New! ALCHEMY REFINER for Leonardo AI - How to use it & is it any good?

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14 Nov 202310:21

TLDRIn this video, the user explores the Alchemy refiner's impact on image quality. They compare various refinement levels and smooth modes, demonstrating how the tool upscales images by 250% while adding detail. The refiner significantly improves facial features, armor textures, and overall image sharpness, offering a powerful way to enhance and update older images using AI technology.


  • 🧪 The Alchemy refiner is a tool used for enhancing and upscale images, offering different levels of refinement and a smooth mode.
  • 🔍 The script provides a detailed comparison of images before and after using the Alchemy refiner at various settings.
  • 📈 The Alchemy refiner can increase image resolution significantly, from the original 512x768 to 1224x1840, achieving a 250% upscale.
  • 👤 The script focuses on the impact of the Alchemy refiner on facial features, showing that it can improve the clarity and detail of faces.
  • 🖌️ The refiner also affects other elements of the image, such as the texture on armor and the details in the background.
  • 🔄 The process involves overlaying images at different settings to visually assess the differences and improvements.
  • 📊 The script demonstrates that the level of refinement (low, medium, high) and the smooth mode can yield varying results in image quality.
  • 🌄 Examples are provided to show how the Alchemy refiner can enhance landscape elements, such as mountains and foliage.
  • 🤲 The script also discusses how the refiner can improve the detail in hands and fingers, although it may sometimes add extra fingers unintentionally.
  • 🎨 The Alchemy refiner is presented as a powerful tool for upgrading older images and bringing them up to date with the latest AI technology.
  • 👍 The video concludes with a recommendation to explore the Alchemy refiner's capabilities for enhancing and sharpening images.

Q & A

  • What is the Alchemy refiner and how does it impact images?

    -The Alchemy refiner is an AI-based tool that enhances and upscales images by adding detail and improving resolution. It works by refining the image at different strength levels (low, medium, high) and offers a smooth mode to enhance image coherence, particularly in areas like hands and faces.

  • How does the Alchemy refiner upscale the resolution of an image?

    -The Alchemy refiner increases the resolution of an image by approximately 2.5 times or 250%. For example, an original image with a resolution of 512 x 768 can be upscaled to 1224 x 1840 pixels using this tool.

  • What are the different settings available in the Alchemy refiner?

    -The Alchemy refiner offers various settings to control the enhancement process. These include strength levels (low, medium, high) to determine the extent of image refinement, and a smooth mode that helps in improving the quality of specific areas such as hands and faces.

  • How does the Alchemy refiner affect facial features in an image?

    -The Alchemy refiner improves facial features by refining the details and making the facial structure more accurate to the original. The smooth mode, in particular, can enhance the facial expression and clean up certain features like the nostrils and marks on the face, giving it a more 3D anime style look.

  • What are some of the observed changes in non-facial elements when using the Alchemy refiner?

    -Non-facial elements such as the mountain landscape, the pattern on armor, and the stitching on a sword are also enhanced by the Alchemy refiner. The tool can add more detail, improve the jaggedness and smoothness, and even add a more photo-realistic blur effect in the background.

  • How does the Alchemy refiner handle the enhancement of hands and fingers in an image?

    -The Alchemy refiner can add or refine details in hands and fingers. For instance, it might add knuckles and refine the thumb to look more realistic. However, it can also sometimes add extra fingers or alter the hand's appearance, depending on the strength and smoothness settings used.

  • What was the reviewer's experience with the Alchemy refiner on older images?

    -The reviewer found that the Alchemy refiner could significantly improve the quality and detail of older images. By using different combinations of strength and smoothness settings, they were able to enhance the original look and add more depth and sharpness to the images.

  • How does the Alchemy refiner perform on images with different styles and themes?

    -The Alchemy refiner can adapt to various styles and themes of images. Whether it's a creative upscale, a zombie character, or a photo-realistic image, the refiner can add more detail and enhance the overall visual appeal, with some adjustments to the settings as needed for each specific image.

  • What was the reviewer's strategy for testing the Alchemy refiner?

    -The reviewer tested the Alchemy refiner by overlaying different variations of the same image and comparing them step by step. They used a combination of low, medium, and high strength settings, as well as smooth and normal modes, to observe the differences and improvements made to the original image.

  • What is the reviewer's recommendation for using the Alchemy refiner?

    -The reviewer suggests that the Alchemy refiner is a powerful tool for enhancing and improving the look of images. It can add detail, sharpness, and bring images up to date with AI capabilities. They recommend experimenting with the refiner to give old images an extra boost and to elevate their visual quality.

  • How can viewers access more information about the Alchemy refiner and similar tools?

    -Viewers can access more information and explore other Leonardo AI videos by checking out the playlist linked in the description of the reviewer's channel. They can learn about different AI tools and techniques to enhance and refine their images further.



🖼️ Alchemy Refiner: Enhancing Image Quality

This paragraph introduces the Alchemy refiner and its impact on image quality. The speaker explains the process of using the Alchemy refiner on images from their personal feed. They discuss the various options available, such as strength levels (low, medium, high) and the smooth mode, which can enhance image coherence and improve details like hands and faces. The speaker then compares the original image with those processed with different settings of the Alchemy refiner, noting the resolution increase and added details. They also overlay images to compare the differences made by the refiner, starting with facial features and noting improvements in detail and resolution across various settings.


