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28 Mar 202408:17

TLDRThis video compares two top AI image upscalers, Leonardo AI and Crea AI, which are essential tools in fields like art and advertising. It demonstrates how to enhance low-resolution images into high-definition works of art with customizable settings. The tutorial walks through the process of using both tools, discussing features like 4K upscaling and style options, and provides tips on optimizing results. The video encourages viewers to try both and choose the one that best fits their needs, highlighting the free daily tokens and different subscription plans available for each.


  • 🎨 Image upscalers are vital in fields like art and advertising, enhancing storytelling and perceptions through improved image quality.
  • 🖼️ Leonardo Universal upscaler and Crea AI enhancement are two top AI tools for transforming low-resolution images into high-definition works of art.
  • 👉 Tutorials on using these AI tools can guide users in selecting the best option for their needs, based on features and personal preferences.
  • 🖥️ Users can enhance images from their device or those created with Leonardo AI using the Universal upscaler.
  • 🛠️ Customizable settings in the Universal upscaler allow users to adjust creativity, strength, and style for varied results.
  • 📸 Viewing modes let users compare the original and upscaled images, with options to view side-by-side or just the result.
  • 🔍 Zooming and panning features provide a detailed look at the enhanced images, showcasing the added detail and quality.
  • 📂️ Results are organized in a dedicated feed for easy access, and users can delete unwanted images from this section.
  • 🎥 Upgrade to the pro version for 4K upscaling and additional features like motion videos.
  • 💡 Creativity and AI strength settings influence the extent of changes made to the image, with options to fine-tune based on desired outcomes.
  • 💬 Users are encouraged to try both tools and decide based on their experience, as each tool offers unique capabilities and styles.

Q & A

  • What role do images play in fields such as art and design?

    -Images in fields like art and design are crucial for conveying aesthetics, communicating messages, and influencing perceptions. They serve as powerful tools for storytelling and are used extensively in social media, websites, YouTube covers, and other works.

  • What is an image upscaler and how does it benefit users?

    -An image upscaler is a tool that transforms low-resolution images into high-definition masterpieces by adding details to the images. It allows users to enhance the quality and resolution of their images with just a few clicks, improving their visual appeal and suitability for various applications.

  • How does the Universal Upcaler work in the Leonardo AI platform?

    -The Universal Upcaler in the Leonardo AI platform enables users to enhance the quality and resolution of their desired images. Users can upload an image from their device or select one generated within the app, customize settings, and then upscale the image. The process is straightforward: users add an image, confirm their selection, and then view the results in different modes to compare the image before and after upscaling.

  • What are the customizable settings available in the Universal Upcaler?

    -The Universal Upcaler includes settings such as creativity strength, style, and AI strength. Users can adjust these parameters to control how much the AI alters the image, the resemblance between the source image and the result, and the clarity of the final image. These settings allow for a range of outcomes tailored to the user's preferences.

  • How can users view and manage their upscaled images in Leonardo AI?

    -Users can view all their results in a dedicated feed within Leonardo AI. They can select images, delete them, and even create motion videos with the upscaled results. The output is in JPEG format, and users can download their results or view them in their personal feed.

  • What is Crea AI, and how does it enhance images?

    -Crea AI is an AI enhancement tool that allows users to upscale and improve the quality of their images. It offers a range of styles and settings that can be adjusted to achieve different visual effects. Users can test various styles to see how each one affects their image, and they can also use a prompt to guide the AI in making specific changes.

  • How does the Crea AI enhancement tool differ from Leonardo AI's Universal Upcaler?

    -While both tools are designed to upscale and enhance images, Crea AI focuses on providing a variety of styles that can produce great results. It allows users to add a prompt for each image and offers six different styles to choose from, whereas Leonardo AI suggests not using a prompt unless specific changes are desired and has four styles that are good for different uses.

  • What are the viewing modes available for comparing the results of upscaling?

    -There are three viewing modes available: a slider that allows users to compare the image before and after upscaling, a side-by-side view, and a view that shows only the upscaled result. These modes help users to assess the detail and quality added to the image after the upscaling process.

  • How can users obtain additional tokens for using Leonardo AI and Crea AI?

    -Both Leonardo AI and Crea AI offer a free daily plan with a limited number of tokens. Users can get 150 free tokens daily per account with Leonardo AI, and Crea AI has a similar free daily plan. If more tokens are needed, users can upgrade their accounts and choose from different plans based on their usage and requirements.

  • What advice is given to users who are trying both Leonardo AI and Crea AI?

    -Users are encouraged to try both tools and decide which one suits their needs better based on their personal experience. The script suggests that each tool has its strengths and that experimenting with both will help users determine the most effective one for their specific projects.



🎨 Aesthetics in Art, Design, and Advertising

This paragraph discusses the significance of aesthetics in various fields such as art, design, and advertising. It emphasizes how images play a crucial role in conveying messages, influencing perceptions, and storytelling. The paragraph introduces the concept of an image upscaler, which can transform low-resolution images into high-definition masterpieces with added details. The tutorial aims to guide users on how to use Leonardo Universal upscaler and Crea AI enhancement, comparing the two to determine which one best suits their needs. The script also mentions the features of the Universal upscaler, including customizable settings, the ability to add images from different sources, and various viewing modes to compare the before and after results of the upscaling process. It highlights the ability to adjust creativity, strength, and style for different outcomes and the convenience of viewing and managing all results in one dedicated feed.


