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Installing DW Pose for Enhanced Tracking in Stable Diffusion

Author: Olivio SarikasTime: 2024-03-23 09:25:00

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Introduction to DW Pose for Enhanced Stable Diffusion Image Generation

The recently released DW Pose model for full body, hand and face tracking provides significantly improved pose estimation compared to the previously used OpenPose model. By capturing finer finger and hand details, DW Pose enables Stable Diffusion to render images that more closely match the provided source images.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know to install DW Pose and leverage it for enhanced Stable Diffusion results, including step-by-step installation instructions, use of the OpenPose Editor plugin for adjustments, batch processing for videos, and more.

Comparing DW Pose to OpenPose Full Body Tracking

While OpenPose already provided decent full body tracking capabilities, DW Pose takes things to the next level with its ability to capture precise finger and hand poses even when they are overlapping or occluded. As seen in the side-by-side comparisons, OpenPose tends to miss critical hand detail leading to images with distorted or missing hands. By accurately modeling finger positions, DW Pose allows Stable Diffusion to render natural, true-to-life hand poses. This applies to complex sitting and standing poses as well, where DW Pose better handles overlapping body parts that used to confuse OpenPose.

DW Pose Captures More Precise Finger and Hand Details

The enhanced hand and finger tracking precision of DW Pose is clearly visible across various example images. Even when fingers are overlapping or a hand is mostly obscured by clothing, DW Pose is able to detect key points for all five fingers including the thumb to enable detailed hand reconstruction. This allows Stable Diffusion to accurately replicate hand gestures and positions, leading to final images that properly match the provided source material instead of showing distorted or missing hands as was common with OpenPose.

Step-by-Step DW Pose Installation Process for Automatic1111

Installing DW Pose for use with Automatic1111 is simple and straightforward, just needing a few steps to set up the new pose estimator preprocessor. We will walk through the process below:

  1. Use the provided link to access the DW Pose extension file

  2. In Automatic1111, go to Extensions > Install From URL and enter the link

  3. Once installed, go to Extensions > Installed and click Apply and Restart UI

  4. After restarting, return to Installed and run Check for Updates followed by Apply Restart UI again

This will ensure you have the latest compatible version of ControlNet (at least v1.1.237) for use with DW Pose. If you encounter any errors during ControlNet updates, follow the steps outlined in the video to reinstall a clean version while preserving your models.

Leveraging the OpenPose Editor Plugin for Adjustments

While DW Pose significantly improves full body tracking, you may still find cases where key points are missing or positioned incorrectly. This is where the OpenPose Editor plugin comes in handy.

After generating a DW Pose preview, click the Edit button to open an interface allowing you to manually add, adjust or delete pose points mapped onto the source image. This is useful for fixing any tracking errors to ensure Stable Diffusion receives a clean and accurate body, hand and face pose to match.

Batch Processing for Video and the Web UI Forum

In addition to enhancing single image generation, DW Pose can also be used for batch processing videos split into individual JPEG frames. Simply set up the batch processing command with a frames input folder, enable ControlNet and select the DW Pose preprocessor to apply enhanced tracking to each frame.

The same concept applies to feeding video into Stable Diffusion through the Automatic1111 web UI. Just make sure to toggle on ControlNet and choose the DW OpenPose Full preprocessor to leverage DW Pose's capabilities for live video posing.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Installing DW Pose takes Stable Diffusion image generation to new heights with its unprecedented finger and hand modeling precision. By capturing the nuances of complex and overlapping poses, it empowers artists to translate the essence of source images into creative renditions more accurately than ever before.

If you found this guide helpful, try experimenting with DW Pose yourself and let us know your feedback or any questions that come up! We look forward to seeing all the amazing things the community will create with this new tool.


Q: What is DW Pose?
A: DW Pose is an enhanced body, face, and hand tracking preprocessor for Stable Diffusion that captures more precise finger and hand details compared to OpenPose.

Q: How do I install DW Pose?
A: Follow the step-by-step installation instructions provided in the blog post, using the Automatic1111 UI extensions menu.

Q: Does DW Pose work with videos?
A: Yes, you can batch process videos by splitting them into individual JPEG frames and using the Automatic1111 Batch Processing tab with DW Pose enabled.

Q: What if parts of the pose are missing or need adjustment?
A: Use the OpenPose Editor plugin to manually add or adjust any parts of the detected pose.

Q: Do I need to retrain my Stable Diffusion model?
A: No, DW Pose works as a preprocessor so no model retraining is required.

Q: Will DW Pose slow down Stable Diffusion?
A: There may be a slight decrease in performance but DW Pose enables much more detailed results.

Q: What are the benefits of DW Pose?
A: More accurate finger/hand details, better alignment to reference images, and enhanced overall pose detection.

Q: Does DW Pose work with webcam and video processing?
A: Yes, it can be used with the Automatic1111 Web UI video tab and forum.

Q: What version of Stable Diffusion do I need?
A: You need Automatic1111 v1.6+ and ControlNet v1.1.237+ for DW Pose compatibility.

Q: Where can I learn more about DW Pose?
A: Check the creator's GitHub page for additional details, examples, and documentation.