Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film

3 Dec 202110:45

TLDRThe video script explores the concept of performance art in concerts, highlighting the intimate connection between the artist and the audience in different venues. It delves into the cultural divide between art forms, particularly in hip-hop, and the artist's role in bridging that gap. The narrative emphasizes the importance of embracing the moment without expectations during a performance. The lyrics of the song 'Picasso Baby' are interwoven, expressing a desire for success, recognition, and a celebration of artistic ambition. The script concludes with a reflection on the power of music as a transient art form and the vulnerability and honesty in rap music, ultimately celebrating the artist's performance in Brooklyn.


  • 🎭 Performance art is adaptive to its venue, with smaller venues offering a more intimate experience and larger concerts providing a collective energy.【1】
  • 💡 The exchange of energy during a concert is significant, and artists have different ways of handling the energy they receive from the audience.【1】
  • 🎨 Art and culture were once separated when art became gallery-bound, leading to a perception that art is bourgeois and disconnected from the everyday.【1】
  • 🤝 The artist sees their role as a bridge between cultures, emphasizing the unity between artists of different disciplines.【1】
  • 🌟 Entering a performance without expectations allows for a more authentic and spontaneous experience.【1】
  • 🎶 Lyrics from 'Picasso Baby' reflect a desire for material wealth, artistic recognition, and a celebration of success.【7】【6】
  • 🏰 There's a longing for a lifestyle that includes opulence and luxury, with references to famous artists and their works.【6】【7】
  • 🚀 The song expresses an ambition to live a life that is grand and larger-than-life, much like the artists mentioned.【6】【7】
  • 🌌 The artist's success and fame are contrasted with the challenges and criticisms they face from the media and law enforcement.【6】【7】
  • 💥 The performance is a platform for the artist to showcase their identity, vulnerabilities, and aspirations to the world.【1】
  • 🎬 The video script suggests that music, and particularly rap, is a form of expression that allows artists to communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings.【1】

Q & A

  • What is the main idea behind the concept of 'Picasso Baby' as discussed in the transcript?

    -The main idea is the fusion of performance art with music, specifically rap, and the desire to bridge the gap between different forms of art and cultures, as well as the expression of personal desires and ambitions.

  • How does the performer describe the energy exchange during a concert?

    -The performer describes the energy exchange as a dynamic interaction between the artist and the audience, where the energy of the crowd is felt more intimately in smaller venues, and in larger concerts, all that energy comes to the performer.

  • What does the performer mean by 'art started becoming a part of the galleries'?

    -The performer is referring to the historical shift where art became more institutionalized and separated from everyday life, leading to a perceived divide between different cultural spheres, including hip-hop and the traditional art world.

  • What is the significance of the line 'I try not to have any expectations, going into a performance'?

    -This signifies the performer's approach to being present in the moment, allowing the performance to unfold naturally without preconceived notions or pressures, embracing whatever happens during the event.

  • How does the song 'Picasso Baby' reflect the theme of ambition and desire?

    -The song uses references to famous artists and opulent lifestyles to express the performer's aspirations and desires for success, recognition, and material wealth, as well as a deeper longing for a fusion of art and life.

  • What does the performer mean by 'Rap is pretty much thinking out loud'?

    -This means that rap music is a form of expression where the artist vocalizes their thoughts, feelings, fears, and vulnerabilities, providing an unfiltered glimpse into their personal experiences and psyche.

  • How does the performer describe the impact of music as the 'most immaterial form of art'?

    -The performer highlights the transient and intangible nature of music, emphasizing its power to evoke emotions and create connections without the need for physical form, as opposed to other art forms like painting or sculpture.

  • What is the significance of the performer's desire to 'live life colossal'?

    -This reflects the performer's aspiration to live a grand, extraordinary life, filled with significant achievements and experiences, much like the legendary artists and figures referenced in the song.

  • How does the performer use the term 'modern day Pablo'?

    -The term 'modern day Pablo' is a self-comparison to Pablo Picasso, indicating the performer's identification with the artist's innovative spirit, influence, and the desire to make a significant impact on the art world.

  • What is the overarching message conveyed through the song and the performer's comments?

    -The overarching message is the celebration of artistic ambition, the blending of high and popular culture, and the breaking down of barriers between different art forms and societal perceptions.



🎶 The Intimacy and Energy of Concerts

This paragraph discusses the artist's perspective on concerts as a form of performance art that is influenced by the venue. It highlights the difference in experience between smaller, intimate venues and larger concerts where the energy of the crowd is palpable. The artist emphasizes the exchange that occurs during a performance, where the audience's energy is received and reciprocated by the performer. The paragraph also touches on the historical separation of art and culture, particularly in the context of hip-hop, and the artist's role in bridging that gap. The artist expresses a philosophy of going into performances without expectations, allowing the moment to unfold naturally, and embracing whatever happens. The description is interspersed with lyrics from a song that reflects a desire for success, wealth, and recognition in the art world.


