Best FREE AI Tool to Upscale, Unblur, Sharpen Images

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18 Jan 202408:00

TLDRDiscover a free AI tool for enhancing images by upscaling, unblurring, and sharpening details without an internet connection. The 'Upscale' software offers various models, including a cloud version with face enhancement. Test images demonstrate impressive results, even on non-dedicated GPUs. Batch processing and multiple algorithms are available for optimal customization. Experience the tool's effectiveness through the provided video, and explore more AI tools at ai-search.


  • 😲 The video introduces a free AI tool for upscaling, unblurring, and sharpening images.
  • 💻 The tool can be run on a computer without an internet connection.
  • 🔍 It offers a cloud version with additional features like face enhancement, but it's not yet available.
  • 🖼️ The desktop version is easy to install and use, even on a computer without a dedicated Nvidia Cuda GPU.
  • 📈 The tool allows for batch upscaling of images and selection of different upscaling algorithms.
  • 🔍 Users can choose the level of upscaling, with a default of 4X, and see before-and-after results.
  • 📚 The script demonstrates the tool's effectiveness with three test images, showing significant detail and clarity improvements.
  • 🎨 One of the algorithms mentioned is 'Ultra Sharp', which is suggested for users to try.
  • 🚫 The script warns against double upscaling as it may result in unwanted artifacts.
  • 📹 There's a mention of a sponsored tool called Upix, which generates high-quality realistic images with ease.
  • 📁 The batch upscaling function saves the results in a separate folder within the user's directory.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool discussed in the video script?

    -The AI tool discussed in the video script is called 'upscale'.

  • Is the AI tool mentioned free to use?

    -Yes, the AI tool mentioned is completely free to use.

  • Does the tool require an internet connection to function?

    -No, the tool can be run on your computer without any internet connection.

  • What additional features does the cloud version of the tool offer?

    -The cloud version of the tool offers features such as face enhancement and over 10 models to choose from, and it is five times faster.

  • Is the cloud version of the tool available for use right now?

    -No, the cloud version is not yet available, and interested users need to join the waitlist by entering their details.

  • What is the size of the tool after installation?

    -The tool is around 540 megabytes in size after installation.

  • How does the tool upscale images?

    -The tool upscales images by allowing users to upload an image, select a model, and then click upscale to enhance the image quality.

  • What is the recommended upscaling factor for the tool?

    -The default recommended upscaling factor for the tool is 4X.

  • What is the batch upscale feature of the tool?

    -The batch upscale feature allows users to select a folder containing multiple images for upscaling, processing them all at once.

  • What is the effect of upscaling an image to 1X using the tool?

    -Upscaling an image to 1X using the tool still sharpens the image and adds more details, though it does not increase the image size.

  • How does the tool handle images that are upscaled multiple times?

    -The tool allows for double upscaling, but it is not recommended as it may result in unwanted artifacts.

  • What is the final output of the upscaling process with the tool?

    -The final output of the upscaling process is a significantly improved image quality with added details and sharpness, often as good as or better than some paid AI sharpener tools.



🖼️ Free AI Image Upscaling Tool Introduction

This paragraph introduces a free AI tool for upscaling and enhancing images. The tool can be used offline on a computer and is capable of sharpening and adding details to images. A cloud version is mentioned, which offers additional features like face enhancement but is not yet available. The speaker proceeds to download and install the desktop version on a laptop without an Nvidia Cuda GPU. The installation process is straightforward, and the tool's user interface is simple, allowing users to upload images, select an upscale algorithm, choose an output folder, and upscale images by a default factor of 4X. The speaker tests the tool with three low-resolution images to demonstrate its effectiveness in improving image clarity and detail.


