Can 5 Star Bakeries Decorate WEDDING Cakes DESIGNED by AI?

The Icing Artist
23 Jun 202313:21

TLDRIn this video, the host explores the possibility of five-star bakeries executing wedding cake designs created by AI. Using a Discord server, they generate various cake designs with prompts like 'extravagant,' 'geode,' and 'romantic.' After a community vote, the chosen design is a copper-themed cake with intricate details. The host orders the AI-designed cake from two different five-star bakeries and compares the results. Both bakeries manage to recreate the AI's vision with their own artistic interpretations, showcasing modern and trendy wedding cakes. The video also features a taste test and a discussion on the design and construction techniques used by the bakers. The host concludes by appreciating the bakeries' ability to bring AI's design to life and invites viewers to share their thoughts and ratings.


  • 🤖 The video explores whether AI can design wedding cakes that five-star bakeries can recreate.
  • 🎨 The AI designs were generated using various prompts through a Discord server action.
  • 🌈 The AI's designs were found to be quite progressive, reflecting modern trends and inclusivity.
  • 🍰 Two cakes were chosen for ordering from favorite five-star bakeries based on community votes.
  • 🌸 One of the cakes featured beautiful flowers, with a bottom layer that was a mystery material to the presenter.
  • 💲 The cost of the cake was $800, which was considered reasonable for a wedding cake of its kind.
  • 🔍 The bakeries had to figure out how to recreate intricate details like copper piping and glass-like flowers.
  • 👍 Both bakeries were successful in recreating the AI's designs with their own artistic interpretations.
  • 🍫 The first cake was a chocolate cake with Bailey's filling, rated 7 out of 10 for taste.
  • ☕ The second cake was a coffee cake with chocolate buttercream, also rated 7 out of 10 for taste.
  • 📈 The video included a sponsored segment for a game called 'Love and Pies,' which the presenter enjoyed.

Q & A

  • What was the main challenge presented in the video?

    -The main challenge was to see if five-star bakeries could decorate wedding cakes designed by AI.

  • How was the AI design process initiated?

    -The AI design process was initiated through the Discord server using the command 'slash in action' followed by a complex word to test the AI's capabilities.

  • What were some of the themes explored during the AI cake design?

    -Some of the themes explored included spring, summer, extravagant, geode, geometric, romantic, and LGBTQ.

  • Which two types of cakes were ultimately chosen for the bakeries to recreate?

    -The two types of cakes chosen were an emerald cake and a copper cake.

  • How did the community participate in the selection of the cake to be ordered?

    -The community participated by voting on the community tab, with 77% voting for the copper cake.

  • What was the cost of the copper cake ordered from the five-star bakery?

    -The cost of the copper cake was $800.

  • How did the bakeries approach the task of recreating the AI-designed cake?

    -The bakeries approached the task by attempting to replicate the AI design as closely as possible, using various techniques such as fondant extruding, hand painting, and creating translucent sugar flowers.

  • What was the feedback on the taste and texture of the cakes?

    -The feedback on the taste and texture of the cakes was generally positive, with one cake described as having a rich and bitter flavor combination, while the other was praised for its balance and execution.

  • What was the final verdict on the bakeries' ability to recreate the AI-designed cakes?

    -The final verdict was that both bakeries successfully recreated the AI-designed cakes, with each adding their own artistic interpretation and improvements.

  • How did the video incorporate a sponsorship message?

    -The sponsorship message was incorporated through a mention of the game 'Love and Pies,' which was described as a fun and easy game to play, with an inclusive diverse range of characters and Pride Flags.

  • What was the significance of the AI's progressive representation in the cake designs?

    -The AI's progressive representation, such as the inclusion of LGBTQ themes and diverse characters, was highlighted as a positive aspect, showing the AI's ability to be inclusive and forward-thinking.

  • What was the viewer's reaction to the final cake designs?

    -The viewer was impressed by the final cake designs, noting that they looked modern, trendy, and beautiful, and that they would not have guessed they were designed by AI.



🤖 AI Wedding Cake Challenge

The video script begins with a discussion about using AI to design extravagant wedding cakes. The host shares their experience of collaborating with AI and five-star bakeries to create unique and challenging cake designs. They explore various prompts and styles, including romantic and geometric themes, and also touch on the representation of diverse relationships in their designs. The host is particularly drawn to emerald and copper-themed cakes, and after much deliberation, they decide to order two cakes based on community votes. The cakes are described in detail, highlighting their intricate designs, materials, and the process of recreating the AI's vision in edible form.


🎂 Unboxing and Design Analysis

The host continues with the unboxing of the first AI-designed wedding cake, expressing excitement and curiosity about the materials and techniques used. They discuss the cake's components, such as the translucent blue flowers, copper dusting, and piping details. The video includes a sponsored segment for a mobile game called 'Love and Pies,' which the host enjoys for its inclusive characters and graphics. Upon tasting the cake, the host provides feedback on the flavor and texture, noting the balance of the chocolate cake with Bailey's filling. The segment concludes with a comparison of the ordered cake to the AI's original design, praising the baker's ability to translate the digital design into a real-world cake.


