25 Feb 202410:22

TLDRWelcome to Xiaoyuer's AI Technology School! This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide for beginners on how to register for a midjourney account and use it effectively. It starts with the basics of creating a Discord account, which is a prerequisite for accessing midjourney, an AI drawing tool popular on the internet. The video offers step-by-step instructions, including how to deal with issues such as not receiving a mobile verification code by using a temporary code receiving platform. Once the Discord account is set up, viewers learn how to create a server, add the midjourney bot, and start generating AI artwork based on their descriptions. The host also touches on the option of renting a midjourney account for those who frequently need to use the tool. The video concludes by inviting viewers to explore more tutorials for advanced knowledge on midjourney and its features.


  • 🎨 AI drawing has become a popular tool for generating images, with midjourney being a leading platform that can understand user needs and create images from descriptions.
  • 📈 Many people have earned money through AI tools on platforms like Youtube, showcasing the potential of AI in creative fields.
  • 👥 Midjourney operates on Discord, requiring users to have a Discord account to access its AI drawing features.
  • 📱 Users may encounter issues with mobile verification during Discord account registration, which can be resolved by using a temporary phone number from a code platform.
  • 💻 Discord offers a web version that is convenient for users and includes midjourney, allowing for easy access to AI drawing tools.
  • 📧 To register for a Discord account, an email address is required, with Google email addresses being a recommended option.
  • 🔍 New users should verify their accounts through email and may need to complete a CAPTCHA to prove they are human.
  • 🏢 After creating a Discord account, users can create their own server, which serves as a personal space for AI drawing and other activities.
  • 🤖 To use midjourney's AI drawing features, users must add the midjourney bot to their server, which involves authorizing the bot and selecting a server for it to operate in.
  • 📝 Midjourney offers a shared rental option for frequent users, providing a cost-effective way to access AI drawing tools without the need for individual registration.
  • 📚 Xiaoyuer's AI Technology School provides comprehensive tutorials on using midjourney, including parameter encyclopedias and troubleshooting guides for common issues.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of Xiaoyuer's AI Technology School tutorial?

    -The main topic is a beginner's guide to midjourney, an AI drawing tool, including account registration, server creation, and adding a bot for AI drawing.

  • How can one generate pictures with AI in the context of the tutorial?

    -One can generate pictures with AI by using midjourney, which can understand user descriptions and create the desired images accordingly.

  • What is the first step in using midjourney for AI drawing?

    -The first step is to have a Discord account since midjourney operates within the Discord platform.

  • How does one register for a Discord account?

    -To register for a Discord account, one needs to go to the official Discord website, enter an email address, choose a username, set a password, and complete a captcha verification.

  • What should one do if they encounter issues with receiving a mobile phone verification code on Discord?

    -If there are issues with receiving a mobile phone verification code, one can use an alternative method by obtaining a temporary phone number from a code receiving platform to receive the verification code.

  • How does the midjourney community appear within Discord?

    -The midjourney community appears as a server within Discord, where users can interact, share their AI-generated drawings, and participate in discussions.

  • What is the process of adding the midjourney bot to a personal Discord server?

    -To add the midjourney bot, one needs to find the bot's avatar, click to add the app, select the server to add it to, and authorize the bot.

  • Why might a user want to create their own channel in the midjourney community?

    -A user might want to create their own channel to have a personalized space for drawing and sharing their work without the clutter of a public channel with many active users.

  • What does the term 'queue up' mean in the context of using the midjourney bot?

    -'Queue up' means that the bot is currently processing other requests, and the user's request will be handled in turn once it's their turn in the queue.

  • What is the recommended solution for users who frequently need to use midjourney but find the official pricing too high?

    -For users who frequently need to use midjourney, the tutorial recommends considering a cheap shared rental account, which offers a more favorable price and is a finished product ready for immediate use.

  • How can a user find more information about midjourney and its features?

    -Users can find more information about midjourney and its features by reviewing Xiaoyuer's previous tutorials, which cover topics like parameter encyclopedias, character generation, and aspect ratio.



🎨 Introduction to AI Drawing and Midjourney Registration

This paragraph introduces the audience to Xiaoyuer's AI Technology School and discusses the potential for earning money through AI tools on platforms like YouTube. It highlights the capabilities of AI in generating images, specifically mentioning Midjourney as a powerful tool that can understand and create images based on descriptions. The speaker emphasizes the need for beginners to understand the basics and refers to previous tutorials for troubleshooting and advanced techniques. The focus then shifts to guiding users through the process of registering for a Midjourney account, including setting up a Discord account, which is necessary for accessing Midjourney. The paragraph also touches on the community aspect of Discord and the importance of scientific internet access for Midjourney.


