Create cartoony trendy images in Seconds, for Free! 🔥 using Ai

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6 Jan 202406:02

TLDRIn this tutorial, the creator demonstrates how to transform a regular photo into a trendy, cartoony image using Styler AI. They guide viewers through the process of signing up, importing an image, and selecting a style for transformation. The AI accurately describes the image, and the user can adjust sliders for the desired outcome. The creator then swaps their face using REM maker and enhances the resolution with an AI tool called Upscale. Finally, they add effects in Photoshop for a polished look. The video promotes a premium course for advanced photo manipulation techniques.


  • 🎨 The video demonstrates how to transform a regular image into a cartoony, trendy style using AI.
  • 💻 The process begins on Styler AI's website, which simplifies the styling of images with its user-friendly interface.
  • 📸 Importing an image is the first step, followed by resizing to maintain aspect ratio.
  • 🖌️ The AI describes the image to better recognize and stylize its elements.
  • 🌟 Choosing a style like 'Innocent Cutie' is crucial for achieving the desired cartoony look.
  • 🔄 Adjusting sliders for 'Structure Match' and 'Intensity' refines the stylization to resemble the original image closely.
  • 🎨 After stylization, the image can be placed on a canvas and exported in high resolution.
  • 👤 REM Maker is used to swap faces, integrating the user's face into the stylized image.
  • 🔍 AI's precision in face swapping and image enhancement is showcased.
  • 🚀 Upscale AI is introduced to improve the resolution of the final image, enhancing its quality.
  • 🌈 Photoshop can be used to add final touches, such as color grading and effects for a polished look.

Q & A

  • What is the main goal of the video?

    -The main goal of the video is to demonstrate how to transform a regular image into a cartoony, trendy style using AI tools.

  • Which website is used to create the stylized image?

    -Styler AI is the website used to create the stylized image.

  • How does the AI describe the image in Styler AI?

    -The AI in Styler AI describes the image by recognizing and analyzing the elements within the image to assist in the stylization process.

  • What style was chosen for the image in the video?

    -The 'Innocent Cutie' style was chosen for the image in the video.

  • How can the end result be controlled in Styler AI?

    -The end result can be controlled using two sliders: 'Structure Match' and 'Intensity of the Style'.

  • What is REM Maker used for in the process?

    -REM Maker is used to swap the face in the generated image with the user's own face.

  • How can the resolution of the final image be improved?

    -The resolution of the final image can be improved using an AI tool called 'Upscale'.

  • What additional effects were added in Photoshop?

    -Additional effects such as color grading, contrast adjustment, and split toning were added in Photoshop.

  • What is the name of the premium course mentioned in the video?

    -The premium course mentioned is 'The Ultimate Guide to Photo Manipulation'.

  • Where can viewers find the premium course and other resources?

    -Viewers can find the premium course and other resources in the link in the video description.



🎨 Transforming Images with Styler AI

This paragraph outlines the process of transforming a regular image into a stylized, cartoony trendsetting image using Styler AI. The speaker begins by navigating to the Styler AI website, signing up with a Google account, and starting a new project. They import an image, resize it while maintaining aspect ratio, and utilize the 'image to image' feature to select a desired style. The AI's ability to describe the image with precision is highlighted, aiding in the stylization process. The 'innocent cutie' style is chosen, and sliders are adjusted to control the final output. After a few trials, a satisfactory result is achieved. The image is then exported in 3x resolution and saved. The speaker emphasizes the power of AI in achieving impressive results quickly.


🚀 Enhancing and Manipulating Images with Photoshop

In this paragraph, the speaker discusses the next steps after using Styler AI, which involve using REM maker to swap their face onto the generated image. The process is explained, including uploading the cartoony image and the speaker's face image, and then using AI to swap the faces. The resulting image is downloaded and assessed. The speaker then addresses the resolution issue and introduces the 'upscale' tool to improve the image quality, showcasing the effectiveness of AI in enhancing image edges and details. Finally, the image is imported into Photoshop for additional effects, such as color grading and contrast adjustments, to achieve a polished final result. The speaker expresses amazement at the capabilities of AI and its ability to deliver high-quality results swiftly.



