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Rahat K
16 Dec 202311:25

TLDRThe video script narrates the story of a peaceful village named Serenity, ruled by the wise and just King Harmonious. The kingdom is renowned for its harmonious living, where villagers are kind, helpful, and live in a picturesque landscape filled with colorful flowers and joyful children. The video also introduces a free AI tool that enables users to create high-quality videos, demonstrating its capabilities through a step-by-step guide on generating scripts, voiceovers, images, and finally, an animated video, all accessible via free AI tools and encouraging viewers to embark on their own creative journey.


  • 🌿 The story is set in a peaceful village called Serenity, characterized by harmony and kindness among its inhabitants.
  • 🤴 King Harmonious rules the village with wisdom, righteousness, and a strong belief in peace and understanding.
  • 🎨 The video was created using free AI tools, showcasing the potential of artificial intelligence in content creation.
  • 📝 The script for the video was generated by an AI tool named Chad jpt, which can produce unique stories based on user prompts.
  • 🗣️ Voiceover for the story was produced using AI tools like Flicky, Dubtup, Marf AI, and 11 Labs, offering various languages and accents.
  • 🖼️ AI-generated images were created with Leonardo AI, which provides 150 daily credits for personal use, and allows for high-quality image generation.
  • 🎥 Images were turned into an animated video using Piccalo Lab, a text-based video creation tool similar to Moon Valley.
  • 🎬 The video editing process was completed using the CapCut app, a free and professional video editing tool available for all devices.
  • 🎶 Background music for the video was sourced from the YouTube audio library and Epidemic Sound, the latter offering a 30-day free trial for unlimited downloads.
  • 📈 The video aims to demonstrate how AI tools can be utilized to create engaging content for platforms like YouTube, potentially leading to financial success.
  • 💬 The video encourages viewers to engage with the creator through comments for any questions or further information.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the King in the story?

    -The name of the King in the story is King Harmonious.

  • How is the kingdom described in the story?

    -The kingdom is described as a place where everyone lives in harmony, with kind and considerate villagers who always help one another. It is filled with colorful flowers and children playing joyfully in The Meadows.

  • What are the core values that King Harmonious believes in?

    -King Harmonious believes in kindness, understanding, and the importance of living in peace with one another.

  • What is the name of the village where the story takes place?

    -The story takes place in a village called Serenity.

  • How did the creator of the video script generate the story?

    -The creator of the video script generated the story using AI tools, specifically by asking Chad jpt to write a short kids story about a peaceful village and a righteous King.

  • What are the steps involved in creating a similar video?

    -The steps involved in creating a similar video include generating a story script, creating a voice over using AI, generating images based on the script using AI, converting the AI-generated images into an animated video, and finally combining and editing all elements to make a story video.

  • Which AI tools are suggested for creating voice overs?

    -The AI tools suggested for creating voice overs are Flickly, Dubtup, Marf AI, and 11 Labs.

  • How can one generate images for the animation?

    -One can generate images for the animation using Leonardo AI, which provides 150 credits per day for personal use. The user can create images by providing a prompt that includes the subject, scene description, and desired style.

  • What is the role of Piccalo Lab in the video creation process?

    -Piccalo Lab is used to convert the AI-generated images into an animated video. It is a texture video tool that allows users to create AI videos by uploading images and using commands in a Discord server.

  • How can the video creator improve the quality of the animation?

    -The video creator can improve the quality of the animation by upscaling the images to achieve the best possible quality. They can also add camera motion effects to make the scenes more dynamic.

  • What video editing app is recommended for combining and editing the story video?

    -The recommended video editing app for combining and editing the story video is the Cap Cut app, which is free and available for all devices.

  • Where can the finished video be uploaded?

    -The finished video can be uploaded on the internet, especially on platforms like YouTube, to start the creator's money-making journey.



🌿 Introduction to the Peaceful Village of Serenity

The narrative begins in the idyllic Village of Serenity, a place nestled among rolling hills and streams, where a wise and righteous King named King Harmonious rules. The kingdom is renowned for its harmony, with villagers embodying kindness, consideration, and a spirit of cooperation. The landscape is vibrant with colorful flowers, and children play joyfully in The Meadows. King Harmonious is a paragon of justice, advocating for peace, understanding, and compassion among his subjects.