🚀 Enhancing Image Quality with AI Tools

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of using AI tools for image enhancement, specifically focusing on the new version of the enhancement tool. It explains how users can view their upscaling history, upload images, and see the uploaded image in the tool. The paragraph details the options available for 4K upscaling, which requires a pro version upgrade, and the customization options based on the uploaded image. It also discusses the importance of AI strength and resemblance strength in determining the extent of AI-driven changes and the similarity between the source image and the result. Clarity and color correction features are mentioned as tools to refine the image quality. The script advises on the use of negative prompts if issues are identified with the result. The paragraph further explains the viewing and zooming options for a detailed examination of the enhanced images. It mentions the availability of free tokens daily per account and the option to upgrade for more tokens. The paragraph concludes with an overview of Crea AI's capabilities, including the use of prompts and styles for different outcomes. It encourages users to try both tools and decide based on their experience, inviting feedback on the preferred tool in the comments section.



💡AI Image Upscalers

AI Image Upscalers are software tools that use artificial intelligence algorithms to increase the resolution of images while improving their quality. In the context of the video, these tools are essential for transforming low-resolution images into high-definition masterpieces, which is particularly useful in fields like art design and advertising where images play a crucial role in conveying aesthetics and messages.


Aesthetics refers to the visual or artistic beauty and appeal of objects, images, or designs. In the video, aesthetics are important because they help convey messages and influence perceptions in various media, such as advertising and social media posts. High-quality, visually appealing images are more impactful and can better capture the audience's attention.


Storytelling is the art of using words, images, or a combination of both to tell a story. It is a powerful communication tool that can engage audiences and convey complex ideas or emotions. In the context of the video, storytelling is improved through the use of high-quality images generated by AI Image Upscalers, as they can add depth and detail to visual narratives.

💡Low Resolution Images

Low resolution images are digital images that have a small number of pixels, resulting in a lower level of detail and clarity. These images may appear pixelated or blurry when viewed up close or enlarged. The video discusses how AI Image Upscalers can take such low-resolution images and enhance them to create high-definition, detailed images.

💡High Definition

High Definition (HD) refers to a level of quality in video or image resolution that offers a significantly higher pixel density than standard resolution. This results in a clearer, more detailed, and more visually pleasing image. In the video, the goal of using AI Image Upscalers is to convert low-resolution images into high-definition ones, which are ideal for professional use and visually engaging content.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an AI Image Upscaler mentioned in the video that allows users to enhance the quality and resolution of their images. It offers customizable settings and features that enable users to achieve the desired results by adjusting parameters such as creativity strength, style, and resolution.

💡Crea AI

Crea AI is another AI Image Upscaler mentioned in the video that focuses on enhancing images through AI enhancement. It provides users with options to edit prompts, select styles, and adjust the AI strength to achieve the desired outcome. The tool is designed to improve image quality and add details with the help of artificial intelligence.

💡Universal Upscaler

Universal Upscaler is a feature within Leonardo AI that enables users to upscale and enhance images from various sources, whether they are AI-generated or from the user's device. It provides a range of customizable settings to tailor the upscaling process according to the user's needs.


In the context of the video, tokens are a form of in-app currency used to access and utilize the features of AI Image Upscalers like Leonardo AI. Users are given a certain number of free tokens daily, and additional tokens can be purchased if more usage is required.

💡Image Enhancement

Image enhancement refers to the process of improving the quality, resolution, or visual appeal of an image using various techniques. In the case of AI Image Upscalers, this involves using artificial intelligence algorithms to add details, adjust clarity, and refine the overall appearance of the image.

💡Upscaling Process

The upscaling process is the series of steps taken by AI Image Upscalers to transform a low-resolution image into a high-definition one. This typically involves analyzing the image, identifying areas for improvement, and using AI algorithms to add details and enhance the overall quality.


AI image upscalers are powerful tools for transforming low resolution images into high-definition masterpieces.

Art, design, and advertising heavily rely on images to convey aesthetics, messages, and influence perceptions.

Low resolution images can be enhanced with just a few clicks using an image upscaler.

Leonardo Universal upscaler and Crea AI enhancement are two top AI image upscalers.

The Universal upscaler allows enhancing the quality and resolution of images in the app or from your device.

Customizable settings in the Universal upscaler include creativity strength, style, and AI strength.

Results can be viewed in different modes, such as before and after the upscaling process.

Users can delete and download their results from the dedicated feed in the Universal upscaler.

The Crea AI enhancement tool has a new, faster version for improved performance.

Crea AI allows users to select styles and test different outcomes based on the style chosen.

Both AI tools offer free daily tokens, with options to upgrade for more usage.

The prompt in Crea AI can be edited to achieve desired changes in the image.

The AI strength setting determines the extent of changes made to the image.

Clarity setting can make the image more clear, but higher values may not always produce the best effect.

Color correction and negative prompt options are available for further customization.

Users are encouraged to try both tools to decide which one best suits their needs.

Leonardo suggests not using the prompt unless specific changes are desired.

Crea AI offers six styles for achieving great results with the right settings.