📈 Testing AI Image Upscaling with Different Algorithms

The speaker tests the AI image upscaling tool with various algorithms to determine which one works best for different types of images. The first test is with an icon-sized image, which, when upscaled by 4X, shows a significant improvement in detail and sharpness. The speaker also explores the option to upscale by 1X to see if the tool can sharpen the image without enlarging it, and finds that it does. The video then transitions to a sponsored segment promoting another AI tool called Upix, which simplifies the process of generating realistic images. After the promotion, the speaker continues testing the upscaling tool with a portrait and a dog photo, each showing remarkable results after upscaling. The paragraph concludes with a demonstration of the batch upscaling feature, which processes multiple images at once, and emphasizes the tool's free and high-quality output, inviting viewers to check it out via a link in the description.



💡AI Tool

An AI Tool refers to any software or application that utilizes artificial intelligence to perform tasks. In the context of this video, the AI Tool is used specifically for image enhancement, such as upscaling, unblurring, and sharpening images. The video demonstrates how this tool can significantly improve image quality without the need for an internet connection or advanced hardware.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image or video while maintaining or improving its quality. In the video, the AI Tool is shown to upscale images to a higher resolution, such as from 256x256 to 1024x1024, which helps in making small or blurry images appear larger and clearer.


Unblurring is the action of making a blurry image clear. The video script mentions the AI Tool's capability to unblur images, which means it can reduce the blurriness and make the details more visible, enhancing the overall quality of the image.


Sharpening is a technique used to enhance the edges and details within an image, making it appear more defined and clear. The video demonstrates the AI Tool's ability to sharpen images, which is evident in the improved clarity and detail of the upscaled images.


Details in the context of image processing refer to the fine elements and textures within an image that contribute to its clarity and realism. The video emphasizes the AI Tool's ability to add details to images, which is showcased through the enhanced visibility of features like fur and skin textures in the upscaled images.


In the context of AI and image processing, models refer to the algorithms or neural networks that the tool uses to perform tasks like upscaling or unblurring. The video mentions different models that the AI Tool offers, each with its unique characteristics and performance for different types of images.

💡Batch Upscale

Batch Upscale is a feature that allows the user to process multiple images at once, rather than one by one. The video script describes how the AI Tool can upscale a batch of images by selecting a folder, which saves time and effort when dealing with multiple files.

💡Face Enhancement

Face Enhancement is a specific feature of the AI Tool mentioned in the video that is designed to improve the clarity and details of faces in images. Although not demonstrated in the script, it is implied that this feature would be particularly useful for enhancing portraits.

💡Cloud Version

The Cloud Version of the AI Tool is an alternative to the desktop version that allows users to access the tool's features via the internet, without needing to install it on their local machine. The video mentions that this version offers additional features but is not yet available, requiring users to join a waitlist.

💡Nvidia Cuda GPU

Nvidia Cuda GPU refers to a graphics processing unit (GPU) that supports Nvidia's CUDA platform, which is used for general-purpose computing on graphics hardware. The video script mentions that the AI Tool can be run on a computer without a dedicated Nvidia Cuda GPU, indicating that it is accessible to users with various hardware configurations.


Upix is mentioned as a sponsor of the video and is described as a tool that allows users to generate high-quality, realistic images with ease. It operates on both desktop and mobile platforms, requiring no installation of apps, and works through an internet browser. The video script provides an example of how Upix can be used to create realistic images by selecting a template and uploading a photo.


Discover a free AI tool for image upscaling, unblurring, and sharpening.

The tool can be used offline on your computer without internet.

A cloud version is available with additional features like face enhancement.

The desktop version is easy to install and use.

The tool supports batch upscaling of images.

Different models are available for various types of images, including digital art.

Upscaling algorithms offer a balance between speed and quality.

The tool can upscale images by 4X by default, with options to adjust.

Upscaled images show impressive detail and sharpness.

The tool can handle images without a dedicated Nvidia Cuda GPU.

A single click is all it takes to upscale an image.

Upscaling to 1X still sharpens and adds details to the original image.

Upscaled images can be compared to paid AI sharpening tools in quality.

Double upscaling is possible but may introduce artifacts.

The tool is capable of enhancing portrait images, making them look more realistic.

Batch upscaling saves time and effort for multiple images.

Results are saved in a separate folder for easy access.

The tool is completely free and offers unlimited use.

A website for searching all AI tools is also mentioned for further exploration.