DW Pose for A1111 - Better than OpenPose ControlNET

Olivio Sarikas
31 Aug 202308:34

TLDRIn this video, the presenter introduces the new DW pose feature in Automatic 1111.1.6, highlighting its superior face, body, and hand tracking capabilities compared to Open Pose. The video demonstrates the precision of DW pose through examples and outlines the straightforward installation process for Automatic 1111 users. Additionally, the presenter covers the Open Pose Editor plugin for fine-tuning poses and creating videos with the updated system. The video concludes with a guide on troubleshooting potential update issues and encourages viewers to share their thoughts.


  • 🚀 Introduction of a new, more powerful tool than Open Pose called DW Pose.
  • 🎥 A video tutorial is provided to explain the new functions of Automatic 1111.1.6.
  • 👍 DW Pose offers improved Face, Body, and Hand tracking capabilities compared to Open Pose.
  • 🌐 The GitHub page showcases the enhanced tracking capabilities of DW Pose.
  • 🔧 Installation of DW Pose for Automatic 1111 is straightforward, involving a new preprocessor form.
  • 📸 DW Pose can be used for video tracking, with an explanation provided in the video.
  • 🔍 Comparison images demonstrate the precision of DW Pose versus Open Pose, especially in tracking hands and arms.
  • 🛠️ Installation instructions include using a provided link, copying it into Automatic 1111 extensions, and following the install process.
  • 🔄 Post-installation steps involve applying updates and restarting the UI for proper functionality.
  • 📂 Troubleshooting advice is given for issues with updates or missing control net versions.
  • 🎨 An additional plugin, the Open Pose Editor, is introduced for further adjustments and refinements of poses.
  • 📹 Instructions are provided for creating videos using the new DW Pose preprocessor in the batch editor.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the introduction and installation of DW pose, a more powerful alternative to Open Pose Full for Automatic 1111.6, and its enhanced capabilities in face, body, and hand tracking.

  • How does DW pose differ from Open Pose Full in terms of tracking?

    -DW pose offers more precise tracking, including better detection of hands and fingers, even when they are overlapping or covered by clothing. It also handles complex poses more accurately, ensuring a more anatomically correct representation.

  • What is the GitHub page mentioned in the video?

    -The GitHub page mentioned is likely the repository for DW pose, showcasing its capabilities, including the tracking features and how it can be used with Automatic 1111.6.

  • How can one install DW pose for Automatic 1111.6?

    -To install DW pose, users need to copy the provided link into Automatic 1111's extensions, navigate to the 'Install from URL' tab, enter the link, press install, and wait for the process to complete before applying and restarting the UI.

  • What version of Control Net is required for DW pose?

    -For DW pose to function properly, at least Control Net version 1.1.237 is required.

  • What should one do if they encounter problems updating Control Net?

    -If there are issues with the update, users should navigate to the Automatic 1111 folder, locate the extension folder, find the SD web UI control net folder, rename it (without deleting), restart Automatic 1111, and reinstall Control Net.

  • How does the Open Pose Editor plugin assist in working with poses?

    -The Open Pose Editor allows users to adjust and edit the pre-processed skeleton overlay, including hands and other body parts. Users can move and pose elements to correct or complete the image before sending it to Control Net.

  • What additional step is needed the first time DW pose is used?

    -The first time DW pose is used, it will download additional models required for the pre-processing method, which may take some time due to the large file sizes involved.

  • How can DW pose be utilized for creating videos?

    -For video creation, users can split the video into individual JPEG files using the 'Image to Image' feature in the batch editor. The pre-processed images are then automatically loaded into Control Net for further processing.

  • What is the recommended action after installing DW pose and Open Pose Editor?

    -After installation, users should check for updates, apply them, and restart the UI. They should also ensure that the DW pose preprocessor is selected in the settings for the best results.

  • How can viewers engage with the content after watching the video?

    -Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts in the comments, and if they enjoyed the video, they are prompted to leave a like as a form of engagement.



🚀 Introduction to DW Pose and Its Advantages

The paragraph introduces the viewer to the new capabilities of Automatic 1111.6 and focuses on DW Pose, a more advanced alternative to OpenPose for face, body, and hand tracking. It explains that DW Pose offers better tracking precision and even captures complex hand positions. The video aims to guide the viewers through the installation process of DW Pose on Automatic 1111.6 and compares the tracking results of DW Pose with OpenPose, highlighting the improved accuracy and detail in tracking hands and fingers, even in complex poses.