💡Cartoony Trendy Images

The term 'Cartoony Trendy Images' refers to a style of visual art that is inspired by the look and feel of cartoons, often characterized by exaggerated features, bright colors, and a playful aesthetic. In the context of the video, the creator is using AI technology to transform a regular photograph into a cartoon-like image that is fashionable and in vogue, as indicated by the trendy aspect of the term. This transformation is the central goal of the video, with the creator demonstrating how to achieve this effect using Styler AI and other tools.

💡Styler AI

Styler AI is a website and presumably an AI-powered tool that allows users to stylize their images by applying various artistic styles. In the video, the creator uses Styler AI to transform their photograph into a cartoony image by selecting a style and adjusting sliders to control the final result. The tool seems to utilize machine learning algorithms to recognize elements in the image and apply the chosen style accordingly.

💡AI Description

The term 'AI Description' refers to the process where an artificial intelligence system analyzes and describes the content of an image. In the video, the creator uses this feature to help Styler AI understand the elements present in the image before applying the cartoony style. This description aids the AI in recognizing the image's components, such as objects, people, and scenery, to generate a more accurate and precise stylized result.

💡Structure Match

In the context of the video, 'Structure Match' likely refers to a setting or slider within the Styler AI tool that allows the user to adjust how closely the stylized image should resemble the original image in terms of structure and layout. By increasing the structure match, the user can ensure that the final cartoony image maintains the original's composition and proportions, while still applying the chosen artistic style.


The term 'Stylize' in the video refers to the process of applying a specific style or aesthetic to an image using the Styler AI tool. After selecting the desired style and adjusting settings like structure match and intensity, the user presses the 'stylize' button to initiate the AI-driven transformation of the image. This process results in the image taking on the appearance of the chosen style, such as the 'innocent cutie' style mentioned in the script.

💡REM Maker

REM Maker is another AI-based tool mentioned in the video, which appears to have a 'swap face' feature. This tool is used to replace the face in an image with another face, presumably from a different image. In the context of the video, the creator uses REM Maker to swap their own face into the cartoony image generated by Styler AI, enhancing the personalization and authenticity of the final result.


The term 'Upscale' refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, typically using AI or other digital processing techniques. In the video, the creator uses an 'upscale' tool to improve the resolution of the cartoony image generated by Styler AI and modified in REM Maker. This step is important for achieving a high-quality, detailed final product that is suitable for various applications, such as printing or digital display.


Photoshop is a widely recognized software suite used for image editing and manipulation. In the video, the creator brings the upscaled image into Photoshop to add final touches, such as effects and color grading. This step demonstrates the integration of AI tools with traditional image editing software to achieve a polished and professional result.

💡Color Grading

Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the colors in an image or video to achieve a specific look or mood. In the context of the video, the creator uses color grading in Photoshop to adjust the hues and tones of the cartoony image, creating a more cohesive and stylistically pleasing final product. This involves tweaking settings like the red channel to increase cyans and the blue channel to increase yellows in highlights and shadows, resulting in a split-toning effect.

💡Premium Course

The term 'Premium Course' refers to a paid educational program or series of lessons that offer in-depth training on a specific topic. In the video, the creator mentions their premium course, 'The Ultimate Guide to Photo Manipulation,' which provides detailed instructions on various photo editing techniques, including those demonstrated in the video. This course is designed for individuals looking to improve their skills in photo manipulation and achieve professional-quality results.


Creating cartoony trendy images using AI in seconds

Turning a personal image into a stylized, trendy cartoon

Using Styler AI for quick and easy image transformation

Importing an image and resizing it to maintain aspect ratio

AI describing the image for better style application

Choosing the 'Innocent Cutie' style for a cartoon look

Adjusting sliders for structure match and style intensity

Seeing the magic of AI with the 'stylize' button

Exporting the AI-generated image in high resolution

Using REM maker for face swapping

AI technology in enhancing image resolution with 'Upscale'

Final touches in Photoshop for added effects and color grading

The Ultimate Guide to Photo Manipulation course release

Learning detailed photo manipulation techniques and corrections

Access to stock images, PSD files, and brushes used in the tutorials

Taking photo manipulation skills to the next level