Create Stunning Logos With These Prompts for Leonardo AI, Midjourney

11 Jul 202314:38

TLDRThe video script discusses various prompts for generating eye-catching logos using different apps like Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI. It highlights the importance of replacing bracketed text with personalized content to create unique logos. The speaker showcases examples of neon, 3D, vector, and Pixar-style logos, emphasizing the versatility of the prompts and the ability to customize them for different applications. A link is provided for accessing all mentioned prompts, encouraging users to explore and utilize them for their own logo designs.


  • 🎨 The video discusses various prompts for generating captivating logos using different design apps.
  • πŸ”— A link is provided in the description for accessing a range of logo generation prompts.
  • πŸ“‹ It's important to customize the prompts by replacing bracketed text with personal preferences.
  • 🌟 The video showcases examples of neon, vector, 3D, and Pixar style logos.
  • πŸ¦‰ Specific examples include a neon lion logo and a cutting-edge logo for a futuristic company.
  • πŸ› οΈ The video demonstrates how to use prompts effectively with Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI design tools.
  • 🎨 The presenter compares the outputs of Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI for different logo styles.
  • πŸ‘Œ The video emphasizes the ease of editing and customizing the generated logos.
  • πŸ“š The video serves as a guide for users to explore and utilize the design prompts for their own needs.
  • πŸ”„ The presenter encourages viewers to subscribe for more content on logo design and generation.
  • πŸŽ₯ The video is a tutorial aimed at inspiring creativity in logo design through the use of AI tools.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about generating captivating logos using various prompts and AI applications.

  • What types of logos are discussed in the video?

    -The video discusses a range of logos including neon logos, vector type logos, 3D rendered logos, and Pixar style logos.

  • How can one access the prompts shared in the video?

    -The prompts can be accessed through a link provided in the description of the video, which leads to a webpage with all the prompts available for viewers to copy and use.

  • What is the importance of replacing the bracketed text in the prompts?

    -Replacing the bracketed text allows users to customize the prompts to create unique logos that suit their specific needs or preferences, such as changing the animal or object featured in the logo.

  • Which AI applications are mentioned in the video for generating logos?

    -The video mentions using Mid-Journey, Leonardo AI, Adobe Firefly, and other similar apps for generating logos based on the provided prompts.

  • How does the video demonstrate the use of prompts?

    -The video demonstrates the use of prompts by showing examples of how specific prompts can generate different logo designs when used in AI applications like Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI.

  • What is an example of a prompt used for generating a neon logo?

    -An example of a prompt for generating a neon logo is 'Create a visually striking 3D render of a majestic neon [animal]' where the user can replace '[animal]' with their desired animal, such as 'lion' or 'eagle'.

  • How does the video show the versatility of the prompts?

    -The video shows the versatility of the prompts by using the same prompt to generate different variations of logos in both Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI, demonstrating how a single prompt can yield multiple design options.

  • What is the purpose of providing a link in the video description?

    -The purpose of providing a link in the video description is to give viewers easy access to all the prompts discussed in the video, allowing them to explore and use these prompts for their own logo creation.

  • What is the significance of the different styles of logos shown in the video?

    -The significance of the different styles of logos is to showcase the wide range of possibilities and creative potential that AI applications offer in logo design, catering to various preferences and branding needs.

  • How does the video encourage viewers to engage with the content?

    -The video encourages viewers to engage with the content by inviting them to use the provided prompts and experiment with the AI applications to create their own unique logos, and also by prompting them to subscribe for more content.



🎨 Logo Design Prompts Overview

The paragraph introduces a variety of logo design prompts that can be used to generate captivating logos. It discusses different styles such as neon, vector, and 3D rendering logos. The speaker provides a link to access all these prompts and emphasizes the importance of customizing the bracketed text within the prompts to fit one's specific needs. The paragraph also demonstrates how to use these prompts with various apps like Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI, showcasing the flexibility and adaptability of the prompts across different platforms.


πŸš€ Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI Logo Examples

This paragraph delves into specific examples of logos created using Mid-Journey and Leonardo AI, highlighting the different styles and outcomes that can be achieved with these platforms. The speaker compares the results from both AI tools, showing how they can generate unique and eye-catching logos. The paragraph also touches on the use of specific prompts to create logos with particular characteristics, such as a futuristic AI robot logo and single-letter logos that suggest advancement and forward-thinking. The speaker encourages viewers to explore the variety of prompts available and to use them for their own logo design needs.


