Wedding Pics, Beginner's Blues, & Microwaves - WYW Live Hangout Ep 173

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12 Apr 202457:40

TLDRIn this lively hangout episode, the hosts share their wedding experiences, discussing the food, decorations, and memorable moments. They also talk about their cooking show plans, upcoming recipes, and新产品, emphasizing the importance of patience and community support in transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. The conversation is sprinkled with humor, personal anecdotes, and interactions with their young son, highlighting the warmth and authenticity of their content.


  • 🎉 The hosts celebrate their recent wedding, sharing anecdotes and experiences from the event.
  • 💍 The discussion includes the challenges of wearing wedding rings, especially during cooking and other activities.
  • 🥘 They mention their upcoming cooking show about assembly meals, highlighting the ease and healthiness of the recipes.
  • 🌿 The wedding had a vegan theme, with a focus on healthier and fresher options for the guests.
  • 👶 The hosts talk about balancing their new married life with parenting and how their child Otis was part of the wedding ceremony.
  • 🤒 They share their struggle with being sick during the wedding, but how they managed to get through it thanks to adrenaline and determination.
  • 🍲 The hosts discuss their love for cooking and how it parallels their wedding experience, with both requiring preparation and attention to detail.
  • 🎥 They mention their reluctance to do pre-orders for products due to past experiences with delays and customer dissatisfaction.
  • 🌮 The conversation includes the idea of experimenting with different food formats, such as dried soups and blends, to make healthy eating more convenient.
  • 🎉 The hosts express their excitement about future plans, including potential new products and their desire to build their own facility for creating and packaging goods.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the WYW Live Hangout Ep 173?

    -The main topic of the WYW Live Hangout Ep 173 is the host's recent wedding experience, including their thoughts on wearing wedding rings, getting sick during the wedding, and their plans for a honeymoon.

  • How did the host feel about wearing a wedding ring?

    -The host found wearing a wedding ring unfamiliar and mentioned that it clanked in the fridge and while cooking. They suggested potentially wearing it on a necklace or getting a tattoo instead.

  • What was the host's experience with getting sick during their wedding?

    -Both hosts were sick during their wedding, with one of them being completely sick but managing to get through the day due to adrenaline. They were so exhausted that they considered going to the hospital.

  • What is the host's opinion on vegan food?

    -The host mentioned that all the food at their wedding was vegan, but it wasn't necessarily as healthy as the food they usually make. They accidentally labeled everything as vegan, which they later regretted.

  • What did the hosts serve at their wedding?

    -The hosts served Mexican food-themed vegan dishes at their wedding, including a tasty enchilada with spinach, mushrooms, and beans, rice and beans, salsa, and guacamole.

  • What is the host's plan for their honeymoon?

    -The host mentioned that they would like to have a honeymoon when they are not sick. They are planning to escape for a few days but don't want to be away from their child for too long.

  • How did the host's child, Luca, participate in the wedding?

    -Luca walked the bride down the aisle and was described as a party animal throughout the day, enjoying the presence of all his favorite people.

  • What is the host's cooking show about that they mention in the transcript?

    -The host's cooking show mentioned in the transcript is about making assembly meals, and they plan to make various types of meals using different recipes, including a lentil-based hummus and a creamy Italian dressing.

  • What is the host's opinion on reheating food in a microwave?

    -The host believes that microwaving food, especially for reheating, does not destroy the nutrients and is a perfectly acceptable method for warming up food.

  • What product does the host introduce at the end of the transcript?

    -The host introduces a line of dried soups that can be easily prepared by adding water and cooking in an instant pot or on the stovetop.



🎉 Podcast Introduction and Wedding Experience

The speaker begins by discussing their recent wedding experience, highlighting the challenges of wearing jewelry while cooking and the significance of their wedding rings. They share anecdotes about their wedding day, including the warm weather, the custom-made engagement ring with a birthstone, and the decision to have a vegan wedding. The speaker also mentions their exhaustion from being sick during the wedding and the humorous idea of wearing the ring on a necklace. They transition into discussing upcoming announcements and the plan for the next day's cooking show.


🍲 Upcoming Cooking Show and Product Updates

The speaker excitedly talks about an upcoming cooking show focused on creating assembly meals. They share details about the recipes they've developed, including a lentil-based hummus with kale and a creamy Italian dressing. The speaker emphasizes the freshness and healthiness of the meals that can be prepared in advance. They also discuss their new product, a veggie blend, and its use in a chickpea frittata. The speaker mentions their desire for a honeymoon and the challenges of balancing family life with work commitments.


💍 Wedding Details and Family Involvement

The speaker shares more about their wedding, including the venue, the bride's dress, and the roles their children played in the ceremony. They describe the wedding cake, the vegan food served, and the accidental labeling of all dishes as vegan. The speaker also talks about their wedding attire, including a second outfit for the reception and the children's outfits. They express their satisfaction with the wedding and the joy of celebrating with friends and family.


📸 Reflecting on the Wedding and Future Plans

The speaker reflects on the wedding experience, discussing the emotional moments and the desire to savor every detail. They talk about their reluctance to have a wedding video but eventually accepting the idea. The speaker also shares their plans for future events, including a possible vow renewal and the anticipation of introducing new plant-based soup products. They discuss the challenges of reheating food and the nutritional value of dried versus fresh vegetables.


