-author, are available at a discount through their website.



🤖 AI Recipe Creation Challenge

Ann Reardon introduces a unique experiment where she uses an AI text generator, GPT-3, to create a new recipe. She explains the AI's capabilities, noting it has been trained on vast amounts of data to produce human-like text. Ann demonstrates the AI's ability to write a convincing news story and highlights the potential issues with accuracy. Despite initial failed attempts, the AI eventually provides a recipe for a 'super moist giant Oreo cake,' which Ann decides to attempt, noting the challenges and peculiarities in the ingredients and directions.


🍰 Assembling the AI-Generated Oreo Cake

The video continues with Ann attempting to assemble the AI-generated Oreo cake. She discusses the unusual texture of the cake batter, which is very thick due to the use of a cake mix and a significant amount of chocolate morsels. Ann also addresses the AI's inaccuracies in ingredient measurements, particularly the whipping cream, and proceeds to follow the recipe with improvisations. The process includes making a crust from crushed Oreos, a frosting from mixed Oreos and cream, and an assembly that ends up being quite solid and not as moist as expected.


🎂 The Cake's Aesthetic and Taste Test

After assembling the cake, Ann and her guests, Dave Reardon and Matthew Reardon, engage in a taste test. They comment on the cake's solid texture and crunchy nature, which is a departure from the expected moistness. Despite its appearance, they find the cake to taste good, even better than initially anticipated. The video takes a humorous turn when Ann includes a piece of gum as an additional decoration, as suggested by the AI, which was meant to symbolize sticking several slices of cake together, but the cake splits in half when served.


🎉 Special Offers and Upcoming Events

Ann concludes the video with special offers for her cookbook and a novel, available at a discount from the publisher's website and their own website with a signed copy option. She also invites viewers, particularly those in Melbourne, to an upcoming event on May 3rd. Ann thanks her patrons and encourages viewers to engage with the video by liking, sharing, commenting, and subscribing.




A.I. stands for Artificial Intelligence, which in the context of the video refers to the GPT-3 AI text generator used to create a unique recipe. The video explores the capabilities of A.I. in generating human-like text and its application in the culinary domain, specifically in crafting a new recipe for an Oreo cake.


GPT-3 is a language model AI developed by OpenAI. It's known for its ability to generate human-like text based on vast amounts of data. In the video, GPT-3 is used to write a new recipe, showcasing its creativity and the potential for A.I. in content creation.


A recipe is a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish. It is central to the video's narrative as the host, Ann Reardon, uses A.I. to generate a recipe for an Oreo cake. The process of following the A.I.-generated recipe becomes a test of the A.I.'s practical utility in the culinary arts.

💡Oreo Cake

An Oreo cake is a dessert that incorporates Oreo cookies into the batter or as a filling. It is the end product of the A.I.-generated recipe in the video. The cake serves as a tangible outcome of the A.I.'s creativity and is evaluated for taste and texture.

💡Data Sources

Data sources refer to the vast amounts of information that the GPT-3 AI has been trained on. The video mentions that GPT-3 has been trained using hundreds of billions of data sources, which enables it to generate unique and human-like text, as demonstrated by the Oreo cake recipe.

💡Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism checker is a tool used to detect instances of copying or simulating another's work without permission. In the video, it is used to verify the originality of the text generated by GPT-3, emphasizing the importance of uniqueness in content creation.


Accuracy in the context of the video refers to the truthfulness and correctness of the information provided by the A.I. While the A.I. can generate unique content, it may not always be accurate, as demonstrated by the fictional professor quote in the political article example.


Ingredients are the items used in cooking to create a particular dish. The video script lists various ingredients used in the A.I.-generated Oreo cake recipe, such as devil's food cake mix, whipping cream, and Oreo cookies. The combination and quantities of these ingredients directly affect the final product.

💡Food Processor

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that can chop, grind, and puree food ingredients. In the video, it is used to process Oreo cookies into crumbs or shavings for the cake, highlighting a common use of this appliance in food preparation.

💡Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a dairy product obtained by whipping heavy cream until it becomes light and fluffy. It is used in the video as a component of the cake's frosting and as a decorative element. The script mentions issues with the A.I.'s calculation of the whipped cream quantity, indicating a potential limitation in the A.I.'s understanding of recipe proportions.

💡Cake Mix

Cake mix is a pre-prepared blend of dry ingredients used to make a cake. In the video, the A.I. specifies using a box of devil's food cake mix, which simplifies the cake-making process but also raises questions about the A.I.'s adherence to traditional baking methods.


A.I. is used to generate a unique Oreo Cake recipe in an experiment by Ann Reardon.

GPT-3 AI text generator is trained on hundreds of billions of data sources to produce human-like text.

The AI-generated news story about Donald Trump buying a dog was found to be 100% unique and non-plagiarized.

Accuracy is not guaranteed with AI-generated content, as demonstrated by a fabricated quote in a political article.

The first two AI-generated recipes were not viable, but the third attempt produced a promising Oreo Cake recipe.

The Oreo Cake is described as super moist and large enough to feed 20 people.

The recipe includes unconventional steps, such as using a cake mix and a significant amount of chocolate morsels.

The cake batter is unexpectedly thick, raising doubts about the final texture of the cake.

The assembly of the cake involves a mixture of crushed Oreos and chocolate, creating a unique texture.

The final cake does not turn out as moist as expected, with a more solid and crunchy texture.

Despite the texture, the cake is deemed to taste good, with a rich chocolate flavor.

AI also generated jokes, although they were not as successful as the cake recipe.

The video concludes with a humorous note about the limitations of AI in creating nuanced content like comedy.

Ann Reardon promotes her cookbook and an upcoming event in Melbourne, highlighting the value of human-created recipes.

The experiment shows that while AI can generate unique content, it may not fully grasp the nuances of certain tasks like cooking.

The video serves as an entertaining exploration of AI's capabilities and its current limitations in creative fields.