Create Professional Business Logo for Free Using AI

23 Feb 202406:48

TLDRLearn how to create a professional business logo for free using AI tools like Microsoft's Co-Pilot and Chat GPT. The video demonstrates crafting unique logo ideas through creative prompts and refining them with Microsoft Designer for customization. It also introduces vectorization for scalability and Skill Leap AI's e-learning platform for comprehensive AI tool education.


  • 🚀 Utilize free AI tools like co-pilot from Microsoft to craft high-end business logos without any cost.
  • 🎨 Select a creative conversation style in co-pilot to generate unique logo ideas based on your business description.
  • 💡 Request co-pilot to generate multiple prompts for diverse logo design concepts.
  • 🗣️ Incorporate specific ideas for your logo into the prompt for tailored suggestions.
  • 🔄 Experiment with different AI tools like Chat GPT for alternative and potentially more interesting logo concepts.
  • 📐 Choose a logo design and refine it using Microsoft Designer for further customization and editing.
  • 🎨 Apply filters, adjust intensity, and remove backgrounds in Microsoft Designer to match your branding needs.
  • ✍️ Add business text to the logo using customizable text options and choose fonts that complement the logo design.
  • 🎨 Adjust color elements to ensure the text and graphics in the logo are cohesive and visually appealing.
  • 📂 Download the logo in PNG format for versatile use, with an option for a transparent background for easy integration.
  • 🟩 Convert the logo into a vector format for scalable, high-resolution use with the help of a vectorizer tool.

Q & A

  • What is the first AI tool mentioned in the video for creating high-end logos?

    -The first AI tool mentioned is called Co-pilot, which is from Microsoft.

  • How can users access the Co-pilot tool?

    -Users can access Co-pilot by visiting the website

  • What type of conversation style is recommended when using Co-pilot for logo creation?

    -For logo creation, it is recommended to choose the 'more creative' conversation style in Co-pilot.

  • What does the script suggest users do with the prompts generated by Co-pilot?

    -The script suggests users incorporate the generated prompts into their logo creation process, using them as unique ideas for their business logos.

  • How does the video demonstrate the use of Chat GPT alongside Co-pilot?

    -The video shows that the user inputs the same prompt into Chat GPT and compares the ideas generated by both Co-pilot and Chat GPT, highlighting that while they use the same underlying software, the results can differ in specificity and interest.

  • What is Microsoft Designer and how is it used in the process?

    -Microsoft Designer is a free app that allows users to edit and customize their logo images, including adding text, changing filters, and removing backgrounds.

  • Why is it beneficial to use chat-based AI tools for logo creation?

    -Chat-based AI tools allow for back-and-forth communication to revise and simplify the logo designs, providing a more interactive and customizable experience.

  • What file format is recommended for logos and why?

    -PNG is the recommended file format for logos because it maintains the quality of the image, and a transparent background can be chosen for versatile use across different platforms.

  • How can a logo be turned into a vector and why is this beneficial?

    -A logo can be turned into a vector by using a website like This is beneficial because vector files maintain sharp details at any scale, unlike pixel-based formats like PNG or JPEG, which can become pixelated when enlarged.

  • What additional resource is offered for learning about AI tools?

    -The video mentions an e-learning platform called Skill Leap AI, which offers courses on various AI tools, including a visual communication course for business owners and entrepreneurs.



🎨 Designing Logos with AI Tools

This paragraph introduces the process of creating high-end logos using free AI tools. The first tool mentioned is co-pilot from Microsoft, which can be accessed at The video creator provides a link to all mentioned resources for ease of access. The user is guided through choosing a conversation style in co-pilot and crafting a prompt to generate unique logo ideas. The video also demonstrates the use of chat GPT (via for refining these ideas, highlighting the differences between co-pilot and chat GPT in terms of visual output and descriptiveness. The paragraph concludes with the user selecting a logo design and customizing it using Microsoft Designer, a free app for image editing. The features of Microsoft Designer, such as filters, background removal, and text addition, are explained, and the process of downloading the logo in PNG format with or without a transparent background is detailed.


