INSANE AI Upscaler from Leonardo AI (Magnific AI Alternative!)

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29 Jan 202413:29

TLDRThe transcript discusses the capabilities of Lenado AI's universal image upscaler, which can enhance and add details to various images, including AI art, photographs, and personal artwork. The process of upscaling is demonstrated with different settings, including the impact of creativity strength on the final result. The video also explores the use of prompts to guide the upscaler for better outcomes and compares the results with traditional Photoshop resizing. The potential of combining AI upscaling with Photoshop for further refinement is highlighted, showcasing the tool's effectiveness in improving image quality for print and digital use.


  • 🚀 The introduction of a universal image upscaler by lenado AI allows users to enhance any image, including AI art, photographs, and personal artwork.
  • 🎨 The AI upscaler not only increases the resolution of images but also adds details, improving the overall quality and appearance of the upscaled images.
  • 📈 The current capability of the upscaler is limited to doubling the image size, which can yield impressive results despite the limitation.
  • 💡 The process of upscaling involves adjusting the creativity strength and choosing an appropriate upscaler style to achieve the desired outcome.
  • 🖼️ Demonstrated in the script is the upscaling of a non-AI, Photoshop-created image of a Megatron figure with added fire and lighting effects.
  • 🔄 The importance of finding the right balance of creativity strength is emphasized, as too high or too low settings can lead to undesirable effects.
  • 📝 The use of prompts with the upscaler can guide the AI in interpreting and enhancing the image more accurately, as shown when upscaling the Megatron image.
  • 🤖 The script showcases the upscaling of an AI-generated image and the impact of different creativity levels on the final result.
  • 👤 The upscaling of a face photo illustrates the ability of the AI to render hair, skin details, and other features more vividly at higher creativity levels.
  • 🔄 The potential of combining multiple upscales and using image editing software like Photoshop to further refine and create a visually appealing final image is highlighted.
  • 🌐 The script encourages users to explore the capabilities of lenado AI's upscaler and provides links for further exploration and usage.

Q & A

  • What is the main feature of the universal image upscaler mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main feature of the universal image upscaler is its ability to upscale any image, whether it's AI-generated, a photograph, or personal artwork, by adding detail using AI technology.

  • Can the AI upscaler improve the quality of images created with mid-journey?

    -Yes, the AI upscaler can be used to enhance images created with mid-journey by upscaling and adding more details to them.

  • What is the maximum upscaling factor currently supported by the AI upscaler?

    -At the moment, the AI upscaler can only go up to two times the original size.

  • How does the creativity strength setting affect the upscaling process?

    -The creativity strength setting determines the level of detail added to the image during upscaling. Higher settings can result in more detailed images, but may also introduce unwanted elements if the setting is too high.

  • What is the role of the prompt in the upscaling process?

    -The prompt provides additional information to the upscaler about the content of the image, which can help guide the AI to better interpret and enhance the image accordingly.

  • How does the upscaler perform with images that are difficult to interpret?

    -With difficult-to-interpret images, the upscaler may produce undesirable effects at higher creativity settings. It's important to find the right balance of creativity strength and possibly use prompts to achieve the best results.

  • What is the advantage of using the upscaler for AI art and faces?

    -The upscaler can significantly improve the details and overall quality of AI art and faces, making them look more lifelike and realistic.

  • Can the upscaled images be further improved in Photoshop?

    -Yes, the upscaled images can be further refined in Photoshop by combining different upscales, masking, and adjusting specific areas to achieve an optimal result.

  • How does the upscaler compare to traditional image resizing methods?

    -The upscaler uses AI to add detail and enhance the image quality, whereas traditional resizing methods may result in a loss of detail or introduction of noise. The upscaler provides a more refined and detailed result.

  • What is the recommended approach for upscaling images of faces?

    -For faces, a mid-range creativity setting is recommended as it provides a good balance between detail enhancement and maintaining the integrity of the original image.

  • How does the upscaler handle images with high levels of creativity?

    -At high creativity levels, the upscaler can add excessive detail and potentially alter the image in undesirable ways. It's important to find the right balance for each image to achieve the best results.



🖼️ Introducing Universal Image Upscaler with leonado AI

The paragraph introduces a new feature of leonado AI, the universal image upscaler. This tool allows users to upload any image, whether AI-generated, a photograph, or personal artwork, and enhance it using an AI upscaler that adds detail to the image. The speaker demonstrates the process with an AI art image created in the past using mid Journey. The upscaler can currently only increase the image size up to two times, but it produces impressive results. The speaker also explains how to navigate the home screen to access the Universal upscaler, upload a new image, and adjust the creativity strength and upscale settings. The paragraph emphasizes the potential of this tool and its ability to improve image details, even with challenging images like a photo mashup of a Megatron figure with added fire and lighting effects.


🎨 Enhancing Image Details with leonado AI's Upscale Feature

This paragraph delves into the process of enhancing image details using leonado AI's upscale feature. The speaker discusses the different settings for creativity strength and how they affect the final image. By using a combination of medium creativity strength and upscaling, the speaker shows how the details in an image can be significantly improved, such as the chest plate and the overall beaten-up appearance. The paragraph also explores the effects of zero creativity, which results in a sharpened image without additional detail. The speaker then compares the upscaled image with the original using Photoshop's native resizer, highlighting the advantages of using stable diffusion for a better upscaling result. The paragraph concludes with a recommendation to use layers and prompts in leonado AI for further enhancement of AI art and faces.


