Mckenna Faith Breinholt Both Sides Now Full Performance Top 20 | American Idol 2024

14 Apr 202404:43

TLDRMcKenna Faith Breinholt's performance on American Idol 2024 is a standout moment. With tens of millions of views on her audition, she expresses surprise and gratitude for the support from her family and the music community. Celebrities like Dolly Parton and Zach Williams have shown their support, and her birth mother's presence has significantly boosted her confidence and self-love. McKenna's rendition of 'Both Sides Now' is a powerful and emotional performance that resonates with the judges, leaving them in awe. Her connection to the song and the audience is palpable, and she receives high praise for turning the classic into her own. The judges are impressed by her talent and potential, with some even considering her a contender for the title. McKenna's performance is a testament to her growth as an artist and her ability to captivate audiences.


  • 🎉 McKenna's audition has garnered tens of millions of views, indicating her popularity and impact.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧 McKenna was adopted and has no family background in music, highlighting her individual talent and journey.
  • 🎶 Dolly Parton and Zach Williams reacted to her audition, showing recognition from established artists.
  • 🌈 McKenna feels blessed to have her birth family's support, which has contributed to her growing self-confidence and self-love.
  • 🎤 Her performance of 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell was highly emotional and well-received, resonating with the audience.
  • 👠 McKenna performed barefoot, symbolizing a connection and authenticity in her performance.
  • 💬 The judges praised her for making the song her own, comparing her to the original artist in a positive light.
  • 🏆 Her performance was so powerful that it led to comments about her potential to win the competition.
  • 👍 The judges were unanimous in their positive feedback, indicating a strong performance.
  • 🎵 The song 'Both Sides Now' was interpreted deeply by McKenna, allowing the judges and audience to understand it in a new light.
  • 😮 The impact of her performance was so profound that it left the judges speechless and in need of a moment to process.

Q & A

  • What was McKenna Faith Breinholt's reaction to her audition receiving tens of millions of views?

    -McKenna was surprised and excited to see that her audition had garnered such a massive number of views.

  • Is McKenna's family involved in the music industry?

    -No, McKenna was adopted and her family is not involved in music.

  • Which celebrities reacted to McKenna's audition?

    -Dolly Parton and Zach Williams did a reaction video to McKenna's audition.

  • How has McKenna's confidence grown since meeting her birth family?

    -McKenna's confidence and self-love have grown significantly since getting to know her birth mother.

  • What song did McKenna perform on the American Idol stage?

    -McKenna performed 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell.

  • How did the judges react to McKenna's performance?

    -The judges were highly impressed, with one judge even stating that McKenna's performance made her a potential winner of the competition.

  • What did the judges say about McKenna's ability to make the song her own?

    -The judges praised McKenna for taking Joni Mitchell's song and making it her own, stating that it was a big task that she accomplished beautifully.

  • Why did the judges believe McKenna's performance was a standout?

    -The judges felt that McKenna's performance was a standout because it was touching, believable, and showcased her professional level of talent.

  • What was the significance of McKenna performing barefoot on stage?

    -The significance of performing barefoot is not explicitly stated, but it may symbolize a connection to her authentic self or a more intimate connection with the stage and audience.

  • How did McKenna's performance make the judges feel about her potential to win American Idol?

    -The judges were so impressed that one of them wrote 'winner' on their notes, indicating that they see a high potential for McKenna to win the competition.

  • What did the judges mean when they said they were 'confused' after McKenna's performance?

    -The judges' 'confusion' was likely a figure of speech indicating that McKenna's performance was so outstanding that it left them at a loss for words, which is a positive reaction.

  • What was the overall sentiment expressed by the judges regarding McKenna's future in the competition?

    -The overall sentiment was highly positive, with the judges expressing strong support and belief in McKenna's ability to advance and potentially win the competition.



😃 Surprise Audition Success

The speaker expresses surprise and excitement over their audition garnering tens of millions of views. They mention that they were adopted and that Dolly Parton and Zach Williams reacted to their audition. The speaker is overwhelmed by the support and feels blessed to have performed, with their confidence and self-love growing after meeting their birth family. The paragraph concludes with a reference to a song that has touched many, including the speaker.




Adopted refers to the act of taking someone into a family through legal means when they are not biologically related. In the context of the video, McKenna mentions that she was adopted, which is a significant part of her personal story and may have influenced her journey on 'American Idol.'


An audition is a preliminary performance to assess the abilities of an actor, singer, or performer. McKenna's audition has garnered millions of views, indicating a strong public interest and a successful start to her participation in the competition.

💡Dolly Parton and Zach Williams

Dolly Parton and Zach Williams are both well-known figures in the music industry. In the script, it is mentioned that they did a reaction video to McKenna's audition, which suggests that her performance was noteworthy enough to attract attention from established artists.


Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance and certainty in one's abilities or qualities. McKenna's confidence has grown since meeting her birth family, which is an important aspect of her personal development and likely contributes to her performance on stage.


Self-love is the act of having a deep affection for oneself and embracing one's own worth. The script mentions that McKenna's self-love has grown, which is a positive transformation that can be seen as a driving force in her performance and life.


In the context of the song 'Both Sides Now,' clouds are used as a metaphor for the complexities and illusions of life. McKenna's interpretation of looking at clouds from both sides now signifies a deeper understanding of life's challenges and her personal growth.

💡Life Illusions

Life illusions refer to the false or mistaken perceptions one might have about life. The song lyrics, as interpreted by McKenna, suggest that she has come to realize the deceptive nature of life's appearances and has gained a more profound insight.


A performance is the act of presenting a form of entertainment, such as a play, concert, or recital. McKenna's performance is described as connecting with the audience, which is crucial for an artist aiming to succeed in a talent competition like 'American Idol.'


A winner is someone who has won a competition or contest. The judges' comments suggest that McKenna's performance was of a high caliber, to the point where she is considered a potential winner of the competition.


Talent refers to a person's natural aptitude or skill in a particular area, such as singing or performing. The mention of the talent in the script highlights the competitive nature of 'American Idol' and the high level of ability among the contestants.

💡Top 20

The top 20 refers to the final group of contestants who have advanced to the later stages of the competition. McKenna's placement in the top 20 is a significant achievement and a testament to her abilities as a performer.


McKenna's audition has garnered tens of millions of views, showcasing her incredible talent.

McKenna was adopted and has found a new sense of self and confidence since meeting her birth family.

Dolly Parton and Zach Williams reacted to McKenna's audition, which was a significant moment for her.

The judges felt it was a blessing for McKenna to perform and for her family to be present.

McKenna's performance of 'Both Sides Now' deeply connected with the audience.

The song 'Both Sides Now' was originally by Joni Mitchell, and McKenna made it her own.

The judges praised McKenna for making the song believable and touching.

McKenna's performance was so powerful that it made the judges feel the song as adults for the first time.

Her ability to push at the right moment in the song gave the audience the emotional impact they were seeking.

McKenna's performance was so impressive that she was placed in the top 20 of American Idol 2024.

The talent this year on American Idol is so strong that McKenna is considered a potential winner by the judges.

McKenna's barefoot performance on stage added a unique and personal touch to her act.

The judges were so impressed that they were left speechless and in need of a nap after her performance.

McKenna's growth in self-love since getting to know her birth mother has been a significant part of her journey.

The judges' comments suggest that McKenna's performance was a standout moment in the competition.

McKenna's rendition of 'Both Sides Now' was filled with emotional depth and a mature understanding of the song's meaning.

The performance was so compelling that it left the audience in awe and received a standing ovation.

McKenna's ability to connect with the audience and judges through her music was a highlight of the show.