📚 Accessing AI Courses and Vectorization

The second paragraph focuses on optional steps for enhancing the logo design and additional resources for learning about AI tools. It discusses the possibility of turning the logo into a vector for infinite scaling without losing resolution, using a website called vectorizer.doai. The video then promotes an e-learning platform, skill leap AI, which offers a visual communication course for business owners and entrepreneurs. This course covers various AI applications in visual content creation, including ads and social media posts. The platform provides access to 21 courses with new releases every month, and a free trial is available. The paragraph ends with an encouragement to explore the resources and look forward to future content.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to create high-end logos without any cost, showcasing its capability in the design and creativity sector. The video mentions tools like co-pilot and chat GPT, which are AI-driven, to generate logo ideas and refine them based on user input.


Co-pilot is a free AI tool from Microsoft that assists users in various tasks, including content creation and design. In the video, it is used to generate creative prompts for crafting business logos. Co-pilot serves as a conversational AI that can adapt to the user's needs, providing visual ideas for logos based on the user's business description.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI language model that can engage in conversations and generate human-like text based on the input it receives. In the video, it is utilized to refine and provide more interesting logo ideas. The user interacts with Chat GPT by providing prompts, which the AI uses to suggest logo concepts, demonstrating its role in enhancing creativity and providing detailed设计方案.

💡Logo Design

Logo Design is the process of creating a graphic symbol or emblem that represents a company or brand. It is a crucial aspect of branding and helps in establishing a visual identity. The video focuses on using AI tools for logo design, showcasing how users can leverage technology to create professional and high-quality logos without the need for expensive design software or services.

💡Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a free graphic design app that allows users to create visual content with ease. It offers features like editing images, changing filters, and adding text. In the video, it is used to further refine the AI-generated logo ideas by customizing the visual elements, such as colors, fonts, and layout, to match the brand's identity.


PNG, or Portable Network Graphics, is a file format commonly used for digital images, especially on the web. It supports transparent backgrounds and is ideal for logos that need to be used across various platforms without a fixed background. In the video, the user downloads the logo in PNG format, which is preferred for logos due to its ability to maintain quality on different backgrounds.


A vector is a graphic format that uses mathematical equations to define shapes, lines, and colors, allowing for infinite scaling without loss of quality. This is beneficial for logos as they can be resized for different uses, from small icons to large banners, without pixelation. The video mentions the use of a vectorizer tool to convert the PNG logo into a vector format for maximum flexibility and quality.

💡Skill Leap AI

Skill Leap AI is the name of the business used as an example throughout the video. It represents a hypothetical company that focuses on AI tools and resources for learning and development. The video uses this business name to demonstrate how to incorporate it into the logo design process, showing how AI tools can assist in creating a professional logo that aligns with the brand identity.

💡Visual Communication

Visual Communication is the process of conveying messages and ideas through visual elements such as images, graphics, and logos. It is a critical aspect of branding and marketing, as it helps to communicate a company's identity and values effectively. The video touches on the broader application of AI in visual communication, beyond just logo design, suggesting that AI can assist in creating various visual content for businesses.

💡e-Learning Platform

An e-Learning Platform is a web-based system that delivers educational content and courses online. It allows users to access learning materials and participate in courses remotely. In the video, Skill Leap AI is mentioned as an e-learning platform that specializes in teaching users about top AI tools, providing a range of courses to help business owners and entrepreneurs enhance their skills in using AI for various applications.


Create high-end logos using free AI tools.

The first tool introduced is co-pilot from Microsoft.

Select a creative conversation style in co-pilot for logo design.

Craft five prompts for unique logo ideas.

Describe your business to tailor the logo design.

Chat GPT 3.5 can provide more detailed logo concepts.

Microsoft Designer allows for image editing and customization.

Apply filters and remove background for logo enhancement.

Add business name and choose fonts within Microsoft Designer.

Select colors from the design to maintain visual consistency.

Download the logo in PNG format for versatile use.

Optionally, convert the logo to a vector for infinite scaling.

Vectorizer doai is a tool for vector conversion.

Skill Leap AI offers a visual communication course for business owners.

Access to 21 courses with a subscription, including new monthly releases.

Learn various AI tools for visual communication and marketing.