Ajii Like a Stone Full Performance Top 20 | American Idol 2024

14 Apr 202404:42

TLDRIn a heartfelt performance on 'American Idol 2024', contestant Ajii pays tribute to his father, who is a hardworking immigrant from Pakistan. Ajii shares his father's journey to America in pursuit of the American dream and the sacrifices made for his family. The performance is energetic, with Ajii singing 'I'll Wait for You There' with passion, drawing applause from the audience. The judges commend his song choice, vocal push, and stage presence, advising him to balance his energy throughout the performance. The show's host encourages viewers to vote for their favorite contestants on americanidol.com, highlighting the ongoing competition.


  • 🎤 The contestant expresses deep admiration for their father, who is a hardworking individual and a source of inspiration.
  • 🌟 The father's journey from Pakistan to America embodies the pursuit of the American dream, seeking better opportunities and education.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧 The contestant acknowledges the pressure of living up to their father's legacy and the responsibility to make him proud.
  • 🎶 The performance of 'Like a Stone' by Audioslave is dedicated to the contestant's father, reflecting their emotional connection.
  • 👏 The audience's applause indicates a positive reception of the performance, showcasing the contestant's ability to engage the crowd.
  • 🎵 The contestant's song choice and vocal performance demonstrate their artistic direction and confidence on stage.
  • 💪 The judges commend the contestant's energy and stage presence, encouraging them to maintain a balance between passion and vocal control.
  • 🎭 The contestant is described as 'Mr. Feelgood,' bringing joy and laughter to the audience with their performance.
  • 🤘 The performance is energetic, with the contestant even initiating what seems like a one-man mosh pit, drawing the audience closer.
  • 🗳 The show emphasizes the importance of audience voting for the contestant's continued participation in the competition.
  • 📺 The script ends with a reminder that more music is to come, keeping the audience engaged and anticipating the next performance.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the performance?

    -The title of the performance is 'Ajii Like a Stone Full Performance Top 20' from American Idol 2024.

  • Why did the contestant's father move to America?

    -The contestant's father moved to America because he believed there would be better opportunities, better schools, and it was a chance to chase the American dream.

  • What does the contestant say about his father's work ethic?

    -The contestant describes his father as a hard worker who has been working non-stop and continues to take care of the family.

  • Why couldn't the contestant's father attend the American Idol show?

    -The father couldn't attend the show because he hasn't had time to get off his job.

  • What does the contestant say about the song 'My Father's Eyes'?

    -The contestant states that 'My Father's Eyes' is his dream and also his father's dream.

  • How does the contestant feel about the pressure of performing after his opening act?

    -The contestant acknowledges the pressure is on and that he has big shoes to fill, just like his father who took care of everyone.

  • What feedback does the judge give on the contestant's performance?

    -The judge comments on the contestant's energy and the moment in the performance that felt like a gallop. However, the judge advises not to yell throughout the whole performance.

  • How does the judge describe the contestant's persona before the performance?

    -The judge refers to the contestant as 'Mr. Feelgood', mentioning that everyone starts smiling and laughing when the contestant takes the mic.

  • What does the judge appreciate about the contestant's song choices?

    -The judge appreciates that the song choices reflect the artist the contestant wants to be and that the contestant has the confidence to push his vocals.

  • What does the judge suggest the audience do to support the contestant?

    -The judge encourages the audience to vote for the contestant, directing them to americanidol.com for voting information.

  • When does the voting open for the show?

    -The voting opens at the end of the show.

  • What does the contestant express at the end of the script?

    -The contestant expresses gratitude towards the audience for their support and mentions looking forward to more performances.



🎤 A Son's Tribute to His Father's American Dream

The first paragraph introduces a contestant on 'American Idol' who expresses deep admiration for his father, who is his idol. The contestant's father immigrated from Pakistan to the United States in pursuit of better opportunities, embodying the American dream. Despite his relentless work ethic and dedication to supporting his family, he has not had the chance to attend the 'American Idol' show. The contestant is motivated by the desire to make his father proud and to fulfill both his own and his father's dreams. The paragraph also includes snippets of the contestant's performance and the audience's applause, indicating a positive reception.



💡American Idol

American Idol is a popular singing competition television series in the United States, where aspiring singers compete for public recognition and the title of 'American Idol.' In the context of the video, it is the platform where the contestant is performing and seeking to make his father proud by pursuing his dreams.


A dream refers to an aspiration or goal that a person holds. In the script, the contestant's dream is to succeed on American Idol, which is also his father's dream for him. The contestant's father had immigrated to America with the dream of a better life, and now the contestant is chasing his own dream on a national stage.


Pakistan is a country in South Asia, and it is mentioned in the script as the place where the contestant's father grew up. The father's background from Pakistan is significant as it highlights the immigrant experience and the pursuit of the 'American dream' that led him to the United States.

💡American Dream

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, which suggests that freedom, opportunity, and success are possible for everyone. In the video, the contestant's father moved to America in pursuit of this dream, seeking better opportunities and a better life for his family.

💡Hard Worker

A hard worker is someone who is diligent and committed to their work. The contestant describes his father as a hard worker who has been working non-stop to take care of the family. This characteristic is important as it reflects the values the contestant respects and wants to emulate.


Pride is a feeling of satisfaction or pleasure taken in one's achievements or the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated. The contestant expresses his desire to make his father proud by performing well on American Idol, which is a central theme in the video.


A performance refers to the act of presenting a form of entertainment, such as singing, acting, or dancing. In the context of the video, the contestant's performance is the singing act he is presenting on the American Idol stage, which is a pivotal moment in the pursuit of his and his father's dreams.


Confidence is a feeling or belief in one's abilities or qualities. The judges in the video comment on the contestant's confidence in pushing his vocals and making bold song choices, which is essential for an artist to stand out in a competition like American Idol.


Voting is the process by which people choose their representatives or make decisions on matters of public interest. In the context of American Idol, viewers vote for their favorite contestants to help them continue in the competition. The script mentions the voting process as a way for the audience to support AI, the contestant.


Energy, in the context of a performance, refers to the level of enthusiasm, vigor, or liveliness that a performer brings to their act. The judges comment on the contestant's energy during his performance, noting that it was engaging and infectious, which is crucial for captivating an audience.


An artist is a person who produces works in any of the arts, such as a singer, musician, or actor. The contestant is striving to be recognized as an artist through his performance on American Idol. The song choices and the way he presents them are indicative of the type of artist he aspires to be.


Ajii's father is an idol to him, having immigrated from Pakistan to the United States for better opportunities.

Ajii's father's journey to America was in pursuit of the American dream.

Ajii's father has been a hardworking individual, continuously working to take care of his family.

Ajii expresses the pressure of living up to his father's legacy and making him proud.

Ajii's performance of 'I Confess' by Freeway showcased his vocal abilities and energy.

The song 'Real by Freeway' was part of Ajii's performance, demonstrating his connection to the music.

Ajii received applause for his energetic performance on American Idol.

The judges commented on Ajii's energy and advised him not to yell throughout the entire performance.

Ajii was praised for his song choices, which reflect the artist he wants to be.

The performance was so engaging that the judges felt like joining in a one-man mosh pit.

Ajii's performance was energetic and made the audience want more.

American Idol viewers are encouraged to vote for their favorite contestants.

The voting information for American Idol can be found at americanidol.com.

The voting for American Idol opens at the end of the show.

Ajii expressed his appreciation to the audience for their support.

The show promises more music to come for the audience.