Bing AI Secrets Unlocked: How to Use Bing Chat Like a Pro

Brie Kirbyson
10 Mar 202312:44

TLDRDiscover the secrets of using Bing's AI chatbot effectively. Accessing the chat feature, utilizing the Edge browser or Bing app, and understanding Bing's limitations are crucial. Tips include selecting the right conversation style, leveraging Bing's internet search capabilities, using suggestions for conversation, analyzing data, and teaching Bing new skills. These strategies maximize the AI's potential, offering users enhanced and personalized experiences.


  • 🚀 Access to Bing's new chat feature requires signing up on and waiting for an email granting access.
  • 📱 For an optimal experience, use the Edge browser on your laptop or the Bing app on mobile devices.
  • 📈 Bing has a limit of eight prompts (increased to 10) before it forgets previous conversation context.
  • 🚫 Bing has stricter guardrails than other AI chatbots and may refuse to continue a conversation or provide inaccurate information on certain topics.
  • 🔍 Utilize Bing's internet connection by asking it to search for information as part of your prompts for enhanced responses.
  • 🎨 Choose the right conversation style (creative, balanced, or precise) to get the most interesting and useful results.
  • 🔗 Fact-check information provided by Bing by clicking on the sources it provides in its responses.
  • 📊 Use Bing to gather and analyze data by asking it to create charts or reports based on search results.
  • 💡 Take advantage of Bing's suggestions for what to ask next to keep the conversation flowing naturally.
  • 🛠️ Teach Bing new skills by giving it specific research tasks and then asking it to apply the learned information.
  • 📄 Use multiple prompts to build upon previous responses, reducing the chance of confusion and enhancing the overall output quality.

Q & A

  • What is Bing's new AI chatbot and how does it differ from other AI chatbots?

    -Bing's new AI chatbot is a powerful chatbot that is publicly available. It is different from others because it has strict guardrails, can only remember up to eight prompts, and is not as good at math as some other AI tools.

  • How can one gain access to Bing's new chat feature?

    -To gain access to Bing's new chat feature, one needs to go to, sign up for the waitlist, and wait for an email granting access.

  • Which browsers or apps are recommended for using Bing Chat?

    -For laptop users, the Edge browser is recommended, and for mobile users, the Bing app should be downloaded.

  • What is the limitation of Bing's memory in a conversation?

    -Bing can only remember up to eight prompts before it forgets what was said previously in the conversation.

  • How does Bing handle information verification?

    -Bing makes it easier to verify information as it provides sources that can be clicked on and looked up.

  • What is a major strength of Bing over other AI chatbots like ChatGPT?

    -A major strength of Bing is that it is connected to the internet, allowing it to look up information before providing answers.

  • What are the conversation styles available in Bing Chat?

    -Bing Chat offers three conversation styles: creative, balanced, and precise.

  • Why is it important to ask Bing to search or look something up as part of the prompt?

    -Asking Bing to search as part of the prompt is important because it leverages its internet connection, allowing it to provide more accurate and up-to-date information.

  • How can Bing assist in gathering and analyzing data?

    -Bing can search for relevant information, pull it together, and even create charts or reports to help with data analysis.

  • What is the strategy for teaching Bing new skills?

    -To teach Bing new skills, you can ask it to research a specific skill and then apply what it has learned to perform a task, such as writing in a particular style or creating image prompts.

  • How can one optimize their use of Bing Chat?

    -To optimize the use of Bing Chat, one should choose the right conversation style, always ask Bing to search as part of the prompt, make use of Bing's suggestions for further questions, use multiple prompts to build upon answers, and teach Bing new skills as needed.



🤖 Introduction to Bing's AI Chatbot

The paragraph introduces Bing's new AI chatbot, emphasizing its status as one of the most powerful publicly available chatbots. The speaker shares their experience with Bing chat and highlights the importance of learning to use this AI tool effectively as the technology rapidly advances. The speaker aims to provide tips and tricks for maximizing the use of AI, starting with obtaining access to Bing's chat feature through the website and the necessity of using the Edge browser or the Bing app for access. The paragraph also outlines some limitations of Bing, such as the eight-prompt memory limit and the chatbot's tendency to fabricate information, which necessitates fact-checking. Additionally, the speaker mentions Bing's strict guardrails compared to Chat GPT and its limitations in handling mathematical tasks.


🔍 Utilizing Bing's Search Capabilities

This paragraph discusses the unique advantage of Bing's AI chatbot, which is its ability to connect to the internet and perform searches to provide up-to-date information. The speaker provides a detailed strategy for using Bing effectively, including setting the right conversation style for more creative responses and the importance of instructing Bing to search as part of the prompt. The speaker demonstrates how Bing can enhance a generic paragraph by incorporating the writing style of Stephen King, as an example, by first researching his style and then applying it to the text. The paragraph also mentions the increased limit to 10 prompts and the usefulness of Bing's suggestions for continuing the conversation.