🎨 Art, Rap, and the Expression of Self

The second paragraph delves into the artist's views on rap as a form of expression, where thoughts, fears, vulnerabilities, and bravado are laid bare through music. It discusses the immaterial nature of music as an art form and the unique opportunity it provides for artists to reveal their inner selves to the world. The artist also reflects on the experience of performing in Brooklyn, acknowledging the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd. Additionally, the paragraph explores the concept of being a modern-day Pablo, a reference to the famous artist Pablo Picasso, and the desire to create impactful and boundary-pushing art. The summary is complemented by lyrics that showcase the artist's aspirations, challenges, and the societal pressures they face.



💡Performance Art

Performance art is a genre of art that involves the body of the artist or others as the principal medium. It is often interdisciplinary and combines visual art with dramatic or musical elements. In the context of the video, performance art is used to describe the nature of concerts, emphasizing the intimate and energetic exchanges between the performer and the audience. The script mentions how the venues change the nature of the performance, highlighting the adaptability and interactive aspect of this art form.


Intimacy refers to a close, personal, and often private relationship or encounter. In the context of the video, it relates to the performer's connection with the audience in a smaller venue, where the energy and emotions of the people are more directly felt. This creates a unique and personal experience for both the performer and the audience.


Energy in this context refers to the vitality, enthusiasm, and emotional power that is exchanged between the performer and the audience during a concert. It is a key element in performance art, as it fuels the interaction and engagement between the artist and the viewers. The script discusses how the performer receives and responds to the energy of the crowd, especially in larger concerts.


Culture encompasses the beliefs, customs, arts, and way of life of a particular group or society. In the video, the performer talks about the separation between art and culture, particularly in the context of hip-hop, where art was seen as too bourgeois. The performer expresses excitement about bridging this gap and bringing these worlds back together.


Expectations are beliefs or predictions about what will happen in the future. In the context of the video, the performer mentions not having any expectations before a performance, choosing instead to let the event unfold naturally. This approach allows for a more spontaneous and authentic experience.

💡Art Basel

Art Basel is an international art fair and a cultural event of global importance that presents artists, galleries, and art pieces from around the world. In the script, it is mentioned as a place where the performer desires to have twin Bugattis outside, symbolizing a dream of success and recognition in the art world.


An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. In the video, the performer talks about going 'ape' at the auction, indicating a fervent and passionate involvement in the bidding process, which reflects a deep appreciation and desire for art.

💡Modern Day

The term 'modern day' refers to the present time or contemporary period. In the context of the video, the performer identifies themselves as a 'modern day Pablo,' drawing a parallel between their own artistic endeavors and those of the famous artist Pablo Picasso, positioning themselves as a contemporary figure in the art world.


Vulnerabilities are weaknesses or susceptibilities that can be exploited. In the context of the video, the performer discusses how rap involves thinking out loud and expressing one's fears, vulnerabilities, and bravado. This openness provides a glimpse into the artist's true self and personal experiences.

💡Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer who is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. In the video, the performer refers to themselves as 'Picasso Baby,' drawing a connection between their own artistic aspirations and the legendary status of Picasso. This comparison serves to elevate the performer's artistic ambitions and achievements.


Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, known for its cultural diversity, artistic scene, and vibrant community. In the video, the performer expresses excitement about being in Brooklyn, highlighting the significance of the location in the context of their performance and its reception by the local audience.


Concerts are a form of performance art that changes with the venue.

Smaller venues create a more intimate and energetic experience.

The energy from the crowd at concerts is immense and impactful.

Art and culture have become separated, especially with hip-hop artists viewing art as bourgeois.

The goal is to bring the worlds of art and culture back together.

Performances should be approached without expectations, allowing for natural expression.

The song 'Picasso Baby' is about the desire for wealth, luxury, and recognition in the art world.

The lyrics mention various artists and their works, such as Rothko, Jeff Koons, and Basquiat.

The theme of the song includes the pursuit of a grand lifestyle and the excesses that come with it.

The song reflects on the artist's place in the art world and their ambition.

The performance at the concert is described as an exchange of energy between the artist and the audience.

The artist discusses the importance of visual art and its ability to push boundaries.

Rap is described as a form of thinking out loud, revealing one's fears, vulnerabilities, and bravado.

The artist's performance is a way of showcasing their inner self and emotions.

The concert experience is a powerful and energetic event, especially in Brooklyn.

The artist feels that they are a modern-day Pablo Picasso, with a strong presence in the art world.

The song 'Picasso Baby' is a celebration of the artist's success and their place in modern culture.

The artist's performance is a testament to their influence and the impact of their music.