Clipdrop: Design Dream or Nightmare?

Design Method
5 Apr 202409:13

TLDRIn this video, the host explores Clipdrop, an AI-powered design tool that offers a suite of features for designers. The video demonstrates several tools, including a head swap feature, which allows users to replace heads in photos with varying degrees of success, and a background removal tool that works well but occasionally misses some details. The host also tests the reimagine XL tool, which generates multiple versions of a photo with different styles, and is impressed with the results. Additionally, the relight tool is highlighted for its ability to adjust lighting effects in photos, offering a realistic simulation of different light sources. The video concludes with a quick look at the turbo text-to-image feature and the stable doodle tool, which generates images from simple drawings and prompts. The host encourages viewers to share their thoughts on Clipdrop in the comments and to like and subscribe for more content.


  • 🎨 Clipdrop is an AI-powered website offering various tools for designers and creatives.
  • 🧩 The site includes features like generative fill, head swap, stable diffusion turbo, and an AI writer.
  • 🖼️ The remove background tool was tested and showed good results, though some minor imperfections were noted.
  • 🧑‍🎨 The head swap tool demonstrated quick and relatively seamless swaps, with room for further adjustments.
  • 🌟 Reimagine XL was used to generate multiple versions of a room, showing impressive results with similar tones and furniture.
  • 💡 The relight tool allows users to adjust lighting effects on photos, providing a realistic simulation of different light sources.
  • ⚡ Turbo, a text-to-image feature, quickly generates images based on text prompts, showcasing the speed of AI image generation.
  • 🎭 Stable Doodle is a creative tool that interprets simple drawings and text prompts to produce unique images.
  • 📈 The video demonstrated the effectiveness of Clipdrop's tools in a practical setting, providing insights into their potential uses.
  • 📸 The tools were tested with various images, highlighting their versatility and the ease with which they can be integrated into creative workflows.
  • 🌈 The presenter shared their personal experience and opinions on the tools, offering viewers a subjective perspective on Clipdrop's capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video?

    -The purpose of the video is to explore and demonstrate the features of Clipdrop, an AI site with various tools for designers, without any sponsorship or bias.

  • What are some of the tools Clipdrop offers?

    -Clipdrop offers tools such as generative fill, AI image generator, head swap, stable diffusion turbo, AI writer, background removal, cleanup tool, uncrop, image upscaler, stable doodle, reimagine XL, relight tool, sky replacer, and text remover.

  • How does the head swap tool work?

    -The head swap tool allows users to upload a photo and replace the head in the image with another head. The tool attempts to match size and orientation, but color tones may need to be adjusted afterward.

  • What challenges did the background remover tool face with the hair?

    -The background remover tool faced challenges with 'bleed through' and removing some of the hair, indicating that while it performed well in areas of good contrast, it struggled with fine details like hair.

  • What is the reimagine XL tool and how did it perform?

    -The reimagine XL tool allows users to upload a photo and receive multiple versions of that photo with different styles and elements. In the video, it produced impressive results, maintaining similar furniture and tones to the original photo.

  • How does the relight tool function?

    -The relight tool allows users to adjust the lighting of a photo by adding and moving light sources, changing their power and distance, and observing how shadows and highlights would be affected on the subject's face.

  • What is the turbo tool and how fast does it generate images?

    -The turbo tool is an AI that generates images based on text prompts extremely quickly. The video demonstrated the tool generating images of a dog running a marathon, a moose playing hockey, and a graphic designer using pen and pencil within seconds.

  • How did the stable doodle tool interpret the user's drawing?

    -The stable doodle tool generated various interpretations of the user's simple drawing of an elderly boxer, including humorous and unexpected scenarios, showcasing the tool's creativity and the diversity of its output.

  • What are the potential uses of the Clipdrop tools for designers?

    -The Clipdrop tools can be used for quick edits, generating ideas, enhancing images, and creating multiple versions of designs. They can also serve as a learning tool for understanding lighting and composition in photography and design.

  • How does the video creator engage with the audience?

    -The video creator engages with the audience by inviting them to share their thoughts on Clipdrop in the comments, encouraging likes on the video, and humorously inviting new subscribers to join the community for a monthly ice cream outing.

  • What is the overall impression of Clipdrop given in the video?

    -The overall impression of Clipdrop in the video is positive, with the creator highlighting the effectiveness and versatility of the tools, while also noting the need for some manual adjustments in certain cases.



😀 Introduction to Clip Drop's AI Tools

The video begins with a welcome and an introduction to Clip Drop, an AI-driven website offering various tools for designers. The presenter clarifies that the video is not sponsored and that they explore the site to assess its utility. They mention several features, including generative fill, AI image generation, head swapping, stable diffusion turbo, AI writing, background removal, cleanup tools, uncropping, image upscaling, and stable doodle. The presenter also discusses the process of trying out the head swap tool using different images to demonstrate its effectiveness, noting the need for post-adjustment for color matching.


