Create AI Art in REALTIME! (Leonardo AI Realtime Gen)

Wade McMaster - Creator Impact
22 Jan 202406:13

TLDRDiscover how to create AI art effortlessly with Leonardo AI's Realtime Gen feature. This user-friendly interface allows for instant image generation and adjustments, offering a hands-on learning experience. By typing prompts and experimenting with style sliders and profiles, users can achieve a variety of artistic outcomes. The platform also provides the ability to upscale images for higher quality and use them as references for further creations, showcasing Leonardo AI as a top contender in AI art generation.


  • 😀 Realtime generation in Leonardo AI simplifies the image creation process for beginners.
  • 🔍 Users can see live adjustments to their images with every change in the prompt or style settings.
  • 🎨 Adding or changing styles, such as 'anime style', can be done in real-time with immediate visual feedback.
  • 📊 Sliders and profiles allow for fine-tuning of the image's style, from coloring book outlines to folk art illustrations.
  • 🌟 The 'Dynamic' profile offers Alchemy style profiles, which can be switched to explore different visual outcomes.
  • 🌱 The 'random seed' feature ensures that with identical settings and prompt, the same image can be reproduced.
  • 📈 Upscaling the image refines its quality, offering both 'normal' and 'creative' upscale modes for enhanced detail.
  • 🖼️ Image-to-image guidance and image-to-motion features enable users to create art and videos based on the generated images.
  • 🛠️ Additional image editing options include background removal, aspect ratio changes, and canvas editing.
  • 🔗 The video transcript suggests that Leonardo AI is a top contender in AI art generation, rivaling or exceeding other platforms in quality and features.
  • 👍 The speaker highly recommends Leonardo AI, encouraging viewers to explore the platform for its innovative and user-friendly tools.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of Leonardo AI's Realtime Gen section?

    -The main feature of Leonardo AI's Realtime Gen section is its ability to generate images in real-time with a simpler interface, allowing users to see exactly what's happening with every change they make.

  • How does the Realtime Gen interface help new users to learn the ropes of image creation?

    -The Realtime Gen interface helps new users by providing a simple and interactive way to create images, allowing them to experiment with prompts and styles, and see the results instantly, which helps them understand the process better.

  • What is the purpose of the 'prompt' in the Realtime Gen section?

    -The 'prompt' in the Realtime Gen section is a text input that users type to describe the image they want to generate, and Leonardo AI creates an image based on this description.

  • How can users adjust the style of the generated image?

    -Users can adjust the style of the generated image by adding a style after the prompt, like 'anime style', and the interface will adjust the image live as the user types or changes the style.

  • What are the different settings available for users to modify the image's appearance?

    -There are sliders and profiles that users can adjust to modify the image's appearance, such as changing the style to a coloring book, kids illustration, or folkart illustration.

  • What is the significance of the 'random seed' in the image generation process?

    -The 'random seed' is the starting point for the image generation. It ensures that if the same seed and settings are used with the same prompt, an identical image will be generated every time.

  • How can users upscale the generated image to improve its quality?

    -Users can upscale the generated image by choosing to upscale at the top of the interface, which refines the image and gives it a better, sharper look.

  • What additional features are available for users after they exit the Realtime Gen section?

    -After exiting the Realtime Gen section, users can use the final image for image-to-image guidance, create art with it as a reference, or even create a video with image-to-motion features.

  • How can users create more space around the generated image?

    -Users can create more space around the image by using the 'unzoom' option, which adds more background and space around the image.

  • What is the final output of the Realtime Gen process, and how is it different from the initial generated image?

    -The final output of the Realtime Gen process is a polished and sharper image. It is different from the initial generated image as it has been refined and upscaled for better quality.

  • What are the potential uses for the images generated by Leonardo AI's Realtime Gen?

    -The images generated by Leonardo AI's Realtime Gen can be used for various purposes such as creating art references, making videos, or simply enjoying the AI-generated art.



🎨 Real-Time Image Generation with Leonardo AI

This paragraph introduces a user-friendly feature of Leonardo AI for real-time image generation, ideal for beginners or those seeking a simpler interface. It explains how users can generate images with a basic prompt and see live adjustments as they modify the style or settings. The speaker demonstrates adding elements like 'anime style' and adjusting sliders for different artistic profiles, such as a coloring book or folk art look. The paragraph also covers the use of 'random seed' for reproducing the same image and the option to upscale the final image for better quality. The user is guided through the process of exploring different Alchemy style profiles and the potential for further image manipulation, such as image-to-image guidance or creating motion from a static image.