🛠️ Installation Process and Additional Plugins

This paragraph delves into the installation process of DW Pose on Automatic 1111.6, providing a step-by-step guide on how to install it via the GitHub page. It also introduces the OpenPose Editor plugin, which assists in adjusting and editing the pre-processed skeleton images. The video script explains how to install the OpenPose Editor and use it to enhance the tracking results by adding missing parts or adjusting the pose. The paragraph concludes with instructions on how to create videos using the newly installed plugins and encourages viewers to share their thoughts on DW Pose and the update.



💡DW Pose

DW Pose is a more advanced pose estimation algorithm compared to Open Pose. It offers improved tracking of the face, body, and hands, as demonstrated in the video by its ability to accurately detect even complex hand positions and overlapping fingers. This precision is crucial for applications such as creating realistic animations or images where the accuracy of hand and body positions is essential.

💡Automatic 1111.1.6

Automatic 1111.1.6 refers to a specific version of a software or platform being discussed in the video. It is implied that this version has new functions or improvements, particularly related to the integration of DW Pose as a preprocessor for better pose tracking. The ease of installation and the benefits of using this version are key points in the video.

💡GitHub Page

The GitHub Page is a reference to the online repository where the source code and documentation for a project are hosted. In the context of the video, it is used to show the capabilities of DW Pose, as the presenter directs the audience to the GitHub page to view examples of the tracking in action.

💡Control Net

Control Net is a component or a network used within the software discussed in the video. It is mentioned that certain versions of Control Net are required for DW Pose to function correctly. The video also provides troubleshooting tips related to Control Net, indicating its importance in the overall system.


A preprocessor is a program or operation that prepares data or content for further processing. In the context of the video, DW Pose serves as a new form of preprocessor for Automatic 1111.1.6, enhancing the initial input before it is processed by the rest of the system, which remains unchanged.

💡Open Pose

Open Pose is an open-source software library for real-time multi-person system to detect and track body, hand, facial, and foot keypoints in RGB images and videos. In the video, it is compared with DW Pose to demonstrate the latter's superior tracking capabilities, especially in complex poses and hand detection.

💡Installation Process

The installation process refers to the steps required to add new features or components to a software system. In the video, detailed instructions are provided for installing DW Pose as a preprocessor in Automatic 1111.1.6, including how to handle potential update issues.

💡Open Pose Editor

The Open Pose Editor is a plugin mentioned in the video that allows users to manually adjust and edit the pre-processed skeleton data, including the position of hands and other body parts. This tool is beneficial for fine-tuning the pose estimation results and adding missing parts to the image.

💡Video Processing

Video processing involves the manipulation and alteration of video data, such as editing or enhancing the content. In the context of the video, it refers to the capability of using DW Pose for processing videos by splitting them into individual JPEG files and then using those files for further video creation.

💡Pose Tracking

Pose tracking is the process of detecting and monitoring the positions of different body parts in space over time. It is a critical aspect of the video, as the introduction of DW Pose aims to improve the precision of pose tracking for applications like animation and image rendering.

💡Updates and Versioning

Updates and versioning pertain to the release of new features, improvements, or bug fixes in software. In the video, the presenter emphasizes the importance of having the correct version of Control Net for DW Pose to function and provides guidance on how to update and manage different versions.


Introduction to the new functions of Automatic 1111.6 and comparison with Open Pose.

Explanation of DW Pose's superior Face, Body, and hand tracking capabilities.

Demonstration of GitHub page showcasing DW Pose's tracking precision.

Installation process of DW Pose for Automatic 1111.6.

Comparison images showing DW Pose's more accurate tracking versus Open Pose.

Detailed explanation of how DW Pose handles complex hand positions and overlaps.

Instructions on updating Control Net to version 1.1.237 for DW Pose compatibility.

Troubleshooting tips for updating issues with Control Net.

How to use the Open Pose Editor plugin for adjusting and refining poses.

Process for installing the Open Pose Editor plugin.

Creating videos using DW Pose with the batch editor feature.

Instructions for using DW Pose with video inputs in the batch editor.

Invitation for feedback on DW Pose and Automatic 1111.6 update in the comments section.

Call to action for viewers to like the video and anticipate future content.