🖼️ Background Removal and Reimagine XL Features

The presenter moves on to test the background removal tool on an image with challenging hair details, noting some bleed-through but overall satisfaction with the quick selection. They then introduce and demonstrate the Reimagine XL tool using a room photo, showing how it generates multiple versions with similar furniture and tones, expressing their happiness with the results. The relight tool is the next feature explored, allowing users to manipulate lighting conditions in a photo, which the presenter finds impressive for its realism in shadow and highlight placement. The video concludes with a quick demonstration of the turbo text-to-image feature, creating whimsical images based on textual prompts, and the stable doodle, where a simple drawing and a prompt result in diverse and sometimes humorous AI-generated images. The presenter invites viewers to share their thoughts on the site and to engage with the content by liking and subscribing.




Clipdrop is an AI-powered website that offers a suite of tools for designers and creative professionals. It is mentioned in the video as a platform that the speaker explores for its various features without any sponsorship. The video's theme revolves around testing Clipdrop's functionalities, making it a central concept.

💡Generative Fill

Generative Fill is a feature in Clipdrop that uses AI to fill in gaps or create new parts of an image. It is compared to similar tools in Photoshop and is part of the AI image generation tools explored in the video, showcasing Clipdrop's capabilities in image editing.

💡Head Swap

Head Swap is a specific tool within Clipdrop that allows users to replace one person's head in a photo with another's. The video demonstrates this tool by swapping heads in a street photo, highlighting its potential use in quick and simple editing tasks.

💡Remove Background

The Remove Background tool in Clipdrop is designed to automatically remove the background of an image, which is useful for isolating subjects. The video tests this feature on images with complex details like hair, to see how well it performs.

💡Reimagine XL

Reimagine XL is a tool that generates multiple versions of a photo, offering different styles and perspectives. The video uses a room as an example to show the diversity of outputs this tool can produce, emphasizing its utility in providing creative options.

💡Relight Tool

The Relight Tool is a feature that allows users to adjust the lighting of a photo post-capture. The video demonstrates adding and moving virtual light sources to change the lighting effects on a face, showcasing the tool's ability to simulate professional lighting setups.

💡Stable Diffusion Turbo

Stable Diffusion Turbo is an AI image generation tool that creates images based on textual prompts. The video quickly tests this tool with various prompts to show how rapidly it can generate images, demonstrating the speed of AI in content creation.

💡Stable Doodle

Stable Doodle is a creative tool that interprets a user's drawing and a descriptive prompt to generate an image. The video includes a humorous example where the speaker draws a simple figure and describes an 'elderly boxer,' resulting in diverse and unexpected AI-generated images.

💡Text Remover

The Text Remover tool is designed to eliminate text from images, which can be useful for cleaning up visual content. While not explicitly demonstrated in the video, it is mentioned as part of the suite of tools Clipdrop offers for image editing.

💡Image Upcaler

An Image Upcaler enhances the quality of images, particularly when increasing their size without losing detail. The video briefly mentions this tool as one of the many features available on Clipdrop for improving image quality.


The Uncrop tool is used to expand the boundaries of an image, effectively making it larger without losing the original content. It is one of the many tools highlighted in the video that aims to improve or restore images.


Clipdrop is an AI site with a variety of tools for designers and creative professionals.

The generative fill tool is similar to features found in Photoshop.

AI image generator creates images based on text prompts, like mid-Journey or Dolly.

The head swap tool allows users to replace a person's head in a photo with another.

The color matching feature in head swaps needs some adjustments for a more natural look.

The remove background tool is effective but may require fine-tuning for complex images like hair.

Reimagine XL generates multiple versions of a photo with different styles and settings.

The relight tool enables users to adjust lighting conditions in a photo, adding a realistic touch.

The turbo feature quickly generates images from text descriptions.

Stable Doodle creates images from simple drawings and descriptive prompts.

Clipdrop offers tools for image editing, such as cleanup, uncrop, and upscaler for quality enhancement.

The text remover tool can eliminate text from images, which is useful for designers.

Sky replacer is a tool that changes the sky in a photo, offering creative freedom.

The video demonstrates how each tool works with practical examples and outcomes.

The presenter provides a hands-on review of Clipdrop without being sponsored, offering an unbiased perspective.

The quick head swap feature is impressive for its ease of use, despite needing post-adjustment.

The relight tool's ability to simulate realistic lighting and shadows is a standout feature.

Clipdrop's tools are designed to enhance efficiency and creativity in the design process.

The presenter invites viewers to share their thoughts on Clipdrop in the comments section.

The video concludes with an invitation to like, subscribe, and join the community for monthly ice cream outings.