🍰 Comparing Two Bakery Interpretations

The host compares two versions of the same AI-designed wedding cake made by different five-star bakeries. They discuss the differences in mood, color, and design elements between the two cakes, noting how each baker brought a unique artistic vision to the project. The second cake is described as having more dimension in its blue layers and purposeful piping that resembles leaves and branches. The host appreciates the creativity and effort put into both cakes, and after tasting, they comment on the coffee cake with chocolate buttercream, noting the rich and bitter flavor but also the uneven layering. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts and rate the cakes, and a thank you to the sponsor, 'Love and Pies.'



💡AI Design

AI Design refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create designs, in this case, for wedding cakes. It is central to the video's theme as the challenge is to see if five-star bakeries can recreate AI-generated cake designs. The script mentions 'AI design' in the context of generating unique and extravagant wedding cake designs, which are then to be executed by professional bakeries.

💡Five-Star Bakeries

Five-Star Bakeries are establishments that are highly rated, typically for their quality of service, ambience, and products. In the video, these bakeries are tasked with the challenge of baking and decorating wedding cakes that have been designed by AI. The script discusses the anticipation and outcome of whether these high-quality bakeries can successfully replicate the AI's vision.


Mid-Journey is a term used in the script to describe the process of using a specific tool or platform (Discord server) to generate AI designs. It is a part of the video's narrative as it sets the stage for the creative process behind the AI wedding cake designs.

💡Emerald Cakes

Emerald Cakes are a type of wedding cake design mentioned in the script, characterized by their green color, reminiscent of emeralds. They are significant as they represent one of the many creative and unique designs that the AI generated, showcasing the diversity of ideas that AI can produce.

💡Copper Cakes

Copper Cakes are another type of wedding cake design highlighted in the video, featuring a metallic copper look. These designs are particularly interesting as they incorporate elements of metallic shine and color, which pose a challenge to the bakeries in terms of replication and decoration.


LGBTQ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning. The script mentions the AI's progressiveness in generating designs that include representations of LGBTQ relationships, which is a reflection of the AI's ability to incorporate inclusive and diverse themes in its designs.

💡Cake Flavor and Filling

Cake Flavor and Filling are integral to the overall experience of the wedding cake. The script discusses the taste and quality of the cake, mentioning specific flavors like chocolate cake with Bailey's filling and coffee cake with chocolate buttercream. These details are important as they provide insight into the bakeries' ability to match the AI's design with a complementary taste.

💡Cake Board

A Cake Board is a flat, usually round, base on which a cake is placed for support and presentation. In the context of the video, the script refers to a copper cake board, indicating an element of the cake's design that contributes to its overall aesthetic and thematic consistency.

💡Love and Pies

Love and Pies is a sponsor mentioned in the video, which is a game that the host enjoys playing. It is relevant to the video's content as it provides a light-hearted and entertaining aspect, contrasting with the main challenge of the AI wedding cake designs. The game's sponsorship also supports the video's production.

💡Cake Tiers

Cake Tiers refer to the individual levels of a multi-tiered wedding cake. The script discusses a four-tier wedding cake, emphasizing the complexity and grandeur of the design. The tiers are significant as they add to the visual appeal and the challenge of replicating the AI's design in a physical cake.

💡Sugar Flowers and Fondant

Sugar Flowers and Fondant are decorative elements used in cake design. The script describes the use of these elements in the AI-designed cakes, noting the creation of translucent blue sugar flowers and the use of fondant to create texture and detail on the cakes. These elements are crucial for achieving the intricate designs envisioned by the AI.


AI designed extravagant wedding cakes were created and decorated by five-star bakeries.

The challenge was to see if AI's designs could be replicated by professional bakers.

The AI-generated designs were selected through a community vote on Discord.

The AI's designs were described as 'crazy' and 'over the top', yet feasible to create.

The process involved experimenting with various prompts to generate unique cake designs.

AI's designs were noted for their progressive representation, including LGBTQ+ themes.

Emerald and copper cakes were particularly admired for their beauty and detail.

The final AI-designed cakes were voted on by the community, with the copper cake being the favorite.

Two five-star bakeries were chosen to recreate the AI's copper cake design.

The bakers had to interpret and recreate intricate details like glass-like flowers and copper piping.

The final cakes were analyzed for their adherence to the AI's design and the baker's artistic interpretation.

The copper cake was noted for its metallic shine and the use of copper dusting.

The bakers showcased creativity in their interpretations, with differences in flower design and color.

The cakes were not only visually stunning but also tasted and were evaluated on flavor.

The first bakery's cake was praised for its close replication of the AI design, with a chocolate cake and Bailey's filling.

The second bakery brought its own vision to life, with a coffee cake and chocolate buttercream.

Both cakes were considered successful recreations of the AI design, with unique artistic touches by the bakers.

The video also featured a sponsored segment for the game 'Love and Pies', which involves bakery renovation and customer order fulfillment.

The final decision on the best cake was left to the viewers, encouraging engagement and feedback.