📚 Mastering Image Generation Techniques in Leonardo AI

The second paragraph serves as a guide for users to learn and experiment with image generation in Leonardo AI. It suggests using real-time generation to understand the platform's capabilities and to create a series of images with varying aspect ratios and styles. The speaker emphasizes the importance of playing with different elements and settings to achieve desired looks. The paragraph also touches on the technical aspects of the image generator, including the ability to add specific artistic elements and adjust them as needed. The speaker concludes by recommending Leonardo AI as a top platform for AI art, comparing it favorably to other options like Mid Journey, and encourages viewers to check out the platform using a provided link. The video ends with a prompt for likes and a farewell message.



💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an artificial intelligence platform designed for creating images and art in real time. It is the main subject of the video, demonstrating its capabilities and user interface. The platform allows users to generate images by inputting prompts and adjusting various settings to achieve the desired visual style.

💡Realtime Generation

Realtime Generation is a feature of Leonardo AI that enables users to create images on-the-fly with a simple interface. It is highlighted in the video as an intuitive way for beginners to learn the ropes of the platform, providing instant visual feedback with every change made to the input prompt or settings.


The term 'interface' in the video refers to the user interface of Leonardo AI, which is the graphical layout and interaction model that allows users to input commands and adjust settings. The video script mentions that the realtime gen section simplifies this interface, making it more accessible for new users.


A 'prompt' in the context of AI image generation is a text input that describes the desired image. In the video, the user types in a prompt such as 'mutant orc with slimy green skin', and Leonardo AI generates an image based on this description, showcasing the platform's ability to interpret and visualize textual input.


In the video, 'style' refers to the visual aesthetic or artistic approach applied to the generated images. Users can adjust the style by adding descriptors like 'anime' or selecting from predefined profiles that alter the look of the images, such as 'coloring book' or 'folkart illustration'.


Profiles in Leonardo AI are pre-set configurations that dictate the style and characteristics of the generated images. The script mentions 'Dynamic' and 'Alchemy' as examples of profiles, which can be changed to explore different artistic styles and outcomes.


Upscaling in the context of image generation is the process of enhancing the resolution and detail of an image. The video describes two modes of upscaling: 'normal' and 'creative', which refine the image to make it sharper and more polished, improving the final output quality.

💡Random Seed

A 'random seed' in AI art generation is a starting point for creating an image. The video explains that the seed number can be copied and reused to recreate the exact same image, ensuring consistency and reproducibility in the image creation process.

💡Image Guidance

Image Guidance is a feature mentioned in the video that allows users to use an existing image as a reference for creating new art. This tool can be used to generate variations or to create a series of images with a consistent theme or style.

💡Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. In the video, the user can change the aspect ratio to explore different compositions and orientations for the generated images, affecting the overall layout and presentation.

💡Remove Background

The 'remove background' feature, as mentioned in the script, allows users to eliminate the background of an image, focusing solely on the main subject. This can be useful for creating images with a transparent background or for isolating specific elements within the artwork.


Leonardo AI offers a real-time generation feature for creating AI art with a simpler interface.

Real-time generation allows users to see live adjustments to the image with every change in the prompt or style.

Adding 'anime style' to the prompt adjusts the image live, demonstrating the app's dynamic capabilities.

Sliders and profiles enable users to fine-tune the style, such as 'coloring book' or 'kids illustration'.

Profiles can be switched between styles like 'Dynamic', 'Alchemy', 'Anime', and 'Cinematic' for different visual outcomes.

The 'random seed' feature allows for the replication of images by using the same seed number.

Upscaling the image refines the details and enhances the quality for a polished final product.

Leonardo AI's image generation can be used as a reference for creating more images with similar styles and elements.

The platform provides options for image to image guidance and image to motion for creating videos.

Removing the background is an available feature for a cleaner focus on the generated art.

Leonardo AI's upscalers offer different modes such as 'normal upscale' and 'creative upscale'.

The platform allows for editing the canvas and adding more space around the image.

Leonardo AI's real-time generation is recommended for both beginners and advanced users to explore AI art creation.

The video provides a link in the description for those interested in trying out Leonardo AI.

Leonardo AI is positioned as a leading platform for AI art, with capabilities that rival or exceed other platforms like Mid Journey.

The video concludes by emphasizing the quality of AI art produced by Leonardo AI and its potential as a top platform for artists.