🎬 Creating Content with AI Tools: A Step-by-Step Guide

The speaker introduces a method for creating engaging video content using free AI tools, emphasizing the ease and speed of the process. They mention having previously uploaded videos demonstrating text-to-speech and animation tools, and now they present a new AI tool for generating high-quality videos. The tutorial is divided into five steps: script generation, voiceover creation, image generation, animation conversion, and final video editing. The speaker provides detailed instructions on using specific AI tools such as Chad jpt for scriptwriting, Flickry, Dubtub, and 11 Labs for voiceovers, Leonardo AI for image generation, and Picarto Lab for animating images. They also suggest tips for optimizing the AI-generated content.


🌟 Finalizing the Animated Video and Sharing the成果

In the final paragraph, the speaker guides on how to compile the animated scenes and voiceover into a cohesive story video using a video editing app like CapCut. They recommend adding effects for enhancement and exporting the finished video. The speaker encourages viewers to share their creations on platforms like YouTube to begin earning revenue. They conclude by inviting questions and feedback, and express hope that the audience found the content enjoyable and informative.




Serenity refers to a state of calmness, peace, and tranquility. In the context of the video, it is the defining characteristic of the village where everyone lives harmoniously, reflecting the king's values. The village of Serenity is an idealized place where kindness and understanding prevail, as seen in the harmonious interactions among villagers and the king's just rule.

💡King Harmonious

King Harmonious is the wise and righteous ruler of the village of Serenity. He symbolizes leadership that values kindness, understanding, and peace. His name itself suggests harmony, which is the central theme of the village and the video's narrative. The king's rule is just and fair, promoting a society where everyone coexists peacefully.


Harmony is the state of agreement or concord between people or elements. In the video, harmony is the core value that the villagers and their king adhere to, creating a peaceful and cooperative community. It is reflected in their interactions and the overall ambiance of the village, which is why it is named the village of Serenity.

💡AI Tools

AI Tools refer to artificial intelligence software applications that assist in various tasks, such as creating videos, generating scripts, and producing voiceovers. In the video, AI tools are used to generate high-quality content for storytelling, demonstrating the capability of technology to facilitate creative processes.


Animation is a technique of creating the illusion of motion through a sequence of images. In the context of the video, animation is a key element in bringing the story of King Harmonious and the village of Serenity to life. It involves turning still images into dynamic scenes that tell the story visually.


Voiceover is the production of a voice recording that is reproduced in synchronization with some visual representation, such as a film, video, or animation. In the video, a voiceover is necessary to narrate the story of the village of Serenity and King Harmonious, providing the audience with a clear understanding of the narrative.

💡Story Script

A story script is a written plan that outlines the narrative, dialogues, and actions that will take place in a film, video, or other storytelling medium. In the video, the script is the foundation for creating the animated content, providing a structure for the story of King Harmonious and the peaceful village.

💡3D Animation Style

3D Animation Style refers to the visual presentation of three-dimensional computer-generated animation. It gives a sense of depth and dimension to the images or scenes. In the video, the creator aims to generate images in a 3D animation style to create a more immersive and realistic visual experience for the viewers.

💡Video Editing

Video editing is the process of manipulating and assembling video shots into a coherent sequence. It is a crucial step in post-production that enhances the storytelling and overall quality of the final video. In the video, editing involves combining the AI-generated voiceover, animation, and background music to create a polished and engaging story video.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos. In the video, YouTube is mentioned as a platform for content creators to share their videos and potentially earn money from their creations. It represents the distribution channel for the AI-generated story videos.


Money-making refers to the process of generating income or profit. In the context of the video, it is linked to the creation and distribution of content on platforms like YouTube. The creator suggests that by using AI tools to produce high-quality videos, one can potentially earn money from their creative endeavors.


A story about a quaint village and a wise King is presented.

The village of Serenity is described as a place of harmony and kindness.

King Harmonious is portrayed as a just and fair ruler who values peace.

The video is created using free AI tools, showcasing a new method for content creation.

The process of creating a story script using AI is explained.

Chad jpt is mentioned as a tool for generating unique stories.

AI voice over tools like Flick, Dubtup, Marf Ai, and 11 labs are suggested for narration.

Instructions on how to generate a voice over using Dubtub are provided.

Leonardo AI is introduced for creating images based on the script.

Tips on how to generate high-quality images with Leonardo AI are given.

Picalo Lab is recommended for converting images into an animated video.

A detailed guide on using Picalo Lab's Discord server for video creation is provided.

The importance of adjusting video timing according to voice over is emphasized.

The use of the 'ministar' effect in video editing is suggested for added interest.

The video editing process using the Cap Cut app is outlined.

Background music sources like the YouTube audio library and Epidemic Sound are recommended.

The final step of exporting and uploading the video on platforms like YouTube is discussed.

An invitation for questions and engagement through comments is extended.