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30 Nov 202304:49

TLDRDiscover how to swiftly and cost-effectively create a unique logo for your business using AI technology, as showcased in the video. The presenter guides viewers through Bing's image generation program, illustrating how to generate and customize logo ideas for various ventures, including a gaming business and a mentoring service. The process is straightforward, allowing for easy adaptation of the logo for different applications, such as social media and website branding. The video emphasizes the efficiency and accessibility of AI in facilitating business growth, without the need for substantial financial investment in design.


  • 🚀 Creating a logo for a new business can be done quickly and for free with the help of AI technology.
  • 🌐 Bing's AI program, SL create, offers the opportunity to generate images and logo ideas.
  • 🎨 Customizing and editing logo designs can be done using Microsoft's Designer platform, similar to Canva.
  • 💡 The process of creating a logo should not be a barrier when starting a new business, and unnecessary expenses should be avoided.
  • 🎮 The example given in the video involves creating a Viking-themed logo with neon elements for a gaming business.
  • 🔄 Regeneration of logo ideas is possible if the initial options are not satisfactory.
  • 📌 The video demonstrates how to use the logo in various designs, such as social media posts and business cards.
  • 🖼️ Microsoft Design provides JPEG images, and for transparent backgrounds, free programs like can be utilized.
  • 📈 AI technology is showcased as a time-saving and cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals.
  • 🎁 The video encourages viewers to explore AI tools to enhance their brand identity and marketing efforts.
  • 🔗 The video concludes by highlighting the ease and speed of creating a logo with AI, emphasizing the benefits for entrepreneurs.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about creating a logo for free using AI within seconds, specifically for individuals or businesses that are just starting out.

  • What does the speaker emphasize as important when starting a new business?

    -The speaker emphasizes the importance of eliminating all barriers in the process of starting a new business, avoiding hidden costs and unnecessary expenses.

  • How does the speaker suggest one can create a logo for their business?

    -The speaker suggests using an AI-powered program introduced by Bing called SL create to generate beautiful and unique logo ideas.

  • What kind of logo does the speaker create in the video?

    -The speaker creates a Viking-themed logo with neon elements for a gaming business.

  • What is the advantage of using the Microsoft Designer platform?

    -The advantage of using the Microsoft Designer platform is that it allows users to edit images with a prompt and see their logo in action in different mockups provided by the Designer.

  • How can one customize the logo further?

    -One can customize the logo further by using the Microsoft Designer platform, which is similar to the Canva version of Microsoft, to edit the image according to their preferences.

  • What does the speaker do after finalizing the logo design?

    -After finalizing the logo design, the speaker downloads it and uses it in various designs such as business cards, cover letters, and the website to communicate brand messages effectively.

  • How can a user remove the background of a JPEG image?

    -A user can remove the background of a JPEG image by using a free program like remove. PG or a platform like Canva that offers background removal features.

  • What is the final output provided by Microsoft Design?

    -The final output provided by Microsoft Design is a JPEG image of the logo.

  • How does the video demonstrate the efficiency of AI in logo creation?

    -The video demonstrates the efficiency of AI in logo creation by showing how quickly and easily a logo can be generated and customized, saving time and money for the user.

  • What is the speaker's closing statement in the video?

    -The speaker's closing statement is an encouragement to enjoy the video, show love, and subscribe to the channel for more content.



🚀 Creating a Logo with AI for Free

The video introduces a method to create a logo for free using AI technology. The speaker emphasizes the importance of eliminating financial barriers when starting a new business and presents a cost-effective solution for creating a logo. They demonstrate how to use Bing's SL create program to generate unique logo ideas, specifically for a gaming business, by inputting a prompt. The speaker also explains the process of customizing the logo using Microsoft's Designer platform and suggests using the logo for various branding purposes, such as social media and business cards.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to generate logo designs quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for expensive design services and allowing businesses to focus on their core ideas and products.


A logo is a graphic mark or emblem that represents a company, organization, or brand. It is often the first visual representation of a company and plays a crucial role in brand recognition. In the video, the creation of a logo is the main focus, with the presenter guiding viewers on how to use AI to design a logo for their business or brand.


Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. In the video, Bing is highlighted as the platform that offers a program, SL create, to help users generate AI-designed logos. This showcases Bing's capabilities beyond search, into the realm of creative design and business support.


A business refers to an organization or enterprise that is involved in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. The video is aimed at individuals starting a new business, offering them a cost-effective solution for creating a logo, which is an essential element in establishing a brand identity and communicating business values.


Customization refers to the process of modifying or adjusting a product or service to better suit the specific needs or preferences of an individual or business. In the video, customization is discussed in relation to the AI-generated logos, where users can edit and adjust the designs to align with their brand identity and personal taste.


Design encompasses the creation of a plan or concept for the construction of an object or a system. In the context of the video, design is specifically focused on logo creation, where AI assists in generating visually appealing and unique logo ideas that can be further refined to meet the specific requirements of a business or brand.


Efficiency refers to the ability to do something in the最少 or most effective way with the least waste of time or effort. The video emphasizes the efficiency of using AI to create a logo, highlighting that it can be done quickly and without the need for extensive design skills or high costs.

💡Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a design tool provided by Microsoft that allows users to create and edit images and designs. In the video, it is mentioned as the platform where users can further customize their AI-generated logos, offering a user-friendly interface similar to Canva for editing and mockup purposes.


Mockups are prototypes or examples of how a design will look in a real-world application or context. In the video, mockups are used to showcase how the AI-generated logos can be visualized in different scenarios, helping users to better understand and decide on their preferred logo design.

💡Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visual and emotional representation of a brand, which includes elements like logo, color palette, typography, and other design elements that convey the brand's message and values. The video emphasizes the importance of having a strong brand identity, starting with a well-designed logo, to communicate effectively with the target audience.


Canva is an online design and publishing tool that allows users to create a variety of graphics, including logos, social media posts, and marketing materials. In the video, Canva is suggested as a platform where users can incorporate their AI-generated logos into various design templates for further brand communication and marketing purposes.


The video introduces a method to create a logo for free using AI within seconds.

AI can help new businesses save on costs, such as expensive logo design fees.

Bing has launched a program called SL create for generating images with AI.

The preferred use of the Bing AI program is for creating unique logo ideas.

The process involves registering on the platform and inputting a prompt for the AI to generate logo designs.

The AI-generated logos can be customized and saved for later use.

Microsoft's Designer platform is highlighted as a tool for editing images with AI prompts.

Designer provides mockups to visualize the logo in different contexts.

The video demonstrates how to create a logo for a gaming business with neon elements.

The process is repeated to create a logo for a mentoring business by adjusting the prompt.

The video shows how to download and use the logo in Canva for branding purposes.

Templates in Canva can be customized to include the newly created logo.

The video provides a tip on using to remove the logo's background for versatile use.

An example is given of creating a logo for an AI Library website using Microsoft Designer.

The final output from Microsoft Designer is a JPEG file suitable for various design uses.

The video concludes by emphasizing the ease and speed of using AI for logo creation.

The video encourages viewers to try the method for themselves and subscribe for more content.