🔍 Detailed Analysis of Alchemy Refined Images

In this paragraph, the speaker conducts a detailed analysis of images refined with the Alchemy refiner. They examine the effects of different settings on various elements of the images, such as facial features, armor patterns, and background details. The speaker notes how the refiner can enhance the image quality, making it more photo-realistic and smoother. They also discuss the impact of the refiner on the number of fingers and the overall look of the images, highlighting that higher variance settings can sometimes alter the original image too much. The speaker shares their experiences with the Leonardo AI account and the results of using the medium smooth refiner on different images, emphasizing the potential for improvement and the preservation of the original image's essence.


🎥 Conclusion: The Power of Alchemy Refiner

The speaker concludes the video by summarizing the benefits of using the Alchemy refiner. They emphasize how the refiner can upgrade old images, adding detail and sharpness, and bring them up to date with AI technology used in Leonardo AI. The speaker encourages viewers to explore the Alchemy refiner's capabilities and suggests that it can be a powerful tool for enhancing image quality. They also invite viewers to like the video and explore other Leonardo AI-related content on their channel, providing a link to a playlist in the video description. The speaker signs off, expressing gratitude for watching and hoping to see the viewers again soon.



💡Alchemy refiner

The Alchemy refiner is an AI-based image enhancement tool discussed in the video. It is used to upscale and improve the quality of images by adding details and refining their resolution. In the context of the video, the Alchemy refiner is shown to have various settings such as strength levels (low, medium, high) and smooth mode, which can significantly impact the final appearance of the images. It is used to compare the original images with the refined ones, demonstrating how the tool can bring them to a higher quality level.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, typically resulting in a larger and more detailed picture. In the video, the author discusses how the Alchemy refiner can upscale images by 2.5 times or 250%, adding more detail and improving the overall quality. This process is central to the video's theme, as it showcases the capabilities of the Alchemy refiner in enhancing image quality.

💡Image resolution

Image resolution is the measure of the detail an image contains, typically expressed in terms of pixels (e.g., 1224x1840). Higher resolutions mean more pixels and, usually, more detail. The video emphasizes the importance of resolution when discussing the capabilities of the Alchemy refiner, as it can increase the resolution of images while refining and adding details.

💡Facial features

Facial features refer to the specific details and structures of a person's face, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and overall shape. In the context of the video, the author discusses how the Alchemy refiner can enhance facial features, making them more defined and similar to the original image. This is particularly important for improving the quality of character images.

💡Smooth mode

Smooth mode is a setting within the Alchemy refiner that is designed to enhance the coherence of an image, particularly improving details like hands and faces. It helps to create a more polished and refined look by smoothing out certain elements of the image without losing essential details. The video highlights the impact of smooth mode on various images, showing how it can improve the overall visual appeal.

💡Detail enhancement

Detail enhancement refers to the process of improving the clarity and visibility of the intricate elements within an image. The video demonstrates how the Alchemy refiner can add details to the images, making them appear sharper and more defined. This is a key aspect of the Alchemy refiner's functionality, as it allows for the improvement of both the overall image quality and the specific details within the image.

💡Image comparison

Image comparison is the process of evaluating and contrasting different versions of an image to assess the changes and improvements made. In the video, the author overlays and compares various images refined using the Alchemy refiner at different settings to demonstrate the impact of the tool on the image quality. This method helps viewers understand the differences between the original and refined images.

💡3D anime style

The 3D anime style refers to a visual aesthetic that resembles three-dimensional animation, often characterized by smooth lines, detailed textures, and a sense of depth. In the context of the video, the author notes how the Alchemy refiner, particularly in its medium and high smooth settings, can give images a 3D anime style appearance, enhancing the depth and detail of the characters and scenes.

💡Photo realistic

Photo realistic refers to the quality of an image that closely resembles a real-life photograph in terms of detail, texture, and lighting. In the video, the author discusses how the Alchemy refiner can enhance images to achieve a more photo realistic look, which is particularly important for images that aim to depict real-world elements or characters with lifelike qualities.

💡AI enhancement

AI enhancement refers to the use of artificial intelligence to improve or modify digital images, often by adding details, adjusting colors, or increasing resolution. In the video, the Alchemy refiner is an example of an AI enhancement tool that can significantly upgrade the quality of images, demonstrating the power of AI in image processing.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is the artificial intelligence platform mentioned in the video that powers the Alchemy refiner. It is used to create and enhance images, showcasing the latest advancements in AI technology for image processing. The video highlights the effectiveness of Leonardo AI in improving image quality and transforming older images with the Alchemy refiner.


Introduction to the Alchemy refiner and its impact on image quality.

The Alchemy refiner offers different levels of image refinement: low, medium, and high.

Smooth mode in the Alchemy refiner enhances image coherence and improves details like hands and faces.

Comparative analysis of the original image and the Alchemy refined images at different settings.

Upscaling images with Alchemy refiner results in a significant increase in resolution, from 512x768 to 1224x1840.

Overlaying images to compare the differences made by the Alchemy refiner.

Observations on how the Alchemy refiner affects facial features and overall image clarity.

The impact of the Alchemy refiner on the quality of the mountain landscape in the image.

The Alchemy refiner's ability to add details like knuckles and improve the look of hands in an image.

Examples of the first images created with Leonardo AI and their comparison with Alchemy refined images.

The transformation of the 'Zombie Mario' image using the Alchemy refiner, particularly enhancing skin texture.

The use of Alchemy refiner on an old image to maintain its original look while adding sharpness and detail.

Testing the Alchemy refiner on a 'photo real' image, focusing on improvements in photorealism and detail.

The Alchemy refiner's potential to upgrade older images and bring them up to date with the latest AI technology.

Conclusion on the Alchemy refiner's effectiveness in improving image quality and encouraging viewers to explore its capabilities.