🌈 Exploring More Logo Design Prompts

The final paragraph continues to showcase a diverse range of logo design prompts, focusing on simple and minimalist designs like flat vector and line art logos. It also covers more complex and detailed prompts, such as those for 3D rendered logos and gradient-style logos. The speaker emphasizes the ease of customization and the potential for creating logos with a variety of color schemes and design elements. The paragraph concludes with a reminder that all the prompts discussed in the video can be found via a link in the description, allowing viewers to explore and utilize these resources for their own creative projects.




Logos are graphic marks or emblems used by companies or individuals to represent their brand or identity. In the video, the focus is on generating various types of captivating logos using different prompts and AI techniques, such as neon, vector, and 3D rendering styles.


Prompts are specific pieces of text or phrases that guide AI applications like Mid-journey and Leonardo AI in generating particular types of content. In the context of the video, prompts are used to instruct the AI on the desired characteristics of the logos, such as color schemes, themes, and stylistic elements.


Neon, in the context of the video, refers to a bright and luminous color palette often used in logo designs to create an eye-catching and vibrant effect. The video demonstrates how AI can generate logos with neon aesthetics, such as the 'neon Majestic lion' and 'neon glowing Eagle'.

πŸ’‘3D Rendering

3D rendering is a technique used to create three-dimensional images or models from two-dimensional designs. In the video, 3D rendering is applied to logo design to give a sense of depth and realism. The AI is prompted to generate logos with a 3D appearance, such as a '3D logo of an owl'.

πŸ’‘Vector Type Logos

Vector type logos are designs that use geometric shapes, lines, and curves to form images that can be scaled without losing quality. These logos are popular for their crispness and adaptability across various sizes and mediums. The video discusses generating vector logos using AI, like the 'flat Vector logo with a unique shape'.


Mid-journey refers to an AI application mentioned in the video that can generate logo designs based on the prompts provided by the user. It is one of the tools showcased in the video for creating captivating logos with different styles and characteristics.

πŸ’‘Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is another AI application mentioned in the video used for generating logo designs. It is utilized to create various types of logos, showcasing its ability to interpret prompts and produce visually appealing and unique designs.


Futuristic in the video refers to a style of design that is forward-thinking, innovative, and incorporates elements that give the impression of being from or belonging to the future. This concept is applied to logos to create a sense of modernity and progress.

πŸ’‘Pixar Style

Pixar style refers to a design aesthetic that resembles the visual quality and charm found in Pixar Animation Studios' films. In the video, this style is used to generate logos with a friendly, animated, and visually appealing look, such as the 'Pixar style Cat' logo.


Gradient in the context of the video refers to a gradual transition between two or more colors in a design. This technique is used in logo creation to add depth, visual interest, and a modern look. The video highlights the use of gradients in logos, like the 'gradient type logo'.


Silhouette in the video refers to a type of logo design where the main focus is on the shape or outline of an object, often against a contrasting background. This style creates a bold and recognizable logo that can be easily identified even without color or detailed elements.


The video discusses generating captivating logos using various prompts.

The prompts range from neon logos, vector type logos, to 3D rendering.

A link is provided in the description for accessing all the logo prompts.

The importance of replacing bracketed text with personal preferences is emphasized.

Examples of logos created with the prompts include a neon Majestic lion and a cutting-edge logo for a futuristic company.

Mid-journey and Leonardo AI are mentioned as apps for logo creation.

The video shows different variations of logos generated by both AI assistants.

A Pixar style logo is demonstrated with a simple prompt.

An abstract flat vector logo with a unique shape and vibrant color scheme is created.

A 3D logo of an owl with a bold, eye-catching design is rendered in a textured finish.

Mid-journey is praised for its ability to create visually striking 3D renders.

The video showcases neon Majestic futuristic style logos created by mid-journey.

A sleek and captivating neon line logo is designed with AI techniques.

Mid-journey and Leonardo AI are compared for their logo creation capabilities.

The video includes prompts for logos featuring specific letters, like an 'M' surrounded by fierce flames.

A variety of logo styles are presented, from futuristic AI robot logos to Viking warrior silhouette logos.

The video concludes by encouraging viewers to explore the provided prompts for their own logo creation needs.