📱 Setting Up a Discord Account and Midjourney Access

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of setting up a Discord account, which is a prerequisite for using Midjourney. It covers the process of registration, including the selection of a username, email verification, and the use of a mobile phone for verification if needed. The paragraph also discusses the use of a code platform for those who do not wish to use their personal phone number. Once the Discord account is set up, the speaker guides users on creating their own server within the Discord community, which can then be used to add the Midjourney bot for AI drawing. The paragraph concludes with a mention of a cost-effective shared rental option for Midjourney, which is particularly useful for those who need frequent access to the tool.


📚 Further Learning Resources on Midjourney

The final paragraph serves as a conclusion and a pointer to further learning resources. It mentions that Xiaoyuer's course will continue to provide essential knowledge about Midjourney, and encourages viewers to explore previous content for more in-depth information. The speaker also briefly mentions the topics covered in past tutorials, such as continuity characters and aspect ratios, indicating the breadth of content available. The paragraph ends with a promise to see the audience in the next video, suggesting a series of educational content to come.



💡AI drawing

AI drawing refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create visual art. In the context of the video, it is the process of generating images through AI tools based on textual descriptions. This technology is highlighted as being powerful and capable of producing results that can surpass human expectations, as mentioned when discussing midjourney drawing.


Midjourney is an AI tool that is popular on the internet for creating drawings. It is described as a leader in AI drawing, suggesting its prominence and effectiveness in generating images from descriptions. The video provides a tutorial on how to register and use midjourney within the Discord platform.


Discord is a communication platform that the video uses as the medium for accessing and using the midjourney AI tool. It is mentioned as a place where users can create servers and channels to engage with the AI drawing tool and share their creations with a community.


In the context of Discord, a server is a space where users can communicate and interact. The video instructs viewers on how to create their own server, which is likened to a personal studio, to use midjourney for AI drawing without the clutter of a public channel.


The term 'robot' in the video refers to the AI bot associated with midjourney that users need to add to their Discord server to utilize the AI drawing functionality. It is a crucial step in setting up the environment for AI drawing within a personal or shared Discord channel.

💡Account registration

Account registration is the process of creating a new user account, which is a necessary step before using midjourney or Discord. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to register for a Discord account, which is a prerequisite for accessing midjourney.

💡Mobile phone verification

Mobile phone verification is a security measure used during the account registration process to confirm a user's identity and ownership of the phone number. The video mentions an alternative solution for users who may not want to use their own mobile number for verification.

💡Email address

An email address is required for registration on Discord and potentially for midjourney. The video specifies that a Google email address is used for the registration process, and it also suggests alternatives if a user encounters issues with their current email provider.

💡AI Technology School

The AI Technology School appears to be the educational platform or entity that the speaker, Xiaoyuer, is associated with. It is the context in which the tutorial is being provided, suggesting a focus on teaching AI-related skills and tools.

💡Parameter encyclopedia

A parameter encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference guide that explains the parameters or settings used in AI drawing tools. The video mentions it as a resource for novices to understand the various settings that can be adjusted in midjourney for more nuanced and specific image generation.

💡Shared rental

Shared rental in the context of the video refers to a cost-effective solution where multiple users can share access to a midjourney account. This is presented as an alternative for those who frequently need to use the AI drawing tool but may not want to go through the process of individual registration or pay the full price for a personal account.


AI tools have enabled many people to earn money on platforms like Youtube.

Midjourney drawing is a powerful AI tool that can generate images from descriptions.

The AI can understand user needs and produce images that surpass expectations.

The tutorial is aimed at beginners who do not have a Midjourney account.

Midjourney operates within the Discord platform.

To use Midjourney, one must first create a Discord account.

Discord registration can be done through an official website without needing a VPN.

Midjourney requires internet access that may necessitate the use of a VPN.

Discord account registration involves providing an email address and password.

QQ email addresses are not supported for Discord registration.

Google or other international email providers are recommended for registration.

Users must be at least 13 years old to use Discord.

Discord offers a web version for easy access.

A temporary phone number can be used for Discord account verification if needed.

Creating a Discord server involves choosing a name and an optional picture.

Midjourney's AI can be added to a personal Discord server to start drawing.

The Midjourney bot can generate images such as cats upon user request.

The Midjourney community on Discord is very active and can be overwhelming for new users.

Shared rental accounts for Midjourney are available for those who frequently need to draw.

Shared rental accounts offer convenience and are cost-effective compared to official pricing.

Xiaoyuer's previous tutorials cover advanced features of Midjourney such as continuous character generation.