🍲 Introducing New Plant-Based Soup Products

The speaker introduces new plant-based soup products that are set to be launched soon. They share details about the packaging, the cooking process, and the nutritional content of the soups. The speaker emphasizes the convenience and health benefits of these products, as well as the excitement surrounding their release. They also discuss the challenges of pre-orders and their plans for a more sustainable packaging solution. The speaker invites feedback and shares their gratitude for the support from their community.


🌟 Community Support and Personal Growth

The speaker discusses the importance of community support in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. They share personal stories of adjustment and learning, emphasizing the need for patience and self-acceptance. The speaker encourages trying different recipes and finding what works best for each individual. They also talk about the challenges of living in an area without many SOS (Salt, Oil, Sugar) free dining options and the importance of creating a supportive environment for personal growth.


🎈 Luka's 2nd Birthday and Live Stream Fun

The speaker shares a light-hearted moment with their two-year-old son, Luka, who joins the live stream. They discuss Luka's love for Thomas the Train, his new books, and his interest in technology. The speaker also talks about Luka's recent milestones and the joys of parenthood. The live stream turns into an informal and entertaining interaction with Luka and the audience, showcasing the speaker's family life and their connection with their online community.


🎶 Closing Remarks and Upcoming Cooking Show

The speaker concludes the session by thanking the audience for their support and participation. They tease the upcoming cooking show, which will feature assembly meals, and encourage viewers to sign up. The speaker shares personal anecdotes, including a humorous story about losing a wedding ring on a live stream. They express their gratitude for the community's engagement and end the session on a positive note, looking forward to future interactions.




A wedding is a ceremony where two people unite in marriage. In the context of the video, the hosts discuss their recent wedding experience, sharing anecdotes and details about the event, including the venue, food, and participation of their children.


A ring is a piece of jewelry typically worn on a finger as a symbol of commitment, love, or marriage. In the video, the hosts discuss their wedding rings, including the practical considerations of wearing them during daily activities like cooking and the sentimental value they hold as symbols of their marriage.

💡Cooking Show

A cooking show is a television program or live event that focuses on the preparation and presentation of food. In the video, the hosts mention their upcoming cooking show where they plan to demonstrate the assembly of meals, indicating that their content includes practical culinary demonstrations and advice.


Vegan refers to a lifestyle and diet that excludes the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. In the video, the hosts discuss their wedding food, clarifying that while it was vegan, it was not necessarily as healthy as they usually advocate for, and also mention their products like the veggie blend and veggie broth mix.


Sick refers to being unwell or experiencing illness. In the video, the hosts share their recent experience of being sick, which affected their wedding and daily activities, and discuss the impact of illness on their routines and family life.


Children refers to young human beings below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority. In the video, the hosts mention their children's participation in the wedding and their daily interactions, highlighting the importance of family in their lives.

💡Silicone Ring

A silicone ring is a type of jewelry made from silicone, a flexible and durable material. It is often used as a protective or alternative wedding ring, especially for those who engage in activities where a traditional ring might be damaged or pose a safety risk.


Vegetarian refers to a diet that excludes meat and may also include other animal products. The term is often used to describe someone who follows such a diet or the dietary practice itself. In the video, the hosts discuss their preference for a plant-based diet and how it influenced their wedding catering.


Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat, often combined with other ingredients and techniques. It is a fundamental aspect of culinary arts and daily life. In the video, the hosts discuss their passion for cooking, especially in relation to their cooking show and meals they prepared for the wedding.


Products, in this context, refer to the items or merchandise that the hosts have created or are promoting, which align with their lifestyle and culinary philosophy. These can include food items, kitchen tools, or other related merchandise.


The hosts discuss their recent wedding experience, sharing personal anecdotes and details about the event.

They mention the challenges of wearing wedding rings, especially during cooking and other activities.

The conversation touches on the hosts' podcast and their experiences with being sick during their wedding weekend.

The hosts talk about their cooking show plans, including making assembly meals and sharing recipes.

They discuss the importance of communication in their marriage, especially in relation to health and wellness.

The hosts share their thoughts on vegan food and how they incorporated it into their wedding menu.

They talk about their children's roles in the wedding and how it added a special touch to the ceremony.

The conversation includes a discussion on reheating food in a microwave and its effect on nutrients.

The hosts introduce their new plant-based product line, including a veggie blend and broth mix.

They share their excitement for upcoming soup mixes that can be easily prepared using an instant pot.

The hosts discuss the challenges of pre-orders and their decision not to offer them for their new products.

They talk about their experiences with sickness and how it affected their wedding and daily life.

The conversation includes advice for those new to a plant-based diet and struggling with adjusting their tastes.

The hosts share their thoughts on the importance of community and support when making lifestyle changes.

They discuss the concept of being a 'potted plant' in terms of personal growth and finding the right environment to thrive.

The hosts talk about their future plans, including a potential 'honeymoon' trip and continuing to develop their product line.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of patience and perseverance when adapting to new ways of eating.