📸 Testing leonado AI's Upscale on Faces and AI Art

The speaker continues to explore the capabilities of leonado AI's upscale feature by testing it on a personal photo and AI-generated art. Starting with an 800x800 pixel image of the speaker's face, the upscale process is demonstrated with varying levels of creativity strength. The results show that a mid-range creativity setting can produce a more natural-looking image, with improved details in the beard and hair. The paragraph also discusses the potential of upscaling AI-generated images of faces and landscapes, which are considered safe bets for good results. The speaker then compares the upscaled images with the original and discusses the potential for further upscaling in Photoshop. The paragraph emphasizes the power of leonado AI's upscaler in cleaning up images and preparing them for print, offering a cost-effective alternative to other upscaling tools.



💡AI upscaler

An AI upscaler is a technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to increase the resolution of images while adding or enhancing details. In the context of the video, the AI upscaler is a tool that can process various types of images, including AI art, photographs, and original artwork, to improve their quality and detail when scaled up. The video demonstrates how the AI upscaler can take a low-resolution image and enhance it to a higher resolution with improved visual elements.

💡Image resolution

Image resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the dimensions of an image. A higher resolution means more pixels and, typically, more detail. In the video, the AI upscaler is used to increase the resolution of images, going from 800x800 pixels to 3200x3200 pixels, for instance. The process of upscaling aims to maintain or improve the image quality, which is particularly important for printing or displaying images at larger sizes.

💡Creativity strength

Creativity strength in the context of the AI upscaler refers to the degree to which the AI is allowed to modify or add details to the image during the upscaling process. A higher creativity strength setting may result in more significant alterations, such as adding elements that weren't present in the original image, while a lower setting may simply sharpen and refine existing details without introducing new ones. The video explores different levels of creativity strength to find the optimal balance between detail enhancement and maintaining the integrity of the original image.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the size of an image or video while attempting to maintain or improve its quality. This process is particularly useful for enlarging images for print or display without losing detail or sharpness. In the video, upscaling is performed using an AI upscaler, which not only increases the size of the image but also enhances details through artificial intelligence.

💡Detail enhancement

Detail enhancement refers to the improvement or addition of visual elements in an image to make it more detailed or realistic. In the context of the video, the AI upscaler is used to enhance details in images, such as adding more lines to hair, refining textures, and improving the overall visual quality. This is particularly important for images that are to be viewed at larger sizes or in high-resolution formats.


Photoshop is a widely used software program for image editing and manipulation. In the video, Photoshop is used to compare the results of upscaling images with the AI upscaler and to further refine the images by combining different upscaled versions and making manual adjustments. The software's tools allow for precise control over image elements, which can be used to improve the outcomes of the AI upscaler.


In the context of the AI upscaler, a token represents a unit of usage or a license to process an image. The video mentions that upscaling an image with a certain level of creativity strength and resolution requires a certain number of tokens, indicating that there is a cost associated with using the AI upscaler. Tokens serve as a measure of the computational resources needed to perform the upscaling task.


A prompt in the context of the AI upscaler is a descriptive input provided to the system to guide the upscaling process. By giving the AI a prompt, such as describing the content of the image, users can influence the outcome of the upscaling to better match the original subject or intended result. This helps the AI to make more accurate assumptions about the image content and improve the quality of the upscaled image.

💡Image mashup

An image mashup is a composite image created by combining elements from two or more different images. In the video, the presenter mentions a process where a photo of a Megatron figure was taken and then enhanced with additional elements like fire and lighting to create a composite image. This technique is used to create new visual content by blending different images together.

💡Stable diffusion

Stable diffusion is a term that refers to a method used in AI image processing to generate or enhance images by applying a series of filters or transformations that gradually refine the image. In the context of the video, stable diffusion is used to describe the process by which the AI upscaler improves the quality and sharpness of the upscaled images, making them appear more detailed and realistic.

💡Topaz Gigapixel

Topaz Gigapixel is an AI-powered image enlargement software that can increase the resolution of images while adding details to make them appear more sharp and clear. In the video, it is mentioned as a potential tool for further upscaling after using the AI upscaler, suggesting that multiple tools can be combined to achieve even higher levels of detail and quality in images.


Lenado AI now has a universal image upscaler that can enhance any image, whether it's AI-generated, a photograph, or your own artwork.

The AI upscaler adds detail to the image, producing impressive results.

Currently, the AI can upscale images up to two times, which is quite remarkable.

The user can adjust the creativity strength and upscaler style to achieve the desired effect.

The AI upscaler can handle complex images, such as a photo mashup of a Megatron figure with added fire and lighting effects.

The AI upscaler can be used to upscale images created with mid-journey, improving the details significantly.

By using a prompt, the AI upscaler can be guided to better interpret and upscale the image, such as identifying a giant transformer robot.

The AI upscaler's performance can be compared with Photoshop's native image resizer, showing its effectiveness in sharpening and adding details.

The AI upscaler can be combined with Photoshop for further refinement and to create a more polished final product.

Faces and scenery images are a safe bet for upscaling with the AI, as they tend to yield good results.

The AI upscaler can take an image from 800x800 pixels to 3200x3200 pixels, significantly increasing the resolution.

The upscaled images can be used for print, providing a cleaner and sharper look compared to the original.

The AI upscaler is a powerful tool for enhancing details and can be used to upscale AI art, faces, and other images for various applications.

The AI upscaler is more affordable than other similar tools, making it highly accessible for users.

The video provides a link to the upscaler in the description for those interested in trying it out.

The AI upscaler can upscale images further when combined with other software like Photoshop, offering endless possibilities for image enhancement.