📊 Bing for Data Analysis and Multiple Prompts

The speaker elaborates on using Bing for data gathering and analysis, taking advantage of its internet connectivity. An example is given where Bing is prompted to search for the best compact cars for 2023, compile the data into a chart, and then write a detailed report discussing each option and identifying the best choice. The paragraph underscores the effectiveness of using multiple prompts to avoid overwhelming Bing and to achieve better, more refined results. The speaker also introduces the concept of teaching Bing new skills, such as generating prompts for creating images using mid-journey, and shares an example of how to instruct Bing to create an image prompt for a specific scene.



💡Bing AI chatbot

The Bing AI chatbot is a newly developed conversational AI tool by Bing. It is considered one of the most powerful chatbots available to the public. The video discusses tips and tricks on how to use this tool effectively, highlighting its unique features and capabilities such as internet connectivity and the ability to provide sources for its information. The chatbot is accessed through the Bing website or the Edge browser and can be used to answer queries, perform tasks, and engage in conversation, much like a human would.


Access in this context refers to the ability to use and interact with Bing's AI chatbot. The script explains that gaining access is not automatic and requires signing up on the Bing website and waiting for an email granting access. Access is a crucial first step for users to start utilizing the chatbot's features and capabilities.

💡Edge browser

The Edge browser is a web browser developed by Microsoft, and it is recommended for use with Bing's AI chatbot. The script mentions that downloading the Edge browser on a laptop or using the Bing app on mobile devices is necessary for顺畅 access to the chatbot feature. This is an important technical requirement for users to consider when trying to use the AI chatbot.


Prompts are the questions or instructions that users type into the chatbox to interact with the AI chatbot. The video emphasizes the importance of crafting effective prompts to get the desired responses from Bing's AI. It also mentions a limitation of eight prompts before the AI forgets the context of the conversation, which guides users on how to structure their interactions.


Fact-checking involves verifying the accuracy of the information provided by the AI chatbot. The script points out that Bing's AI can sometimes provide incorrect or fabricated information, hence the need for users to fact-check its outputs. This is a critical step to ensure the reliability of the information obtained from the chatbot.

💡Conversation style

Conversation style refers to the tone and manner in which the AI chatbot communicates. The video discusses three available styles: creative, balanced, and precise. Users can select the most appropriate style for their needs, with 'creative' recommended for more interesting results and 'balanced' or 'precise' for tasks involving numbers or calculations.

💡Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is a key feature of Bing's AI chatbot that allows it to search for information and provide updated responses. This capability differentiates it from other AI chatbots like ChatGPT, which have knowledge only up to a certain point in time. The video highlights the importance of utilizing this feature to enhance the chatbot's effectiveness.


Searching is a function that Bing's AI chatbot can perform, where it looks up information on the internet before responding to a user's prompt. The video emphasizes the importance of incorporating search requests into prompts to leverage the chatbot's internet connectivity, which can result in more accurate and relevant information.

💡Data analysis

Data analysis refers to the AI chatbot's ability to gather and analyze information from the internet. The video provides an example of how Bing can search for the best compact cars for 2023, compile the data into a chart, and even write a report discussing each option. This showcases the chatbot's utility in helping users make informed decisions based on data.

💡Multiple prompts

Multiple prompts involve breaking down a complex request into several simpler questions to avoid overwhelming the AI chatbot. The video suggests using this technique to improve the quality of responses and to manage the chatbot's memory limit effectively. By asking one thing at a time and building upon the previous responses, users can guide the chatbot to produce more detailed and accurate outputs.

💡Teach new skills

Teaching new skills to the AI chatbot means instructing it to learn and apply new abilities or techniques. The video gives an example of teaching Bing to write in the style of Stephen King and to create image prompts for other AI tools like Mid-Journey. This demonstrates the adaptability and versatility of the chatbot, allowing it to expand its capabilities based on user requirements.


Bing's new AI chatbot is the most powerful chatbot available publicly.

Access to Bing's chat feature is not automatic and requires signing up on

Using the Edge browser or the Bing app can speed up access to Bing chat.

Bing chat has a limit of eight prompts before it forgets previous conversation context, which has increased to 10.

Bing sometimes hallucinates information and requires fact-checking against its provided sources.

Bing is not proficient in math and may provide inaccurate results for calculations.

Bing may shut down or refuse to continue a conversation if it perceives something as mean, dishonest, or unethical.

Bing's connection to the internet is its major advantage over Chat GPT, allowing it to look up information before answering.

Choosing the right conversation style (creative, balanced, or precise) is crucial for getting the best results from Bing.

Always instruct Bing to search or look something up as part of your prompt to leverage its internet connection.

Bing provides suggestions for continuing the conversation which can help users who find talking to AI challenging.

Utilize Bing's ability to gather and analyze data by asking it to search and compile information into charts or reports.

Breaking up complex tasks into multiple prompts can reduce confusion and improve the quality of Bing's responses.

Teach Bing new skills by instructing it to research and then apply what it has learned.

Bing can generate prompts for other AI tools, such as mid-journey, to create images based on the information it finds.

Using the provided tips and prompt templates can significantly enhance the results obtained from using Bing chat.

The video includes a downloadable PDF with prompt templates and examples for better usage of Bing and other AI tools.